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Where we talk about things that matter to us!

Where we talk about things that matter to us!
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Where we talk about things that matter to us!




#34 Everything has a life cycle...EVERYTHING... except the mullet

Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube: Send us a Voice Message! Show Hosts Info: RFSDan Instagram: YouTube: Jess from Snow Dogs Vlogs Instagram: YouTube:


#33 Triple Raw Fish Burger or Want to buy my DNA?

Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube: Send us a Voice Message! Show Hosts Info: RFSDan Instagram: YouTube: Jess from Snow Dogs Vlogs Instagram: YouTube:


#30 Why is my TikTok Deleted?

So many crazy things going on right now! What do we talk about today! We we decided to talk about amusement parks and roller coasters and our favorite rides! Why you might ask? Well in October we are going to VidSummit and after we are doing a day at Disneyland! A group of our friends are getting together to head there and spend the day. It should be a lot of fun! So that got us thinking about our favorite rides! My current favorite ride I have ever been on is GateKeeper at Cedar Point....


#28 Jess Has a Need For Speed (and lost her license)

Back at it again with another Podcast! We start off talking about dog movies! I will not watch a movie with a dog if I know that the dog dies. I just can't do it. We talk about some of the corny dog movies out there, and which ones I have watched. We also talk about my favorite animated dog movie! Dan has seen some of these movies as well! We also find out what breed of dog I always wanted, but knew I could never have. Our conversation shifts from movies to names. We talk about our names,...


#27.5 The Broken Audio Podcast

So this Podcast for some reason, had junk audio. But it was such a great episode, we wanted to share it anyway. So consider this, a bonus episode! It sounds like there is a fan running in the background, and we cleaned it up as good as we could. Thanks to our friend Brad, who you can find everywhere at CrazyBrad13 for helping us clean this up a bit for you. Today we start off talking about how hot it is. Humidity vs a Dry heat. Which do you choose? We also talk a bit about the dogs needing...


#27 The Day of Blown Tires and Insanity | We're Doing it LIVE

This weeks episode was actually brought to you in a LIVE stream on YouTube! If you haven't followed our YouTube channel yet, you can find it at . Part of the reason we had to do this, is our normal podcast for this week had messed up aduio. We will be uploading that one as well, but wanted to give you a better version first. So we went live, and stripped the audio and posted it here as well. Sadly, we didn't do this right either, so my audio sounds like...


#26 Storm Area 51! Aliens Are Causing Earthquakes!

Faceapp Owns your Soul! Do the Russians own all of your stuff? So many things to talk about today! Unlike last weeks episode, I am back in Michigan, and Dan is still in sunny California. And yes, there have been more Earthquakes out there. We had one while we were out there visiting for Vidcon, but it was to far away for us to feel anything. Speaking of earthquakes, what is with this earthquake ripple effect? California has had quite a few, Washington state has had a few. Does anyone else...


#25 Meeting David Dobrick and Jason Nash at Vidcon 2019

Vidcon 10! Vidcon 2019! We are coming at you live from Vidcon 10 from our AirBnB that we all stayed in together! Want to know all our thoughts on Vidcon from this year? Well this is the place to hear about it! Dan and I both seem to have a love/hate relationship with Vidcon this year. We had so many things that we loved, but this Podcast sounds more like us complaining then anything While we were at Vidcon, Dan borrowed the LiveU backpack for an hour and Live streamed to our YouTube...


#24 Quakecast / Vidcon 2019

The show starts with our Heroes talking about 4th of July and fireworks vs your pets. Jess talks abot the cool Eye Doctor that puts on a rad firework show. Dan talks about how he loves bootleg fireworks and the Walmart that has the fireworks set off. Dan talks about how his Cat got stuck behind the Dishwasher. Here is the link to the Fireworks video Earthquake talk. Dan tells the story about living through all of the recent earthquakes. This goes on for some time. He likes to talk. We...


#23 Cross Country with 3 Huskies | Petcon California

This is a last minute Podcast! We recorded, edited and uploaded it today! Go us! The podcast today starts off with us talking about Blake (Dan's son), getting his wisdom teeth out. Do any of you remember your wisdom teeth extraction experience? This conversation leads us down the road of everything that can go wrong when having your wisdom teeth pulled, and dry sockets and being on drugs. Also, why haven't our teeth evolved to fix this issue of everyone needing wisdom teeth pulled? 6:10...


#22 Haunted Ships and Road Trips

Today's episode we talk about Haunted Ships and Road Trips! Hence the title of the Podcast! To See the Alpena Flyer get clothes lined, click this link


#21 She Made A Wish Come True

Jess got to be part of the Make a Wish Foundation and Make a Kid's wish come true! Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube: Send us a Voice Message! Show Hosts Info: RFSDan TikTok: Instagram: YouTube: Jess from Snow Dogs...


#20 Pancakes Delivered and Puppy Cast Part 3

Dan and Jess back at it again! We start if off with Dan telling a fun story about Rizzo getting terrified by just a small drop of water touching her back. What a cute story to get us started off! 1:00 Right into the Kira the Husky Puppy talk! I can't believe how good this puppy has really been. I talk quite a bit (too much Dan, you asked to much and let me talk to much about the puppy hahah), about the puppy. We talk about some of Kira's quirks and her personality things that I am...


#19 Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Petcon | Vidcon

Today's podcast is about Kira the Husky Puppy update, Dan's son Graduating from High School, The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance trailer was released, and of course, being true to the heart YouTubers, we had to talk about upcoming Vidcon 10, that we will be attending! These past few weeks for both of us have been crazy! I got a new puppy, Dan's son Graduated from High School! So things have been crazy. Dan and Crystal had a house full of people for the graduation party, and as always, there...


#18 Puppy Cast 2 Electric Boogaloo

This week we dedicate the whole Podcast to Kira. If you haven't heard yet, Jess and Jamie have added a new Puppy to the mix! This podcast was recorded shortly after the new puppy arrived home. So if you have a million questions about Kira, some of them might be answered in this Podcast! Facebook Group: Instagram: YouTube: Send us a Voice...


#17 DJI Vs GoPro and PuppyCast Part 1

We open the show with Dan talking about his grass like an old man. Jess talks about Dandelions and weeds. Riveting I know -Dan 3:32 Dan and Jess the new DJI camera and how it contends against the new GoPro. Jess tries to not hate her new GoPro because of how pretty the new DJI is. Is GJI taking Revenge against GoPro? The discussion turns to talks about the Folding Samsung phone. 18:06 Dan regales you with his Game of thrones minute that quickly tursn in to Big Bang Theory finally talk...


#16 Paying For A Celebrity Shoutout on Cameo ?

We hope you enjoyed this Podcast today! Come on back next week for more! Get a Cameo from Gone to the Snow dogs : Back at it again with a new Podcast! We start off the day talking the line between artistic freedom and the audience controlling what creators do. After last weeks episode, it turns out that the director of Sonic the Hedgehog is going to change the design of Sonic based on the push and feedback from the audience. What are you thoughts on...


#15 Grumpy Dog After Sonic Movie Trailer

Back at it again with the Podcast! Today we have a special guest! Dan's son Blake joins us today so we can get all the updates about how his Prom went. If you didn't check out last weeks episode, be sure to go check it out and learn about all our Prom memories! This was not only Blake's first Prom, it was his first dance! Do you think he had a good time? Listen and find out! Side note. . I have not yet found that photo. . But I will keep looking. . . The conversation turns from prom, to...