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The Platform Episode 25 (Season 2 Finale) – Boston Tea Party

Plenty of drama. Plenty of spilled tea. A special guest returns to the show for a reunion of sorts. This recording brings us back to the beginning. And to the end. It is the final episode of The Platform. New era. New show. Same favorite co-hosts, Harry Harding and Jeff Grey....The Poet & The Professor. Coming soon. Even podcasts are subject to evolution... Thank you for supporting The Platform.


The Platform Episode 23 – Horrible Hypotheticals

Life is full of choices. Fight a grizzly bear for three minutes or get chased day and night by a gang of raccoons whose mission is to take your lips. An evil genie a.k.a. The Professor presents this and other dilemmas to consider. Special guest this week: Shorty Doo Wop (Henny & Hotwings podcast).


The Platform Bonus Episode – The Book Signing

Recorded live from the Dudley Cafe in Roxbury, MA...The Professor and D Math Pro hold court at Harry's book signing for Perspectives In Progress with help from some very special guests. The shortest recording in The Platform podcast history is quite possibly the best one too. That awkward moment you realize your podcast may be better without you on it...enjoy Perspectives In Progress is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble & Lulu. Get your copy today!


The Platform Episode 22 – Polyamory anyone?

The entire Platform crew returns this week. We are joined by a special lady guest, Sha Mecca to discuss the merits of lifestyles featuring pork and polyamory. You read that right. Enjoy


The Platform Episode 21 – Sex, Drugs & Groundhogs

An unidentified single brown female joins Harry and The Professor to discuss the United Airlines fiasco before defending their own unpopular opinions about a range of topics. Harry advocates for legal crack smoking. The Professor says: F**k cats & dogs. You waited an extra week for this episode. It was worth it.


The Platform Episode 20 – Killer Whales v. Sharks

The Platform is joined by former elected official, Carlos Henriquez who shares insight into his experience in city and state politics as well as his current run for office. We also talk civics, mental health and the Professor's unfortunate bacon grease incident.


The Platform Episode 19 – Drake Is The New Public Enemy

Drake. Flavor Flav. Jeff's adventures on the Party Line. Harry's secret love child. What do these all have in common? Nothing. Nothing at all. Enjoy


The Platform Episode 17 – Privilege, Unity & Brown Nipples

Although the title suggests otherwise, this week's show returns to a far more serious tone. Without D Math, Harry and the Professor Jeff Grey hold things down discussing reaction from the film Get Out, Ben Carson's recent remarks and the premise of Charlemagne tha God's upcoming book, Black Privilege. It's a free flowing dialogue that explores our thoughts about where society is heading in the Trump era and what it takes to unify a community. Another semi-break from the foolery and the...


The Platform Episode 16 – Granville T. Woods – Mr. Pop Culture

On this episode, the Platform crew closes out Black History Month with a little friendly competition. D Math Pro (a.k.a. the Prince of Proverbs) battles the Professor Jeff Grey (a.k.a the Mulatto Monarch) in a game of trivia. Harry does his best impression of Alex Trebek (incidentally, perhaps the worst performance of a quiz master ever captured in the history of podcasting). The crew also talks Oscars and the Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma rap beef. The Platform salutes Black History...and...


The Platform Episode 15 – Mt. Rushmore

Recording from President's Day weekend, The Platform crew talks their Mt. Rushmore of influential African-Americans, most beautiful women, rappers and hip-hop albums. A fun discussion that includes the Professor's bus stop infatuations of a mystery lady, what D Math likes to sing in the shower and Harry's apparent fascination with a particular part of the female anatomy. Another episode, another gem...Happy Mulatto Appreciation Month everyone! Announcement ***4/27/17*** (6pm - 8pm) The...


The Platform Episode 14 – The Valentine’s Show: Tow Truck Men v. Poets

Among a blizzard, The Platform talks the return of the Walking Dead and discusses men and women's view of Valentine's Day. Without D Math this week, our guest co-host, Pertreena Cherrie (@uniquejewelrydesignsby_pc) and the Professor Jeff Grey explain to Harry why he should consider trading in his pen for a tow truck to better attract women. Shout out to The Dudley Cafe ( for their continued support of The Platform podcast! Announcement ***4/27/17*** The Dudley Cafe will...


The Platform Episode 13 – Super Bowl & Shoulder Midgets

Your host Harry Harding, D Math Pro and the Professor, Jeff Grey are back in the building. After a week on hiatus, the Platform crew returns with our first broadcasting from our new home studio, Lightspeed. We're from Boston, what do you think we discussed this episode? Of course, we talk Super Bowl and the Patriots historic championship run. One for the thumb, baby! More than football, this dialogue invites a medley of subjects from Boston's racist reputation, Brady and the Patriots...


The Platform Episode 12 – Are You There, God? It’s me, Jeff

On this episode of the Platform, a fascinating, if not controversial dialogue ensues regarding whether or not a higher being exists in our universe. At the center of the discussion, our newest co-host and resident atheist, Jeff Grey lends us insight into his worldview on God and religion. And later, as part of a new segment, we welcome a question from a listener...the crew advises why snitching on oneself is not an ideal choice for men in relationships. Get our take on any subject...submit...


The Platform Episode 11 – Trump Today, Wu-Tang Forever (Season 2)

The Platform returns for a second season. Host, Harry Harding (@iamprogress76) is joined by D Math Pro and our new regular co-host, Jeff Grey. The crew closes 2016 and open 2017 talking Trump, Obama's legacy and the existence of mass conspiracies. An interesting dialogue to say the least. Welcome back to the madness. Enjoy


The Platform Episode 10 – Oh, the Humanity! (Season 1 Finale)

The first season of The Platform wraps up welcoming back some of our favorite guests to play the popular game of Cards Against Humanity. Harry Harding (@Iamprogress76) and Co-host, D Math Pro are joined by Mr. Jeff Grey, the saucy one herself, Ms. Hotsauce (@mshotsauce2u) along with her co-host, Shorty DooWop from the Henny & Hotwings podcast (find them on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Tune In Radio). A show worthy of a finale...trying to describe the level of inappropriate fun is not...


The Platform Episode 9 – Be Saddam

Shout out to my co-host, D Math Pro who could not join us this week. In his absence, we welcome back Mr. Jeff Grey for an enlightened dialogue...what relationship advice would we offer to our younger selves? Jeff offers an interesting take on what men and women want from the opposite sex. This podcast is chock-full of pure wisdom. You'll enjoy this one, no doubt! The Platform podcast is supported by The Dudley Café ( Listen. Comment. Subscribe. Share. Repeat


The Platform Bonus Episode – Spades

A game of spades. A game I hope to soon forget. Thanks, D Math Pro... Shout out to the power couple and spades legends, Darryl Bohb Huggins and Lakisha Jordan...thank ya'll for hosting and helping make this episode happen. Redemption is coming, believe that! Just a little something to satisfy the listeners appetite before bringing you another official episode of The Platform next week. Enjoy


The Platform Episode 8 – Now What?

On this episode, we explore post-election reality. Host, Harry Harding and co-host, D Math Pro are joined by Miss Keanna Green and Mr. Jeff Grey for a spirited dialogue...what are the best modes of response/solution/recourse, particularly for marginalized communities, oppressed citizens and people of color heading into Trump's America? The Platform is brought to you by Progressive Enterprises ( and supported by The Dudley Café ( Listen....


The Platform Episode 7 – The Gift of Adversity

On this episode of The Platform, we break from the raunch and foolery, put the sophomoric antics on the shelf to entertain a more sophisticated dialogue. Our guest, one of my best friends in the world, Mr. Rodney Sinclair enters the studio to discuss the benefits of going through challenges in our lives...including honest reflection of his personal journey in overcoming adversity. Powerful and inspirational, this is by far one of my favorite shows we have recorded to date. Enjoy listening...


The Platform Episode 6 – Modern Dating Vol. 2

On this super-sized episode of The Platform, we return to our listener’s favorite subject, Modern Dating. In this second volume we are back at Casa de Wright/Casa de Edwards with two unbelievable lady guests, G and Maci. The ladies keep it all the way real about relationships, sex and their expectations of men. We revisit online dating and how to handle an indecent proposal. Raw. Honest. Fun. This show is an instant classic! As you ease into this Thanksgiving holiday, get your plate, your...