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Ethan Clerc's Podcast about society, culture, and pretty much anything else!

Ethan Clerc's Podcast about society, culture, and pretty much anything else!
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Ethan Clerc's Podcast about society, culture, and pretty much anything else!








You are Being Scammed Everyday ft. Bottled Water, Beats, and Yeti

Scams are all around us. In part one of this two part series we discuss parts of society and culture you may not know are scams. Big businesses scam customers everyday as we discuss the illusion of choice and more. Quite possibly the biggest scam of all time is Bottled Water. Learn how big corporations trick you into paying 300 times more for water.


How to Gamble Better with David Schwartz

Gambling Expert, Author, Director of the Center for Gaming Research, and Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, David Schwartz joins us on the phone. We dive into his background and get some great tips on how to gamble better. We also dive into your odds of winning the most popular games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. Other topics discussed include winning the Powerball, Lottery, and the Monty Hall Problem.


Throwing Hockey Pucks at Shooters, Cutting Down a Christmas Tree, and Black Friday

Now that Thanksgiving is over we get going with some Christmas spirit as we cut down a Christmas Tree. We give you the news of the week with our 5 Minute News Segment, Interview Students about Black Friday, and much more. Joining the normal crew of Ethan, Colin, and Peter is Dylan Hovdet!


Dominos Delivery Prank, Poop Bomber, and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us and we are thankful for making it to Episode 30! Featuring a Dominos Delivery Prank, new segments, and interviewing students to see what they are thankful for. Get your 5 Minutes of Weekly news and more with The Ethan Clerc Show!


Prank Calling Walmart, Nuclear Shadows, and Bar Shooting

Movie Trailer Man prank calls Walmart, Taco Bell, and more in a new segment. We also cover breaking news of the week in 5 Minute News. The podcast continues to evolve as we add segments and continue to build a better and better format.


Signing Fake Petitions Prank, Boobytrapped House, and New Show Format

We switch up the entire show format for this amazing 28th episode of the show. We completely reevaluated how we were doing the podcast and decided it was a good time to change. New segments include 5 Minute News, Now You Know, and Mouthful. Along with previously seen segments like On the Street. New format, new show style. Feedback is always appreciated!


Moving Halloween, Haunted Cemetery, and Scratched by Demon

The 2018 Halloween Special. In this episode of the podcast we cover a wide variety of topics from current Halloween news like meth found in candy and changing the date of Halloween to meeting up with Tom Urban to investigate the haunted Rapidan-Holberg Cemetery. We are joined by Ali Eckert for the main segment of the podcast.


Halloween Killer, Razors in Apples, and Scary Stories

We sit down with podcast legend, Damon Weinandt and discuss everything Halloween! Listeners call in and give us some truly interesting stories and more. We also dive into our favorite horror movies, vintage halloween costumes, and much more!


The Legendary Fuzzy from Fuzz Talk Radio

We sit down with the legendary Fuzzy from Fuzz Talk Radio. Fuzzy runs his own 24/7 Radio station out of Mankato featuring Mankato and Minnesota artists along with shows and much more. He also is extremely busy running and promoting shows every week in Kato. We dive into the history of Fuzz Talk Radio and get into a variety of topics from crazy concert stories to asking if College is worth it.


Eating HOT Wings, Craziest Police Chase, and Creeper in the Attic

We sit down and eat some seriously HOT wings with Matt Theesfeld. We dive into a bunch of random topics and videos from straws being banned in California to the craziest police chase ever. We also look at some current news and some other funny videos. These wings really get to us. Watch and see who is the first to quit!


Hunting Demons, Portals to Hell, and Giant Skeletons Found

We sit down with Demon Hunter, Tom Urban. Urban has been hunting demons for years and has came across some seriosly demonic stuff. From getting stabbed to stomped on, Urban has had demons attack him multiple times. We go over his toolbox which he brings to every job and dive into the life of a.... DEMON HUNTER!


Death Threats over Art, UFO Crashes into Cop Car, and Aliens in Minnesota

We sit down with artist, Michael Cimino from St. Peter, Minnesota. Michael is a full time artist who has done dozens of murals around the United States including in Mankato. He has also developed an interest for UFO's and fills us in on the many strange sitings around Minnesota. You'd be surprised to hear one of the most famous UFO encounters of all time happened in Minnesota!


Racist Police Chief, Colin Kaepernick, and Almost Kidnapped!

We sit down with Sarah Fetti from the popular Z99 Radio Station in Mankato, MN. She also is the host of her own Podcast run through Z99. We go through a huge variety of topics from the recent Colin Kaepernick/ Nike poster to Sarah almost getting kidnapped when she was younger. A huge amount of information is discussed in this episode which means she is for sure coming back on so we can dive into these individual topics more!


David Korresh, Branch Davidians. and the Waco Siege

We sit down with Bryan Joyce and discuss the infamous Waco Siege. This is a historic confrontation between cult leader, David Korresh and his Branch Davidians and the ATF and FBI. This confrontation led to a massive fire killing almost all of the Branch Davidians and Korresh. We dive deep into this super interesting event and try to break down what led to the government getting involved and if this could have been handled differently.


Interviewing a Man Wanted by the Government, Kicked Off Facebook, and Threatened by MIB

We sit down with a man who is forced to stay anonymous after exposing many government secrets. At a young age he was visited and threatened by MIB. He also talks about how he is banned from Facebook how he uses Meditation to become a more knowledgable human being. This episode will make you question everything. And maybe thats a good thing...


Incels, QAnon Conspiracy, and Mollie Tibbetts Found

We sit down with John Gibeau again and dive into some crazy topics from the incel movement to a conspiracy theory about a government official who is predicting the future of this country. We also talk about Mollie Tibbetts being found and John's new podcast coming out in October!


Talking to a Ghost, Exorcisms, and Tarot Cards

On this episode of The Ethan Clerc Show we sit down with Paranormal Investigator, Author, and Radio Host, Adrian Lee. Adrian has been on the podcast once before and it was such an interesting conversation that we needed to get him back. On this episode we set some of Adrian's equipment up and actually talk to some ghosts. We also discuss a wide variety of topics from exorcisms to religion and tarot cards.


Mollie Tibbetts Disapearance, Jacob Wetterling, and Jaycee Dugard

The focus of this weeks podcast is Mollie Tibbetts, the missing girl from Iowa. Her disappearance has left her small town of Brooklyn, Iowa and the whole country shaken. Damon Weinandt and Dane Nielsen sit down with Colin and I to discuss the similarities between her case and the cases of Jacob Wetterling and Jaycee Dugard. Dane and Damon grew up with these cases and so it brought a different aspect to the show than me or Colin could bring.


Levels of Energy, Money Management, and Following Your Dreams

We sit down and talk to Lee Holt about a variety of topics from managing money to following your dreams. We dive deep into talk about levels of energy which is something that I have not looked into much before. We also talk about the current state of youth right now in America and their bad reputation of laziness.


Zombie Drug, Hilarious Mugshots, and Apple Against Police?

In this episode we sit down with Investigator, Jeff Lacanne, to get his take on a number of issues ranging from Apple blocking the police with its new update to the Zombie Drug, Flakka. We also dive into Jeff's past along with trying to solve a crime on the show!