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#119: 5AM Lobo, Home Alone Joker, Keanu, Uncanny X-Force!

DAVE is BACK and LIVE from the SWAMP as Stew is AWAY on SECRET AVENGERS BUSINESS! Dave catches Lobo at 5AM, there's a HOME ALONE RUMOR of the Joker, Keanu Reeves is RUMORED for a Marvel role, Greg RUCKA IS BACK ON Word Balloon with a ton of updates, and Dave covers Uncanny X-Force Vol 1! We hope you enjoy this show - there's some SHORT SHOTS coming this way SOON! Weekly Comics Superman: Year One #! Usagi Yojimbo #1 Red Sonja: Birth of a She devil #1 Superman: Leviathan Rising #1 Warlord of...


#118: Dark Phoenix Saga, Wolverine Hoodie, Lobo TV show, More JSA & Legion

Dave AND Stew are BACK! This week we cover the last Fox X-Men movie before it all begins again with Marvel Studios, Dark Phoenix, and we ALSO cover the CLASSC Dark Phoenix Saga COMIC TRADE! Dave brags about his Wolverine Hoodie, and wants to make it very clear he's a 100% WOLVERINE FAN, there's LOBO talk, as his new TV show is GREENLIT, and shoutout to Adam the Computer as JSA and LEGION OF SUPERHEROES are announced at DC comics! Stew of course also breaks down some box office! ALL THIS...


#117: Dave cuts a solo album, Original Spidey Clone Saga, Liz Hurley, Savage Avengers

Its a SOLO DAVE EPISODE where he retreats into his Bob Dylan cave with the new live album, discussing the Original Spidey Clone Saga, his thoughts on Liz Hurley, Magic the Gathering, RIP Geoff Darrow, Djngo Unchained Meets Zorro, Harrison Ford on the next Indy...and much more! Weekly Comics DCeased #2 Black Cat #1 Star Wars: The Age of Rebellion - Luke Skywalker #1 Doomsday Clock #9 and #10 TRADE OF THE WEEK Spider-Man: The Original Clone Saga


#116: Dave’s Comeback Special, Batman Casting Discussion, Tom King News, We are BACK!

Hey GANG! WE ARE BACK! The ALADDIN BET IS SETTLED! DARK PHOENIX ENDING IS APPARENTLY CHANGED, ROBERT PATTINSON IS BATMAN, and I am so overcome with emotions I can barely stop typing in CAPS! We want to thank all the listeners who reached put while I was away sick - there will be two STEW SOLO TIME MACHINE SHOWS coming later this week - enjoy this for now. THE SIGNAL BURNS STRONG. Weekly Comics Dick Tracy #1 Catwoman Annual #1 Daredevil #1 Killer Groove #1


#113: Punisher Invades the Nam, Stew is Alive, New Star Wars, Neighbourhood Watch Dave!

WELCOME to Signal of Doom! This is a BIG Punisher INVADES The Nam! Dave plays a Captain's Call and Frank Castle is IN COUNTRY on his TOUR OF DUTY! (Multiple tours!) Listen as Dave tries to sway a resurgent STEW! Also, there's plenty of news - more Star Wars movie, THRONE TALK is BACK, Avengers: Endgame roll to NUMBER TWO ALL TIME, there's Avatar dates, no more NEW MUTANTS, and there's a HUGE Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer to discuss! There's Charlize Theron news, and BIG news...


#112: Old Man Logan: Berserker, RIP Peter Mayhew, Dave’s 60’s album, Ghost Rider TV show, Stew in the Bacta Tank! plus Dave the Journalist!

WELCOME to another episode of SIGNAL OF DOOM! Stew is SICK, HEALING in the Bacta Tank! Dave takes the reins for a mostly SOLO AFFAIR, cutting a DYLANESQUE ALBUM from his OFFICE, deep SOMEWHERE in the early 1960's! That means SOLO DAVE THRONE TALK, that means RANTS! Hear what Dave thinks of Jame's Gunn's Suicide Squad Collection, hear what Dave thinks about Sonic the Hedgehog, there's a new episode of DAVE THE JOURNALIST, putting his fearless LOIS LANE POWERS to the test and asking the HARD...


“Avengers Endgame” Review: FULL SPOILER DISCUSSION!

WELCOME FRIENDS, ROMANS, LISTENERS! This ia a SPECIAL EPISODE and a BIG ONE! Welcome to the OFFICIAL SIGNAL OF DOOM AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILER REVIEW! Stew and Dave cut deep on this one, so get a blanket, grab a coffee, seclude yourself AND DIVE DEEP into the SWAMP and BECOME ONE with the Signal of Doom! Thanks for listening, cool kids! ps you have been WARNED! THIS IS A FULL SPOILER REVIEW!


#111: Avengers Forever, Summer of Dave, Throne Talk, Tom King…in Crisis?

WELCOME BRAVE LISTENERS to another EPISODE of SIGNAL OF DOOM! Dave & Stew give a quick NON SPOILER review of Avengers Endgame (check the NEXT episode OUT NOW for the spoiler review of ENDGAME!) , we cover the CURRENT DISASTER that is Heroes in Crisis 8 by Tom King, Dave goes UNFILTERED, Stew takes through another episode of THRONE TALK, and Dave wants Cersei to be his SPIRIT GUIDE! Stew has other ideas! Meanwhile we go IN DEEP on AVENGERS FOREVER, by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco! ALL...


#110: The Question, Episode 9 teaser, Star Wars Celebration, In Support of Larry Hama in Philadelphia

WELCOME TO A BRAND NEW EPISODE OF SIGNAL OF DOOM! This is a BIG SHOW as we cover Star Wars Celebration, the Episode 9 trailer, Mandalorian talk, Kathleen Kennedy, and the DEBUT of THRONE TALK! Larry Hama was rejected guest access at Philadelphia Comic Con, and Dave takes things seriously! Admirak Akbar's voice actor SOUNDS OFF on Last Jedi, DC Universe might be in trouble, Hellboy BOMBS and there's some super boring sounding documentaries coming on the Marvel channel on Disney Plus! Weekly...


#109: Shazam-a-thon, Unfiltered Dave, Disney Plus Details, Stew Explains Clones

WELCOME to another FRESH EPISODE of SIGNAL OF DOOM! Stew & Dave cover the Shazam movie, and also review and discuss Shzam & the Monster Society of Evil, by Jeff Smith, while also taking lengthy diversions into the territory of Disney Plus, Cloning, Star Wars Comics, Star Wars Celebration anticipation, Marvel What If shows, Game of Thrones HYOE and MUCH MORE! This is also the retune of UNFILTERED DAVE! Weekly Comics Star Wars: The Age of the Rebellion - Grand Moff Tarkin #1 Star Wars: The...


Drew’s Views – Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe! Omnibus form!

Hey gang! The great DREW GERACI, writer of THE DEMANDS, inker extraordinaire, is BACK ON THE SIGNAL! This episode of Drew's Views concerns THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! We all know Drew is the Marvel Encyclopedia, and this topic is his forte! An omnibus of this 80's handbook is coming out this year and Drew answers Dave's question - "Should Dave get it?"! Also we cover the recent wave of Marvel movies and get Drew's anticpation and expectation for Endgame! All this and more...


#108: Saga of the Swamp Thing, Joker Trailer, RIP Crossgen’s Mark Alessi, Jim Zub fires shots

It's a BIG EPISODE this week a SIGNAL OF DOOM goes INTO THE SWAMP! We cover Alan Moore's amazing Swamp Thing, the Joker trailer, Mark Alessi's passing, Jim Zub fires shots, there's heavy Dc Universe details, Bill Murray and Adam Driver are in THE DEAD DON'T DIE, Will Smith's Genie Raps, Mark Hamill is the voice of Chucky...and MUCH MORE! Weekly Comics Conan the Barbarian #5 War of the Realms #1 Detective Comics #1000 TRADE OF THE WEEK Saga of the Swamp Thing


#107: Mind Games, Dave’s Solo Album, New Star Wars Characters, We’re Living in a Dreamworld!

Stew is AWAY on SECRET GOVERNMENT BUSINESS, so Dave is loose and ALIVE, cutting a SOLO ALBUM - DEEP IN THE 70's, with hot tea to soothe the throat! There's much to discuss, from Zack Snyder cutting LOOSE with his Batman comments, WE'RE LIVING IN A F$CKING DREAMWORLD, there's a new Lord of the Rings video game on the way, a new GUNSLINGER has been casino Buddy Holly and the Big O are on a HOLOGRAM TOUR! There's Walking Dead TV discussion, Star Wars and Avengers poster discussion, Mark Waid...


Jimi’s Jargon – It’s a Star Wars State of the Union Address!

It's our great privilege to have Jimi Terzis BACK on the Signal, for a Jimi's Jargon! This one has been a LONG TIME COOKIN', and Jimi brings his A GAME!! Jimi & Dave cover a TON of Star Wars topics including Jimi's thoughts on the Disney sequel movies, Rogue One, Solo! Also Jimi gives us his favorite 3 Star Wars comic runs, and also his favorite Star Wars novels - listen to this COOL KIDS! Jimi also explains to Dummy Dave what the Clone Wars is actually about and why people are fighting....


#106: The IG-88 Debate, Judge Dredd goes to Oz, Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Empire, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood!

WELCOME to a BRAND NEW SIGNAL! Dave & Stew are BACK and this WEEK we discuss Judge Dredd: OZ! You can bet the discussion gets REAL! Dave and Stew also break their record for ARGUING, as this episode sees THE GREAT IG-88 DEBATE in about the first minute of the show! It gets HOT EARLY in the SWAMP! But it's not all arguing from these two GODS OF THE GAME! Hugh Jackman and his coffee & property empire come under discussion, as Dave tries to get a valuation, Weekly Comics Savage Sword Conan #3...


#105: Captain Marvel, Avengers trailer, Kevin Smith & his Act, General Grevious & Statues

the BOYS are BACK! There's a new Avengers trailer, a tragedy in Christchurch, Dave & Stew arguing about General Grevious and statues, Dave wondering does anybody buy Kevin Smith's act, and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Plus, we argue about the Captain Marvel trade! What could be BETTER! Tis is a BIG SIG This is a BIG SIGNAL EPISODE and as always DAVE and STEW are at full power! Write in and suggest songs for the PLAYLIST!


#104: KnightsEnd, Viral Davey, Captain Marvel, Ed Brubaker, Idris Elba as Deadshot?!

WELCOME to the 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY of SIGNAL OF DOOM! Dave and Stew would like to thank ALL the listeners, all the people we've had on, all the people who have done our SIDE SHOWS - every one of you has HELPED THIS SHOW. We love you. This week we WRAP UP our long-haul Knightfall read, with KnightsEnd! Dave is coming off a VIRUS and has LESS ENERGY but don't worry - he still has plenty to say! Fist off, there's a HUGE CAPTAIN MARVEL SPOILER REVIEW, so be alerted to this! Then Dave talks at...


#103: Spider-Woman, Johnny Cage is BACK, Cautionary Comics, Dave wants Beatles Comics!

WELCOME to another EDITION of Signal of Doom! Rotten Tomatoes removed Want to See from the website following review-bombing of Captain Marvel, there's NO Will Smith in James Gunn "The Suicide Squad", Avengers End Game is tracking to TOP Infinity War, and it's TRAILER CITY as X-Men: Dak Phoenix, US, Hellboy & Detective Pikachu all drop HOT TO TROT trailers! There's Oscar chat, Black Panther grabbing 3 awards, Into the Spider-Verse nabbing one, and Zac Synder has a new Netflix project moving,...


#102: Black Widow, NPC Dave likes Wolverine, Chuck Dixon’s Bad Times, We Live in a Simulation

HUGE NEWS THIS WEEK! First off, WE LIVE IN A SIMULATION! Stew says this is MOST LIKELY! Secondly, Chuck Dixon's NEW Bad Times book is available in PAPERBACK NOW, and on Kindle from Feb 28! Order here! In other news, Dave is PROBABLY a NPC! Dave is seemingly ok with this. The boys review and discuss Black Widow by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee,...


#101: Avengers Assemble, The Irishman DE-AGES, Howard the Duck is BACK, Awful Aladdin!

HEY COOL KIDS! BIG NEWS! Signal of Doom has been named as one of the Top 25 Comic Podcasts by Feedspot! Dave and Stew are BACK! And they're arguing and squabbling about the Irishman! Who could miss THAT! Lego Movie 2 disappoints, Alita Battle Angel is OUT, Kevin Smith is MOVING on Howard the Duck, Terminator has a TITLE, and Aladdin had an AWFUL trailer! ALL THIS AND MORE KIDS! Weekly Comics Wonder twins #1 Savage Sword of Conan #1 Star Wars - Age of the Republic #1 - Count Dooku TRADE OF...