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Rockstar, Red Dead & Video Game Crunch | The Video Game Pals Podcast Episode 77

On this week’s show, Pete, Sean & Thompson sift through the story surrounding Rockstar’s alleged 100-hour work weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2 & tackle the industry-wide issue of video game crunch. DA NEWS: 11:15 Skybound “fully expect” to release Episode 3 of The Walking Dead by the end of 2018: 19:20 2. Sony Bend’s PS4 exclusive Days Gone has been delayed again:...


Is TV the Best Medium for Superheroes? | The Comics Pals Episode 104

This week, Sean gives his early spoiler-free impressions of Daredevil Season 3, and the Pals talk about James Gunn's "fresh take" on Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder revealing his original plans for a Justice League trilogy, and we discuss the legacy of superheros on television. 00:10:54 - Daredevil Impressions 00:16:23 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Isola Volume 1, Books of Magic #1 Cale - Yokai Rental Shop Vol 4 News: 00:22:01 - WB Reportedly Done With Cavill AND Affleck:...


Next Gen Console Wishlist | The Video Game Pals Podcast Episode 76

Pete & Thompson are back from NYCC to talk the future of Command & Conquer, Xbox’s cloud-friendly future and our hopes for the next console generation! What we’re playing: Super Mario Party DA NEWS: 1. Bully 2 could be on the way after RDR2: 2. EA may be interested in remastering Command and Conquer: 3. Microsoft has announced...


Venom, Spider-Man & the MCU Explained | The Comics Pals Episode 103

This week, the Pals talk about James Gunn signing with Warner Bros to write Suicide Squad 2, our thoughts on the first image of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, an update on the Batman: Damned controversy, and much more! Pals Pulls: Cale - Adventure Time Season 11 #1, Frankenstein Alive Alive!- The Complete Collection Sean - Justice League Dark #4 News: James Gunn Attached to Write, Possibly Direct Suicide Squad 2:...


Could Google's "Project Stream" Revolutionize Gaming? | The Video Game Pals Podcast Episode 75

Pete, Sean and Thompson are all away for NYCC, but Andy and special guest twitch streamer Mike Kane are here holding down the fort. If you want to check out what the rest of the boys are up to go check out their updates on @TheComicsPals on Instagram & Twitter! -What we’re playing -DA NEWS I. Walking Dead Final Season finds a home II. Harry Potter RPG Leaked...


Daredevil Season 3 Trailer Drops and NYCC 2018 News Coverage | The Comics Pals Episode 102

New York Comic Con 2018 is upon us, and The Comics Pals are there! We’re talking all the biggest news from the show, including trailer reactions for Daredevil, Harley Quinn and Aquaman, bombshell comic book announcements like Brian Michael Bendis reviving Young Justice through his Wonder Comics imprint, and much much more! 00:03:45 - Random Question of the Week News: 00:10:40 - Chris Evans Wraps Filming For Avengers 4...


Venom Review | The Comics Pals

The Venom movie is finally here, and The Comics Pals have seen it! Regular listeners of our podcast may be SHOCKED to hear what a certain Pal (namely Pete) has to say about the film, so you absolutely do not want to miss our review of Venom! Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the movie, and what you’d like to see them do with a sequel!


Venom: Lethal Protector | The Comics Pals

On this month’s episode of The Comics Pals Book Club, we chose to read the quintessential Venom solo story, Lethal Protector! In honor of the film’s release, we wanted to take a look at the story that inspired the movie, and while the connections are certainly there, the book may actually be a deeper character analysis than the movie is. Give the episode a listen, let us know your thoughts, and tell us what comic book you’d like us to feature on a future episode of the book club!


Rocksteady's Justice League Rumors | The Video Game Pals Episode 74

The Pals are back to discuss our Life is Strange 2 impressions, the fallout from Telltale's closure, and the rumors surrounding Rocksteady's next big game! What we’re playing: -World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth -LIFE IS STRANGE 2 BAY BEE (Go Watch on Pals Play: DA NEWS: 1. Telltale fallout & update:


Doomsday Clock #7 & Heroes in Crisis #1 Reviews! | The Comics Pals Episode 101

On this episode of The Comics Pals, they have a strange, hilarious conversation with comic creator Kelly Brack, dish on their collective disappointment with the Dark Phoenix trailer, and review DC’s two HUGE book releases: Doomsday Clock #6 and Heroes in Crisis #1! 00:01:14 - Interview with Kelly Brack Death of the Horror Anthology Kickstarter Page:...


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank | The Comics Pals Bookclub

This month on The Comics Pals Book Club, the boys dive into another indie book from Black Mask Studios: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss. Leave us a comment letting us know what book YOU’D like to see us choose next for our book club, and don’t forget to like and subscribe while you’re here! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Sean: Pete:...


The End of Telltale Games | The Video Game Pals Episode 73

The Pals are back this week to discuss Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the PS1 Classic, Telltale’s demise and much, MUCH more! Make sure you check out our brand new YouTube channel: What we’re playing: Spider-Man World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Shadow of the Tomb Raider DA NEWS: 1. Let’s start the show by addressing the Mushroom Cloud of awkward in the room (25:47):


100 Episodes and Running | The Comics Pals Episode 100

On this 100th edition of The Comics Pals podcast, we reflect on the history of the show by talking about our worst takes, DC revealing what's underneath the Batsuit in Batman: The Damned #1, our thoughts on the Captain Marvel trailer, and much more! Pals Pulls: Cale - MM Power Rangers #31 Thrilling Adventure Hour #3 Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor #0 Marco - Man-Eaters #1, Gamma #1 Phil - Exiles Complete Collection Volume 1 Pete - Doomsday Clock #7, Heroes in Crisis Sean - Doomsday Clock...


Henry Cavill OUT as Superman? | The Comics Pals Episode 99

This week, the Pals discuss the incredible new creative team behind Miles Morales: Spider-Man, we review the latest comic by Ryan O' Sullivan, Fearscape #1, and we talk about the wild story about Henry Cavill being pushed out by Warner Bros and removed from the role of Superman within the DCFU. 00:07:45 - Pals Pulls: Phil - Mr. Miracle #11 Marco - Coda Vol.1, Black Badge #2 Sean - Batman Damned #1 00:14:21 - Fearscape #1 Review News: 00:33:32 - Daredevil Season 3 Teaser Released:...


Spider-Man PS4 Impressions & The Problem With Review Scores | The Video Game Pals Episode 71

Pete spent the weekend at a wedding, but drove 5 and a half hours to talk about Spider-Man! As a result, Andy is leading the show today where the Pals dig into the Nintendo Direct that never was, the return of some beloved and obscure IP and discuss Polygon's decision to ditch game review scores. 02:33 Spider-Man & Battlefield V Beta impressions 30:51 Reader Mail 33:54 Nintendo Direct announced and then cancelled...


Captain Marvel Takes Over Entertainment Weekly | The Comics Pals Episode 98

This week, the Pals talk about DC's approach to marketing for its upcoming Heroes in Crisis event and whether it's insensitive, the return of Superman: The Movies to theaters, and a follow up on the Alterna Comics social media policy now that it has (allegedly) claimed its first victim. We also talk all about Captain Marvel! 00:03:48 Listener Mail 00:09:32 Random Question of the Week 00:23:10 Pals Pulls: Phil - Absolute Batman The Killing Joke Marco - Cemetery Beach #1, MCMLXXV #1 Sean -...


The Jacksonville Madden Shooting | The Video Game Pals Episode 70

On this week's show the pals discuss Cyberpunk 2077, the Nindie Summer event and the horrific events of last week's shooting in Jacksonville. -What we're playing (2:07) -DA NEWS: 1. Spider-Man is around 20 hours (12:56): 2. Spider-Man post-launch DLC plans: 3. Spider-Man graphics “downgrade.”:...


Creators Fire Back Against Comicsgate | The Comics Pals Episode 97

Creators Fire Back Against Comicsgate | The Comics Pals Episode 97 This week, the Pals talk about Alec Baldwin's about face with regards to his role in the Joker film, C.B. Cebulski's (A.K.A. Akira Yoshida) desire to keep Marvel Comics entertaining, and we discuss the industry's top creators FINALLY firing back at Comicsgate. Random Question of the Week Pals Pulls: Phil - Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Omnibus, Moon Knight and Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood Pete - Snotgirl #11 Sean -...


The Gamescom 2018 Special | The Video Game Pals Episode 69

On this week’s show, The Pals have an episode packed with news from Gamescom 2018 and discuss the full reveal of Life is Strange 2 & field an NSFW question from our Pals at The Longbox Podcast. 1:10 - READER MAIL/RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK DA NEWS: 6:42 - Dark Souls Trilogy coming to PS4/XBO on Oct 19th: 17:07 - 2. Next up, Devil May Cry 5 is out March 8, 2019:...


Controversy at Marvel and DC | The Comics Pals Episode 96

This week, the Pals talk about the possibility of Black Panther getting an Oscar nomination for best picture and whether or not that's meaningful, the end of Tom Taylor's successful Injustice series, and some of the major occurrences at Marvel and DC that have resulted in controversy, and our takes on those issues. 00:04:10 - Random Question of the Week 00:15:20 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Bone Parish #2, New World #2 Pete - Lex Luthor Porky Pig Special #1 Sean - Catwoman Tweety and Sylvester...