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25: The Phil & Simon Show No. 25 All that Jazz and plenty more besides!

We kick off the show with a discussion around the emerging use of Jazz Hands at live performances. Jazz Hands what does that mean? Is it just a gimmick or is it more serious than that? Another favourite of ours is the use of language. The latest manifestation is the expression "Diffability". Is this just another attempt to sanitise or remove the stigma from the word "Disability". What do you think? Simon reflects on his recent conversation with someone who wondered why there isn't more...


24: The Phil & Simon Show No 24 - Were you the first disabled person you ever met?

We’re two years old! Thank you for being our listener. Phil and Simon talk about disability on television, more specifically the pleasant surprise when someone on television happens to have a disability but it’s incidental to why they’re on. We contrast this with inspirational shows and wonder if such shows help. Finally, there are enforceable web accessibility standards…but hang on, haven’t they been around for years? We explain more. There’s new money from the Government to fund...


23: The Phil and Simon Show No 23 - Vulnerability, labelling and assisted suicide.

We kick off with some thoughts about Noel Conway and his attempts to change the law on assisted suicide. Labelling, mental Illness so what is a disability and what isn't. Simon continues the search for an accurate and meaningful definition. After the reaction to our previous podcast, we focus on our embarrassing or vulnerable bits and pieces arising from our disability. Phil's describes his aversion to swimming pools and being seen undressed. Simon shares his thoughts regarding people's...


22: The Phil & Simon Show No 22 - 'I don't have the personality to use a wheelchair'

More informal, more personal, Phil and Simon discuss a potential divisive split in impairments, more trouble with trains, Lost Voice Guy winning a talent show and do you need a personality type if you become disabled? Two people with a disability were the finalists in Britain’s Got Talent. Lost Voice Guy won it. Is this a watershed moment for disability and comedy or a stepping stone? A friend of Simon’s, who was looking at needing a wheelchair, told him she didn’t have the ‘personality’...


21: The Phil & Simon Show No 21 - Justice and Rights

On this months show, Phil and Simon grapple with some morally complex news topics. How do you decide who should get legal aid? Does this lead to more injustice? Then the heartbreaking case of the little boy Alfie and how medics, the law and parents all have a say in a disabled person's life when the individual can't speak for themselves? The business case for accessibility is updated with new research from Euan's Guide and are we seeing a lot more disabled people on television,...


20: The Phil & Simon Show No 20 - Black Holes and Revelations

It’s just Phil and Simon this month and we return to our format of debate, news and humour about issues relating to disability and beyond. Are we looking at the great divide? Does the traditional concept of disability exclude many people - those seen as not disabled enough and those whose needs are greater, they weren’t included? Is identifying individual impairment groups, developing new words for this, helpful? Will it lead to better inclusion, greater tolerance or just split us in to...


19: The Phil & Simon Show No 19 - guest Baroness Jane Campbell

Hello, everyone and welcome to our 19th show. If you're involved in disability, you will have likely heard of Baroness Jane Campbell. A hugely talented and admired person, she's a disability rights campaigner, writer and for the last ten years an independent peer in the House of Lords. As our guest in this intimate, sometimes funny conversation, she discusses her childhood, going to special school and the barriers she faced as a University student. She talks of the light bulb moment when...


18: The Phil & Simon Show No 18 - guest Neil Crowther

Phil and Simon were lucky enough to have Neil Crowther as a guest on this show. Neil is an independent expert on equality, human rights and social change with a particular interest in working to secure the rights of disabled people. Phil & Simon talk to him about his work, both past and present, including his time at the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC). Neil questions if the disability equality and inclusion agenda was really better ten...


17: The Phil & Simon Show No 17 - Christmas Special

Hello, everyone, this show is our 17th and the last of 2017. Simon reviews his recent trip to America spent hanging out with some Googler's. He also had a ride in the Tesla! Recent changes to Access to Work are discussed. We debate Philip Hammond's recent assertion that Britain's falling productivity is in part due to the fact that more disabled people are in employment. The terms "suffering" and "inspirational" once again get an airing. On a sad note, we remember Sir Bert Massie whose...


16: The Phil & Simon Show No 16 - Working together

Phil and Simon discuss, debate with and be irreverent about the recent ruling on the law concerning Assisted Suicide, intersectionality, identity and the overlap of disability and other characteristics such as being gay. They ask if 'awareness' days or campaigns have any impact and describe the hoops you have to go through to book a ticket for the theatre when you use a wheelchair. We also discuss a recent event at Lloyds Banking Group which Phil and Simon co-hosted, from separate cities....


15: The Phil & Simon Show No 15 - From Canada to St Petersburg

As the Thin Lizzy song says " The Boys are back in Town" and they most definitely are! This month's Phil & Simon Show is all about travel and sport. Simon reflects on his trips to the World Dwarf Games in Guelph in Canada plus his visits to New York City and the Edinburgh Fringe. Phil remembers Lorraine Gradwell, a disability campaigner who recently died. He also shares his experiences of cruising to the Baltic States, his visit to St Petersburg and to Tallin in Estonia. There's the usual...


14: The Phil & Simon Show No 14 - Emotion in Activism with Angela Matthews

A new voice! Phil and Simon welcome PhD researcher and Business Disability Forum consultant Angela Matthews on to the show. Angela asks Phil and Simon what role they think emotion plays in activism in terms of policy making, particularly disability rights. It throws up all manner of thoughts from them both like: How accessible is activism? Can you be ideologically pure and be effective? Can activism alienate people as much as welcome? Is disability campaigning now about access to...


13: The Phil & Simon Show No 13 - Don't mention the election, so we have!

In this packed programme we sadly reflect on the death of a much-loved disability campaigner Sophie Partridge. Simon remembers her with affection and a funny anecdote! It seems a recent BBC programme focussing on the policing in London draws praise from Phil for the way it dealt with the attempted rape of a woman who has Downs Syndrome. The Power 100 list is up for discussion as is a play by Stephen Unwin which focuses on the Nazi atrocities committed on disabled people before the Second...


12: The Phil & Simon Show No 12 - From Windsor to the Nurburgring

Episode 12 of the Phil & Simon Show is ready to serve! Piping hot and sizzling with juicy issues. Our discussions include a trip round the Nürburgring Ring on an electric scooter, Motability's 40th birthday celebrations at Windsor Castle, Simon's jury service, the forthcoming election and how disabled people could affect the result, how should we talk about Disability and Human Rights and finally Simon's search for a new car! Varied or what? Take a listen you won't be disappointed. Here...


11: The Phil & Simon Show No 11 - Where Angels Fear to Tread

Show no 11 is a belter! We grapple with complex subjects which will get you thinking or even shouting at your podcast player. Phil is concerned about the increase of #non-disabled people talking on behalf of #disabled people and should people share if they have an #impairment in these circumstances? That should be enough but no, we then dive head first in to the #employment of people with severe #learning disabilities and #neuro-diverse impairments. Politics, the minimum wage, idealism...


10: The Phil & Simon Show No 10 - Disability in documentaries

This month's podcast has a distinct media feel to it. First, we take a look at wheelchair user Frank Gardner's film about his trip to Papua New Guinea in search of Birds of Paradise. We then discuss Notes on Blindness a powerful film about Professor John Hull's journey into and through blindness and then we focus on Andrew Marr's film My Brain and Me which looks at strokes and the search for a "cure". If that's not enough the recent Supreme Court ruling on buses and wheelchair spaces, and...


9: The Phil & Simon Show No 9 - Planes, trains and Meryl Streep

Phil and Simon meet again to be chat about all things #disability and beyond. This month it’s planes, trains and websites… we ask why is access still hit and miss? Has campaigning lost it’s way? Are the issues of disability too broad? Did Meryl Streep help? Who is accountable for mistakes? What would galvanise people? If that wasn’t enough, we chat about our favourite item or gadget, disability related all with the usual blend of serious, silly, challenging and awkward. #disability #train...


8: The Phil & Simon Show No 8 - Social model

It's one for the disability aficionados as Phil & Simon wrestle with the immovable #employmentgap of disabled compared to non-disabled people. We discuss the new report 'Ahead of the Arc' seeking to address this. (Here's the link to the report Leaving no stone unturned, Phil & Simon debate the limits of the #socialmodel, what is the difference between impairment and illness and where does physical or mental limitation stop and exclusion start. It gets feisty and...


7: The Phil & Simon Show No 7 - Pretend disability

Phil & Simon, good friends, differing politics keep it light discussing the current surprising voting trends, Trump, Brexit, genetic screening and if people are using a disability to cover up a character trait. And they dissect Leonard Cohen's lyrics to see if Everybody does actually Know. Geoff Adams-Spink tells you how to contact us. #Trump #Brexit #Disability #LeonardCohen #Genetics


6: The Phil & Simon Show No 6 - Is anxiety fashionable?

Protests and protesters, Are #Anxiety and #depression becoming fashionable?, Airlines and #lithium batteries, Are TUE's just reasonable adjustments?