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The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!

The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!
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The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!






Buffy 5x05&06: No Place Like Home/Family

Luke, you're a blender . . .


Angel 2x03&04 First Impressions/Untouched

These episodes suck.


Buffy 5x03&04: The Replacement/Out of My Mind

So men are the worst. We start with Xander, who is having trouble adulting for the first time. Both in relating to his demon-girlfriend and in, well, getting his shit together. He gets split into adult Xander and manchild Xander. Also they reall should have had a threesome. Our second dose of toxic masculinity comes from Riley, who is super threatened that Buffy is stronger and faster and better at adulting. Wait, is that a pattern here? Luckily his friend Graham is there for him- if not...


Angel 2x01&02: Judgment/Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

So we stop at a Karaoke bar where there's a maybe-gay lime green demon who is really good at diagnosing feelings. It's a lot more coherent than Rico's wife having a prophecy baby. Also Angel deals with his guilt over killing an innocent demon pretty quickly. We never even learn his name. Also horses. Fun but not really giving me enough lore to care about what's going on. I'll take more of the pansexual karaoke master, though. And then we have a flashback episode where Angel stays at a...


Buffy 5x01&02: Buffy vs. Dracula/Real Me

Dracula is about, and he has some special powers, like not dying with a stake to the heart. I didn't really feel this episode, but the idea of Dracula being some kind of special vampire, and his mythology being based on his eccentricities is intriguing to me. I want to see more. Also WTF is up with this bitch who claims to be Buffy's sister? Is Anya up to her old tricks again?


Blind Date/To Shanshu in LA

How the fuck is Leslie the most relate-able character here? He tries to sabotage a Wolfram & Heart operation, and then takes a promotion instead of turning good . . . and Angel has to be a dick to him. Also I'm super up for a heist movie in this universe. Also fuck the last 3 minutes. Even with Darla around.



We're back! We close season 4 of Buffy with the end of Adam and the Initiative, where Bitches can finally come out about really hating this season. I'm not so down on it, but there are quite a few missed opportunities. Of everyone in the Cast, only Willow and Spike seemed to get any real character growth. See you next week for the finale of Angel!


The Yoko Factor/War Zone

Shit is blowing up in Buffytown! Adam is a dick, but we already knew that. I;'m real conflicted about Spike. And why is Angel here again? I really want Tara to have a personality. Also Xander is bad at things. As for the Angel episode . . . never mind. Yuck.


New Moon Rising/Sanctuary

My Boyfriend's back! And I'm gonna have to dump him . . . because I like the lady cave now. Also, Faith is back,and she goes on a journey that ends with her in jail. Sorry for the short post, y'all. We're just done with these episodes. We liked them, but it's been a month getting this ep on the air.


Rogue One LIVE @ LosCon 44

Another year, another great LosCon! This time we covered Rogue One, and Money friggin loved it! Bitches hated it. So we are officially broken up for good again. Money was super into the stories of the heroes that don't get mdeal ceremonies, the ones who don't get remembered. Bitches thought it was trite and unecessary. Thanks again to LosCon for hosting us`! Come see us next year! https://loscon.org/45/memberships/


Where the Wild Things are/Five by Five

Hey there listeners, sorry I'm late with this one. In Sunnydale, we have the orgasm house, and Mrs. Landingham is the bay guy. Didn't see that one coming. Bitches & I pontificate on the utility of an orgasm spot on the wall, and what that would do to dating. Also, the right pairing is Anyanka and Spike. As for Angel, Faith shows up, and after some bullshit trying to "contain" her, with Wesley rightfully not trusting her. Wolfram & Hart are trying to tie up their loose end in Faith, but...



I like Jonathon. More of him please. Also more discussions on free will when wishes are possible. I forgot this bitch's name again, though. Whatever. Angel sucked.


Who Are You?/The RIng



This Year's Girl/Prodigal

It's time for some more Buffyverse. We get the return of two blasts from the pasts- Faith is awake, and fucking shit up. I'm not big on the Adam storyline- he's just not compelling enough of a villain. But add to that drama the pressure of Faith around a fucking shit up, the show gets that much more tense. As for Angel, the interesting part of this episode is the flashbacks. We get to see how Darla changed Angel and how he took care of his family. The present-day stuff is rather...


Goodbye Iowa/I've Got You Under My Skin

Shit's going down on Buffy. Walsh is dead, and the Initiative is in chaos. They are steal teasing me with the maybe-lesbianism. Buffy looks hot in a labcoat and glasses, and Riley is off his meds. Also, the return of Willy the Snitch. As for Angel, we go to some dark places, a kid is possessed by a demon, but there's a particularly earth-shattering twist in the mix. Also he says some terrifying words thrown at poor Wesley. Is that character development for him?


The "I" in Team/She

Yay! Some good episodes! Good pick-me-up from last week's fustercluck. Angel meets a few demons from another dimension, one that has super creepy, abusive gender norms. But Bai Ling really sells it, even though the put some latex titties on and a window to view them. Could do without the hornyness making women explode, though. Shit blows up at the Initiative, too. Dr. Walsh decides Buffy is too risky (because you don't know how to effectively allocate and use your assets, dumbass) and...


A New Man/Expecting

We hates it. Giles gets turned into a demon and Cordy gets knocked up by one. We talk about pussies. Three-legged and otherwise.



Buffy is having some relationship trouble. Mostly, she doesn't seem to understand how important it is to have a boyfriend who lives in her world. I've made my feelings about the age difference known already, but honestly, this is probably the best arrangement to be found, romantically. Also someone tries to open the hellmouth again. I don't know why. Angel has to come out to Kate in his episode, and let's be honest, the writers don't seem to be very good at Kate. Considering Wheadon is...


Hush/Parting Gifts

We spend about half the episode of Buffy without a word being said. This is good stuff, y'all! Also Riley actually starts to be interesting and memorable. Anyanka and Xander have some much-needed relationship solidification. Also there's demons on invisible segways. Meanwhile in LA, Cordy comes to the realization that Doyle gave her something she didn't want. Also there's a demon Syler on the prowl, and the return of Weasel, who has learned exactly nothing in all this time.


Something Blue/Hero

First, I'm sorry guys, I need to apologize for you being able to hear every car that drove by. My mic sensitivity was way too high. Second, I really liked this Buffy episode, not only because it was fun, lighthearted, and interesting, but also because I was right, Willow is headed down a dark path if she doesn't correct herself, and she doesn't seem disciplined enough to really control her witchcraft. I think this could be real trouble down the road. Also I don't know how I feel about...


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