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23: The Phil and Simon Show No 23

We kick off with some thoughts about Noel Conway and his attempts to change the law on assisted suicide. Labelling, mental Illness so what is a disability and what isn't. Simon continues the search for an accurate and meaningful definition. After the reaction to our previous podcast, we focus on our embarrassing or vulnerable bits and pieces arising from our disability. Phil's describes his aversion to swimming pools and being seen undressed. Simon shares his thoughts regarding people's...


22: The Phil & Simon Show No 22 - 'I don't have the personality to use a wheelchair'

More informal, more personal, Phil and Simon discuss a potential divisive split in impairments, more trouble with trains, Lost Voice Guy winning a talent show and do you need a personality type if you become disabled? Two people with a disability were the finalists in Britain’s Got Talent. Lost Voice Guy won it. Is this a watershed moment for disability and comedy or a stepping stone? A friend of Simon’s, who was looking at needing a wheelchair, told him she didn’t have the ‘personality’...