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#58: Infinity Gauntlet, Deadpool 2 Final Trailer, Final Cut, Infinity War READY!

Hey gang! It's a BIG show and BIG week of the Signal! First up we are covering Infinity Gauntlet, the Jim Starlin/George Perez/Ron LIM CLASSIC! There's a TON to unpack in this book AND Stew is the MASTER OF MARVEL COSMIC and also has some TIDBITS on Avengers: Infinity War Dave has several rants, especially regarding an Australian breakfast Tv host AND also another in his length admirations of "Mad Max: Fury Road" director, George Miller! The boys also go IN DEPTH on the Deadpool 2 trailer,...


#57: Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos, Solo Trailer, Top 3 Marvel Movies, TJ Miller

HI GANG! This episode Dave & Stew cover Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos, an awesome COSMIC tale that Stew picked! We also mention an upcoming appearance at the Hornsby Odeon for marvel Trivia Night on 24th April, and a comic swap meet taking place on 29th April! Natascha at the Odeon is organising these events and we bid her WELCOME on this episode of the Signal! Dave, Stew, Rey and Natascha then cover their TOP 3 MARVEL MOVIES! We then do an EXTENSIVE discussion of the "Solo: A Star Wars...


#56: Stan Lee’s Vampires, 52 Vol 2, Zachary Levi has a Temper Tantrum

WELCOME GANG! It's a BIG WEEK this week as Dave and Stew tackle 52: Vol 2, continuing our read of the weekly DC comic! Avengers 4 needs a title and STEW HAS A SOURCE, somebody deep inside the Triskelion who is giving him the updates, while Dave just a few (make that two) guesses! Ron Howard has locked the edit on Solo, Mark Hamill has plenty to say on Carrie Fisher, while speculation continues over whether he will be a FORCE GHIST in Episode 9! Zachary Levi aka Shazam has a HILARIOUS...


#55: Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift, Aussie Cricket, Movies with Mikey, Bill Messner-Loebs

Its a BIG PACIFIC RIM WEEK as Dave and Stew cover Pacific Rim: Tales of the Drift, a spin-off comic from the Pacific Rim franchise! Dave goes into an extensive MESSAGE OF SUPPORT to the Aussie Cricket Team & Smithy, Michael Kelosim brings up some SAD NEWS about a renowned Wonder Woman & Flash writer, Bill Messner-Loebs, fallen on HARD TIMES and there is a way to support him! Stew has a SHOUT-OUT for Movies with Mikey off the Filmjoy youtube site, Donald Glover has left the now discontinued...


#54: Knightfall, Vol 2: Az Bat! Dave’s Monologue Comeback! George Miller, & is Sam Jackson a Skull?

WELCOME TRAVELER! Its a BIG SHOW this week as Dave and Stew cover Knightfall, Volume 2! The rule of Az-Bat! Some of the finest talent comics has to offer worked on this huge series of books, including Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, and some AWESOME art including Graham Nolan and Brett Blevins! The boys go IN DEEP go on this VOLUME and Dave experiences a searing VISION, live and IN DEEP from Gotham! Dave has been home all week shut down in isolation and he takes the INTENSITY up to...


#53: Stew’s Solo Hit, Virus Ridden Old Man Davey, Conan: The Usurper!

It's a different kind of show this week! With Dave in bad shape due to a bad bout of bronchitis, Stew has stepped up to the plate with an awesome SOLO show with some occasional Dave cameos! We cover Chuck Dixon's and Steve Lieber's "Conan the Usurper", and have two very different takes, while there's a ton of news to report - including the new Infinity War Trailer! Also, Stew breaks down Jessica Jones at length, there's consternation as reports come in on mixed reactions to the Deadpool 2...


#52: 52, Vol 1! Tom Cruise as Green Lantern?!

Hey gang! Dave & Stew are back with a blast of "52" action! Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns combine for the classic DC year long weekly series which we are covering the first 13 issues of! Stew is a pro and he has watched all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones! We do a light non spoiler review of the series along with the Luke Cage teaser trailer! Stew was also invited to the Disney shareholders meeting and there's a slew of news and photos coming out of that in relation to...


#51: Alias, Levon’s War, the Competition, Kevin Smith, Corporate Brainwashing & the Wilhelm Scream!

Welcome back GANG! Dave and Stew are BACK covering Alias Vol 1 by Bendis & Gaydos! Chuck Dixon has a new novel out, Levon's War, and Dave has a NEW COMPETITION for listeners to win kindle copies of the book! Also, Stew has a NEW FAN! Kevin Smith suffered a "massive heart attack" this week and we at the Signal want to send him all our best wishes and a speedy recovery. Geeks owe him a lot. Disney & Marvel studios have revealed 6 new dates for 6 untitled marvel films, and the boys have some...


#50: Kraven’s Last Hunt, 1st Signal Birthday! Whedon leaves Batgirl, Maggie Leaving Walking Dead?

Hi GANG! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THE SIGNAL OF DOOM! Dave and Stew celebrate ONE YEAR of bringing News AND JOY to the PEOPLE! This episode, we cover "Kraven's Last Hunt", Stew gives us all a Powerpoint Presentation on the Black Panther box office, Joss Whedon leaves the Batgirl movie, supposedly because he doesn't have a story, there is a very complicated fan theory about T.H.A.N.O.S locations of Infinity Stones, which Dave doesn't even understand, and Lego is back with the possible...


Dane from Punisher Bodycount Visits! Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher!

It's a great day for the Signal of Doom as friend of the show, Dane Lamont, from Punisher Bodycount, the internet's premier Punisher podcast, joins Dave for an in-depth discussion of the 90's cross over Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Heats of Darkness, and it's accompanying sequel "Dark Design"! We go IN-DEPTH on both of the books, written by Howard Mackie, with art by John Romita Jr in "Hearts of Darkness", and Ron Garney in "Dark Design". The art is something ELSE! Also, Dane and Dave...


#49: Deadpool Classic 2, Black Panther Spoiler Discussion, Nothing is Impossible…plus Friar Tuck!

Dave and Stew are back with a SPOILER discussion of the Black Panther movie! Stew is ALL FIRED UP and ready to take it back to BASICS on Black Panther! He's been taking notes every night after reading Panther's Rage! Dave meanwhile is a NEWSHOUND, and this episode he brings talk of an aborted Spny deal for ALL the Marvel properties back in '98, while casting details have leaked about Season 2 of the Punisher! The Transformers Franchise is possibly going to be rebooted, and when discussing...


#48: Awesome Super Bowl Trailers, Black Panther: Panthers Rage, Dave has the Flu

Hey gang! Dave has the flu but that doesn't stop Dave & Stew from recording the Signal! Dave is high on flu meds so you will have to forgive him for some of Jim Morrison asides and rapid fire style! We cover a host of Super bowl trailers, including: Solo: A Star Wars Story, Avengers Infinity War, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible 6, Jurassic World 2, The Cloverfield Paradox, A Quiet Place, Red Sparrow, Dundee, Westward Season 2 We go IN DEPTH on ALL of the above and then there's Deadpool 2 to...


Jimi’s Jargon – Episode 4: Geoff John’s GL!

Jimi is BACK on Signal of Doom withs a fresh Jimi's Jargon! Dave's money cleared and our heavy States-side hitter is BACK IN TOWN! Jimi & Dave break down the first volume of Geoff John's Green Lantern ongoing, covering issues 1 to 14 of his landmark run, fresh off the heels of Green Lantern: Rebirth! There's a lot of TWIST to this tale! A lot of scatter-gun questions! a LOT of history! A lot of Dave whining! A lot of Ferris Aircraft! A lot of HAL at FULL THROTTLE! Hal Jordan faces new...


#47: Secret Wars, Yes and No, Marvel Time, RIP Judy

It's another HUGE week on the Signal as Dave & Stew cover "Marvel: Secret Wars" from the mid 80s! This is a big one and the boys give it 110%! Elon Musk and his $500 flame-throwers get a mention, Dave forecasts dystopian futures, and we cover Cory's fan casting on Gary Oldman at Marvel! Valiant has been bought out by DMG, there's Captain Marvel set photos, Dave delights in the correct pronunciation, the Ant Man and the Wasp trailer HITS and hits hard, and Stew is our man on the ground in...


Drew’s Views – Iron Man: Armor Wars, Part One, a FREE Marvel History Lesson!

WELCOME to anther episode of Drew's Views, with our man on the Marvel scene, the Marvel Encyclopaedia himself, Drew Geraci, as we discuss PART ONE of our breakdown of Iron Man: Armor Wars, plus a deep discussion and Marvel history lesson from Drew on Iron Man and the Michelinie/Layton run, with diversions all OVER the place, as Dave bombards Drew with scattergun questioning from all around the Marvel era from the 70's into the 90's! Learn about when War Machine debuted, and get the inside...


#46: Spirits of Vengeance, Gary Oldman won’t be Kraven, the Youtube Channel!

It's a BIG show this week as the boys Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance! It's a mighty big tome and it's about as mid 90's as could be! Davey has been busy listening to podcasts and gushes about an interview he heard with Denny O'Neil, and the story behind the Batman character Leslie Thompkins, who was based on a real civil rights activist. Signal of Doom now has a Youtube channel! Subscribe for extra bonus video content and Dave's extra special rants!...


#45: All New Ghost Rider, Voyager, Sebastian & Hugh Jackman, Batman sobbing

Its All New Ghost Rider this week for Dave and Stew! Its been a week of missile alerts in Hawaii while Dave dreams of riding through Hell-fire as the Rider! There's reports of Chris Evan as Nomad, some in depth research by Dave (and Dave Warner!) has all the Wolverine sightings, there's a Han synopsis, and the eternal question - is Spider-Man in the Venom movie? Dave rants about Batman sobbing, we talk about conventions in Australia, we are sceptical about the He-Man film universe, there's...


#44: Nova, The Mammoth was dead, Stan Lee, Black Widow Movie

Welcome to Episode 44- the boys are discussing "Nova: Origin" by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness! This is Stew's pick and it's a GRAND SLAM! Stew does a complete chart of his "murder board" inside his private study, and shoes it with listeners - this outlines all the film dates for superhero movies from until 2020! That's a lot of research for the Main Man! The Fox X-men movies have a lot of reshuffles, as meanwhile there are reports of a Kitty Pryde solo movie on the horizon at Fox, There's...


#43 – Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon, Jodie Foster, RIP Death, we love you

Hey gang, YOUNG HEARTS BE FREE TONIGHT! The boys regather for the first show of 2018, to cover Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon trade! This is a HuGE TRADE for the Signal of Doom and we go right into the heart of it. Meanwhile, the NEWS MARCHES ON, as Jodie Forster weighs in with some BIG COMMENTS on the state of the movie industry, there's a Justice League extended cut on the way, change at DC Films, Dave gets VERY excited about a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Tv show, we stay on...


#42: Batman Strange Apparitions, Dave’s Great New Big Idea

Hey gang! It's a big holiday themed episode of Signal of Doom, and we cover the fantastic 1970's trade "Batman: Strange Apparitions", by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rodgers! This is a good one folks! Gothic, moody and magnificent, with the dark of Gptham LIT UP by the magnificent Silver St Cloud! Maybe we are tipping our hand but the boys enjoyed this one! Also, Dave has a Great New Big Idea, which involves ranking the top 3 Comic Book runs we have discussed on the show in 2017, and also...


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