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Episode 84: Solo: A Star Wars Story

I have a bad feeling about this. Welcome to our Solo: A Star Wars Story Review Episode! Spoilers will be found in this episode, you've been warned! Jordan, Joe, and David are joined by James Hopp from the "Rock with Hopp" podcast to dive deep into Solo: A Star Wars Story as we review the film, break it down, talk about its troubled road during production, talk about potential spinoffs this movie sets up, and also the spinoff we would like to see most, and a whole lot more! Did we have to eat...


Episode 83: Ms. Marvel Joining MCU, Margot Kidder, The Eternals Moving Forward

(Deadpool 2 Review Comig Next Episode) - Welcome back! This week Jordan, Joe Prime, and David are joined by Bridget Bacalla! We go over all the weeks big news including Ms. Marvel joining the MCU, Marvel's The Eternals is moving forward as they hire a pair of writers, Stan Lee is suing POW! for 1 Billion Dollars, TV Renewals, Black Ops 4 Announcement, and MUCH more news. We hit up Tube Talk to talk some current TV, then we hit the Collectible Cave but we do NOT stop there! Oddly enough, we...


Episode 82: Solo Early Reactions, Avengers 4 News/Discussion, The Predator Trailer, Supercast BIG 3

This week Jordan & David are joined by Rebekah Dahling of Number 1 Comic Books and then later on Brooke Daugherty shows up at Rebekah's house, so she joins for the last hour as well. We kick the show off with a new weekly quickie segment "The Supercast Big 3", where Jordan gives his 3 biggest comics of the week, and also previews next weeks 3 big comics he thinks you should get. We hit up the Trailer Park to discuss the new "The Predator" trailer, as well as the new "Death of Superman"...


Episode 81: Cobra Kai, Star Wars: Resistance TV Series, DC Universe, Swamp Thing TV Series, Into The Badlands

Fear does not exist on this podcast. Pain does not exist on this podcast. Cobra Kai NEVER DIES! This week Jordan, Joe, and David are joined by the one and only Matt Kirby! We kick this baby off by striking first, and striking hard with our Cobra Kai (Spoiler-Free) series review! We also catch up on last weeks Into The Badlands Season 3 premiere, and the Westworld Season 2 premiere. All of that and more in Tube Talk this week to kick things off. Highlighting the news this week, Lucasfilm...


Episode 79: Avengers: Infinity War

It's finally here! Welcome to the Endgame. Essentially 10 years in the making, the conclusion of 18 movies. History in the making. Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric are joined by Rebekah Dahling of Number 1 Comic Books Podcast, The Animated Batcast, and LOLA as we all salivate over this epic event. We begin with our initial ratings and spoiler review of the movie itself, and at the end of the review we each review our initial rating, and see if it stands. Does this epic event join our coveted...


Episode 80: 80 Years of Superman & What Superman Means To Us, Lost In Space, Star Wars 9 News, Superman Trivia

Welcome to the last podcast of Krypton. We celebrate Superman's 80th Birthday and the release of Action Comics #1000 in a very special episode this week. Superman means a lot to us here at The Supercast so we decided to do a big segment called "80 Years of What Superman Means To Us", so we asked listeners what Superman means to them as we read off some of their answers, tell you what Superman means to each of us on the show, do a Superman Trivia, and much more. In Super Talk this week we go...


Episode 78: New Solo Trailer, Stan Lee Abuse?, Titans Set Photos, The Flash

DISCLAIMER: This is not our finest episode. Some would say that it sucks, and I couldn't argue. We just didnt have it this week. Everyone was super tired, but there are high points, just please dont judge us off of this episode. This week Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric go over the new Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer. Did this trailer change our minds on the movie, and make us think that we may have to eat crow? Find out! Joe Prime gives us his thoughts on the second half of Season 1 of Star...


Episode 77: Smallville, Legion, Spider-Man PS4, Far Cry 5, Ready Player One (No Spoilers)

This week Jordan, Joe, David, Eric, and a surprise guest start off with Super Talk as we begin with the Legion Season 2 Premiere. We follow that up with our promised Smallville Special where we talk a lot of Smallville and its strengths, it's weaknesses, comparisons to the Arrowverse, and more. David, Eric, and the surprise guest give a spoiler-free review of Ready Player One. We also talk a bit about the latest episode of Krypton, and where we think the show is at so far. Highlighting the...


Episode 76: Krypton, Astro City TV Show, Deadpool 2 Trailer, The Terror

We're back after missing last week, and we're grumpy. We open up the episode by talking about Netflix movies being removed from film festivels, and some comments that were said among cinemaphiles that believe Netflix movies should not be allowed to contend for awards, and we ask the question: In 20 years, will there still be movie theatres as we know them? Headlining this episode, the long awaited Krypton on SyFy finally premiered as we break down the first 2 episodes and review the show so...


Sportsball presented by The Supercast - Episode 1: NFL Free Agency Madness, The Bad Boys

On the first full episode of Sportsball, we begin with one of the most exciting Free Agency season in NFL history! We dig into the biggest free agency signings, and the biggest moves made in the beginning of the new league year. We talk about Kirk Cousins signing with the Vikings, Jordy Nelson going to the Raiders, the million additions the Browns made, and a WHOLE lot more! We tell you if we like each move, and what we think. For our first Throwback segment, we go back to The Bad Boys of...


Sportsball presented by The Supercast - Episode 0: What Is Sportsball?

Welcome to Sportsball!!! What is Sportsball? Sportsball is a new podcast brought to you by members of The Supercast. We will be covering all sports news, mostly football, and everythnig that is currently going on in the sports world. We will also be digging deep in the Throwback segement as David and Eric will educate Jordan on a team or regime from the past that made their mark in history. On this episode 0, we will introduce ourselves, tell you exactly what we will be doing in these...


Episode 75: Avengers Infinity War Final Trailer, New Gods Movie, Early Emmy Awards Discussion/Prediction

Our 75th Episode! This week, Jordan, Joe, and David start off by breaking down the awesome new and final Avengers Infinity War trailer. In the news this week, we learn of a New Gods movie from DC being directe by Ava DuVernay, Sony is doing a new Spider-Man spinoff film "Nightwatch", and we get some Ready Player One early reactions, plus more. We then head into our 3rd Joe Prime Trivia as the 2-time reigning trivia champ Jordan goes head to head with David for this weeks trivia title. In...


Episode 74: Jessica Jones, Jon Favreau Star Wars TV Series, Infinity War Coverage, Joe Prime Trivia

Happy 311 Day! Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric open up Episode 74 with a Jordan Rant, and Joe Prime Trivia! This time we have DC & Marvel Trivia, plus we cut it down to 10 questions with a double jeapordy style final question, and we've also added a Phone-A-Friend lifeline as Paul Hart from The Animated Batcast, Ginger Mirror, and Movies From The Hart joins us as our Phone-A-Friend Participant. In Tube Talk this week, Jessica Jones Season 2 headlines as we discuss and review the new season,...


Episode 73: Part 2 - Shazam Suit Reveal, Silver Surfer Movie, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Darkest Hour

Part 2. Jordan, Joe, and David return. We've all been waiting for Joe Prime's take on the Shazam Suit, and the time is here. Set photo's have leaked showing us the suit. What do we all think of it? Jordan's dreams have come true as Fox has announced a Silver Surfer movie written by Brian K. Vaughan! Did Luke have a wife before The Last Jedi? We bring you a report indicating he may have! Plus much more in news this week. In Tube Talk this week we discuss and review the Ash vs. Evil Dead...


Episode 73: Part 1 - Waco Finale Special, Atlanta Robbin' Season

Part 1. This week's episode was split into 2 parts due to Joe not being available for the first part because he had no power or internet. So in Part 1, Jordan, David, and Eric go into much detail as we rate and discuss the Waco series finale. We dig deep into the morals of what happened, what's true, and what isn't true, and we also read off of Wikipedia to see what happend to the survivors, and details about the trial that took place, and much more. Jordan also rates and discusses the new...


Episode 72: Joe Prime Trivia, 2018 Toy Fair, Black Widow Movie, Joss Whedon Leaves Batgirl, Counterpart

Welcoooooooome to.....JOE PRIME TRIVIA TIME! We debut a new segment this week, "Joe Prime Trivia". For the inaugural trivia debut, we do DC Trivia, where Joe Prime tests all of our knowledge on the history of DC Comics, and it's beloved characters. Also this week we cover the much anticipated 2018 New York Toy Fair, as we cover what we saw from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Hasbro, and more! We each pick our must-haves from the Toy Fair, and also our winners of Best Collectible of the 2018 New York...


Episode 71: Incredibles 2 Trailer, Channel Zero Butchers Block, Legends of Tomorrow, Banshee

Didn't see Black Panther this week? No problem, we got ya covered! Welcome to our normal episode for the week, seperate from our Black Panther Review (go back to Episode 70 for our Black Panther Spoiler Review). This is a much shorter episode than usual, as Jordan, Joe & The Sidekicks head on down to the Trailer Park to discuss the new Incrediles 2 Trailer! We also go through the news for the week, hit up Tube Talk to discuss more of Channel Zero Butchers Block, the return of Legends of...


Episode 70: Black Panther

Long live the King! Welcome to our Black Panther spoiler review episode. Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric rate, review, and break down Marvel's new Black Panther movie. We go through the things we loved, the things we didnt love, and we also decipher easter eggs, pick our favorite character, rank the villain Killmonger among all other MCU villains, and a whole lot more. We also have a normal episode this week that is seperate from this one, so check that one out as well. Let us know what you...


Episode 69: Solo Trailer, New Star Wars Movie Series, Venom Trailer, The Cloverfield Paradox, Altered Carbon, Superbowl Trailers, A Lot of BIG News, Channel Zero Butchers Block

We're baaaaaack. After missing a week for the first time, we return, and as we returned everything dropped. And I mean everything. We start the week by hitting the Trailer Park to talk about the long awaited Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailers, Venom Trailer, Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer, Deadpool 2 Trailer, Jessica Jones S2 Trailer, and more Superbowl Trailers. Also we were all hit with a huge surprise as during the Superbowl we were made aware that Netflix had acquired The Cloverfield Paradox...


Episode 68: Gotham by Gaslight, I Tonya, Molly's Game, Waco, Beyond, First Look at Captain Marvel

This week we have a lot of Tube Talk to go over as we review the movie Gotham by Gaslight, I Tonya, Molly's Game, and new TV Series Premiere's Waco, and The Alienist, as well as the season 2 premiere of Beyond, and a lot more in Tube Talk this week. We start off the week by going over the weeks news, which includes our first look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel through some new set photo's, and what we think of the Captain Marvel suit we saw. Also, Logan gets nominated for an oscar, is...


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