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Star Trek Enterprise 03x14 - Stratagem (TAFM 071)

The crew of the Enterprise gets really clever this episode, nearly pulling off a ruse that might have saved them a lot of time and effort had they succeeded. Unfortunately, its the Expanse, and this is Enterprise, so of course something had to go amiss. Episode Title: Strategem Written By: Michael Sussman and Terry Matalas Directed By: Mike Vejar Notable Guest Stars: Randy Oglesby (Degra) First Aired: February 04, 2004 Canon Date: December 12th, 2153 There Are Four Mics is a weekly...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x13 - Proving Ground - TAFM 070

The Expanse. Mysterious. Lonely. Cold. Hostile. An isolated corner of the galaxy with nary a friendly face for light ye-- Wait. Is that Shran? Episode Title: Proving Ground Written By: Chris Black Directed By: David Livingston Notable Guest Stars: Jeffrey Combs (Shran), Molly Brink (Lieutenant Talas), Randy Oglesby (Degra), Granville Van Dusen (Andorian General) First Aired: January 21, 2004 Canon Date: December 6th, 2153 There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x12 - Chosen Realm - TAFM 069

The Enterprise is taken over by a group of Triannon religious zealots seeking to use Starfleet's advance weapons to destroy the heretic forces on their homeworld. Things go exactly as planned. No they don't. Episode Title: Chosen Realm Written By: Manny Coto Directed By: Roxann Dawson Notable Guest Stars: Conor O’Farrel (D’Jamat), Vince Grant (Yarrick), Lindsey Stoddart (Indava), Tayler Sheridan (Jareb), David Youse (Nalbis), Gregory Wagrowski (Ceris) First Aired: January 14th,...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x11 - Carpenter Street - TAFM 068

The Temporal Cold War story line isn't quite dead yet! Daniels pops back into Archer's life just long enough to send our Captain and back to 2004 era Detroit to stop some kind of Xindi plot. Episode Title: Carpenter Street Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga Directed By: Michael Vejar Notable Guest Stars: Leland Orser (Loomis), Matt Winston (Temporal Agent Daniels) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Xindi Reptillian) First Aired: November 26, 2003 Canon Date: Unknown 2153 / October 2004 There...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x10 - Similitude - TAFM 067

Similitude should be one of those episodes that comes to mind whenever you think of Enterprise. If there were a reward for most "Star Trek-esque" episode, this would be in the running. Episode Title: Similitude Written By: Manny Coto Directed By: LeVar Burton Notable Guest Stars: Maximillian Orion Kesmodel (Sim age 4), Adam Taylor Gordon (Sim age 8), Shane Sweet (Sim age 17) First Aired: November 19th, 2003 Canon Date: Unknown (2153)


Star Trek Enterprise 03x09 - North Star - TAFM 066

Our first cowboy episode! We both went into this episode expecting the worst, but ended up pleasantly surprised! Episode Title: Star Trek Enterprise 03x09 - North Star Written By: David A. Goodman Directed By: David Straiton Notable Guest Stars: Emily Bergl (Bethany), Glen Morshower (Macready), James Parks (Deputy Bennings) First Aired: November 12, 2003 Canon Date: Unknown 2153


Star Trek Enterprise 03x08 - Twilight - TAFM 065

Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett awakens to find himself in the body of the former captain of the starship Enterprise, Jonathan Archer. Due to crippling amnesia, he is unaware that a decade has passed since the Captain's mission to prevent the destruction of Earth has failed. With the help of Archer's companion T'Pol and his former crewmates, he manages to piece together Archer's past and put things right that once went wrong. All kidding aside. Friggen fantastic episode. Star Trek: Enterprise...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x07 - The Shipment - TAFM 064

Following a lead given to them by Hoshi's captor from a previous episode, the Enterprise arrives at a kemocite processing facility supporting the construction of the Xindi weapon. Archer goes in all rough and tumble but accidentally makes a friend instead. Star Trek: Enterprise 03x07 - The Shipment Written By: Chris Black, Brent V. Friedman Directed By: David Straiton Guest Stars: John Cothran, Jr., Randy Oglesby, Steven Culp, John Eddins There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x06 - Exile - TAFM 063

Beauty and the Beast, but with Hoshi and no dancing furniture. Star Trek: Enterprise 3x06 - Exile Written By: Phyllis Strong Directed By: Roxann Dawson Guest Stars: Maury Sterling There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek episodes and movies in stardate order. Join Chris Keeley, Jason Allen, Joe Heiser, and Joshua B. Jones as we discuss the 6th episode of season three of Star Trek: Enterprise, Exile.


Star Trek Enterprise 03x05 - Impulse - TAFM 062

Responding to an automated distress call, the Enterprise finds the Seleya, a Vulcan ship that entered the Expanse nine months previously, derelict in an asteroid field rich in Trellium-D. Rescue efforts go sideways, as the Vulcan crew is exhibiting classic signs of Zombie-ism. Star Trek: Enterprise 3x05 - Impulse Directed by David Livingston Written by Jonathan Fernandez, Terry Matalas Guest Stars: Sean McGowan There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek...


Star Trek Enterprise - 3x04 - Rajiin - TAFM 061

Chasing another lead in their pursuit of the Xindi, the Enterprise crew takes on a passenger attempting to escape slavery. Turns out this Rajiin character isn't as innocent as she appears, as she begins gathering data on Archer and the rest of the crew using her super powers. Star Trek: Enterprise 3x04 - Rajiin Directed by Michael Vejar Written by Chris Black, Brent V. Friedman, Paul Brown Guest Stars: Nikita Ager, Tucker Smallwood, Randy Olgesby, Rick Worthy, Scott MacDonald There...


Star Trek Enterprise 3x03 - Extinction - TAFM 060

Archer, Hoshi, Trip, and T'Pol contend with a contagion that mutates any it infects into a member of an extinct sentient species. T'Pol is left to fend off her newly modified and aggressive crew mates. Take TNG's Genesis and Voyager's Threshold, add two unhappy podcasters, and you'll get this episode. Star Trek: Enterprise 03x03 - Extinction Directed by Levar Burton Written by Andre Bormanis Guest Stars: Roger Cross There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x02 - Anomaly - TAFM 059

Disabled by a series of anomalies, the Enterprise is boarded by pirates that manage to abscond with most of their anti-matter. In pursuit of the pirates, the crew discover an enormous and mysterious sphere. Archer quickly takes things too far with their lone captive, but no one seems to notice. Cold Open The Enterprise is plagued by anomalies that, among other more whimsical things, disturb Porthos’s slumber and force Reed to shut down the warp reactor. Acts 1 - 2 Main power offline,...


Star Trek Enterprise 03x01 - The Xindi - TAFM 058

Six weeks into the Expanse and the Enterprise has little to show for it. Fortunately, a tip from a freighter captain points Archer and Co. to the possible whereabouts of a Xindi miner. Cold Open The council of Xindi races debates the significance of the Enterprise’s arrival in the Expanse. With the weapon still in need of testing, it is decided that more information on Enterprise is needed. Act I and Act II Six weeks into their mission, the Enterprise continues its journey through the...


Star Trek Enterprise - Season Two Wrap Up - TAFM 057

Season two has come and gone! We're just flying through the Star Trek franchise like it's nothin. Today we award our Star Trek Trivia Trophy, battle each other over best "Star Trek-ish" episode of Enterprise so far, and get a little salty with each other over a TV show. Our audio is a little off during this recording, thank you for your patience!


Star Trek Enterprise 2x26 - The Expanse - TAFM 056

Things get serious real quick, as Earth has been attacked by a mysterious species hailing from the equally mysterious region of space, the Delphic Expanse. Few options left to them Earth sends their flagship, Enterprise, to meet the Xindi threat. Cold Open An object decloaks as it approaches Earth and fires a beam slicing devastation across the planet before breaking apart. Act I A panel of Klingons is ordered the disgraced Duras to reclaim his honor by capturing the elusive Captain...


Star Trek Enterprise 2x25 - Bounty - TAFM 055

The Empire never forgets. A Tellarite bounty hunter kidnaps Archer to collect the price on his head for escaping Rura Penthe, meanwhile, T'Pol makes everyone very uncomfortable aboard the Enterprise. === Cold Open Archer and Trip’s exploration of an uninhabited planet is cut short when a Tellarite vessel drops into the neighborhood and offers to show them all its natural amenities. He gets an invite over to Enterprise, but upon arriving, he immediately shoots Tucker and the Captain. Act...


Star Trek Enterprise 2x24 - First Flight - TAFM 054

After receiving news of the death of one of his former colleagues and rivals in the NX test program, Archer relates a story to T'Pol about a group of ragtag flyboys hoping to break the Warp 2 barrier. Star Trek: Enterprise 02x24 - First Flight Directed by Levar Burton Written by John Shiban and Chris Black Guest Stars: Brigid Brannagh (Ruby) Vaughn Armstrong, Keith Carradine, Michael Canavan, Victor Bevine There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek...


Star Trek Enterprise 2x23 - Regeneration - TAFM 053

Enterprise takes another risk by introducing a second species ahead of known canon. Thing is, this episode was just so fun that any minor conflicts with the Borg introduction in The Next Generation are totally overshadowed. Star Trek: Enterprise 02x23 - Regeneration Directed by David Livingston Written by Michael Sussman, Phyllis Strong Guest Stars: Vaughn Armstrong, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mark Chadwick, Paul Anthony Scott There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star...


Star Trek Enterprise 2x22 - Cogenitor - TAFM 052

The Enterprise crew comes into contact with the Vissians, a race with three genders. One of these genders, dubbed Cogenitors, lead a life unbefitting a sentient being by most human standards, so of course Trip is gonna get mixed up in there. Star Trek: Enterprise 02x22 - Cogenitor Directed by Levar Burton Written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga Guest Stars: Andreas Katsulas, F.J. Rio, Becky Wahlstrom There Are Four Mics is a weekly Star Trek podcast discussing the Star Trek episodes and...