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Two semi-successful lady actors talk about their (usually embarrassing) obsessions then and now, asking the questions: why do we obsess, how do we choose our obsessions, and how do we use them to cope with the struggles of daily life?

Two semi-successful lady actors talk about their (usually embarrassing) obsessions then and now, asking the questions: why do we obsess, how do we choose our obsessions, and how do we use them to cope with the struggles of daily life?
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Two semi-successful lady actors talk about their (usually embarrassing) obsessions then and now, asking the questions: why do we obsess, how do we choose our obsessions, and how do we use them to cope with the struggles of daily life?




Episode 11: #summercamp

SURPRISE! In honor of Anna and Melissa's live show, Think of Me, Fred Weasley (inspired by Episode 09: #musicaltheater and Episode 03: #harrypotter) performing in just one week (Tuesday June 5th, 2018) at The Little Victory Theatre in Burbank, here is an unrealeased episode during which the ladies talk about their awesome, meangingful, and borderline bizarre experiences at summer camp- some of which may also come up in the live show!!! Also, in case you couldn't tell, this podcast was...


EPISODE 10: #holidaze

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and Anna and Melissa are here to break it down- why are the holidays simultaneously so magical, and so stressful? Anna and Melissa share some of their favorite holiday traditions, as well as tips on ways you can take control of your holiday experience by breaking traditions and/or starting some of your own. Follow us on social media! Twitter- @hashtagobsessed Instagram- @hashtagobsessedpodcast Facebook-...


EPISODE 09: #musicaltheater

After a brief break, the ladies are back, and taking another trip down memory lane, back to their adolescent days. You don't want to miss this one- Anna and Melissa, both lapsed musical theater nerds, talk about why musical theater drew them in so much when they were younger, and why it doesn't draw them in as much anymore. Featuring readings from Melissa's ACTUAL high school journals in which she writes about her love for The Phantom of the Opera, and how the plot of the musical mimicked...


MINISODE 03: #bigbrother featuring Anna's mom!

#obsessed! returns this week after a Halloween break with a new minisode and companion piece to EPISODE 08: #guiltypleasuretv- Anna interviews her mom, Denise Miles, about her long and intense obsession with the reality tv show Big Brother.


Episode 08: #guiltypleasureTV

Anna has recently embarked on the insane journey that is #PrettyLittleLiars and has a shameful love for #HereComesHoneyBooBoo, Melissa likes #BachelorInParadise and teaches Anna all about the insane reality show #IWannaMarryHarry- all this and more as your favorite obsessors dish on their most beloved crappy TV shows and try to figure out why trashy TV appeals to us. We call these shows our guilty pleasures, but is that a fair title? Should we feel guilty about what we love and the things...


Episode 07: #fitspo

We've all seen it invade our Instagram or Facebook feeds- pictures of insanely fit, beautiful women, usually overlaid with "inspirational" quotes like "if you're 'too busy' to go to the gym, your priorities need to change." Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet are both important parts of living a healthy life, and many people truly enjoy rigorous workouts as part of their daily routine- but at what point does exercise and diet become an obsession? How do things like #fitspo and...


Episode 06: #horrorexplorer

Well, it happened- Anna actually watched The Ring, and then she and Melissa talked about horror fandom and what it means to seek out fear. Why are horror movies obsessed with creepy little kids? Why is it often so much harder to watch animals die than it is to watch humans die in movies? Why are everyone's lips purple in The Ring? Anna and Melissa discuss these tough questions and much, much more. Like what you hear? Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe! A huge thank you to our...


MINISODE 02: #weirdobsessions

In their second MINISODE, and in the first installment of a series of perversely-themed sodes, Anna and Melissa GET WEIRD and talk about their strangest obsessions, including the movie The Human Centipede, reading horror movie summaries on Wikipedia, and smelling belly buttons. We want to hear about YOUR weird obsessions! Connect with us on Social Media! Twitter- @hashtagobsessed Instagram- @hashtagobsessedpodcast Facebook- facebook.com/hashtagobsessedpodcast Gmail-...



What is it about weddings?????? Why do so many of us desperately love everything wedding, even if we're no where near becoming engaged, or already married? Anna and Melissa attempt to answer this question, but only after Anna had to lie about being engaged to get them into a terrible Bridal Show. A few bad recordings during a bridal fashion show and $40 deposits with a time share company later, Anna and Melissa left the Anaheim Convention Center with this episode and theoretically a free...


MINISODE 01: #thejoyofless

SURPRISE! WE MADE A MINISODE- our first one ever!!!! Melissa explains it all- all about her obsession with Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Konmari method, and The Joy of Less by Francine Jay (aka, "Miss Minimalist"), that is. Melissa is so obsessed with decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle, she has an Instagram account dedicated to it, and has even considered a career in professional organizing- and Anna is so obsessed with collecting useless pretty...


Episode 04: #YAlit4life

...AND FEMINISM FOREVER! This week, Anna says "um" a lot and Melissa eats some nutty chocolate as they talk about the books they loved growing up and as adults. Melissa, a self-identified bibliophile and former Barnes and Noble employee, recommends all sorts of amazing series, while Anna discusses her dream to write and sell the movie options for her own Y/A novel (seriously, don't steal her idea!). Like what you hear? Remember to subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes! Follow us on...


Episode 03: #harrypotter

That's right....it's here! Our much-anticipated HARRY POTTER episode, with a hashtag title because Anna is trying to stick with consistent branding! Finally the ladies delve into Anna's lifelong obsession with the Harry Potter universe and, in particular, her fictional love affair with Fred Weasley....an obsession which peaked with a full-length Harry Potter musical fan fiction she wrote in seventh grade (dramatic reading from said musical included in episode). They talk about midnight book...


Episode 02: Lady Heroes!

Anna and Melissa saw Wonder Woman and loved it, and Anna has experienced the new Marvel-themed "Summer of Heroes" at Disney's California Adventure and hated it. With heroes on the brain, the ladies of #obsessed! talk about the badass female heroes who had the most impact on them growing up, including Danielle De Barbarac from the movie Ever After, the classic and amazing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and their literary hero, Elizabeth Bennet. They also talk about a leather-clad Kevin...


Episode 01: Our First #Obsessions!

Hi everyone! It's EPISODE ONE! Hurray! In this episode Anna and Melissa discuss why they are #obsessed with obsession, their very first obsessions, and their very strongest obsessions including Grease (the movie and the original musical, which Anna has VERY strong opinions about), Labyrinth (and David Bowie's epic pants bulge), striped clothing, and Harry Potter, with some digressions into the "Wonderful World" of being a performer at Disneyland. Please rate, review, and subscribe on...


Episode 00: Intro/Teaser! What is #obsessed!?

Who are we? Why should you listen? What exactly are we getting ourselves into?!?!?! Connect with us! Instagram- @hashtagobsessedpodcast Twitter- @hashtagobsessed Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/hashtagobsessedpodcast/ Email- Hashtagobsessedpodcast@gmail.com hashtagobsessedpodcast.com