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Where we talk about things that matter to us!

Where we talk about things that matter to us!
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Where we talk about things that matter to us!




#17 DJI Vs GoPro and PuppyCast Part 1

We open the show with Dan talking about his grass like an old man. Jess talks about Dandelions and weeds. Riveting I know -Dan 3:32 Dan and Jess the new DJI camera and how it contends against the new GoPro. Jess tries to not hate her new GoPro because of how pretty the new DJI is. Is GJI taking Revenge against GoPro? The discussion turns to talks about the Folding Samsung phone. 18:06 Dan regales you with his Game of thrones minute that quickly tursn in to Big Bang Theory finally talk...


#15 Grumpy Dog After Sonic Movie Trailer

Back at it again with the Podcast! Today we have a special guest! Dan's son Blake joins us today so we can get all the updates about how his Prom went. If you didn't check out last weeks episode, be sure to go check it out and learn about all our Prom memories! This was not only Blake's first Prom, it was his first dance! Do you think he had a good time? Listen and find out! Side note. . I have not yet found that photo. . But I will keep looking. . . The conversation turns from prom, to...


#14 Memories of Senior Prom and The Canadian Trip

Sorry about the strange audio blips today. We aren't sure what the deal was. As you all know, this is still a learning experience! First up, we flashback to the previous Podcast where we talk about Old Town Road and if it's country or not. It was so great to read the comments you guys left with your opinion on the topic! We love hearing your opinions! 2:39 The Game of Throne Minute Dan give his Game of Thrones Recap for the Podcast! Jess doesn't watch GOT, so this is how she gets caught...


#13 Is Billy Ray Cyrus a Jedi

Today's podcast is about: 0:09 Game of Thrones Talk Dan tries to convince Jess that she should watch Game of Thrones. Dan goes on to give his favorite moment of the final season premier. Jess talks about how The Act on Hulu is really good. Dan also talks about how he has Stockholm syndrome. 10:14 Star Wars Teaser Trailer Talk Dan gets sucked in to watching the new Star Wars teaser trailer for the podcast. Dan rants about being spoiled. Jess watches everything so she had no issue with...


#12 The Lion King Trailer Ruined my Childhood

Today's podcast is about So if any of you out there know how to write music, or want to make us a fun intro song, let us know! It was Dan's job. . but he failed at it! 1:55 West Michigan Pet Expo So last week Jess took her dogs to the West Michigan Pet Expo. People got a chance to meet the dogs of Gone to the Snow Dogs (and Jess and Jamie of course). She tells us about their private "green room", how fun it was to meet so many of their fans and audience members, and how this expo was...


#11 The Story of Beth, The Ghost that Jess Met

It's storytime Podcast day! Dan and Jess talk about Memphis's Birthday, taking her to a Elementary school to talk about Responsible Pet Ownership, and the upcoming Pet Expos that Gone to the Snow Dogs will be attending. Next, Jess tells the story of Beth the Ghost who lived in the first house that her and Jamie in when they first got married. Then Jess tells a story of why living in a small town is amazing. Podcast Breakdown The day this was recorded was Memphis's birthday! She turned 6...


#10 Does David Dobrik Deserve a Kids Choice Award?

Today Dan and Jess talk about all the things! Gone to the Snow Dogs hit 100k on TikTok (Dan's favorite app). Does David Dobrick deserve a kids choice award? What type of tea are we drinking today? What what TV shows are we watching right now? It's time for another episode of the Country Mouse City Mouse Podcast! First in today's podcast, Dan and Jess talk about Gone to the Snow Dogs hitting 100k Followers on TikTok. This leads them into talk about Pet Influencers who dress up their dogs and...


#9 Is Lisa Simpson a Disney Princess

Today we are spilling all the tea, or drinking all the tea. Dan decides to tell us the story about that one time he bought a unicycle, and it doesn't end well, twice! Disney bought fox, and it brings up the question, is Lisa Simpson a Disney Princess? And of course, the weekly YouTube talk! Fantastic Adventurers Abuse of their children, James Charles getting harassed for using mid-roll ads, Charles Trippy has to restart chemotherapy, and Shane Dawson gets engaged! Today's podcast is about...


#8 Charles Trippy Retires From Daily Vlogging

Topics for today's Podcast include a review of the Nintendo Switch, Jess sucks at Mario Kart and hates Super Smash Bros. Then the story goes into Jess's Jeep breaking down and leaving her stranded 90 miles from home. The last topic of the podcast is Charles Trippy is ending his daily vlogs. The CTFxC as we have known it for the past 10 years, is retiring, sort of. Today's podcast starts off with Dan, the reigning Mario Kart Champion strutting his stuff against Jess, who lost 7 out of 8...


#7 The Ghost of Stan Lee

This week our Heroes discuss the Nintendo Switch, Death's of Luke Perry, and the Lead Singer of Prodigy committing Suicide, which spins into The Ghost of Stan Lee, and of course TikTok and them being fined for taking advantage of children and YouTube with their children issues! And last of all, we talk about our hate of Applebees and were we need to go get food! Episode 7 of the City Mouse Country Mouse Podcast is here! Today Dan and Jess talk about all the things! Let's do a mini...


#6: I Was On A Train Once, Not with Momo

This week our Heroes talk about being stuck on a train, Momo challenge, the new GoPro 7, Spotify Playlists, and well... death. We start of today talking about the recent Momo Challenge. Momo is somewhat of an internet hoax that the media has blown up, and now people are replicating the hoax and scaring children on YouTube. Momo is in videos targeted at children, and she pops up and tells children to do scary things! She is showing up on the YouTube kids app. So we talk a bit about how the...


#5: YouTube Adpocalypse Again

This week our Heroes discuss YouTube Adpocalypse, Vidcon 2019, and TikTok Facebook Group: Instagram: Send us a Voice Message! Show Hosts Info: RFSDan Instagram: YouTube: Jess from Snow Dogs Vlogs Instagram: YouTube:


#4: Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson

This week our Heroes discuss Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson, and Brittani Louise Taylor If you haven't watched Shane Dawson's newest videos, we suggest you do so, there will be a few spoilers in this podcast! Does Chuck E Cheese recycle Pizza? Do you really think they would do that? This is just one of the many things we talk about today. Facebook Group: Instagram: Send us a Voice...


#3: Internet Blackout ! How did He Survive?

This week our Heroes talk about life before the internet and how to make the best popcorn. So many things to talk about today! We start off with Jess telling Dan why the date is important, then we go into the internet black out that Dan was experiencing. After a few twists and turns, we end up talking about how to make the best popcorn ever! Facebook Group: Instagram: Send us a Voice...


#2: Origins - How Dan became RFSDan

In this episode our Heroes talk about how Dan got started creating content. In the last episode, everyone wanted to know how Jess got started doing YouTube. In this episode, we are going to talk about how Dan got started not only doing YouTube, but creating video for other platforms as well. We also talk about how Michigan is stuck in a frozen polar vortex! Facebook Group: Instagram: Send us a Voice...


#1: Origins - How Jess got started on YouTube

We kick off the podcast talking about where Jess got her start, and the evolution of YouTube. In our Facebook group (which you can find by searching Country Mouse City Mouse Podcast), we asked your guys what you wanted us to talk about in our first few Podcasts. So this episode is all about how Jess got started on YouTube. You will hear the origins of the Gone to the Snow Dogs YouTube channel. Facebook Group: Instagram:...


#0: We Have a Podcast

Jess and Dan Start a Podcast. This week, we are learning how to Podcast. With that, you can hear we clearly had a few audio blips and issues, but we promise it will be all fixed up for the next go around!