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The views of the world from two best Dawgs

The views of the world from two best Dawgs
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The views of the world from two best Dawgs




Episode 33: Ryan Galvin X4

Jordan and Eric sit down and take their first ever call-in to the show! They also talk about the flaws of Instagram and more. Later in the episode, they are joined by friend of the show, and newly appointed Shootin' the Dawg Sh!t sports correspondent, Ryan Galvin. They chat about the St. Louis Blues and their most recent big summer signing, Eric and Jordan share their experience of playing high school hockey and more! Please be sure to like our Facebook Page (just search our title) and...


Episode 32: Vans Warped Tour wrap-up with Brent Rose

Brent joins us at the final Vans Warped Tour in St. Louis! It was a long day, and we decide to immediately record our experience (à la phone, sorry for the quality!) We also get into the LeBron James deal and what our hometown Blues did.


Episode 31: Tori Ramsey

Shootin' the taste buds with Tori Ramsey! We sat down and did some taste testing funded by Tori and prepared by Erin! After the test, Erin sits down to join for the rest of the show, we order a pizza and things get real. Enjoy!


Episode 30: Nick Tacony

This week we have the very busy man Nick Tacony on the show. Whether it's his standup, improv or film making, you are sure to get something great out of this guy. He gives us some behind the scene details of a short film he's been working on Ice Cream For Lunch, we talk a little Happy Gilmore vs Caddyshack, and once again we have another challenge to add to our list, plus much more! This episode is brought to you by Lisa's mattress.


Episode 29: Luke Ryan

We get a long overdue reunion with the ace of all trades, Luke Ryan! We reminisce the golf team days from high school. We also talk about everything Luke has been up to over the years from photography to the music industry to his art. He knows how to keep life interesting, and he certainly brings that with him to shoot the dawg sh!t. Enjoy!


Episode 28: Pascal

The multi-talented Pascal joins us to shoot the dawg sh!t, and he does not disappoint! We cover his time in NYC, his show The Pascal Show, and he gives us a brute of a challenge. You can check him out on his website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube using /thepascalshow at each respective website.


Episode 27: Rich and Justin

Whats wrong with NHL GMs? Four guys just as unqualified as the guys on TV talk about it. Justin and Rich join us to talk about that, member berries, Toilet Trouble: The Movie and they kick things off with the first guest challenge!


Episode 26: Somethin' Somethin' Shuffle

Here we go again! Just the dawgs shootin' it this week as we talk a little TV, play a game that, if nothing else, entertained the hell out of us and we talk about a new part of our show we would like to incorporate weekly. Enjoy!


Episode 25: Bryan Freisinger

We have a very special episode for our Dawg Sh!ts: our 25th episode! We sit down with the silver-tounged Bryan Freisinger as we chat about his yearly goals and presents us his results in the most sterling fashion! Bryan tends to stay off of social media (boo!!). No worries as we found the silver lining! You can follow the Twitter account specific for his yearly goals @2018AnnualGoals


Episode 24: Erin Rose X4

She's back, Jack! Champion guest Erin Rose is back to shoot the dawg sh!t with us! We cover topics such as diets, pets and comedy!


Episode 23: Brent Rose X2

Brent joined us on a weekend trip to Evansville, Indiana to watch some golf and get into all sorts of shenanigans! We sat down to chat all about it as well as a few other topics. Come for the crazy antics, stay for Brent's flubbed sign-off!


Episode 22: Chris Cyr

The very talented and funny Chris Cyr sat down with us on this week's episode! We get into his radio show, Impolite Company (on WGNU 920AM and 106.9FM), as well as his comedy show he hosts by the same title and he talks about his acoustic rock opera he wrote and performed. Chris also convinces us to finally try out stand-up comedy for our very first time! You do not want to miss out on this guy! Be sure to check out his website ""


Bonus Episode 4: Ryan Galvin X3

He's back and on the attack! One of the very best friends of the show Ryan Galvin rejoined us for another ep! It's Eric's first round of beers since he finished his marathon, we give Ryan trouble over his failed sports predictions as he gives us more! Buckle up, things are about to get sloppy!


Episode 21: Trey and Ann

We have friends of the show Trey and Ann on to shoot some more dawg sh!t with us! We bring up our past poll results, put an end to all the MARATHON talk once and for all, find out how Ann manages to keep fed and much more!


Episode 20: Joe Kilgallon

Strap in Dawg Sh!ts, we have a killer ep for you this week! We have Joe Kilgallon, from Chicago, join us for a great conversation. He tells us about his experience living in LA as a comedian as well as the great scene in Chicago and also gives us two hosts an ultimatum for getting on the stage ourselves! Oh and he gives his views on the craziness of the Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James debate. Check him out on Twitter @joekilgallon and be sure to like his Facebook page. You can find links...


Bonus Episode 3: Brent Rose

We have Brent Rose, brother of Eric, on to shoot the dawg sh!t! This exclusive bonus content is a sure way to start your weekend off right! Brent tells us what kind of pizza his family eats (which is just a ploy to announce his relationship status), he tells us that we are not really Yankees fans (he could not be more wrong) and we learn that Brent does not know the difference between a full grown man and a child! Be sure to like us on Facebook (Shootin' the Dawg Sh!t Podcast) and follow...


Episode 19: Kevin Kwiatkowski aka Kevin Lee Davidson

On this week's Shootin' The Dawg Sh!t we have Kevin Kwiatkowski! You may know him better as professional wrestler Kevin Lee Davidson of Glory Pro Wrestling, or maybe even as Todd Letterman of the NLW! He sits down to chat with us about how he got into the wrestling scene. We also get into his past in the music industry. You can follow Kevin on Instagram: @KLD_1118 Twitter: @KLD_1118 and be sure to check out upcoming events at Instagram: @WeAreGloryPro Twitter:...


Episode 18: Jonathan Venegoni

Comic Jonathan Venegoni joins us to shoot the dawg sh!t! He gives some great pointers for anyone wanting to try out an open mic, hear about his music background and much more! Jonathan also talked about a show he is a part of, Fatal Bus Accident, which can be seen at the Improv Shop.


Episode 17: Tom Dustin

On this week's episode we have the very funny Tom Dustin sitting down with us! Out of Boston, Tom regularly hits the clubs across the states, and he shares some of his moments on the road with us. Tom also runs Comedy Key West in Key West, FL.


Episode 16: Jake Bingley

We have on artist/cartoonist Jake Bingley, and it was a blast! We have the shows first installment (and likely last!) of our "Burger Segment", then Jake tells us about his time at art school and tells us about his monthly funny videos, which you can find on his channel on YouTube! Be sure to check out his great content which can be found: YouTube: (or search Bingleheimer) Instagram: