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George Brinton McClellan, Part 3

After the failure on the Peninsula, it appeared that McClellan would lose his command. But, things changed after the disaster that was Second Manassas, and McClellan was restored over the protests of Lincoln's cabinet. After the indecisive victory at Antietam, McClellan refused to press his advantage, and President Lincoln determined that the time had come to place the Army of the Potomac under new leadership. A general without a command, McClellan was recruited into Democratic politics...


George Brinton McClellan, Part 2

George Brinton McClellan left the army at the rank of captain but, upon the start of the Civil War, soon found himself a major general in overall command of all Union operations. He was called to Washington to restore order after the disaster at First Manassas, and he built the Army of the Potomac into a first-rate fighting force. But before long, due to his overly cautious nature, the administration began to run out of patience. In the Spring of 1862, he took his army to the Virginia...


George Brinton McClellan, Part 1

George McClellan is one of the most oft-criticized figures from the Civil War, but has he been treated fairly? Our series on "Little Mac" will look at the important contributions McClellan made to the Union war effort but also point out his failures. In part 1, we examine his childhood, time at West Point and academic prowess, service in Mexico, observatory trip to the Crimean War, and career as a railroad executive. With the outbreak of war in 1861, McClellan is compelled to return to the...


Stonewall Jackson: Part 3

Following the success at Second Manassas, Stonewall Jackson finally gets the northern invasion for which he has been lobbying since the Civil War began. The bloody draw at Antietam precedes the quiet Fall of 1862. Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville bring rebel victories, but the Confederacy pays a high price for the latter - the loss of the Army of Northern Virginia’s spiritual leader. Stonewall Jackson’s untimely death only further cements his status as a legend after the war. Email us...


Stonewall Jackson: Part 2

Part 2 of our series on Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson begins with a review of Jackson’s famous Valley Campaign, one of the most famous campaigns of not only the Civil War, but in all of American military history, and a campaign still studied by students of military strategy today. We then turn to the Seven Days’ Battles, where Stonewall had his poorest showing of the war, before concluding with Jackson’s instrumental role in the Confederate victory at Second Manassas. Thank you to all of...


Stonewall Jackson: Part 1

Part 1 of our portrait of Thomas J. Jackson looks at his transition from an eccentric college professor into a Civil War legend. We discuss Stonewall’s humble beginnings, education at West Point, Mexican War experience, teaching career, and metamorphosis from a quiet, awkward VMI professor into a legendary military leader. Email us at BlueAndGreyPodcast@gmail.com with any questions or comments about the show.


Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 4

In the fourth and final installment of our portrait of Ulysses Grant, we look at Grant’s post-war role in Reconstruction, the Grant presidency, and Grant’s final years after leaving office. Email us at BlueAndGreyPodcast@gmail.com with any questions or comments about the show.


Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 3

Part 3 of our portrait of Ulysses Grant sees Grant come to the rescue in Chattanooga before being summoned east for his showdown with Robert E. Lee. Email us with any questions or comments about the show at BlueAndGreyPodcast@gmail.com.


Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 2

In Part 2, we see Grant turn defeat into victory at Shiloh and capture the Confederate stronghold of Vicksburg, as his stock continues to rise in the eyes of his Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln. Email us with any questions or comments about the show at BlueAndGreyPodcast@gmail.com.


Episode 2: Ulysses S. Grant, Part 1

Part 1 of our Portrait of U.S. Grant examines Grant’s early life, time at West Point and in the Mexican-American War, tough circumstances before the beginning of the Civil War, and the start of his rise to prominence following victories at Belmont and Fts. Henry and Donnelson.


Episode 1: Robert E. Lee, Part 1

Despite his initial misgivings about secession, Robert E. Lee would come to be the figure most commonly associated with the Confederacy. Part 1 of our portrait of Lee looks at the general’s family history, childhood and education, service in the United States Army, thoughts about slavery, and decision to join the Southern rebellion. Email us with any questions or comments about the show at BlueAndGreyPodcast@gmail.com. Or visit the show’s webpage at PortraitsOfBlueAndGrey.podbean.com.


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