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Kaepernick GQ Citizen of the Year, Fire Brian Kelly | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 18

Shy is back from strep throat with a special mid-week edition of the show! We have a brand new SBBHOF nominee (Brandon is not happy about it). Brandon wants to fire Chuck Pagano and Shy wants to fire Brian Kelly. Is it possible for a redneck to actually boycott GQ magazine if they can't read? Can a man take a poop if he has no butt? The Mayweather bet is FINALLY settled. And the return of the worst segment in show history, "If Today Was Your Last Day."


Papa John's NFL Protests, Brandon Backs Out of Mayweather Bet | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 17

We're back! Shy is still grumpy and Brandon is still a payaso. Shy flames Papa John's CEO John Schnatter over his NFL comments. Brandon is trying to back out of posing naked after losing the Mayweather/McGregor bet. Shy is suspicious that Andrew Luck will never play football again, so we ask NFL/SB Nation writer Jake Arthur about it. Why did we never notice that 90s R&B songs were singing about putting boners on women without consent?


NFL Anthem Protests, Mayweather vs. McGregor Preview | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 16

Brandon starts out the show by doing an offensive accent and being bad at reading. Former UFC fighter Chris "Lights Out" Lytle joins the show to preview Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Is Marshawn Lynch actually protesting the national anthem or just being lazy? Brandon admits the truth about being a bandwagon Bama fan. ESPN should fire Will Cain before it's too late. Shy has bitten many butts in his day.


Zeke Elliot Suspension, WWE SummerSlam Preview | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 15

Zeke Elliot isn't going to jail or prison, so why the hell is he being suspended? The NFL is playing a very dangerous game. Shy and Brandon discuss. They also preview WWE SummerSlam with comedian Kyle Lewis and welcome on AP college football reporter Corey Elliot to talk about the preseason polls and upcoming season. Brandon gets mad at Shy for calling him a bandwagon fan. Also... don't ever put your finger in another man's peanut butter!


Will Colin Kaepernick Get Signed? Drug Testing High School Athletes| Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 14

We're back! Did our Facebook feud put the future of the show in jeopardy? Andrew Luck is a thief. Chuck Pagano is a liar. Brandon hates Shy. What would happen if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor got married? Pacers' Pat Boylan joins the show to talk the Victor Oladipo/Paul George trade. Will Colin Kaepernick ever get a job? Will Shy be welcomed back at his alma mater after his comments on this episode? Jay Cutler is booty.


Conor McGregor Racist, WWE Battleground Preview| Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 13

Shy and Brandon go at it again on Mayweather vs. McGregor and Conor's racist comments (or were they?). Friend of the show, comedian/WWE guru Kyle Lewis joins the show to preview Smackdown Live's Battleground PPV and threatens to beat up Brandon. We also find out if Maria Menounos will be inducted into the Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame. CULO!


Did Jay-Z Cheat on Beyonce? The NBA East Sucks | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 12

Brandon starts the show by being an out of control Pacers homer. You won't believe what he thinks about the Paul George trade. Shy reveals his new nominee for the Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame. We talk to Joe from Joe Hova's Mind Frame about the new Jay-Z album and decide if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will get us naked. And Brandon shops a Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens buddy comedy.


Hilary Duff Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame Announcement Press Conference | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show Exclusive

BREAKING: A decision has been made in the Hilary Duff Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame Press Conference. Let's listen in...


Punk Ass Paul George, Worst Episode Ever | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 10

Paul George is on his way out of Indy and Shy and Brandon definitely won't miss his punk ass (Shy's words). What should Brandon and Shy bet on the Mayweather/McGregor fight? Brandon gets into a scuffle with a housefly. Shy gets his feelings hurt by an NFL player. We make a ruling on Hilary Duff's booty. This is by far the worst show we've ever done. EVER.


Mayweather vs. McGregor, Hillary Duff's Booty | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 9

Break out the red panties, we're rich baby! Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have finally signed on the dotted line! Would you actually pay to watch them fight though? With a new Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame nominee comes more Sneaky Big Booty Hall of Fame controversy. Brandon can't help but be a homer in his season predictions for the NFL and Shy is having none of it. A viral post, a quickie and more porn lies from Brandon.


WWE Money in the Bank Preview, Rex Ryan Gets into a Bar Fight | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 8

We preview the upcoming WWE Smackdown Live Money in the Bank PPV w/ comedian and WWE analyst Kyle Lewis. We out NBA players that we've seen smoke weed. Andrew Luck's shoulder is made of leftover Chad Pennington parts. Rob and Rex Ryan get into a bar fight. Brandon is confronted by his angry, gay co-worker and Shy has low expectations for the Colts this year.


Tiger Woods Mugshot, Jason Whitlock, Wonder Woman Movie | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 7

Should we shame Jason Whitlock for his latest LeBron James controversy? Does PK Subban have bad breath and do all black people spell Karl with a 'K'? Aaron Hubbard joins us to review the new Wonder Woman movie, Brandon accuses Tiger Woods of being a drug addict and Shy is absolutely devastated over a hall of fame snub. #SBBHOF


WWE Extreme Rules Preview, Drunk People at Indy 500/Carb Day| Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 6

We preview WWE Extreme Rules with comedian and WWE expert Kyle Lewis. Brandon is a redneck, literally. Shy is so sick of Cavs/Warriors and is not excited for part 3 in the NBA Finals. B shares stories from Carb Day, including naked women and fist fights. Shy forces Brandon into penis talk yet again and quizzes Brandon on his WWE knowledge (spoiler alert, he fails miserably).


Is LeBron James on Steroids? Kristine Leahy vs Lavar Ball | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 5

Brandon is SO bad to start the show that Shy almost walks out. Is LeBron James on steroids? Who was wrong, Lavar Ball or Kristine Leahy? Shy answers why he left The Scotty Show. The return of "Booty or Nah," plus Shy sings country music.


The Warriors Are the Most Unlikeable Team in Sports | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 4

We've never taken so many polls in one sitting. Wait, what? Does Peyton Manning deserve a statue and what should it look like? Should Draymond Green just shut up? Are the Golden State Warriors the most unlikeable team in sports? LeBron joins the show and we get to the bottom of the most important question ever asked: "does Brooke Hogan smell like bologna?"


Guardians of the Galaxy V2 Review, Big Baller Brand Shoes | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 3

Episode 3 is here! Shy got to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 over the weekend, was it better than pretty okay? He also has an epiphany about LeBron James. Also, what happened to Brandon at Taco Bell the other day will absolutely disgust you, Shy can't believe people from Alabama know how to use Twitter and Shy and B kill several different athletes and coaches. #immarypoppinsyall


NFL Draft, Joe Mixon Video, McDonald's Orange Hi-C | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 2

A packed episode two includes: Lonzo Ball can't get a shoe deal, an NFL draft recap with Jake Arthur from Pro Football Spot, a new segment called, "Booty or Nah?" Larry Bird out as Pacers president, Colts' TY Hilton's son has a viral video but it's not the full story. We talk to the dad from the other sideline and he's not happy. Plus, Trey Wingo wants you to know that black people are really poor. #prettyokaytakes #youjustmadethelist


Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Himself? Paul George Chokes | Shy and Brandon's Pretty Okay Sports Show 1

What did Shy do to get blocked by Paul George on Twitter? Was there foul play in the death of Aaron Hernandez? Shy thinks so. Ronda Rousey is engaged. Joe Hova from "Joe Hova's Mind Frame," answers the question: Is Kendrick Lamar the best rapper alive? Brandon kisses Chewbacca. Cheese all through the b****. #prettyokaytakes


Trump Inauguration Alternative Facts | The Holder Report 7

Watch this video before Trump gets it taken down. Did Sean Spicer lie about Donald Trump's inauguration crowd size? Kellyanne Conway prefers to think if it as an "alternative fact." Alternative facts are fake right? Not so fast my friend! They're real and this new episode of The Holder Report will prove it (and even get in some cheap shots on Tom Brady being a cheater). #TheHolderReport


Was Obama a Good President? | The Holder Report 6

The 44th president of the United States is leaving office. Obama has been one of the most polarizing President's in the history of the USA. Before president-elect Donald Trump takes over, The Holder Report looked to answer one simple question: Was Barack Obama a good president? #TheHolderReport


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