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39 - Cultivating Creativity

This week, Jon and Cailee talk about being creative. We discuss trying new things, how creativity improves other aspects of our lives, and everything in between. Kim's gone this time but he'll be back next week! Thanks so much for listening :) Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) @honeyandoates...


#38 - On Being Privileged

This week, Jon has questions about privilege. We discuss how privilege exists for everyone in different capacities, how to use it for the greater good, and what to do if somebody just doesn't understand it. Thanks for listening! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) @honeyandoates...


#37 - How Do You Move On?

This week, I (Cailee) asked the boys to talk about moving on, dealing with grief, that type of stuff - and I'm very thankful that they allowed me to have this conversation with them. Hopefully this episode offers some catharsis for those of you who, like me, may also be struggling. The winter season is upon us, take care of yourselves out there. Thank you for listening! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on...


#36 - Our Odd Fascinations

This week, we're talking about our (not so) guilty pleasures on "the weird part of the internet." Thanks for listening, tell us about your odd fascinations in a review or shoot us an email :) Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) @honeyandoates (Instagram) Find...


#35 - How Entertainment Impacts Our Lives

This week, we're talking about how entertainment and media have affected our lives and influenced who we are today. Mentioned: Good Eats (Food Network), Coldplay Live 2012 (documentary), Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long - A Pretty Decent Cape in My Closet (Album): "The Crickets Have Arthritis". Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find...


#34 - Conspiracy Corner: A Halloween Special

We're back (again), baby! This week, we're getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween and talking conspiracy theories. Is the Angel of Death also the Zodiac Killer? Does Kendall Jenner actually talk? Tune in to find out. Thanks for listening! Links mentioned: Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess...


#33 - The Complexity of Social Media

This week, we're talking about social media: the pros, cons, uses, impact, and everything in between. Thanks for listening! Things to check out: BROCKHAMPTON - Saturation II (album), This Might Get... (Youtube), Bowling For Soup (band), 30 Seconds to Mars (band), and Kim's Convenience (Netflix). Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find...


#32 - Kinda Hot Takes

This week, we're sharing a few little opinions on standing ovations, Beyonce, and American Eagle. Why? Because we don't actually know what a hot take is. Check this out: The Starters (podcast), Earthtones - Bahamas (album). Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find...


#31 - Building Habits

This week, your faves talk about how to stay consistent and committed to habits. Tune in next week if you care about the Oscars. Thanks for listening! To Watch: Altered Carbon (Netflix), Bob's Burgers (Netflix), The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix again lol), and The Shape of Water. Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess...


#30 - Marvel's Black Panther (Film Review & Discussion) **SPOILERS!**

Jon Chan is Gone Chan this week, so Kim and Cailee decided to talk about Black Panther because they know he hasn't seen the movie yet. Thanks for listening! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina (Twitter/Instagram) Find...


#29 - Black Panther and Representation in the Media

Hi everyone! Happy #BlackPantherDay! In honour of Marvel's Black Panther release, we decided it would be fitting to have a discussion on (the lack of) diversity in the media. We talk about how representation of visible minorities in film and tv has changed since we were kids, what we'd like to see more of in the future, and everything in between. Thanks for tuning in! PS. GO SEE BLACK PANTHER! Things to check out: Culture II - Migos (album), Black Panther The Album, Man of the Woods -...


#28 - The Weinsteins of the World

TW: This episode contains mentions of sexual assault. This week, we discuss the growing number of sexual abuse allegations being made against Hollywood's big names. While it is uncomfortable to talk about these situations, we believe it's a necessary and important conversation to have - and we encourage you to keep the momentum going. Thanks for listening! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find...


#27 - The 2017 SITTY Awards (aka our Favourite Media of 2017)

Happy new year! We're back after yet another accidental hiatus, and we're starting off the year with a little recap of all the stuff we liked in 2017. Thanks for tuning in, we're excited to be back!! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina (Twitter/Instagram) Find Jon: @athirdtime (Twitter/Instagram)


#26 - Hi YouTube, This Is My Morning Routine

Hi everyone! This week, we are Kim-less :( He'll be back soon. We decided to talk about our morning routines, or lack thereof, and it's just a lot of tangents tbh. Thanks for listening! Things to peep - Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (documentary - YouTube), Peter McKinnon (YouTube), & by Jesse Rutherford (album), Before I Wake by Kamaiyah (album), The Thrill of it All by Sam Smith (album), and Space Between by Majid Jordan (album). Contact Us - Email:...


#25 - We're a Bunch of Halloweenies

Happy Halloween! This week, Kim's home, the gang's back together, and we're talkin' all things spooky. Just kidding. We actually talk about our favourite costumes as kids and holiday traditions. Thanks for listening love you bye :) Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina...


#24 - We Can't Be Friends If...

This week, Jon and I (it's me, Cailee - I'm always the one who writes these) talk about what we pay attention for when we meet new people, friends or otherwise. Also, we talk shit about Kim at the end lmao. Thanks for joining us! PS. #suitable. PPS. If you didn't make it through this whole episode because it was extremely bad, let us know lol Things to check out: PRETTYMUCH (Band), IMUR (Band), Purple Cow by Seth Godin (Book), The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis (Book). Contact Us...


#23 - Oldboy: The Musical?

This week, Kim and I (Cailee) explore the land of movie genre-bending in what might be a recurring segment on this show, starting with the 2003 Korean film, Oldboy. The kick: we've never seen this movie. Maybe we never should. Thanks for listening! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina...


#22 - An Hour of Nothing But Also Everything

This week, Kim's gone again (I mean technically he came back but we couldn't record while he was home and then he left again). Thanks for joining your other two hosts for an hour of uncensored, convoluted fuckery. We'll be back soon! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina...


#21 - Powerlifting 101 (with Wayland Bang!)

Hi again! We took a week off so I could learn how to use a new editing software lol. This week we're joined by our friend Wayland via Skype (all of us were on Skype, actually) and he gives us a beginners lesson in powerlifting. Thanks for joining us! Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess (Twitter/Instagram) Find Kim: @kimfromregina...


#20 - Can A Bad Person Make Good Art?

*TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING - This episode includes brief mentions of sexual assault, harassment, domestic abuse, and suicide. Please be advised. This week, SIT sinks into the art versus artist debacle. Can you, or should you, separate an artist from their art? Short answer: kinda? maybe? we don't really know. -- Contact Us - Email: @SIT_Show on Twitter -- Find Cailee: @illg0ddess...