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#69: Mighty Avengers, Ant Man & the Wasp, The Non Bat Wedding, Star Wars Fans

WELCOME FRIENDS! TODAY IS LIKE NO OTHER! One where the likes of Ant Man, Hercules, Cassie Land and Jocasta form the hub of the Mighty Avengers with Dan Slott at the helm! Dave and Stew REVIEW this one! Also, there's there NON BAT WEDDING in issue 50 of Batman, and Dave & Stew discuss and debate the ramifications of this amounts Bat fans. TEHN there's a MEGA EPIC DISCUSSION of Star Wars and Kathleen Kennedy and the fan base, Dave and Stew go at it for awhile! Jeremy Renner may be joining...


#68: Luke Cage, Dave’s Cocktail Party, Predator Trailer, Stew’s DARK FUTURE

Hey GANG! Well, Dave is back from his cocktail party, 3 G&T's deep, and he has NOT done his Luke Cage TV homework! Meanwhile, he has survived a POSSIBLE MUGGING, all for the sake of one pink iced donut! Frank Castle, you might be needed! MEANWHILE STEW has rolled through all 13 episodes of Luke Cage, and Dave feels his wrath! Finally this week after pestering by Dave, Stew finally UNLEASHES HIS DARK VISION OF THE FUTURE! Also theres extensive breakdown of the Predator trailer, Jared Leto...


#67: The Coming of Galactus, Jurassic Snore-Fest, Stew has issues with 1917…

HELLO FRIENDS! Its a BIG ONE this week as Dave & Stew cover CLASSIC Fantastic Four - The Coming of Galactus! Dave talks Mike Baron's amazing Josh Pratt books, check them out, now on Amazon! Then there's a MOVIE REVIEW! Jurassic Snore! Dave has been blocked on Twitter by Al Ewing, the victim of BLOCKLISTS! There's a Spider-Man sequel title which Dave doesn't like, and John Bernthal is DOING ANOTHER EPISODE OF WALKING DEAD! Stew is back in the BOARDROOM with the Fox Disney deal! Rupert is...


#66: Rocket Raccoon by Scottie Young, Microbiotic Star Wars, Less Dark Dave, Greg Rucka Batman

Hey gang! Well what a treat for listeners this week! Dave & Stew are back, this week discussing Rocket Raccoon Vol 1, by Scottie Young! There's a SLEW of Warners/DC updates, Dave is deterined to be less dark, one week after calling all of existence "a joke", Stew is back in the meeting rooms with Bob Iger on the pending Fox deal, there's a a TON of Cineeurope news & spoilers, and Dave is determined to start his USA, USA chant! In other news, Stan Lee has filed a restraning order against...


#65: Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits, Jared Leto Joker, Dave’s Poll, the Angel of Death

Jared Leto Joker! Batman Best Man Poll! Hellblazer! Dave compares himself to the Angel of Death! All this and MORE! Check out Episode 65 of Signal of Doom!


#64: Thor by Dan Jurgens and JRJ, Solo Disappoints, Stew is Sick (and Grumpy) & Solo Spoiler Review

WELCOME to EPISODE 64 of Signal of Doom! Dave & Stew cover Dan Jurgen's & John Romita Jr's run on Thor, Volume 1, while there's also a FULL SPOILER REVIEW of Solo, along with box office analysis, some more Deadpool 2 chat, there's talk of the Fox-Disney deal and Jamie Foxx has signed On as Spawn! Top Gun 2 begins production, to the clamour of nobody, there's possibly X-Men: Dark Phoenix spoilers from a Reddit user, and Andrew Lincoln MAY BE LEAVING WALKING DEAD! Silver & Black has been...


#63: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Dave the Hostage Negotiator, Thundercats Furore, Boba Fett!

WELCOME to Episode 63! Dave & Stew cover Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, a mid 90s Star Wars EVENT COMIC! Get ready for Chuck Norris coming to Supernova! Dave has something to say about DEMOCRACY! The boys cover the Deadpool numbers, and huge NEWS are OUT about a potential Boba Fett movie, along with Stew BREAKING GROUND with Obi Wan movie reports AND don't forget Donald Glover and Lando! Jake Gyllenhaal is in HEAVY TALKS to play Mysterio in the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel, Stew has...


#62: Deadpoolooza, Deadpool 2 spoiler review, Pan Lando, No Avengers!

Welcome to Deadpoolalooza!!! Stew and Dave discuss all things Deadpool, including a MASSIVE SPOILER REVIEW of Deadpool 2, and a stack of Deadpool comics in weekly comics! There's som robust debate about Deadpool 2, and in Star Wars news, one of the co-writers of Solo has said Lando could be seen as pansexual. It's interesting stuff! Jon Favreau has sad his Star Wars show takes place 7 years after the Battle of Endor, Fiege is "sort of probably" moving ahead with Ms Marvel, and Dave accuses...


Deon the All Knowing – Episode 1

It's a privilege, a burden and AN HONOUR to welcome DEON THE ALL KNOWING to the Signal as this rambuctious pal of Dave's gives us his 2 cents on Avengers: Infinity War, the Marvel movies, Star Wars, the comic industry and LIFE ITSELF! Deon and Dave have been friends for many years and Dave has had to listen to many of Deon's comments over the years & thought he finally deserved a segment on the runaway hit Signal of Doom has become! Deon has a background and a business in tabletop gaming,...


#61: Northlanders, Iron Man is Stolen, Bad Boys for Life, Davey on Tour

Get ready, get set, THE SIGNAL IS BACK! Dave is on TOUR this week as we visit Stew's house and record on HIS COUCH! Michael Keloisim brings us an awesome story - Iron Man's Armor has been stolen and it's worth 325K! Dave has some great ideas this episode - he's taking about CALLING AUDIBLES, and next week is going to be a Deadpan extravangza as we lead up to Deadpool 2! Reports come out of Warners that Flashpoint is DOA, but The Flash movie is a SOLO GO! In sad news Terry Gilliam has had a...


#60: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Dave is a Roman Warlord, No Deadpool 3

Hey gang! Dave and Stew are back, SOMEWHAT emotionally and physically exhausted but giving THEIR ALL for the Signal! Dave is deep in a war for the future of the Empire.. This week we cover Teen Titans: Judas Contract, the early 80's classic from Marv Wolfman and George Perez! We discuss The Ant Man and the Wasp trailer, the Robin Hood trailer, we discuss the idiot that is the podcaster Comic Relief who spoiled Infinity War to classmates and got SCHOOLED by James Gunn! There's also (some)...


#59: Transmetropolitan Vol 1, Golden State Killer caught, Venom Trailer, Stew shoots the Messenger!

HEY GANG! Get ready for an EXTRA BIG SHOW THIS WEEK! First off, we do have a non spoiler review of Infinity War but check our PREVIOUS SHOW for a full discussion of that movie! This week Dave and Stew talk the capture of the Golden State Killer, Stew shoots the messenger reporting the news, Marvel hold the Infinity War Premiere and scatter breadcrumbs of potential upcoming projects, there's a NEW VENOM TRAILER to dissect, Stark Trek is moving ahead with two more feature films, and in a...


“Avengers: Infinity War” Live Reactions from Dave and Stew! ALL SPOILER review!

Hey gang! A SPECIAL TREAT for loyal SIGNAL OF DOOM listeners - Dave and Stew gathered in our GLAMOROUS recording studio to do a LIVE VIDEO AND AUDIO SIMULCAST for an Avengers: Infinity War spoilers reaction show! This is an IN DEPTH EXPLORATION of the movie, and the direction the Marvel franchise is going - we hope you enjoy the movie, we hope you enjoyed our analysis - HAVE FUN OUT THERE! SIGNAL OF DOOM - WE RUN ON NUCLEAR! Check us out Signal of Doom on Youtube as well!...


#58: Infinity Gauntlet, Deadpool 2 Final Trailer, Final Cut, Infinity War READY!

Hey gang! It's a BIG show and BIG week of the Signal! First up we are covering Infinity Gauntlet, the Jim Starlin/George Perez/Ron LIM CLASSIC! There's a TON to unpack in this book AND Stew is the MASTER OF MARVEL COSMIC and also has some TIDBITS on Avengers: Infinity War Dave has several rants, especially regarding an Australian breakfast Tv host AND also another in his length admirations of "Mad Max: Fury Road" director, George Miller! The boys also go IN DEPTH on the Deadpool 2 trailer,...


#57: Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos, Solo Trailer, Top 3 Marvel Movies, TJ Miller

HI GANG! This episode Dave & Stew cover Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos, an awesome COSMIC tale that Stew picked! We also mention an upcoming appearance at the Hornsby Odeon for marvel Trivia Night on 24th April, and a comic swap meet taking place on 29th April! Natascha at the Odeon is organising these events and we bid her WELCOME on this episode of the Signal! Dave, Stew, Rey and Natascha then cover their TOP 3 MARVEL MOVIES! We then do an EXTENSIVE discussion of the "Solo: A Star Wars...


#56: Stan Lee’s Vampires, 52 Vol 2, Zachary Levi has a Temper Tantrum

WELCOME GANG! It's a BIG WEEK this week as Dave and Stew tackle 52: Vol 2, continuing our read of the weekly DC comic! Avengers 4 needs a title and STEW HAS A SOURCE, somebody deep inside the Triskelion who is giving him the updates, while Dave just a few (make that two) guesses! Ron Howard has locked the edit on Solo, Mark Hamill has plenty to say on Carrie Fisher, while speculation continues over whether he will be a FORCE GHIST in Episode 9! Zachary Levi aka Shazam has a HILARIOUS...


#55: Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift, Aussie Cricket, Movies with Mikey, Bill Messner-Loebs

Its a BIG PACIFIC RIM WEEK as Dave and Stew cover Pacific Rim: Tales of the Drift, a spin-off comic from the Pacific Rim franchise! Dave goes into an extensive MESSAGE OF SUPPORT to the Aussie Cricket Team & Smithy, Michael Kelosim brings up some SAD NEWS about a renowned Wonder Woman & Flash writer, Bill Messner-Loebs, fallen on HARD TIMES and there is a way to support him! Stew has a SHOUT-OUT for Movies with Mikey off the Filmjoy youtube site, Donald Glover has left the now discontinued...


#54: Knightfall, Vol 2: Az Bat! Dave’s Monologue Comeback! George Miller, & is Sam Jackson a Skull?

WELCOME TRAVELER! Its a BIG SHOW this week as Dave and Stew cover Knightfall, Volume 2! The rule of Az-Bat! Some of the finest talent comics has to offer worked on this huge series of books, including Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, and some AWESOME art including Graham Nolan and Brett Blevins! The boys go IN DEEP go on this VOLUME and Dave experiences a searing VISION, live and IN DEEP from Gotham! Dave has been home all week shut down in isolation and he takes the INTENSITY up to...


#53: Stew’s Solo Hit, Virus Ridden Old Man Davey, Conan: The Usurper!

It's a different kind of show this week! With Dave in bad shape due to a bad bout of bronchitis, Stew has stepped up to the plate with an awesome SOLO show with some occasional Dave cameos! We cover Chuck Dixon's and Steve Lieber's "Conan the Usurper", and have two very different takes, while there's a ton of news to report - including the new Infinity War Trailer! Also, Stew breaks down Jessica Jones at length, there's consternation as reports come in on mixed reactions to the Deadpool 2...