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Welcome to a podcast all about the UK sitcom Peep Show. Join us as we discuss, review and analyse one of British comedy's best shows. Email: podcastsecretsofthepharaohs@gmail.com Twitter: @podcastpharaohs Facebook: facebook.com/podcastsecretsofthepharaohs

Welcome to a podcast all about the UK sitcom Peep Show. Join us as we discuss, review and analyse one of British comedy's best shows. Email: podcastsecretsofthepharaohs@gmail.com Twitter: @podcastpharaohs Facebook: facebook.com/podcastsecretsofthepharaohs
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Welcome to a podcast all about the UK sitcom Peep Show. Join us as we discuss, review and analyse one of British comedy's best shows. Email: podcastsecretsofthepharaohs@gmail.com Twitter: @podcastpharaohs Facebook: facebook.com/podcastsecretsofthepharaohs




S3 EP6 - Quantocking

After a slight delay… (I was doing a Mark and Jez and had decided to take a staycation) we are back to finish our third series! This week, we discuss why Mark’s planned proposal is such a mistake, and breakdown where it all goes wrong. We also discuss original drafts, alternate versions and many many extended and deleted scenes. Be sure to wait until the end of the episode, when we announce our exciting end of series special!


S3 EP5 - Jurying

"Right, that's it, turn the music down. You can stop smoking your drugs. I'm making tea and toast for Sophie. I'm putting on Podcast Secrets of the Pharaohs. Everything's normal." Jeremy's on jury service, and we discuss just how badly he screws up by hooking up with the defendant. Plus, Sophie's back after her personality transplant, and, to cap it all off, the guys head to a gay club, with Mark a spectacular fish out of water.


S3 EP4 - Sistering

We're finally meeting another Corrigan! Mark's sister is coming to stay for the weekend, so stop playing Blitzkrieg for five hours and join us as we take a look at our first showing of Mark's family, and how Jeremy immediately causes problems by hooking up with her. To get back at Jeremy, Mark decides to try things on with Big Suze, with very mixed results...


S3 EP3 - Shrooming

Mark's off to Frankfurt! So why don't you all come round and we'll smash the boundaries of perception with our latest episode! Jez is planning to have people round for a shrooming party, but Mark's illness puts the whole thing at risk. Join us as we discuss Jeremy's evil plan to keep Mark out of the way, and how an ill Mark can be even more intolerable than a healthy one...


S3 EP2 - Sectioning

Things are getting a bit crazy in episode two, as former uni friend Merry arrives on the scene, before being institutionalised. When she decides to gift Jeremy and Super Hans her pub, the two of them don't seem to share the same vision. Meanwhile, Mark is struggling with his suddenly long-distance relationship with Sophie.


S3 EP1 - Mugging

We are back! Rob decided to copy Jez and get married after watching the end of series two, so, after an extended break, we are back for our third series. Things aren't off to a great start, as Jez struggles to control his emotions when former flame Big Suze comes back onto the scene, while Mark comes to terms with getting mugged on the street.


An American female Peep Show?

PEEP SHOW NEWS! After hearing the news of an American Peep Show reboot with female leads in the works, join us as we discuss our thoughts and feelings towards a remake of such a classic comedy. We also discuss the comments made by Peep Show co-creator Sam Bain, whose article in the Guardian gave us food for thought. You can find that article here: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/may/25/peep-show-with-female-losers-bring-it-on-sam-bain-on-why-comedy-needs-diversity


Character Bio: Toni

Welcome to the first of our new character bio specials! With each bio, we'll be taking a look at a different character, and up first is Toni! At the end of series two, Toni left the show, and so we're going to take a look at the impact she's had and our personal highlights of her character. We've also been asking for your opinions, which we'll discuss, and of course there's going to be a quiz at the end! Let us know who you'd like to hear us discuss next on Twitter @podcastpharaohs


Episode Rankings: S1-2

We've worked our way through the first two series now, so we're going to take a look at the episodes we've reviewed so far, and discuss both Tom and Rob's episode rankings! There's lots to discuss here, and we want to hear all of your opinions about which of these first twelve episodes are your favourites and why! So let us know what you think @podcastpharaohs on twitter. Our series three will begin in the next few weeks, but we have one or maybe even two more specials coming before...


S2 EP6 - Wedding

We're coming to the end of our second series, and what better way to celebrate than with a wedding! Jeremy and Nancy are tying the knot, and it's only "partially" for visa reasons. Join us for our finale as we take a look at this doomed marriage, tag along for Jeremy's stag do and listen as Mark takes a big stride towards Sophie. Thanks to everyone who's continued listening to us for the second series, we massively appreciate you all. As it's the end of the series, why not leave us a...


S2 EP5 - The Man Show

Hey, look at that. That podcast. Quite a nice podcast they've got on them, wouldn't you say? I certainly wouldn't mind... giving it one. This week, we're discussing the ongoing battle between Mark and Jeff, one that Mark is very much losing at this point. It's also complicated by a new relationship triangle, as Jeremy ends up in the middle of Mark and Jeff too.


S2 EP4 - University Challenge

We’re heading down to Darty! Jez has managed to get a gig with Executioner’s Bong, so we’re gonna head down with him and Mark to Dartmouth, the same university where the El Dude Brothers met. It’s really convenient for Mark too. He’s met shoe shop assistant/ancient history student April, who has the “magical combination of beauty and low self esteem”. Join us as we discuss Mark stalking her across the country, and how Jeremy and Super Hans are more than happy to stab each other in the...


S2 EP3 - Local Zero

Anyone fancy a trip to Aberdeen? No? How about a picnic? Join us this week as we take a look at Mark's attempts to win Sophie back by getting on a business trip to Aberdeen. As his battle with Jeff becomes more desperate, Mark resorts to some questionable tactics. Meanwhile, Nancy gets Jez to try one final taboo-breaking bedroom experience, but it's not the sort he had in mind. Rob talks about not liking Nancy and we discuss how desperate Jeremy is to keep hold of her.


S2 EP2 - Jeremy Makes It

I tell you what I’m in the mood for… a podcast! Join us as we meet the first friend Mark’s made since ’96. Daryl bursts onto the scene and sweeps Mark off his feet with military re-enactments and office shenanigans. There’s just one thing wrong with him… Meanwhile, Jeremy’s bagged himself his first big commission, all thanks to his old school acquaintance Gog. But when your band consists of a racist, a drug-addled maniac and well… Nancy, a smash hit is far from guaranteed. Leave us a...


S2 EP1 - Dance Class

We’re back with a brand new series! And this first episode is so Rainbow Rhythms… So, grab your happy hat, courtesy of Personnel, and join the party as we welcome Johnson as our new boss! After that we’ll join the group at a hippy free-for-all dance class and meet Nancy and Gwyn. Join Jez and Nancy on a taboo-breaking journey, and watch as Mark ‘moves into red’ and lets his body dance him. Follow us @podcastpharaohs and leave us a review here!


S1 EP6 - Funeral

Unfortunately Jeremy's received the bad news that his uncle Ray is terminally ill, something which is made worse when he learns of its hereditary nature. With the funeral arranged, both Jez and Mark use Ray's passing to get the upper hand with Toni and Sophie. We take a look at how Jeremy spirals out of control as he comes to terms with his potential doom, and join Mark at the doctors to examine his "testi-ticles". No invites at a funeral. It's not a date, but it is!


S1 EP5 - Dream Job

There's a shift along the corridors of power at JLB, and Mark's convinced there's a conspiracy against him. Why else wouldn't he get the Loan Supervisor position? I mean... you've got to say he's the better loan manager... you've got to say that... haven't you? This week, we take a look at where it all went wrong for Mark, why Jeremy's opportunities of working at a recording studio don't come to fruition, and how Super Hans throws a spanner in the works.


S1 EP4 - Mark Makes A Friend

In episode four, we're introduced to everyone's favourite business guru Alan Johnson. We take a look at the introduction to one of Peep Show's most iconic characters, and how Mark immediately falls under his spell. Meanwhile, we look back and help Jeremy piece together the events of last night, and figure out what "the bad thing" was...


S1 EP3 - On The Pull

In episode three, with Mark and Jeremy being invited to a party, we take a look at their attempts with the ladies, and the results aren't what you'd first expect.


S1 EP2 - The Interview

Back for our second episode, we discuss how 'The Interview' improves on the pilot, 'Warring Factions', and springboards Peep Show for the rest of the first series.