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Mr. Music; Here:Say Storytelling

We started the week with #MusicMonday and Jordan Anderson from Mr. Music DJ & Event Services, talking about Apple trying to use algorithms to find the next superstar, Michael Buble’s maybe-retirement and an important bill for working artists finally signed into law. Then, we welcomed Karen Stein, of Here:Say Storytelling, in advance of tonight’s season-opening show at the Workshop Brewing Company. Plus: thoughts on last Friday’s Bras for a Cause fundraiser, my high school reunion, and a...


TC Ticker; Pine Hill; TBCAC; Jeffery Ford

Kicking this off with Beth Milligan from the Traverse City Ticker, recapping this week’s biggest local headlines; Jeanine Rubert, from Pine Hill Village Gardens, discussing fall and our outdoor spaces, and taking your questions; the Community Coffee Break, brought to you by Craig Wealth Advisors, with Ginger Kadlec, with the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center, talking about mandated reporting; and Jeffery Alan Ford, author and MENSA and World Genius Directory member, discussing...


Slabtown Burgers; Groundwork Center

Today we featured an encore presentation of our interview with Jeff Pownell of Slabtown Burgers for the Foodie Scene; then, Jim Bruckbauer, Deputy Director of the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, discussed a new passenger rail study regarding train travel between Ann Arbor and Traverse City. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about feeding those in need.


Traverse City Baseball; Sailing Games

On today’s show, we spoke with Mickey Graham, Director of Marketing and Media Relations for the West Michigan Whitecaps, part of Traverse City Baseball, the group that just acquired Wuerfel Park and the Beach Bums. Then, Susan Kraus and Eric Lind, from Traverse Area Community Sailing, discussed the upcoming “Sailing Games” fundraiser this Saturday at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about helping out the helpers.


Conflict Resolution; Mental Wellness

On today’s show, we talked with Rebecca Rogan, executive director of Conflict Resolution Services here in Traverse City, followed by Steve Greenman, from Mental Wellness Counseling, discussing changes in life-perceptions and reality. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about an overdue library book.


Mr. Music; NFPA

TODAY’S PODCAST: We started the week with #MusicMonday and Jordan Anderson from Mr. Music DJ & Event Services, remembering the Beatles’ award-winning engineer and highlighting the quietest violin performance ever. Then, Meredith Hawes, from the National Fire Protection Association, spoke about Fire Prevention Week! Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about a good doctor helping a boy and his best friend.


Ticker Headlines; Pine Hill; Craig Wealth; Bras for a Cause; Northern Initiatives

Happy Friday, everyone! It was a big show today, starting with Beth Milligan from the Traverse City Ticker, recapping the biggest local headlines of the week; Jeanine Rubert, from Pine Hill Village Gardens, discussing fall and our outdoor spaces, and taking your questions; the Community Coffee Break, brought to you by Craig Wealth Advisors, with Debbie Craig; Ian Ashton, from annual fundraiser Bras for a Cause; and Chris Wendel, from Northern Initiatives, celebrating 25 years of providing...


Riverside Inn; Mamma Mia!

On today’s “Foodie Scene,” we talked with Kate Vilter, owner of the Riverside Inn of Leland, about the next part of Chefs Across the Great Lakes; then, we spoke with Melissa May, director of Mamma Mia! at the Old Town Playhouse, and Katie Clark (“Sophie”), going on now through October 13th! Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about what it means to truly “love thy neighbor.”


Attorney Phil Settles

Today we were joined by Attorney Phil Settles, at Brott, Settles and Brott, for a very special Ask the Experts. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about a very unexpected reunion.


TC NewTech; The Good Bowl; Hiding in the Bathroom

We kicked off the show with Russell Schindler and Lisa Lorincz from TC NewTech, previewing tonight’s meet up at City Opera House; Soon Hagerty, owner of a Vietnamese restaurant with the goal of not only feeding you, but giving back to our community; and an encore presentation of our interview with author Morra Aarons-Mele (“Hiding in the Bathroom: An Introvert’s Roadmap to Getting Out There ((When You’d Rather Stay Home))”). Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about being ready to help, no matter what.


Mr. Music; brotha James

New month, new week — who’s excited? I am sure! It’s #MusicMonday, with Jordan Anderson from Mr. Music DJ & Event Services, talking about some high-profile mergers in the music world, and pop stars retiring vs. playing as long as they can. Then, singer-songwriter brotha James joined us, ahead of his Abracadabra Tour, playing live and talking about keeping a positive mindset. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about a 2nd grade barber giving back.


Ticker Recap; Pine Hill; Alzheimer's Walk; Jacob's Corn Maze; Blue to Gold Star Mothers

Happy Friday! Starting this show with Beth Milligan from the Traverse City Ticker, discussing the new City Commissioner for Traverse City, the changes for Wuerfel Park and the Traverse City Beach Bums, and a possible new use for Kingsley’s former Pugsley Correction Facility; speaking to Janine Rubert from Pine Hill Village Gardens, answering your outdoor questions; the Community Coffee Break, brought to you by Craig Wealth Advisors, with Maggie Hardy, Regional Director for the Alzheimer’s...


Firefly Kitchen & Bar; Dr. David Barczyk

On today’s episode of the Foodie Scene, we talked with Ben Broad, manager at Firefly Kitchen & Bar, one of my favorite spots in town. Then, we spoke with Dr. David Barczyk, author of “Wellness Wake Up Call.” Plus: E. coli warnings, and #GoodNewsStory about paying back a good deed.


Vacation Recap; Wuerfel Park Future

It’s good to be back! We kick off this show with a little discussion about the incredible trip to the Mediterranean Sea, followed by WTCM News’ Joel Franck talking about the future of Wuerfel Park. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about a six-year-old hero.


Michelle Dunaway; Jeffrey Alan Ford

This morning we spoke with Michelle Dunaway hitting the road on her bicycle to ride from Cadillac to Grand Rapids to raise money for Ronald McDonald house; then, it’s an encore presentation of our conversation with acclaimed speaker Jeffrey Alan Ford about the secrets of success. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about helping fellow motorists in need.


TC NewTech; GT Pavilions

We spoke with Russell Schindler and Ben F Marshall about this evening’s TC NewTech Meetup; and Deb Allen, from the Grand Traverse Pavilions Foundation, about their upcoming The Grand Event: LIFE event, this Saturday at the Grand Traverse Resort. Plus: Back to School, and a #GoodNewsStory about the angels among us.


On Being United; Pine Hill; Salmon Classic; Ag Update

On this super sized Friday edition, we started by talking about lessons taken from Senator John McCain’s funeral; Jeanine Rubert, from Pine Hill Village Gardens, answering your outdoor living space questions; the Community Coffee Break, brought to you by Craig Wealth Advisors, with Steveo Joslin from the Salmon Classic; and Ben LaCross, from LaCross Farms and Leelanau Fruit Company, with an Agriculture Industry Update! Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about finding love at any age.


Groundwork Center; the Journey Program

On today’s Foodie Scene, we spoke with Meghan McDermott and Miriam Owsley for the Groundwork Center, along with Andrea Logan Deibler, butcher and chef at Raduno, about the upcoming Groundwork Center Harvest at the Commons benefit dinner. Then, we welcomed Jenny Olds from Battle Fitness, talking about their Grill and Chill benefit for The Journey Program, a free workout initiative for those who have been or are currently suffering from cancer. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about different...


Habitat for Humanity; GT Men's Shed

Today we chatted with Wendy Irvin, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of the Grand Traverse Region, along with Austin Jenness, Communications Manage. Then, from the new nonprofit Grand Traverse Men’s Shed, we spoke with Jim, Bob and Daryl about this safe place with tools and a pot of coffee where senior men can work, talk and socialize. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about following your instincts.


Beth Macy; Karen Stein; Steve Greenman

On this super-sized show, we start with Beth Macy, New York Times bestselling author of “Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America,” ahead of her appearance tomorrow night at the National Writers Series at City Opera House. Then, open lines, followed by Karen Stein of Here:Say Storytelling, discussing their new workshop, and Steve Greenman from Mental Wellness Counseling, talking about grieving. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about the power of a phone call.