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Brozcast 37 - H.E.A.V.Y (jase)

Defying all odds, The Broz are back with Podcast 37, would you believe!!? Our coffee tasting this week, comes to you courtesy of Common Folk Coffee. We've got 2 beans. The Huabal and the Progress Street. We've got some soccer chat. Jase accepts his new shirt sizes after putting a stop to crossfit months ago. We've got a new EazyTamp tamper from the Aussie legends, changing the tamp game. Jamie talks cheating the system. And Jules puts together a segment for the ages. Strap in. Settle down,...


Brozcast 36 - And Then There Were Two.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Yes! We still do these. Today we are, surprise surprise, without Jase, again. He writes these descriptions, so he is making this shit up on this one. Jules declares his life long love and respect for the great man, Jase Jamie breaks down over some classic Jase memories, and the lads get Jase on the phone, just to hear the man. We talk Jase, we review some beans... We just miss Jase. Strap in. Grab a spresso, and Enjoy. Brozcast 36 - And Then There Were Two.


BROZCAST 35 - We're drinkin sproz, but still on the nose.

Ladies and Gents, firstly, we're sorry... It has been too long between drinks, The broz have been husslin hard. But its ok... We're back with a cracker cast. We've got Conspiracy coffee beans. We've got MICE Winners and Losers. We've got Deteriorating health / weight issues. There's laughter, there's sorrow... Its all packed into another blockbuster cast! Throw a pot on, sit back and enjoy... Brozcast 35 -


Brozcast 34 - NO JASE!!!

DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!! We're back minus 1 ladies and gents. This week it's just Jules and Jamie as Jase had better things to do. Considering Jase writes the episode info.... He has no idea what is on this episode! Strap in and prepare for the unknown and some coffee... It's brozcast 34 NO JASE!!!


Brozcast 33 - Underground Roasters Time

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time of the week or 9 or 11 day period when the Broz release another bombshell of a show! This week we tasted a little roaster out of the Blue mountains, the legends, Underground Roasters. We've got worst jobs on earth, conspiracy theories and something Jamie cooked up in the car on the way into the studio. Get on itunes and review! Or just enjoy. Brozcast 33 Underground Roasters Time.


Brozcast 32 - Inca Coffee

Ladies and gentlemen. We are finally back for cast 32. We have been busy avoiding each other this last fortnight but we sat down to have a little taste of some Inca coffee. Jules and his wife apparently had a baby. Jamie exposes our stupidity in a little thought experiment. Jase brings it home with one of his best all time segments. There are shoutouts, there are reviews, there's love. Strap in for cast 32. Subscribe. Review. Enjoy.


Brozcast 31 - HIGH FIDELITY

And just like that, we're back for podcast 32! This week we tackle a couple of espresso martini ready to drinkers. We've got winter Olympics events we've never heard of, we've got mars trips, and we see if Jules and Jamie's brain can outwit a little brain bias exercise. Jamies is on coffee talk, so it's sure to be amazing. All from Jamie's new multi-million dollar sound studio. Sit back, plug your wax catchers in, and enjoy. Brozcast 31 - HIGH FIDELITY.


Brozcast 30 - It's Minpresso Mayhem!

Friends, family, acquaintances. Episode 30 is among us. Short turnaround this week as we dive headfirst into some of the greatest segments in Broz history, from Jules and Jamie. Jase goes on to eclipse some of his worst efforts of all time! We've got Minipresso reviews, coffee desperation and even today show hosts cop a spray. All jammed into an action-packed 30th instalment of the brozcast. Like, Share, Enjoy....


Brozcast 29 - Caffeine and Kilos

And just like that, we're back ladies and gentlemen. 2 weeks later than we planned but we made it. This week we've been hooked up royally by the legends at caffeine and Kilos, all the way from the US. We put their PB blend to the test, whilst wearing one of the 200 pieces of apparel they sent our way! We dive into a little of what you can expect from starting up and running your own coffee cart. Jamie goes through some world records and challenges Jules and Jase to tackle some live in...


BrozCast 28 - Tiz the season

Its Christmas ladies and gentlmen! We've got the last show of the year. We've got the year that was, We've got conspiracy corner, We've got the broz party christmas hangover, we've basically got it all!! Strap in, put your earbuds on and broz it up for the last time in Twenny Seventeen. Love always... The Broz


Brozcast 27 Its an Oliver and Edie Reunion

This week we've got coffee beans coming out of all orifices. We taste a little banger from the Legends at #olivernedie We've got top 5 Espresso Beans. Top 5 Milk Based Beans and our top 5 Coffees out. The 3 Broz are finally back in one room, doing what we love. Ripping each other and drinking some coffee. Strap in and enjoy The Brozcast 27.


BrozCast 26 - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

We Finally did it. We've cut the dead weight! Jules is MIA so this week it's all hard bodies, smarts and rock-solid entertainment. We've got a new bean from the legends at the Laughing Pug. We've got Sydney lockout madness, We talk brew recipes and why they are so important in upping your coffee game. We're eating homegrown tomatoes and we've got fitness advice coming out of our ears. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is Brozcast 26 - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.


The Espresso Broz 25 - AKA Coffee In Da House

It's that time again ladies and gentlemen. It's episode 25!!! Jamies back from his whirlwind tour of Thailand. And he's on one. Jules and Jase come in with some killer segments after destroying Jamies. We've got bags and bags of AKA Coffee to taste. Jules runs shows us how important bean storage can be. Jase asks some hard-hitting questions, and Jamie reminds us that Sydney needs to pull their heads in.


Brozcast 24 - The Kohipress PARTY!

Fresh off the back of one of our most downloaded episodes of all time. The no Jamie episode... In hopes of another big streaming week, we let the guy have another week off! This week we've got an awesome review and live demo of the amazing Kohipress travel coffee press. Jase helps us dig deeper with yet another 'getting to know the broz'. Jules runs us through some of the most expensive beans on earth. We've got top Alcoholic nations, Socceroos are searching for a coach, it's all happening...


Brozcast 23 - Three Arrows 2 Broz

Jules and Jase finally did it!! We got rid of Jamie!! This week, Jamie jets off overseas and leaves Jules and Jase to sail the ship. We've got a tasting from the legends at 3 Arrows Coffee in Petersham. We've got Top 5 Series / Docos. We've got moon Hoaxes We've got naked baskets We've got it all. Strap in for another mind-blowing episode of the Brozcast.


BrozCast 22 - Tamper Tantrum

It's the Big 22 Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we taste a sneak bean by the good folks at the Caffeine Project. Jamie takes us through a range of Tampers that will blow minds. Jules talks about something he knows nothing about, health. And Jase Brings it all together with his hilarity and a sports segment for the ages. We've got Transvestites playing AFL, Food poisoning and 3-way man love, all jammed into 1 90min episode. This is Brozcast 22 - Tamper Tantrum.


Brozcast 21 -Little Instagram Holiday

Wow! It's episode 21! This week we've got a sneaky tasting of a nice little Malaysian Bean. We've got Blink 182 space agencies starting up, We've got Quizmaster Quizzes, We've got chilli stories, Its all jam packed into another fun-filled Broz Cast 21 - Little Instagram Holiday.


Brozcast 19 - Better Late Than Never

It's late, But its here! Episode 19! We've got coffee carts, we've got bean reviews, we've got arguments. We've had run-ins, good times and bad. Jamie puts us through a coffee freshness test. Then tests our sanity. Jase enlightens us on an issue close to his heart. Competitive food eating. And Jules brings it all together with a few questions about the 1st year of Broz Existence. Follow us for all Cafe and Bean Reviews. Hit us with an awesome review in itunes. Love always The Broz.


BrozCast 18 - Still Brozin

We're back with another cracker of a show this week! We taste some legit beans from the legends at @woodandcocoffe and @danes_specialty_coffee that blew our taste buds wide open! Jamie shows us an interesting TED talk. Jules and Jase get juiced reminiscing the Socceroos V Uruguay 2005 Qualifier. We've got all-time bests, Coffee Carts and Jase turning up late! Its all here in BrozCast 18 - Still Brozin.


BrozCast 17 - Way Past Bed Time

The BrozCast is back with episode 17!! We are up way too late for coffees this week and throw down a little Gentlmens Red, as we dive into all things not coffee! We've got Jamie's hangover cures, Questions for your crush, Conspiracy Corner and all-out terror, in the latest edition of the brozcast. As always Follow us on instagram and DM with any questions about getting featured on the podcast or on the page. Hit us with a review on itunes. Or just take a lie down, plug in some earphones...