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I Talk Childhood Sexual Abuse, Being a 'Black Girl Lost,' Pushing Through Single-Motherhood, and Striving to Live My Best Life

I wrap up the first season of She Roads discussing my childhood molestation; how living through decades of low self-esteem and emotional warfare led me to making one bad decision after the next; how being a single-mother grew me up; and how moment by moment I am intentionally working to craft my best life. Hopefully, my story will leave you feeling like it is never too late to break any negative strongholds and live the life you are meant to live.


#7: Standing on Unshakable Faith: Tamieka L. Jones Talks Trusting God's Plan & Crafting Perfect Weddings and Events

Tamieka L. Jones epitomizes being a woman of her word and living according to God’s will. Tamieka joins me in the studio to discuss her impressive career journey from electrical engineering to working for Goldman Sachs and Alliance Bernstein, to owning and operating A Perfect Setting Weddings and Events for the past 13 years. She also shares why, at 41 years old, she is decidedly single, without children, and uncompromising in her faith.


#6: When Breast Cancer Strikes: Anna Bencosme Talks Parental Drug Addiction, Family Secrets, and Kicking Breast Cancer in the Ass

Anna Bencosme is a survivor in every sense of the word. She joins me in the studio to discuss the false narrative of suburban life being the perfect life, having drug addicted parents including a mentally ill mother, the secret surrounding her father's death, being raised by her grandparents, marrying her best friend and having the family of her dreams, and harnessing the will and determination to kick breast cancer in the ass.


#5: Halo and Horns: Angela Rivera Talks Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Entrepreneurship, & Pushing Through Dark Days

Angela Rivera is the definition of resilience. She has lived through childhood trauma, a dangerous departure from a toxic marriage, divorce, having and losing it all, and reconstructing her life from rubble. Angela joins me in the studio to discuss all of that as well as being a life-long entrepreneur, how Buddhism changed her outlook on life and way of living, finding love after divorce, health and wellness, and her thriving catering business, Halo & Horns Catering and...


#4: My Best Fraaan Talks Law School Days, Life Lessons, Finding Real Love & Marriage a Second Time Around

Today, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, joins me in the studio. On this episode, we reminisce on our law school days and talk about how we've sustained a nearly 20-year friendship. She talks about cultivating a successful and longstanding legal and corporate career, surviving divorce, recognizing true love when it shows up, marrying a second time, and experiencing the joys of being a ‘Bonus Mom.’


#3: Journey to Motherhood: Valerie Pinto Talks Pregnancy Losses, Having a Child Mid-Life, & the Special Bond Between Mothers and Sons

Valerie Pinto talks about her journey to motherhood. She discusses suffering multiple miscarriages, having her first child in mid-life, the incredible bond between mothers and sons, and why she and her husband decided to give up the hustle and bustle of New York living for southern comfort all for the betterment of their family.


#2: Veronica Guerrero Talks Law, Culture, & Family

Veronica Guerrero discusses her early years of working as New York City public school teacher to becoming a solo-practitioner attorney. She is a proud Boricua, wife, and mother, who survived the untimely death of her brother, whom was her greatest inspiration. Veronica talks about her journey to becoming a lawyer, why she does it for her brother and 'the culture,' being in a loving marriage for over two decades, and raising four extraordinary children.


#1: Welcome to She Roads, I Am Your Host Terri Linton

Host Terri Linton introduces herself and She Roads. On this episode, she discusses how this podcast highlighting women's journeys of resiliency and transformation came to be. She talks about how she moved past being a survivor to a thriver, and encourages you to do the same.