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Electronic Wireless Show Ep 42 - Who's your favourite robot?

This week we're chatting about our favourite robots. Alec likes the robo-ostrich from World of Warcraft. Brendan is fond of the abandoned bots of Hackmud. And John loves little BUD of Grow Home because of his wobbly walking animations. Speaking of bi-pedal machines, Alec has also been stomping around in strategy mech-clicker Battletech. John has been fighting a witch in The Swords of Ditto. While Brendan has foolishly appointed a gambler as his finance minister in Ni No Kuni II. Links:...


EGX Rezzed - The weird, wild and wonderful

Astrid Johnson takes us through the halls of London game show EGX Rezzed, on a search for oddities like Stereopolis, a game projected onto a disc of frosted glass, or Wobble Garden, which is played entirely by twanging a bunch of springy door stoppers. It's an overview of the show for all those who couldn't make it. We also learn about the plane tinkering of Above, two-player sausage-dog cooperation in Phogs, and Disco Elysium, an isometric RPG featuring an alcoholic detective having an...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 41 - Does being a critic mean you enjoy games less?

We're talking about how being a critic changes the way you play. Don’t blame us, blame listener Aleksei, who sent in the theme as a suggestion. But please also forgive Adam, because it’s his last week on the podcast. Adam says he’s been forced to play things he otherwise wouldn’t, and ended up loving Euro Truck Simulator 2 as a result. Matt says he sometimes now worries if he should be playing Fortnite. And Brendan says he’s just periodically disappointed at hype. Also mentioned:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 40 - Great story, shame about the game

Last week we talked about good games with rubbish tales. This week, it's the reverse - great stories with bad games attached to them. John thinks Dreamfall had an moving story about faith, alongside an awful 3D adventure interface. Katharine hates looking at the wall in Soma because the underwater robo-facility is so intriguing. And Brendan is sad that Pyre had a fiddly netball game attached to its warm tale of friendship and justice. Links: Adam didn’t care for Soma as much as us :(...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 39 - Good games with bad tales

It's a common problem. A good videogame let down by a terrible story - whther that's cheesy dialogue, dull characters, nonsensical plot. Try harder or let us go back to shooting the things. Alec is semi-suffering through Far Cry 5, adoring the woodland shootouts between the trite storytelling. Brendan has been riding chocobos in Final Fantasy XV while navigating plot holes the size of a fancy car. And Katharine has been partnering up in co-op prison break game A Way Out. Links: Videogame...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 38 - The GDC Special (plus Far Cry 5)

The crew were in San Francisco last week for the Game Developer's Conference, where they spoke to developers and gambled on the results of the annual awards show. Now they’re back to tell you all about their Stateside adventures. Between sessions of Far Cry 5, of course. Adam chatted to Civ IV creator Soren Johnson about his upcoming 4X game. John spoke to Paul Neurath, the creator of Ultima Underworld II. And Brendan was at the awards ceremony at the Independent Games Festival, where he...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 37 - Remember the rats

With the release of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, we decided to celebrate the lovable dirtbag of videogames. The lowly, filthy, wonderful rat. Adam respects the helpful rats of Dishonored, who take the blame for all unusual noises. Matt likes the swag-carrying Loot Rat of Vermintide 2, who scurries away as you pursue it. And Brendan vents his disappointment at the Rat King of Dark Souls 2, who’s just a normal rat with a posh accent. But who among the three of our hosts is a rat themselves? Find...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 36 - Who are our best friends ?

Best pals John and Brendan discuss friendship in videogames. What characters feel like close buddies to them? John felt a kinship with Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins and a lesser attachment to Lydia from Skyrim. Whereas Brendan was habitually close to an undead woman in Dark Souls who sold him poisonous arrows. John also enthuses about animated adventure Chuchel and recommends Ion Maiden, a new retro shooter from 3D Realms. Brendan, on the other hand, comes up with some fictional...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 35 - Is weather in games good, or just annoying?

This week the team is snowed in. So let’s talk about the weather. Blizzards, thunderclouds, sandstorms and, er, night-time? All of it classifies as weather to us if it appears in a game. Adam likes being warm while looking out at the frosty cold in survival game The Long Dark. And Brendan likes the blizzards of Viking strategy game Northgard and the foggy, windless days of sailing sim Sailaway. John, however, thinks the weather should stop. There’s no reason why everything should be...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 34 - What counts as a JRPG?

This week the gang are talking JRPGs, or Japanese role-playing games to use words. Does a game have to be made in Japan to be a JRPG? Or does it just need bright colours and turn-based battles? We seek to understand the true meaning of the genre by stumbling over dozens of games and deciding whether or not they’re allowed into the JRPG treehouse. Katharine reckons if it isn’t made in Japan, it can get out. Adam thinks the US-made Anachronox counts. And Brendan is happy to apply the label...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 33 - The toughest moral choices we've made

We're talking morality. Paragons, renegades, sith, jedi, and everything in between. Matt thinks the decision to reprogram the Geth in Mass Effect 2 is full of complexity. Brendan prefers the moral drudgery of being an Arstotzkan border guard in Papers, Please. Whereas John enjoys being bad in Knights of the Old Republic. We also play a game in which John and Matt are put through the confessionals of Catherine. Who is "Lawful" and who is "Chaotic"? Thanks to Tom Frederick for suggesting the...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 32 - Monsters in games

They lurk, they creep, they skulk and weep. This week the team is talking about their favourite monsters in games. Alice reckons you can’t beat a good Dark Souls skeleton. And Katharine tells us about a demon in Okami. Meanwhile, Adam ponders the gameiness of movie monsters like the sex curse of It Follows. But we’ve also been playing monstrous things. Slay the Spire gets more praise from Alice the acrobatic stabber. Adam has been tracking a gigantospider in Hunt: Showdown. And Katharine...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 31 - Remakes, reboots and remasters

We're talking about remakes, remasters and recurrent nightmares. What would we like to see remade? Katharine wouldn’t mind a spruced up Deus Ex. Brendan thinks a rejigged Assassin’s Creed could work (how perverse). While Adam doesn’t want any of his loves remade, lest they pollute his fond memories (OK, maybe Pathologic 2). However, the real question is what games from today will be remade in the distant future? Links: Remaking old adventure games is bad, says Ron Gilbert:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 30 - Should survival games die?

The answer is no, by the way. But there are so many examples of bad survival games that it’s important to remember the good ones. Adam wraps himself up in the Long Dark, while Matt gets sea sickness from Subnautica. But it’s not all barbequed pork chop and pointy sticks. Brendan is enjoying card game roguelike Slay the Spire. Adam is climbing a mountain in tough platformer Celeste, and Matt is second guessing the intentions of the cyberpunk heroes of The Red Strings Club. And, bonus: We've...


Electronic Wireless Show - The Subnautica interview

We speak to Charlie Cleveland, director on underwater survival game Subnautica about why there are no guns in their game and why "terror" is a better way to describe the depths than "horror".


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 29 - The party podcast

It's a party podcast this week and you are all invited. Adam likes the shouting and panic of co-op chef game Overcooked. Alice enjoys throwing people around paddling pools in Jelly Stompers. And Brendan will always adore the playdough wrestlers of Gang Beasts. But it's also a minigame special. We've got two new quizzes. One called Pure Steamin' and the other called, er, Patch Alice. What a good party.


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 27 - The worst games of the year

The team discuss the worst games they've played in 2017. John thinks the misogyny of House Party puts it firmly in the bin, and Brendan is still wiping the red dust from his eyes after woeful survival game Rokh. But Matt can't bring himself to call any game terrible, not even Star Wars Battlefront 2. It's not all negative vibes, however. We've also been smiling at pretty and poignant Gorogoa, climbing a mountain in Getting Over It, and shooting our way through Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 26 - The most overlooked games of 2017

The pod squad chat about some of the most overlooked and underappreciated games of this year. Katharine thinks head-in-a-sack sim Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice might qualify, while Adam praises the unsettling tales of Stories Untold. Brendan just wants more people to slap in skinny biffing game Absolver. We've also been playing the magical realist family chronicle What Remains of Edith Finch and naval tactical battler Mare Nostrvm. Links: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice review:...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 25 - The PC games to look forward to in 2018

The team look at some upcoming games of 2018. Adam is looking forward to smashing big robots with other, bigger robots in Battletech. Matt wants to make trousers from dinosaur skin in Monster Hunter World. And Brendan forgot all about the surreal isometric detective game No Truce With The Furies. We've also got some chat about viking strategy Northgard and some more love for FTL follow-up Into The Breach. Plus, our quiz Patch Adam is back! Links: Surreal detective game No Truce With The...


Electronic Wireless Show Ep 24 - Into The Breach, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and "running away"

Let's talk about "running away". Ie. games that encourage you to flee from danger, rather than face it. Adam runs from the soldiers of ARMA. Brendan scarpers from poor odds in For Honor. And Alice only *pretends* to run away in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. We also have some Quickfire Questions with Zach Barth of Zachtronics about their alchemy-based puzzler Opus Magnum. Links: How do Alien Isolation's lockers work? https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/12/18/alien-isolation-lockers/...


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