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'French Kiss'ing Royal Babies, Drunk Pilots, Peeing On Boyfriends, Feeling Old Thanks To Music and Getting Snubbed In Service Stations

How is this show STILL a thing? Simple. Neal has naked photos of his boss. Anyway, this episode, brought to you by OrCars - ( contains some stuff and things and bits. *WARNING* If you're over 40, you'll feel a bit sad.


Royal Money Bitching, Facebook Blending and Quiet Cinematic Audience Dramatising. It MUST Be Episode Three Of The Neal Veglio unBEATable Show!!!

I didn't die. Sorry if this disappoints you. This episode may contain nuts. It certainly contains balls. Kate and Meghan get into a money bitch on the blower. We talk about kids swearing. A grandad who likes pretending to be a porno star. Don't watch this movie if you have misophonia. Which you don't. Because it's not real, you attention seeking prick. Or maybe it is? I don't know. I'm not a doctor. *shrugs shoulders*


Studio Cleaning, Former Workmate Calling, More Audience Blackmailing, Terrible Job Interviewing, Comedians With Evil Boobs Chatting

Oh my GOD! You mean there was actually enough usable content to scrape together a second episode of this? It starts with literal housekeeping, then goes downhill from there.


RAJAR mocking, audience blackmailing, and kid-friendly swearing.

Oh hell no!! - They only went and gave this lunacy a NEW home. Just one week into his new show, Neal mocks the body that measures radio station audiences. Also, he catches his father out in a massive online lie, and there's a phone call from an old stalker friend! 'Stormzy' offers some words of inspiration, and a Brighton business gets a begging phone call.