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24: The Phil & Simon Show No 24 - Were you the first disabled person you ever met?

We’re two years old! Thank you for being our listener. Phil and Simon talk about disability on television, more specifically the pleasant surprise when someone on television happens to have a disability but it’s incidental to why they’re on. We contrast this with inspirational shows and wonder if such shows help. Finally, there are enforceable web accessibility standards…but hang on, haven’t they been around for years? We explain more. There’s new money from the Government to fund...


23: The Phil and Simon Show No 23

We kick off with some thoughts about Noel Conway and his attempts to change the law on assisted suicide. Labelling, mental Illness so what is a disability and what isn't. Simon continues the search for an accurate and meaningful definition. After the reaction to our previous podcast, we focus on our embarrassing or vulnerable bits and pieces arising from our disability. Phil's describes his aversion to swimming pools and being seen undressed. Simon shares his thoughts regarding people's...