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That Show Hasn't Been Funny In Years: an SNL podcast on Radio Misfits

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Award-winning radio personality, podcaster, and SNL fanatic/historian NICK DIGILIO hosts this weekly deep dive into the world of the granddaddy of all sketch-comedy shows. Nick, a Second City grad and veteran of Chicago comedy and theater, has watched every single episode of SNL since George Carlin hosted the premiere on October 11th, 1975. Consisting of new and old episode analysis; SNL-relates guests; historical impact; and even entire episodes dedicated completely to just one sketch…this is every SNL fan’s dream podcast, and proof that that tired, cliched statement: “That show hasn’t been funny in years,” is simply NOT true.


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Award-winning radio personality, podcaster, and SNL fanatic/historian NICK DIGILIO hosts this weekly deep dive into the world of the granddaddy of all sketch-comedy shows. Nick, a Second City grad and veteran of Chicago comedy and theater, has watched every single episode of SNL since George Carlin hosted the premiere on October 11th, 1975. Consisting of new and old episode analysis; SNL-relates guests; historical impact; and even entire episodes dedicated completely to just one sketch…this is every SNL fan’s dream podcast, and proof that that tired, cliched statement: “That show hasn’t been funny in years,” is simply NOT true.




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That Show – Opie’s Back!

Nick looks back at the only time that Ron Howard hosted "Saturday Night Live," it was on October 9, 1982, and it featured some purposely edgy material, including Ron's monologue in which he downs a beer on stage, and a controversial sketch called "Opie's Back!" In the sketch, Howard returns to his classic role of Opie Taylor, only this time Opie is a tough cop who comes back to find that his dad is dead, and that Maberry has turned into a dark, corrupt cesspool of sex, drugs and violence. You will hear the sketch, learn about the background and who wrote it, and how it was received. You will also hear about Howard's career up until that night, and what followed, plus stories about Season 8 (in which the sketch appeared), Eddie Murphy, and some behind-the-scenes tales. Coincidentally, Mayberry would turn violent and dark 16 years later on the SNL rival comedy show "Mad TV," the results were not nearly as funny....and you will hear that as well. Opie is a badass, and here's the proof. [Ep60]


That Show – Special Guest: Esmeralda Leon

Nick welcomes Esmeralda Leon to the podcast, who is his buddy and the co-host of the final segment of every episode of "The Nick D Podcast." Esma has worked in the radio and broadcast business for years as a host, news anchor, traffic reporter, voiceover artist, contributor to comedy shows, and more. She has been a fan "Saturday Night Live" for years, and in this episode, she talks about watching the show as a kid, her fun memories of SNL, the cast members she loves the most, and she chooses her 5 favorite sketches of all time. You will hear portions of those hilarious sketches, which include the work of Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon, Norm MacDonald, Pete Davidson, Adam Driver, and many more. This is a fun walk down memory lane with a great broadcaster, and an old friend who loves SNL. [Ep59]


That Show – Your Son’s a Witch

Nick delves into "Dr. Beaman's Office: Test Results," one of the most bizarre sketches in "Saturday Night Live" history. Written by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, and starring Ferrell alongside Molly Shannon, Chris Parnell, Rachel Dratch, and Tim Meadows as "Dr. Poop," this sketch is analyzed in depth. Nick plays the entire sketch for listeners, provides insight into its creation, and shares the history of McKay and Ferrell's partnership, including how they met. This collaboration between McKay and Ferrell has resulted in classic comedy films like the "Anchorman" series, "Step Brothers," "The Other Guys," and "Talladega Nights," as well as the sketch comedy website "Funny Or Die" and some of the most memorable SNL sketches (such as Celebrity Jeopardy and Get Off The Shed). The episode reveals the behind-the-scenes story of why the actors, including Ferrell, broke character and laughed uncontrollably, contributing to the audience's enjoyment. Highlighting one of the weirdest bits in SNL's repertoire, this episode promises a fascinating look at a truly unique sketch. [Ep58]


That Show – SNL Takes on Disney

Nick looks back, talks about, and plays some very funny "Saturday Night Live" sketches that satirize the films and culture of the Disney empire. From hilarious takedowns of "Frozen 2" and "Mary Poppins," to great sight gags involving the flying carpet rides in "Aladdin," and the underwater antics in "The Little Mermaid," nothing is off limits here. Cliches are parodied, underlying sexual themes are exposed, and real news from the real world creep into the fantasies (like Osama Bin Laden's dead body, sexually transmitted diseases, physical biases, and more). Even Bravo's "Real Housewives" show up. This episode features hysterical work from people like Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, Anne Hathaway, Bill Hader, Gerard Butler, Lindsay Lohan, and Adam Driver. Disney has been a target many, many times on SNL over the years, and these are some of the best examples of that. [Ep57]


That Show – A Van Down By the River

Nick reminisces about one of the most iconic "Saturday Night Live" characters, motivational speaker Matt Foley, created by Bob Odenkirk and famously portrayed by Chris Farley. The episode traces the character's origins back to 1990, inspired by Odenkirk's childhood in Naperville, Illinois, and highlights how Farley made the role his own. It features Foley's debut at The Second City in Chicago, a hilarious appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and the legendary original SNL sketch from 1993 with Christina Applegate, Phil Hartman, Julia Sweeney, and David Spade. Alongside these, the episode offers behind-the-scenes stories about Farley and Odenkirk, personal anecdotes, and the character's enduring impact on pop culture, giving listeners an entertaining glimpse into the world of Matt Foley. [EP56]


That Show – Political Impressions, Pt 1

Nick revisits some of the most iconic political impressions on "Saturday Night Live" performed by guest stars rather than cast members. This episode showcases five outstanding impersonations of real-life politicians. Highlights include Tina Fey's acclaimed portrayal of Sarah Palin, Melissa McCarthy's uproarious take on former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and Larry David's spot-on Bernie Sanders. Additionally, Maya Rudolph's masterful Kamala Harris impression and Matt Damon's unforgettable, comedic rendition of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are also featured. This episode marks the beginning of a series of politically themed episodes of "THAT SHOW..." scheduled throughout 2024, leading up to the November election, focusing on the impactful role of guest stars in shaping political satire on SNL [EP55]


That Show – Rick! Rick! Rick! Rick!

Nick explores the memorable "Saturday Night Live" characters Kaitlin and Rick, played by Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. These characters, appearing seven times over three years, are celebrated for their quirky humor and endearing dynamics. Kaitlin, a lively 10-year-old, constantly navigates her fears with the help of her patient stepfather, Rick. The episode delves into the creation and evolution of these characters, highlighting Poehler and Sanz's versatile acting. It includes insights into the sketches' writing, Poehler's history on SNL, and features three notable sketches with guests like Kate Winslet, Tom Brady, and Paul Giamatti, offering a comprehensive look at these iconic comic figures. [EP54]


That Show – Guested, But Never Hosted

Join Nick as he spotlights six incredibly talented and uproarious performers who, surprisingly, have never taken the reins as hosts on "Saturday Night Live." These comedic geniuses have graced the SNL stage with guest appearances in sketches, monologues, and unexpected cameos, yet the spotlight of hosting has eluded them. Nick delves into why these stars are overdue for hosting duties, revisiting their rich history of comedic triumphs in film and television. You'll get a front-row seat to their memorable SNL moments, featuring clips from episodes spanning 1993 to the unique "At Home" Coronavirus special in 2020. Alongside these stars, you'll enjoy side-splitting contributions from the likes of Andy Samberg, Jeff Goldblum, Jonah Hill, David Spade, Josh Brolin, and others. Discover why these guests, who've never hosted, truly deserve their moment to shine on the SNL stage. [EP53]


That Show – …And The Oscar Goes To

The Oscars and "Saturday Night Live," believe it or not those worlds have crossed paths several times. In this episode, Nick tells you about everyone who has worked in the hallowed halls of Studio 8H, that has ever been nominated for, or won, an Academy Award. From some surprising acting nominations (yes, Dan Aykroyd has really been nominated for an acting Oscar), to nominations in categories like Best Score, Best Short Film, Best Screenplay and more. Scenes from the award nominated movies are played, details of the films and performances are given, and you'll hear stories about SNL alums like: Kristen Wiig, Marc Shaiman, Bill Murray, Adam McKay, Joan Cusack, Howard Shore, Eddie Murphy and more. Awards Season is in full swing, and this episode will give you all the trivia and knowledge you need to know when you attend that Oscar party in March. SNL, and The Academy Awards! [EP52]


That Show – 20 Years of Kenan!

Nick celebrates 20 years of Kenan Thompson, who holds the record for longest tenured SNL cast member of all time. You will hear about Thompson's early life and career, his time performing on Nickelodeon kid's shows, his own sit-com, movies, and his 20 seasons on "Saturday Night Live." You'll learn about how he almost left the show after his disastrous first season, but stuck to it, thanks to encouragement from a truly great SNL veteran, and his own determination. He has gone from underrated, ignored, underutilized, and often dismissed performer, to respected elder statesman, and consistently brilliant highlight of the best cast members in the history of the show. You will hear details about Thompson's new memoir, "When I was Your Age," and also in this fun episode, "What's Up With That?", "Black Jeopardy," and "Family Feud" are represented, and you'll get visits from LaVar Ball, Willie the Happy Neighbor, and the one and only Sump'n Claus. Yes...20 Years of Kenan! [EP51]


That Show – An SNL Christmas

It's Christmas time, and in honor of the holiday, Nick plays back some of his favorite holiday themed sketches/songs/films/bits from "Saturday Night Live" years past. You hear classics like: Schweddy Balls, Christmastime For The Jews, Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song, and, of course, D*** In A Box. Plus, hilarious Christmas commercial parodies, a visit from Drunk Uncle, and a Consumer Probe into dangerous toys like "Bag O' Glass." Nick gives you the background of every sketch, and the date, season, and episode number so that you can check the full episodes out for yourself. Happy Holidays from "That Show Hasn't Been Funny in Years!" [EP50]


That Show – Emma Stone: 5-Timer!

Emma Stone became a member of the "SNL 5-Timers Club" this past weekend, and in this episode, Nick talks about, and plays sketches from her most recent hosting gig, including her 5-Timers monologue (featuring cameos by Tina Fey, Candice Bergen and Lorne Michaels). Then he goes back and visits the other four times she hosted the show in 2010, 2011, 2016, and 2019, and plays sketches, videos, songs, and other classic moments including the Lonely Island video "I Broke My Arm," the classic holiday song "The Christmas Candle," the recurring character she played in "Posters," and the brilliant satire of method acting called "The Actress." Stone's incredible comedic range and fearlessness are explored, and her very first moments on the stage in Studio 8H can be heard and enjoyed. Emma Stone, a terrific actress, a great comedic talent, and now, a 5-Timer! [EP49]


That Show – Regrets…I’ve Had a Few

Nick revisits five moments from past "Saturday Night Live" episodes that the cast and writers now see as mistakes. These include scenes with outdated or offensive language, inappropriate portrayals of real people, insensitive jokes about serious events, or simply unfunny content. The actors who regret these moments are Dana Carvey, Tina Fey, Fred Armisen, Seth Rogan, and Bill Hader. They worked with others like George Wendt, John Mulaney, Bobby Moynihan, Colin Jost, Michael Che, Seth Meyers, and more on these sketches. You'll learn about how these scenes were created, how they were received on the show night, and the public's reaction afterward, including apologies from the creators. In today's sensitive and politically correct environment, where understanding what is acceptable can be confusing, these five examples stand out as lessons learned in the history of SNL. [EP48]


That Show – Conan O’Brien & SNL & Penises!

Nick chats about Conan O'Brien's time at "Saturday Night Live." From '88 to '91, Conan was on the SNL writing crew, penning or helping to pen some epic sketches like "Girl Watchers" with Jon Lovitz and Tom Hanks, and the laugh-out-loud "Mr. Short Term Memory" acts. He popped up in skits, usually playing doormen, lent his voice to bits, and was part of a killer writing squad with folks like Jim Downey, Greg Daniels, Bob Odenkirk, and the one-of-a-kind Robert Smigel (who teamed up with Conan again on "Late Nite" for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog). In this talk, you'll catch wind of the celeb hosts Conan dug working with (think Hanks and Steve Martin), and some that gave him the jitters, like George Steinbrenner. Plus, there are nuggets about crazy late-night writing crunches, meeting Lorne Michaels, and that one time Conan came back to host in March 2001. And it all builds up to this legendary sketch that Conan was part of. It was so edgy it sparked a flood of 48,000 complaints and broke records for saying 'penis' more times than anyone ever did on TV in just five minutes—which is why this episode's got its name. It's a rundown of Conan's unforgettable stint at SNL, with every 'penis' mention tallied up. [EP47]


That Show – An SNL Thanksgiving

Nick shares his 10 favorite Thanksgiving themed sketches/songs/bits from "Saturday Night Live" over the years. They include scary Thanksgiving parade floats terrorizing a family; Debbie Downer ruining everyone's dinner with stories about war, death and feline AIDS; a group of adults sitting at the "kids' table" acting like 9-year-olds; a Thanksgiving table of bickering family members who are united by an Adele song; a crazy Guy Fieri sharing outrageous Thanksgiving recipes, and, of course, Adam Sandler singing his classic "Thanksgiving Song." You'll hear hosts like Anne Hathaway, Kristin Wiig, Matthew McConaughey, Julliana Margulies, Bea Arthur & Luke Wilson, as well as a huge variety of great SNL cast members celebrating Thanksgiving with a TON of laughs. Happy Thanksgiving! [EP46]


That Show – Let’s Get Sassy!!

Nick looks back a pair of weird sketches that aired on "Saturday Night Live" in 1993, bombing the first time and killing the second. The sketches, featuring a hilarious Phil Hartman as the fictional editor of the real teen magazine "Sassy," interviewing teenage heartthrobs, were meant to be satires of early 90s pop culture and hunky male celebrities, but kind of missed the mark. Here, Nick plays both sketches in their entirety, gives you the background and creation of each sketch, tells you about the episodes in which they appeared, and how they still have dedicated cult fans who laugh every time they watch them. You will also learn about the cast members and hosts who were in the sketches, and get a complete history of the ridiculous magazine that inspired them (a magazine that actually launched the careers of people like Chloe Sevigny and Spike Jonez). Hilarious work from Hartman, Adam Sandler, Jay Mohr and others are showcased, in addition to exploring some classic 90s SNL moments. Let's get Sassy! [EP45]


That Show – Special Guest: Sean Abley

Nick Digilio welcomes one of the founders of Chicago's Factory Theater, Sean Abley, who is also a successful playwright, author, actor/director, and journalist who studied at Second City, and is a "Saturday Night Live" fanatic. Sean discusses how he began watching SNL at a very young age (too young, some would say), how the show influenced his own writing and performing (as a junior high student he wrote and performed in a sketch called "Dialing for Dismemberment" in which E.T. was killed and his skin made into cowboy boots), and his love for the original cast. Nick and Sean also talk about their favorite cast members, weird sketches and more....and Sean's Top 5 SNL Sketches of All Time are revealed, and they include some very, very unusual choices. This is a fun, lively, and interesting conversation between two old friends, chatting about their shared love of SNL, and listening back to some of the best moments in the show's history. [EP44]


That Show – Norman Bates Hosts SNL

Actor Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates from "Psycho") hosted "Saturday Night Live" just once (on March 13th 1976, during the show's first season), and while he did a surprisingly great job, the episode was filled with weird moments, terrible sketches, a musical guest that had a terrible night, and some insane technical problems that didn't support the effort that Perkins made as host. There were, however, many historically notable things about this particular episode, and many moments that have actually stood the test of time (including a very funny "Psycho" parody sketch written by the brilliant Michael O'Donoghue), and they are all covered as Nick analyzes the only time that "Norman Bates" hosted SNL.[EP43]


That Show – F Bombs on SNL

Live TV can be a tricky and sometimes scary adventure, no one knows that more than the people who have worked on "Saturday Night Live' throughout the years. In this episode, Nick takes a look at the rare times that the dreaded "F" Bomb has been uttered on the stage in Studio 8H for the entire nation to hear. The whole history of the "F'" Bomb incidents is covered here, dating back to the very first time a person said it (you will be genuinely surprised to learn who did the deed), and ending with the last time it happened (in 2018, when an Oscar winner loudly used the profane word in the very first sketch of the night). Some of these incidents were innocent slip ups, some were done on purpose. Some were said during monologues or sketches, and others during musical performances, but all of them were shocking and very memorable, and in this episode, you will get the backstories and hear the audio for yourself. "F" Bombs on SNL...check it out. [EP42]


That Show – The 10 Most Popular SNL Clips On YouTube

Like seemingly everyone in the world, "Saturday Night Live" has a YouTube channel, and in this episode, Nick looks at the Top 10 Most Viewed SNL Clips on that channel. It's important to note, that this list ONLY represents the SNL YouTube Channel specifically, not the internet in general. The list is sometimes predictable (with two "Celebrity Jeopardy" entries, and the Kate McKinnon alien abduction sketch included), surprising (with a strange Harry Potter themed sketch, and the Sean Spicer Press Conference bit featuring Melissa McCarthy in there), and downright baffling (wait until you find out what the number one clip turns out to be...huh???!!!??). Starting with 39 million views for clip number 10, and winding up with 99 million views for clip number one, it's very clear that A LOT of people watch the SNL YouTube channel, and we check out why in this episode of "That Show Hasn't Been Funny in Years." [EP41]