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Dark Phoenix Review | The Comics Pals Film Review

The swan song of Fox's near twenty year run of X-Men films has arrived! Does Dark Phoenix stick the landing, or is it the final nail in the coffin of Fox's uneven X-Men offerings? Listen to our review for our thoughts, and sound off below with yours! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Sean: Pete: Cale: Phil:...


DC Universe's Swamp Thing Episodes 1 & 2 Review | The Comics Pals Episode 137

This week, Marco and Sean tackle all the biggest news of the week, including the Swamp Thing cancellation (RIP), the rumored closing of Vertigo, and much more! We also review the first two episodes of Swamp Thing. 00:05:27 - Listener Mail 00:11:40 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Gogor #2 by Ken Garing, Image Sean - Event Leviathan #1 News: 00:23:36 - Updates on the Joshua Luna/Image Situation:


The Dark Phoenix Saga | The Comics Pals Book Club

Just ahead of the Dark Phoenix film, The Comics Pals read this classic X-Men story for this month's Book Club! There's never been a better time to reread the story of Jean Grey's fall, or read it for the first time if you're late to the party. Either way, give our book club a listen and share your thoughts with us! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Sean: Pete:...


Doomsday Clock #10, Heroes in Crisis #9 and More Reviews | The Comics Pals Episode 136

This week, we break down the situation between Joshua Luna and Image Comics, discuss what we expect from Tom King tackling the script for New Gods, and we review FOUR (4) huge books from DC, including Superman: Leviathan Rising Special and Doomsday Clock #10! 00:07:33 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Cemetery Beach TPB Phil - Cemetery Beach TPB Pete - Shazam #6 & Black Cat #1 Sean - Buffy #5 News: 00:23:19 - DARK PHOENIX Will Not Include Hellfire Club, Lilandra:...


Tom King Taken Off Batman? | The Comics Pals Episode 135

This week, we talk about the untimely passing of the incredibly talented Justin Ponsor, ask Phil what it might sound like it Danny Devito were cast as Wolverine, dissect all the news about Tom King being removed from the main Batman title, and much more! 19:58- Pals Pulls: Cale - Broken Bear Pete - Doomsday Clock #10 Phil - Doomsday Clock #10 Sean - Batman, Last Knight on Earth #1, Doomsday Clock #10 News: 28:45- Colorist Justin Ponsor Passes Away:...


Robert Pattinson as Batman & Tyler Crook Interview | The Comics Pals Episode 134

This week, we're talking Robert Pattinson MAYBE playing Batman, what SIX villains he may be facing off with, talk the Swamp Thing and Batwoman trailers, and we interview Eisner nominated artist Tyler Crook! 00:05:36 - Listener Mail: 00:15:30 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Road of Bones #1 Pete - Martian Manhunter #5, Life is Strange TPB Sean - Action Comics #1011 News: 00:21:09 - Robert Pattinson is the Next Batman! ...Or Is He?:...


What's Next for the MCU? | The Comics Pals Episode 133

As the hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame begins to die down, the Pals discuss what's up next for the MCU. We also talk the Spider-Man: Far From Home and Watchmen trailers, and much more! 00:14:56 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Last Stop on the Red Line #1, Bitter Root vol1 Cale - Usagi Yojimbo Sage Vol 8 Pete - Phil - Wonder Woman Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang Omnibus Sean - Daredevil #5, Uncanny X-Men 18 News: 00:26:21 - First Watchmen Trailer Drops:...


The Definitive MCU Film Rankings | The Comics Pals Episode 132

The Pals finally get around to their ranking of the ENTIRE MCU, and we promise some surprises on our lists! Listen to the show for our top 10, and see our social media for the full list. 00:16:28 - Pals Pulls: Marco - She Could Fly Lost Pilot #2, The Freeze Vol 1 Pete - Hope #1, Spider-Man Venom #1 Phil - War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery #2 Sean - Batman and the Outsiders #1 News: 00:23:14 - David Marquez Leaves Marvel, Joins DC:...


Heroes In Crisis #8 and Fearscape #5 Reviews | The Comics Pals 131 Addendum

Our main show this week may be dedicated to Avengers: Endgame, but we didn't forget about our comic book reviews! This addendum episode includes reviews for Heroes in Crisis #8 and the finale of Fearscape. 00:21:52 - Fearscape #5 The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Sean: Pete: Cale: Phil:


Avengers: Endgame Review | The Comics Pals Episode 131

We're in the Endgame now. This week, we dedicate (mostly) the entire show to our review of the movie event of the decade, Avengers: Endgame! We dig in to the nitty gritty of our likes and dislikes of the film and cover all the big moments, but if you haven't seen the movie yet, don't worry! We have a spoiler free conversation before our deep dive. 00:12:25 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Bone Parish Volume 1 Cale - Quantam Age: From the World of Black Hammer volume 1, House Amok volume 1 Phil - Green...


Bryan Edward Hill Interview | The Comics Pals Episode 130

This week, we have the honor of interviewing Bryan Edward Hill! The writer of American Carnage talks his love of horror, what makes a great villain, and so much more that we don't have the space to list it here! This is a great conversation you don't want to miss. Bryan Hill Interview 1:54:21 - Pals Pulls: Cale - Dick Tracy- Dead Or Alive, Scarlet Vol 1 Sean - Heroes in Crisis #8, Criminal #4 News: 2:03:45 - Swamp Thing Production Cut Short, Teaser Released:...


Infinity | The Comics Pals Book Club

Just ahead of Avengers: Endgame's release, we read Marvel's Infinity for our latest Book Club! Infinity is the halfway point in Jonathan Hickman's epic Avengers tale, and it features several characters who've recently graced the big screen like Thanos and the Black Order! If you're looking for something to get you in the mood for Endgame, look no further than this classic story. The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to...


Why Do We Love Superheroes? | The Comics Pals Episode 129

Why Do We Love Superheroes? | The Comics Pals Episode 129 This week, the Pals talk all the MCU related Disney+ news, Kevin Feige giving us a definitive answer on the X-Men joining the MCU, and we discuss how superheroes have taken over pop culture and why we love them. 00:08:33 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Little Bird #2 Phil - The Kamandi Challenge Sean - American Carnage #6, Angel #0 News: 00:18:43 - Disney + News Blowout:...


WWE Wrestlemania 35 Review | The Comics Pals Wrestling Special

Your boys Sean and Phil made it through the 8 hour gauntlet known as Wrestlemania to bring you this special review! We talk the good and bad of Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover: New York and we discuss the RAW after Mania!


Shazam! Review | The Comics Pals Episode 128

This week, the Pals talk about the latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame and how it shows off a bit too much of the movie, share our thoughts about the Joker trailer, and review Shazam! 00:17:01 - Pals Pulls: Marco - She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #1 Alienation (Graphic Novel) Cale - War of Realms Journey Into Mystery #1 Sean - Low 21 News: 00:26:49 - Avengers Trailer 3 and Cinemacon Footage:


The "Definitive" Top 3 Best Games of All-Time | The Video Game Pals Episode 100

We’re in the End Game now. It’s episode 100 of the Video Game Pals, and Pete, Andy, Thompson & Sean are ready to send the show off in style with a JAM-PACKED episode full of hot takes on Sony’s State of Play & ID @ Xbox GamePass and closure on some of VGP’s biggest stories. PLUS: in a brand new game, we painsanking debate to name VGP’s “Definitive” Top 3 Best Games of All-Time! DA NEWS: 19:00 Sony State of Play:...


Heroes in Crisis #7 and Detective Comics #1000 Reviews | The Comics Pals Episode 127

This week the Pals answer YOUR listener mail, go over all of Zack Snyder's comments that set the internet ablaze this week, and review Detective Comics #1000 and Heroes in Crisis #7! 00:05:46 - Listener Mail: 00:16:54 - Pals Pulls: Marco - Mirror 10 Phil - Green Lantern #6 Cale - Young Justice #4, Rocko's Modern Afterlife #1 Sean - War of the Realms #1 News: 00:26:08 - Marvel's The Eternals May Cast Angelina Jolie, Hercules May be Main Character:...


Shazam!(New 52) | The Comics Pals Book Club

For the month's book club, the Pals review Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's New 52 "Shazam!" before the movie hits theaters next week. PLUS: Cale gives the boys a history lesson on Captain Mar- Shazam! Leave us a comment letting us know what book YOU’D like to see us choose next for our book club, and don’t forget to like and subscribe while you’re here! The Comics Pals is a weekly comic book podcast where a group of comic book journalists and friends get together to talk comics. The Pals: Sean:...


Google Stadia, Epic Store Victories & Nindies Showcase | The Video Game Pals Episode 99

In the penultimate episode of The Video Game Pals, the boys discuss the Nindie showcase highlights, more winds for the Epic Store and the debut of Google Stadia! Da News: 4:03 - Nindies Showcase: 20:25 - RQOTW - (What Nintendo IP would you most like to see handled by an indie next?) 26:13 - Microsoft announces Indie Showcase: ID@Xbox Game Pass 26:13 - Sony...


Disney Fox Merger Complete and Jonathan Hickman Returns to Marvel | The Comics Pals Episode 126

This week, the Pals talk about Jonathan Hickman's return to Marvel Comics and whether he's the biggest writer of the last decade, we cover some of the announcements from C2E2, and we talk the good, the bad and the ugly behind Disney's purchase of Fox. 00:13:07 - Pals Pulls: Cale - Dial H For Hero #1 Marco - Glow #1 Pete - Martian Manhunter & Shazam #4 Phil - Thanos Wars Infinity Origin Omnibus Sean - Detective Comics #1000, Heroes in Crisis #7 News: 00:25:35 - Marvel Announces Jonathan...