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#87: Flashpoint, Walking Dead, Stew explains Game of Thrones, Rogue One Tv show, Poll Round 1 Results

It's a LEAN MEAN SHOW today folks! Dave has been out drinking and there's A COST TO SOCIALISING! Regardless, we rap and WE ROLL through Walking Dead movie news, there's a Rogue One Tv show for the streaming channel, Jeremy Irons is attached to Watchmen at HBO, Shrek is back, Grant Morrison inks a deal for the Invisibles, there's Breaking Bad movies coming, a Blizzcon Fiasco...AND MORE! Weekly Comics The Green Lantern #1 Border Town #1 and #2 Marvel Knights: 20th #1 Trade of the Week...


#86: Strontium Dog: The Killing, Joker casts Bruce Wayne, Birds of Prey rated R, The Poll!

Hey gang, Dave and Stew are BACK with another show - a lean, mean 2 hours this time! 2000AD legend, Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha is FRONT AND CENTER stage in the Killing! So Dave is EXCITED. There's Birds of Prey chatter, Sly Stallone has picked up the rights for Chuck Dixon's Levon Cade novel series, the Joker movie has cast Bruce Wayne and Alfred, details of the aborted Boba Fett movie, and Stew has been on the phone to Uncle Bob Iger again and has Avengers casting news! In Weekly Comics...


#84: The Sentry, Harley vs Green Lantern: The Great Debate, Call me Ric

WELL, HELLO LISTENERS! TODAY WE BRING YOU THE GREAT DEBATE! Dave and Stew indulge themselves in a huge Green Lantern vs Harley Quinn debate, (listeners will have the change to vote in the Facebook page on this!), Dick Grayson is calling himself Ric, Flash has been PUSHED, Stew wishes DOOM upon the Dc Cinematic Universe (again), we have some Daredevil hype, Venom box office tracking, and Stew gives his thoughts on Iron Fist being cancelled, Mark Hamill is in Episode 9, and nothing ever ends...


#83: My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, Solo Davey, Narnia, Indie GoGoGO

Hey GANG! Stew is away this week so Dave PERFORMS SOLO! Expect rants, asides, musical interludes, SOME NEWS, jokes at Stew's expense, and sarcastic self loathing! ALL THIS AND MORE! There's lots of news in fact, Venom reports, Dave's comment on the culture wars & the axing of Chuck Dixon's Indie GoGo campaign, Narnia memories and analysis from Dave, James Gunn on Suicide Squad 2, a ton of trailers, and MUCH ELSE KIDS! Dave also reviews the new hardcover, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES,...


#82: RIP Carlos, Venom, Deadenders by Brubaker & Pleece, The Mandalorian Cometh!

WELCOME to a NEW episode of Signal of Doom! Davey is just back from a big Bucks Night so this summary will be very short as I have to collapse on a couch and watch the game! :) We went to see Venom, we talk about it, we talk about The Mandalorian, we argue about Conan, and we cast shade at Bendis. ALL THIS AND MORE! Catch you soon next week, cool kids. Weekly Comics The Superior Octopus #1 X-men Black: Magento #1 Weekly trade "Deadenders" 1-8


#81: The Return of Dave, Captain Britain & Mi-13, DC Reddit Info-Wars, Birds of Prey

LET GOTHAM TREMBLE! DAVE IS BACK! Following STEW AND THE REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN (& WOMEN), Dave is back from Hawaii, eager to RECLAIM his THRONE! JAY Z STYLE! There's a Lot to cover this week! We talk The Predator, we talk Dave's "great" DC Reddit Info Dump News, DC Streaming Service, Birds of Prey casting news, Nightwing rumours, and there's not ONE but TWO CAPTAIN's CALL made this week! There's a ton of speculation about Captain Marvel, plenty of X-Men discussion, and a breakdown of the...


#80 – Stew and Simon sound off for the Signal

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Signal of Doom. This week Stew and returning co-host Simon Jones tackle the topics of this week, while giving Simon a chance to explain last weeks positive Predator review! We also touch on spoilers from the Russo brothers, the walking dead, the joker, and the new captain Marvel trailer among others. Weekly Comics: Batman: Damned #1 Return of Wolverine #1


#79 – The Signal Plays!

Welcome to Signal of Doom #79 - The Signal Plays! This weeks Stew is joined by some long time friends of the signal to play through Marvel Munchkin. Joining Stew is Daniel Watts, Simon Jones, and Stew's little brother Greg. The 4 of us take on Marvel Munchkin, playing as a group of lowly S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, we try to progress up the ladder by taking down some of the baddest super people in the Marvel universe, luckily aided by some of the heaviest hitters ourselves! Following the play...


#78: Anime and Manga Special!

First week of Dave's Hawaii holiday. Stew brings out the anime and manga specialists for a different look at how they do it in the east. We cover the basics for those looking to make the jump, and discuss how Japan has turned this industry into a mainstream juggernaut! Plus a brief run through of some of the regular news including the Shane Black controversy, our first look at the new Captain Marvel movie, and a nostalgic trip to Hogwarts. Weekly Comics: Asguardians of the Galaxy #1 Cover...


#77: Batman: Under the Hood, Eric Clapton, DC Universe Streaming Service…Oscar Isaac for Batman!?

WELCOME GANG to another big SHOW, the last episode before Dave goes to Hawaii for his holiday and STEW TAKES OVER for 3 weeks! Don't worry kids, Dave will be back and is full of ranting this episode to make up for his up coming absence! There was a big Kevin Smith presentation on the Dc Universe streaming service that is launching on batman Day, Sept 15 which we discuss in detail, Oscar Isaac is linked to The Batman, and there's speculation Batfleck might be uninsurable for the Batman, if...


#76: Panic in the Sky, Batfleck in Rehab, Dave likes it Dark, Mila Kunis as Catwoman??

HEY GANG! This is a huge show and Dave's choice again - Superman: Panic in the Sky! Listen to us discuss it as the world burns. We kick off with some cool show reviews and a mention of The Batman Universe Comic Podcast, Dave's favourite podcast apart from the Signal, there's talk of us starting a Discord group, a new Iron Fist Season 2 trailer, and Rick Gentusa has some BIG PICKS for Dave's Hawaii TRIP! Danny Boyle has exited Bond 25, Ben Affleck aka Batfleck is in REHAB, and Dave has a...


#75: Vision by Tom King, Crisis of the Two Chris’s, Dave gets Excited about a Movie

Its another BIG WEEK on Signal of Doom - coming to you HOT on a THURSDAY! David busy reading about The Air War in Vietnam, Two Chris's may DEPART Stark Trek 4, Ruby Rose takes a STAND, and Alan Horn meet with james Gunn to give him THE BAD NEWS! There's Rambo 5 chat, Disney streaming service details, Hydro Man, a really boring Old Man Logan 12 issue mega-thon, and Shuri is the Smartest MCU Character! There's also talk of a philosophical Batman point that was discussed on Chuck Dixon's...


#74: Fatale, Sony’s Grand Plan, Ruby Rose is Batwoman, Picard is BACK!

Hey gang, Picard is BACK! Ruby Rose is Batwoman. Sony have a Slate and a Master Plan. A Spidey Verse without Spidey. Hmmm. Weekly Comics Plastic Man #3 Fantastic Four #1 Amazing Spider-Man #3 Sandman Universe #1 Trade of the Week Fatale


Drew’s Views – Captain America – The Bloodstone Hunt!

A BIG Signal WELCOME BACK to DREW GERACI! It's been too long and Drew, the Marvel Encloypedia, is BACK to talk CAPTAIN AMERICA! Specifically we cover the recent Epic Collecton, Captain America: The Bloodstone Hunt, written by Mark Greenwald, with art by Kieron Dwyer amongst others! This is a great period for Cap in the late 80's under Greenwald's long tenure, and this is a great conversation with Drew with his knowledge and love of Marvel! Drew Geraci is an accomplished inker and has done...


#73: Aliens vs Predator, Lord of the Rings TV & history lesson, Matt Reeves Batman!

Hey gang! Welcome to Aliens V Predator! THE BIG CLASH! It's Dave's pick and it's a big one! Dave treats everyone to a history lesson of Middle Earth, and Stew has some BREAKING NEWS about the new Lord of the Rings show! We discuss Matt Reeves Batman, as some details finally emerge and there is an extended discussion on actor's ages, and how Method is too method! River Phoenix and Heath Ledger both feature, sadly. Punisher Playbook Make Baron's Punisher is being collected! Weekly Comics...


JIM from KINGS COMICS! Interview Special!

It's our GREAT HONOUR to have Jim from Kings Comics on the Signal of Doom! Jim is the Store Manager of Kings Comics, Sydney's (no, AUSTRALIA's) premier comic book location, and he is often mentioned on the show and he was kind enough to subject to the QUESTIONS and CHITTER-CHAT of Dave! Jim was a great sport and we have a great conversation! Who wants a GOLD FUNKO POP statue of Jim! I know we do! And HUGH JACKMAN, we are AVAILABLE! WE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE! Enjoy gang! Check out Kings comics...



It's our great privilege and honour to have a rising comics star, Frank Martin, on the show to talk with Dave about his new collection, MODERN TESTAMENT! This is an exciting anthology collection of a series of tales revolving on creatures such as angels and demons struggling to adapt on the modern world! There is some wild stories in this one, and Frank's Kickstarter goes LIVE THIS WEEK, so Signal listeners, have a think about backing one of comic rising stars on his way up! This is a great...


#72: Captain America: Fallen Son, Trailer Season, Dave’s Great Idea, Ninja’s, James Gunn!

Hi GANG! This week we cover "Captain America: Fallen Son" as Stew hits it out of the PARK! We pay our respects to John Schnepp, Adam the Computer Crouch writes in with a couple of corrections for Stew, and James Gunn is fired from Disney following old offensive tweets re-surfacing! Meanwhile, Dave finds about apparently NINJA's are now offensive! WTF. We discuss the Aquaman trailer, the Shazam trailer, the Glass Trailer - its TRAILER SEASON! There's De Niro news, Stew has some BREAKING Dark...


Crisis in the Kremlin – San Diego Comic Con 2018, Part 1

HEY GANG! Dave takes us on a SIGNAL OF DOOM STYLE MIND TRIP to San Diego Comic Con on his first solo Crisis int he Kremlin episode in some time! We cover the Aquaman trailer, the Shazam trailer, Venom news, Into the Spider-Verse, Jamie Lee Curtis and MORE! There will be another short show tomorrow! ENJOY!