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5: Matt Mahmood-Ogston: The Real Life Cost of Homophobia

When Naz told his family he was gay, he didn’t receive the reaction he was hoping for. Days later, when they rejected his honesty, Naz took his own life. It’s a decision that will forever be marked on his partner, Matt Mahmood-Ogston’s heart forever. Now Matt runs the Naz and Matt Foundation, dedicated to show others to never let religion come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children. Instead of anger - he sees the opportunity in homophobia, and focuses on...


4: Sheridan Voysey: Life After Infertility

“There is this deep fear that if this doesn’t work our lives are over...” Sheridan and his wife tried for children for 10 years but it wasn’t to be. In this episode of The Fuck It Moments Podcast, he tells those going through the fertility process that life without children isn’t the end. That there is “still identity and purpose if you don’t get the family you’re dreaming of”. It’s a story of resilience, of acceptance and of hope. Especially when all options are seemingly exhausted and you...


3: Amy Enticknap: The Woman Who Walked A Lion

Mid-30s, Amy found herself divorced without the family and life she'd always dreamt of. Her world suddenly looked bleak; a fuck it moment imposed on her with little notice. Her solution? Escape. Travel. Think. And reset. It's a journey and process which saw her climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, volunteering in African AIDS centres and even - for someone who was afraid of dogs - having to take a lion for a walk every Saturday. Actress Amy Enticknap lives in Oxford, you can find out more about her...


2: Katie Davidson: Waiting To Die With Kindness

Nine days before she was due to marry, 29 year-old Katie discovered her breast cancer had come back. And this time, the diagnosis was terminal. Understandably, the years that followed and the never ending treatments left her feeling every emotion under the sun. But in 2018 she decided to look at life from a different perspective. For 100 days Katie posted a daily video on YouTube citing #ActsOfGratitude. Day 100 marked the 7th anniversary of her diagnosis. A day which had always haunted her....


1: Andy Elwood: Dope On A Rope

“We’re all human, not robots. I thought mental health problems were something that happened to other people, not me.” Former search and rescue paramedic Andy Elwood talks host Clare Freeman through some of the biggest moments in his life - changing careers, facing divorce upon returning from a gruelling tour in Afghanistan to learning to manage signs of PTSD. In the first of five episodes of The Fuck It Moments’ second series, Andy explains why he quit the day job to take his Land Rover on...


6: Karen O'Neill: The Travel Bug & Being Human

Life as an emergency department nurse in the NHS is probably manic enough for most people to handle. But it's not the only thing which drives 37 year-old Karen O'Neill - so does travelling the world. You'd probably be imagining she loves escaping to far away islands watching sunsets and backpacking across Australia with a pal or two…and yes, that's definitely been some of her experiences. But what really makes her come alive in telling her travel stories is the work she's done - sometimes...


5: Chris Lubbe: From Shanty Town To Nelson Mandela

How many people can say they spent nine years as the former president of South Africa's body guard? Nope, not us either. But Chris Lubbe is so much more than his 'headline' suggests. The youngest of 10, whom experienced apartheid first hand and spent years of his life vehemently campaigning for his and his countrymen's freedom. From witnessing police brutality at the age of 8, becoming a wanted man at 18, to being tortured and waterboarded within seconds of death - he has seen the very worst...


4: Bethan Galliers: Adopting - Without Mr Right

Bethan Galliers had given up on finding 'the one', but she still wanted to be a mum. In her 40s, Bethan went through the adoption process - single. But it wasn't as easy as 'boy meets mum, mum meets boy'. Along the way she was scrutinised - financially, physically and emotionally. And when a photo of two brothers she was unable to help continuously seemed to haunt her, it was inevitable that she would breakdown - a moment which even now leaves her still tearful wondering what ever became of...


3: Jeffrey Knopf: The One Cancer Left Behind

Artist Jeffrey Knopf didn't think he'd end up a widow in his 40s. But six months ago, his wife Tara lost her fight with terminal cancer - leaving Jeff and their daughter Ruby heartbroken. So as the midnight bell tolled signalling that start of a new year, Jeff has decided to embrace his inner 'fuck it' mentality and make a new start. 2018 for him is about finding a new way of living, no longer hiding behind his grief, and empowering himself - and his daughter - to find a way to finally...


2: Shaun Attwood: How Life Behind Bars Saved Me

The former ecstasy drug dealer and stockbroker millionaire Shaun Attwood spent 6 years in one of America's deadliest jails. He was lucky - his sentence should have been 200 years. But after his family back in the UK begged for forgiveness, remortgaged their house and sold some of their pension funds to pay for legal costs, the judge softened on his 'hard' time. Life behind bars wasn't all plain sailing. Playing chess with members of the mafia in super max, surviving cockroaches come...


1: FIMpod: Trailer

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... So whether you choose to make a snap decision and change, or found that fate dealt you a crap card, what f**k it moments will you look back on as your days come to an end? The Fuck It Moments Podcasts ponders the handful of moments that define us, and make us the person we are today - no matter how tough the journey may have been to get there. In this trailer, host Clare Freeman gives an insight into why she's intrigued by those who've...