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Pokemon Gen 8 Wishlist! | The Video Game Pals Episode 52

The grouchiest Pal of the bunch, Cale Ward of The Comics Pals, joins Pete, Thompson and Peggy for a conversation about the future of Pokemon! PLUS: God of War & Radical Heights Impressions! What we’re playing: 02:40 Hey Cale, Watcha’ playing? Radical Heights God. Of. War. Listener Mail 31:30 RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK! 37:36 DA NEWS: Castlevania is BACK…on iOS: 49:00 Keeping Thompson down, Dark Souls: Remastered...


Action Comics #1000 Review & Infinity War Predictions | The Comics Pals Episode 78

On this episode of The Comics Pals, we review the monumental Action Comics #1000, talk about the news of Steven Spielberg directing a Blackhawk film for DC films, and much more! Reader Mail- 02:47 Random Question of the Week- 16:40 Action Comics #1000 Review- 37:06 Pals Pulls: 1:20:31 Marco - Harrow County #30, Image First Afar #1 Cale - Bug the Adventures of Forager TP, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 2018 Pete - Saga #51 Sean - Kill or be Killed #18, Abbott #4 News: Steven Spielberg...


Infinity Gauntlet Book Club | The Comics Pals

The Comics Pals Book Club returns with a new episode, this time tackling the classic Marvel Comics event Infinity Gauntlet! If you want to understand who Thanos is and what his goals are, or you just want to read old school Marvel cosmic goodness, look no further than this incredible six issue run by writer Jim Starlin and artists George Perez and Ron Lim. Leave us a comment letting us know what book YOU’D like to see us choose next for our book club, and don’t forget to like and subscribe...


How Far Off Is PS5? | The Video Game Pals Episode 51

On this week's show the Pals are exploring the rumors circling around the next Bioshock, Sony's plans for the PS5 and much more! PLUS: Wait, you can BEAT World of Warcraft? What we’re playing (2:47): • Ni No Kuni II Impressions • Sean’s Guild Beat WoW! RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK (20:58) DA NEWS: 1. It appears that an unnamed secret studio is hard at work on a new Bioshock game(43:57): 2. Boss Key Productions launched...


Does Stan Lee Need a Hero? | The Comics Pals Episode 77

This week, the Pals cover all the biggest news in the comic book world, including the backlash surrounding the set photos of Starfire from the new Titans show, Joelle Jones launching a Catwoman solo series, and the news of a potential return of the Ultimate Universe! Random Question of the Week 03:31 Pals Pulls: 19:27 Cale- Power Rangers #26, Black Monday Murders Vol 2 Marco- Power rangers #26, Mister Miracle #8 Phil- Mister Miracle #8 Pete- New-SuperMan #22 Sean- Action Comics #1000 News:...


Spider-Man, Spyro & Our Most Anticipated Switch Games | The Video Game Pals Episode 50

Sean is away so...Pete has a bad time. But at least the news was tailor-made for him! The Pals are discussing Spider-Man, Spyro and the future of the Nintendo Switch's library on this week's episode of the Video Game Pals! What we’re playing: • Dishonored 2 love! Reader mail: • YouTube comments! DA NEWS: 1. Insomniac’s Spider-Man is coming this September!


Wrestlemania 34/NXT Takeover: New Orleans Predictions | The Comics Pals

It’s Wrestlemania season, where every promotion in the world seems to put on their biggest show of the year in the same exact town as Wrestlemania! Sean and Phil get together to preview NXT Takeover: New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34 where they talk about the biggest stories and predict the winners of each match! Listen as Sean and Phil discuss Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles, the return of Daniel Bryan, the in ring debut of Ronda Rousey, and Johnny Gargano vs...


All-Star Superman Book Club | The Comics Pals

This month, The Comics Pals read the culturally significant and benchmark piece, All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely from DC Comics! Tune in to find out what we thought of the book, and leave us a like and subscribe if you enjoy the content! Let us know in the comments what books YOU would like to see us read for an upcoming Book Club episode, and stay tuned to The Comics Pals podcast for updates on future book choices! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where...


Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens (S2E17) | The Riverdale Review

Jail breaks, Samurai Nuns and some honest to goodness plot development dominated this week's conversation on the Riverdale Review! Question of the Week: how would you break your lover out of an illegal nun fortress? The Riverdale Review is a weekly conversational review of The CW's Riverdale! The Pals: Pete: Marco: Cale:


Biggest Disappointments in Gaming | The Video Game Pals Episode 49

What were your biggest upsets in gaming? -What we’re playing: 2:30 -Far Cry 5 Review Impressions! -Reader mail 16:40 -Random Question of the Week 19:60 -DA NEWS: 1. Sea of Thieves has become Microsoft's Fastest-Selling New IP On Xbox One: 33:11 2. BattleTech dropped a shiny new story trailer and a release date: 39:25 3....


Should Game Developers Unionize? | The Video Game Pals Episode 48

This week the Pals are talking about some of the hottest new games out right now, God of War, Ubisoft escaping Vivendi and weigh in on Jason Schreier’s piece on the need for game devs to unionize! PLUS: NINDIES! (Sorry, no timecodes this week!) What we’re playing: · Sea of Thieves impressions · Kirby Star Allies review · A Way Out impressions Random Question of the Week DA NEWS: 1. Nindies Show case:


Jessica Jones Season 2 Review | The Comics Pals

Jessica Jones Season 2 has arrived & Phil and Pete are here to share their thoughts on the misanthropic heroine's return! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Pete: Phil:


Chapter 28: There Will Be Blood (S2 E15) | The Riverdale Review

This week it's Pete and Cale in the booth, asking the hard questions about Riverdale: Is Cheryl a sympathetic character?, What's Archie's real game?, How much soap opera garbage can we take? PLUS: The nitty gritty with Pop! The Riverdale Review is a weekly conversational review of The CW's Riverdale! The Pals: Pete: Marco: Cale:


Is Gaming Culture Crossing Over? | The Video Game Pals Episode 47

Ninja's Earth shattering stream with the likes of Drake, Juju Smith-Schuster and Kim Dotcom has mainstream outlets paying attention to gamer culture in a big way. Is this a sign that gaming culture is starting to crossover into the mainstream? PLUS: Jeff Goldblum, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and much more! -READER MAIL -RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK -DA NEWS: 1. Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm as he guides players through Jurassic World Evolution! c....


Christopher Sebela Interview & Exclusive Contracts | The Comics Pals Podcast Episode 73

This week writer Christopher Sebela is back on the podcast to defend his Apples and Origins title, and talk about his new books Crowded, Shanghai Red, and Cold War! Then the Pals take a deep dive into the pros and cons of exclusivity contracts in the Big Two! Plus: Sebela switches his favorite Pal?! The betrayal! Check out what Chris Sebela is up to on Twitter: @xtop And keep up with all of his projects: Be sure to leave us a like and subscribe to our...


NINTENDO DIRECT HYPE! (ft. Ed of the PartyNerdz) | The Video Game Pals Episode 46

Our Pal Ed is back to get hype about Smash Bros., Mario Tennis Aces and the rest of last week’s Nintendo Direct! PLUS: Life is Strange 2, Monster Hunter: World, PUBG and Days Gone news! Check out Edward Figueroa: @EddieRoadDogg Check out The Party Nerdz: @Partynerdz -What we’re playing: 2:59 -Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Impressions -Spoiler-free Life is Strange: Farewell Review -Random Question of the Week : 10:58 DA NEWS: 24:48 1. dontnod is working on Life is Strange 2 with a new set of...


Crowded's Ted Brandt and Ro Stein Interview & DC's Black Label | The Comics Pals Episode 72

This week, the Pals interview two members of the creative team behind Crowded, Ted Brandt and Ro Stein. The hilarious duo talk about how they broke into the business, why they have a crossbow in their home, and much more! The crew also break down all the biggest news in the industry, including news about DC’s Black Label imprint, the casting of Cheetah for Wonder Woman 2, Avengers: Infinity War taking over Entertainment Weekly, and more! PLUS: Follow Ted and Ro:...


The Future of Horror Games | The Video Game Pals Episode 45

Pete’s taking a much needed vacation this week so Sean is steering the ship! He and the rest of the Pals talk about the ESRB’s new content labeling system for in-app purchases and the future of horror games! PLUS: NEW OVERWATCH HERO ALERT! -RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK- 02:53 DA NEWS: 11:09.5 1) Detroit Become Human launches May 25: 2) ESRB announces that its content labeling system will add a label for in-app...


Does Marvel Need a Fresh Start? | The Comics Pals Episode 71

On this episode of The Comics Pals, we break down what was a huge news week, including Diamond (finally) announcing a customer online preorder service, Avengers: Infinity War’s new release date, all the new comic announcements from Marvel, and much more! Be sure to like this and subscribe to our channel! Mailbag- 00:02:35 Random Question of the Week- 00:17:06 Pals Pulls- 00:25:13 Cale - Lobster Johnson Vol 6: Chain Forged in Life, Justice League of...


Oscars 2018 Special | The Comics Pals Podcast

It’s Oscar season so Andy and Phil got together to talk about the movies that are nominated, movies that should have gotten more love from the academy, and Justice League, which was neither. Movies they talked about: Shape of Water Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Ladybird Call Me By Your Name The Darkest Hour Bladerunner 2049 Baby Driver Atomic Blonde Logan War of the Planet of the Apes Wind River The Florida Project Get Out Dunkirk The Big Sick The Phantom Thread The Disaster...


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