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Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.

Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.
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Join us we explore old (and sometimes new) episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it.




Episode 28: Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo (Dec. 8, 2012)

This time around we're bringing Maine Justice to a modern-day classic! Can we withstand the excellence of what is quite possibly the strongest second half the show has ever produced? Shut your butts and tune in to find out.


Episode 27: Candice Bergen/Frank Zappa (Dec. 11, 1976)

We're heading back to Season 2 for an old-school holiday classic! Does it hold up all these years later? An intense discussion unravels the mystery. Within, we discuss the nature of Candice's performance, just how over or underrated Belushi and Radner are, and Frank Zappa's amazing performances.


Off Week 7: SNL S44 Catch Up (Hill, Schreiber, Carell)

We're exploring the big topics this week as we revisit the November episodes from 2018 under the bizarre, nebulous lens of "Negativity and SNL". Did we get anywhere with it? That's up to you, intrepid listener.


Episode 26: John Lithgow/Tracy Chapman (Nov. 19, 1988)

It's Thanksgiving with John Lithgow! This week, we explore John's last hosting gig from 1988, which features some classics and a few not-so-classics. We talk comparisons to John Cleese, Jon Lovitz as the Catchphrase King, a sketch that manages to amuse despite the use of blackface and more!


Episode 25: Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines (Nov. 13, 1999)

Before there was Justin Timberlake, there was...Garth Brooks. Hey, simmah down now! It's true! Garth was one of the first to prove that a musical artist could should an adept SNL host, they almost seemed like a part of the cast. This week, we're exploring Garth's second (and, sadly, last) hosting gig from the distant of 1999 so go tell Lorne to grab you a coke and settle in. It's gonna be a fun one.


Episode 24: Ben Affleck/David Cook (Nov. 1, 2008)

It’s three days before the 2008 election and that means it’s time for Ben Affleck and David Cook, with special guest John McCain! We discuss the complicated legacy of McCain, Ben Affleck’s ability to elevate sketches, the Kristen Wiig conundrum and more!


Off Week 6: SNL S44 Catch Up (Driver, Awkwafina, Meyers)

Off Week is back for another boozy and chaotic rundown of the first three episodes of season 44! Within we give our final farewell to Luke Null and say hello to Ego; all Kanye and Trump, all the time; strange hosting and musical choices; the tonal weirdness of that Bill Cosby sketch; highlights, lowlights and more. Embrace the madness!


Episode 23: Donald Pleasance/Fear (Oct. 31, 1981)

This week, we're covering one the few times the show ever went live on Halloween night and it's a real doozy. The last appearance of John Belushi on the show, pumpkin guts, last minute sketch changes and one of the most infamous musical performances the show has ever experienced! Strap yourselves in. It's about to get weird.


Episode 22: Eric Idle/Joe Cocker (Oct 2. 1976)

This week, we're going all the way back to 1976 for Eric Idle's first hosting gig during season 2! It's the initial meeting of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live and by god, it's a bit of a classic. Join us as we unravel all the connecting themes within the show, discuss our histories with the Pythons and more!


Episode 21: No Host/Thompson Twins (Oct. 6, 1984)

We're back with a vengeance as we explore the premiere from season 10, one of the strangest run of episodes the show has ever seen! We do battle against Billy Crystal's standup, delight at Marty Short, struggle to remember who Christopher Guest is and marvel at the vintage commercials and other extraneous madness from our live copy of the show. Grab yourself a Mars bar and settle in. We're taking a deep dive on this one.


That Week In SNL Afterparty Crossover Spectacular!

They said it couldn't be done...but by god, here we are. This week, we join forces with John Murray of the SNL Afterparty podcast to explore the controversial Andrew Dice Clay episode from season 15. Is it worthy of it's infamy? We break it all down.


A Conversation With Kevin Kelton Part 2

This week, we've got the second (and final) part of our interview with 80's SNL writer, Kevin Kelton! This time around, we explore Kevin's time writing for the tenth season of the show before moving on to his career in sitcoms and beyond. Topics include: Harry Shearer's firing, being approached for the eleventh season, working on Boy Meets World and more!


A Conversation With Kevin Kelton Part 1

This week we're joined by 80's SNL writer Kevin Kelton for a interview for the ages! In part 1, we discuss Kevin's earliest days writing for bizarre, obscure sketch shows before we dive headlong into his first season at SNL. Topics include: selling jokes to David Letterman, Joe and Eddie, screaming matches with Jim Belushi, sketches that never made it and more!


SNL Summer Movie Club: Superstar

Promises made, promises kept. This week we're digging into 1999's Superstar, that there SNL movie based around Molly Shannon's Mary Catherine Gallagher character. Is it as dire as a Night at the Roxbury? Can director (and Kids in the Hall alum) Bruce McCulloch wrangle some funny out of this one? The answer may surprise you, but it probably won't.


SNL Summer Movie Club: A Night At The Roxbury

We're still on summer break but that doesn't mean we can't kick back with some SNL movies! This week we break out 1998's critically reviled "A Night At The Roxbury" to find out if it's an underrated classic or fully deserving of it's poor reputation.


The Season 21 & 43 Wrap Up Spectacular!

This week we put in our final, definitive words on both seasons 21 and 43! There's also some catch up on the May episodes from season 43 in there as well but mostly we explore the various ups and downs as we saw them. The cast! The episodes! Those gosh darn cameos! It's all here and waiting for you. Get down on it.


Episode 20: Jim Carrey/Soundgarden (May 18, 1996)

It's the big finale for season 21 with Jim Carrey and Soundgarden! This one is a well-remembered classic that saw many repeats on Comedy Central back in the day but does it hold up all these years later? Mostly, yes. Tangents include more talk about the mid-90's Batman films than you ever wanted.


Episode 19: Christine Baranski/The Cure (May 11, 1996)

It's bizarre times with Christine Baranski and The Cure! Experience the last sputtering moments of unique season 21 favorites and a barrage of other weirdness! Tangents are kept to a minimum because we respect your time.


Off Week 5: S43 Catch Up (Barkley, Brown, Hader, Boseman, Mulaney), Doctor Detroit and other nonsense!)

It's another boozy Off Week as we again catch up on the season 43 episodes we’ve missed from the last few months! We also ramble about where to take the show next season, the corrupting force of Migos, further appreciation of Luke Null and more!


Episode 18: Teri Hatcher/Dave Matthews Band (April 20, 1996)

This week Lois Lane herself, Teri Hatcher, joins musical guest Dave Matthews Band for a pretty fun little episode. Tangents include theories on the downfall of Dave Matthews and more!