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Episode 55 - Pret Killed A Guy (actually 2 girls)

Hurricane Michael to Hurricane Trump we're talking everything this week. From Kanye changing his name to the recent deaths at Pret A Manger we discuss Kavanaugh's confirmation, the recent UK Supreme Court decision to uphold a bakers right to refuse to make a cake from a gay activist. Then for a bit of fun, we look at how Snoop and rap, in general, is a bit of a joke. Finally, we talk obesity and body positivity. Enjoy!


Episode 54 - UFC 229 Preview

Conor & Khabib square off in four days and we're breaking down the card in Episode 54. We discuss the build up, the style match up and potential outcomes. We also look at some of the other fights at UFC 229 like Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis and Derrick "Black Beast" Lewis takes on Alexander Volkan. Enjoy! Download the show on iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn and Stitcher.


Episode 53 - White Man's World

Episode 53 is kicking off with a review of the UFC 229 press conference between Conor and Khabib. After looking at that event, we look at some truly important news being reported by the mainstream media across the UK. Meghan Merkel closed her own door! The absurdity of calling this news when real issues need coverage. We go into the events that are rocking the American political and social landscape. We look at the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh and one of his accusers Dr Blasey-Ford. After...


Episode 52 - He's Back!

Episode 52 is here! Talking the Conor/Khabib press conference which happens tonight. We're also talking accountability health and fitness and why you need your reasons and no one elses. Then we're discussing the knife crime epidemic in London, the stupid beef between Eminem & MGK and why obvious win/win situations don't always end up that way. Lots of energy this episode and back on form. Enjoy!


Episode 51 - Focus On Issues, Not Agenda

Episode 51 is a strange one. Energy is a bit off because I'm recovering from dental work but wanted to get a show out before the weekend. Lots to discuss. We're talking the Serena Williams controversy at the US Open, the new Bob Woodward book against Trump, Elon and Joe Rogan podcast, and how the mainstream media chooses to look at the wrong points of important stories. We also discuss the recent interview between Piers Morgan and Farrah Shott the editor of Cosmo magazine where Piers...


Episode 50 - Obesity Is Not Body Positive

We're back for episode 50 and we jump straight back in. Catching up for missed time, we go in on the latest Trump chaos then straight into the media's attack on Jeremy Corbyn and reinforce the point that criticism of Israel's government is NOT antisemitic! Then we talk the latest cover model that Cosmopolitan magazine chose and why it's nothing more than pandering to a social justice warrior victim mentality. We're also talking health, well-being and motivation. We finish by talking about...


Episode 49 - How Many Pieces Of Shit Does It Take To Screw In A Light bulb?

Episode 49 is well overdue but here in full. We talk upcoming UFC matchups including Conor vs Khabib, Darren Till vs Woodley and the results from UFC 227. Then we look at the events from the past week including Alex Jones being kicked off all major digital platforms and why big tech companies shouldn't be the arbiters of free speech. Then we discuss Trump, Russia and the leaked tapes that are coming out daily. Finally, we touch on Jeremy Corbin's row with Benjamin Netanyahu, the terror...


Episode 45 - Hello Stranger, My Old Friend

Episode 45 kicks of with some strange ass intro then moves on to the absurd. We're talking Hot Wings toxic masculinity by design, the Trump Putin Summit disaster, the fallout and the walk back. We also discuss the hotel group suing the victims of the Vegas mass shooting and streaming services advancing past traditional tv in terms of viewer numbers and why this could be the end of the BBC and tv licenses. Then a bit of reminiscing back to a fatter time and what it takes to stay on the path...


Episode 44 - It's Coming Home...and Trump's Coming For Tea!

Episode 44 is a quick one, relatively speaking. We're talking the Thai cave rescue, Trump's NATO and UK visits and the chaos that has consumed the UK government after David Davis and Boris Johnson's resignation. We also recap the UFC 226, then look at the recent fines handed to facebook for their role in the data breach that potentially affected the Brexit vote. Finally, we talk the impending explosion of happiness if England advance to the world cup final. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes,...


Episode 43 - UFC 226 Preview

Episode 43 is a look at this weekend's UFC 226 event. We recorded this before Max Holloway was pulled from the card but the rest of the breakdown still reflects the current state of the card. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Episode 42 - Not Saying There's a Type...But There's Definitely a Type!

Episode 42 is a look back at the past week. We're talking the recent incidents of white women slapping black kids and minorities with impunity. We also discuss the self-destruction of traditional media outlets and why short-form content won't stand the test of time. The click bait tactics that are being rolled out by high standard outlets such as the New York Times. From there, we look at the shooting that took place at a US newspaper, only days after President Trump called journalists the...


Episode 41 - What's Your Red Line?

Episode 41 - We talkingTerry Crews sexual assault testimony and toxic Masculinity. We also dig into the CPN which is the new ASBO and a new tax revenue for councils to impose on residents and Prince William's Middle East visit. Finally, we're talking World Cup corruption, Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant, PermitPattie and the 28ycr old woman that has upended the party with a NewYork Democratic upset victory. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn. Follow updates on...


Episode 40 - Effective & Efficient

It's Episode 40 and it's a celebration! Finally, the UK Home Office has decided to launch a review into legalising medical cannabis while granting two emergency licenses to 6yr odl Alfie Dingley and 11yr old Billy Caldwell. Then it's into the immigration crisis on the US/Mexico border and talk about the flip-flopping of the President, his team and his supporters. We also look back at the North Korean summit to discuss how Trump lost on all fronts. To finish, we talk people who think it's...


Episode 39 - Begin As You Intend To Proceed

Episode 39 we talk about the benefit of routine and structure, motivation and accountability. How starting your day right can mean all the difference and that it's okay to be selfish sometimes. We also discuss the racket that is the fitness industry and highlight a local example of an unscrupulous gym owner. Moving on, we look at the upcoming North Korea summit in Singapore and why Trump seems to enjoy dealing with his adversaries more than his allies, the potential fall out and outcomes....


Episode 38 - False Equivalency

Episode 38 is just in time for UFC 225 which we break down and look at why CM Punk is on the main card. We also discuss how dangerous it can be to compare a mistake to a systemic agenda of lying, the devolution of politics into celebrity PR opportunities and how Kim Kardashian became a lobbyist for prison reform. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn. Follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.


Episode 37 - Ambien May Cause Racism

Episode 37 is a look back on the last week's news. From Roseanne's "Ambien" tweet to the subsequent cancellation of her show. We look at freedom of speech vs corporate responsibility and how that ties into political influence. We also discuss the recent disruption on UK trains which has thrown travel into chaos. From there we do a quick look back at the weekend's UFC event and look forward to UFC 225 this weekend. We finish with the ongoing refusal of medical care for the youngest amongst...


Episode 36 - Abortion or Abomination?

Episode 36 is coming at you after the long bank holiday weekend. We're talking the recent decision in Ireland to overturn the abortion ban and discuss how this came to be. We talk the churches influence through PR machines like Teresa of Calcutta. Then we talk about the ruling from a Dutch court to recognise a third gender and how fact vs opinion muddles lawmaking and the missing migrant children that have disappeared in America. After that, we're talking about social accountability of big...


Episode 35 - Equality of Outcome

Episode 35 is here, a day late but still in time to cover the some of the week's events. We're discussing the discussing the disgusting decision by the Dept of Health to cut off Billy Caldwell's medical cannabis prescription which has been successfully treating his extremely aggressive form of epilepsy. Then it's the politicisation of network TV and the recent controversy at a Kendrick Lamar concert after he invited a white girl on stage and she rapped his lyrics, ALL the lyrics. From there,...


Episode 34 - Motivation & Marijuana

Episode 34 comes with a dose of Monday motivation, unfortunately, it will be Tuesday when you listen but you'll get the point! Today we talk motivation and accountability. What does it take to topple complacency? After that, we talk more government negligence. This time it's another case of keeping a child from their medicine. Specifically, we discuss Billy Caldwell; the little boy from Northern Ireland that has severely aggressive epilepsy which is softened by the use of CBD oil. However,...


Episode 33 - Boycott Cake Not Clothing Companies

Episode 33 is a couple of days late due to some technical issues, but it's available now! One not to be missed, we're talking the recent reversal of Trump's stand on phone manufacturer ZTE and the convenient timing of a $500mil loan approval. We also discuss the ridiculous persecution claim by plus size models that companies should be forced to charge the same price for all sizes of clothing and the Canadian Youtuber that has parodied Childish Gambino's This is America video. Finally, we mix...