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The Constant - 6.17 The End

This is it, guys. We've made it to the finale! And while I fully expected to just blubber through the entire thing, I pulled through and didn't shed one tear! Krista had an interesting take on what it all means, and it's a theory I've never heard or considered before. And, while we interpreted how it all wrapped up differently, we aren't in opposition. We will be taking a little break, but we want to come back with an episode where we answer all of your questions. So get them in to us! I'll...


The Constant - 6.16 What They Died For

In this, the penultimate episode of Lost, we learn which candidate steps up to the task of being the new Jacob - and it's no surprise who. We say goodbye, and good riddance, to Charles Widmore and his lapdog Zoe. We worry about the fate of Richard Alpert and Frank Lapidus. And we speculate on what is going to happen in the finale next week. If you have questions for Krista regarding the series on a whole, DM Jaime on Facebook, twitter (@theConstantPod), or email at theconstantpod@gmail.com ....


The Constant - 6.15 Across the Sea

Krista has the same reaction as everyone else with this episode, which was: WHY NOW? WHO CAAAARES? Join us as we talk through this speedbump on our way to the finale. So what happens? We get Jacob and MIB's origin stories. They're twins, born from a shipwrecked woman who is then killed by Mother, played by the incandescent Allison Janney. She raises them on lies, which backfires on her later. We learn about the Heart of the Island. More questions are raised. Few answers are given. And sure,...


The Constant - 6.14 The Candidate

If you've been with us since season 1, you've probably been wondering how Krista would react to this episode. Well...she didn't rage quit! A moment of silence for our departed friends, Sun, Jin, and Sayid.


The Constant - 6.13 The Last Recruit

In this episode, we've got some bombs, some possible murder, and the groups split again, though this time it seems that Jack is on his own with the LockeMonster. Everyone else heads to Hydra and are immediately captured by Widmore's people, but not before the long awaited reunion between Jin and Sun happens. It's getting closer and closer to the end now, guys, and Krista isn't handling it well.


The Constant - 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo

We're getting closer and closer to the end and Krista is starting to freak out. Here's a drinking game for you: every time Krista says she's scared, or every time she says she hates this, DRINK. In happier news, we have Libby and Hurley finding each other in the Sideways Universe and it predictably made me cry, as did Michael, which I explain because it surprised even me. We have some discussion of what Krista thinks is going to happen, there is some praise of Jack, and a lot of love for...


The Constant - 6.11 Happily Ever After

As usual, a Desmond-centric episode leads to a lot of discussion of what the hell does this mean? Krista has a theory about not only the Sideways-verse, but what Desmond has to do with it. Is she right? We'll know in a few weeks. OMG.


The Constant - 6.10 The Package

Raise your hands if you thought the titular package was DESMOND. Well, I didn't but Krista suspected. And, while we don't get a lot of Mr. Hume in this episode, we do get a flash sideways about Jin and Sun and how they're not married but definitely into each other, which is nice. Not so nice is Martin Keamy, or Mikhail, who no one was hoping to see again. On the Island, we get a little more of Charles Widmore, which leads to a lot of discussion about his motivations and what the hell he's...


The Constant - 6.09 Ab Aeterno

It's finally here: Richard's episode! The best part is that Krista went into this one with dread, thinking it was going to be about Jacob, and instead she got what she'd been asking for for so long! Plus, Maggie is back to discuss all things Alpert, some things Jacob, and a little bit of Man in Black. We also talk about how we feel about Sayid, and Krista tries to guess at the endgame.


The Constant - 6.08 Recon

We get our Sawyer episode and in a twist we find out that in the Sidewaysverse he's not a con artist, but a cop who takes down con artists. And his partner is Miles! And he goes on a date with a very glamorous Charlotte! Though his backstory is still one of tragedy, he took a different path to be a better, though still sad, man. On the island, though, he's conning anyone and everyone because that's what he does. Either version is cool with us though. Team Sawyer!


The Constant - 6.07 Dr. Linus

What would it be like if Ben Linus were actually a good person? In the Flash Sideways we get to see him choosing what's good for someone else over power for himself, while on the Island we see his remorse for what he's done to retain his power. It's a great episode with a powerhouse performance from Michael Emerson.


The Constant - 6.06 Sundown

Siiiiiiigh. I don't know, you guys. We struggled for things to talk about in this episode. It's just so...BORING. Give it a listen anyway, because we did our best to make at least talking about it entertaining.


The Constant - 6.05 Lighthouse

What's that? Jack has a KID in the Sidewaysverse? And he's actually a GOOD DAD??! This is interesting. What does it mean? And who is David's mom? These are the things we want to know about. On the Island, Hurley brings Jack on a Jacob-instructed mission to a lighthouse no one has ever seen before, and which Jack gets all Jack about and smashes the mirrors to shards when he isn't given answers immediately. When will he ever learn? How did this dude get through medical school and master the...


The Constant - 6.04 The Substitute

On the Island, Locke promises Sawyer answers, and bring him to a cave covered in names and numbers. Names like Shephard, Reyes, and Ford. Others have been crossed off, like Austen and Locke. This is the stuff I love. What both of us love, though, is the return of Helen! In the FlashSidewaysVerse, we see that Locke, while still a bit petulant about his being in a wheelchair, is actually much happier. He and Helen are planning a wedding, he apparently has a good relationship with his father,...


The Constant - 6.03 What Kate Does

Newsflash: we don't like the Temple crap. But we did like Jack's reaction to their shenanigans, the scene on the dock with Sawyer and Kate, and we debate whether Claire is really Claire. Oh yeah, that's right, Claire is back! But...is she?


The Constant - 6.01 & 6.02 LA X

Here we are, starting the final season! Can you believe it? We can't. But we soldier on, and talk about what Krista got right, what she got wrong, and what she thinks this is all leading up to.


The Constant - 5.16 & 5.17 The Incident

There's a lot to get into here, from Jacob and the Man in Black, to Locke, to the actual incident and what happens to Juliet. Then, when we've covered all of it, we get Krista's prediction on what's to come in Season 6, and you don't want to miss that.


The Constant - 5.15 Follow The Leader

The shirt is hitting the fan now, y'all. In 1977, we've got Jack following Daniel's not-so-well-described plan to drop a hydrogen bomb into a pocket of energy in order to change the future (guess we're forgetting about whatever happened happened), and Sawyer getting the shirt beat out of him a very eager Radzinsky rather than tell him anything. In 2007, we have Locke fully embracing his dictatorship and giving all the orders, leading the remaining group of Others to Jacob, who no one has...


The Constant - 5.14 The Variable

We've got bad dads, we've got bad moms...and then we have Daniel's parents, who take it to a whole other level. Daniel's return brings a whole new level of chaos, and immediately. There's the spilling of the time travel tea, blowing up LaFleur's spot in the Dharma Initiative, and, well, talk of literally blowing up an actual hydrogen bomb. And then he's shot by his mother, who in the future sends him there knowing she's going to kill him. None of this can lead to anything good, right?


The Constant - 5.13 Some Like It Hoth

We're back! Thank you for your patience in our scheduled hiatus. Weddings were attended, family was seen, illness was combated, and so DragonCon was not on the menu, sadly. But, all of that is the past, what happened happened, and we're forging ahead with what turned out to be a very jam-packed episode. After waiting almost two full seasons, we finally get a Miles episode! We learn that Pierre Chang, aka Marvin Candle, aka that dude in the Dharma videos, is his father...and kind of a douche,...