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#MarxismExposed Don Jans ##WhatIsIslam I Q al-Rassooli #BitCoin Tom Barrett #GenMichaelFlynn @JohnBWellsCTM @realDonaldTrump

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans joins Pastor Greg to discuss how far down the rabbit hole has America traveled in the fundamental change that Obama promised and the election of socialists and communists in this mid term election. Is the manipulation of the election the final nail in the coffin? How do those that are changing election results take the high ground in accusing the President of false accusations after their two year investigation has netted nothing? I. Q. Al-Roosali has...


#MedicalCrisis Dr Fred Jacobs #ElectionFraud Thaddeus Dione Alexander #MideastUpheaval Cynthia Farahat #FindingBalance Dr Lawrence Fedewa

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dr Fred Jacobs the executive vice president of St. George's University which is based in Grenada, West Indies has written about Doctor shortges in New Jersey and New York and suggests that using foreign trained physicians might help fix the shortage. Thaddeus Dione Alexander our man on the street weighs in on the election fracas. Are Democrats stealing the election? What has activated the Blcak Lives Matter movement again? How might the caravan be effecting...


#RainbowWave @PeterLaBarbera #DOJ Phikip Haney @securefreedom #ElectionFraud @newzealblog #AcostaMedia @TheBrodyFile @CNN @CBNNews @Acosta

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joins Pastor Greg to discuss the implications of the Rainbow wave in this last election. If our constitution is only fit for a moral people then what happens when absolute immorality is taught in schools and accepted as normal? Philip Haney Center for Security Policy discusses the continued challenges at the DOJ. Matthew Whitaker has been cleared by the DOJ counsel but the Democrats signal that they are...


#TXPolitics @fbgMatt #Healthcare @SharingLHS #Nationalism @StopTechnocracy #DeRegulation @DaughertyMJ

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long joins Pastor Greg to discuss the effects of Battle Ground Texas on the mid terms and what happened at the State Level and the Federal Level. Is Texas up for grabs going into 2020? Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss the benefits of self directed health care. How to get out from under the burdens of Obamacare and secure health care for you and your family. Patrick Wood author of Technocracy Rising gives us a front row look at...


#DemsAttack @rmanning @LimitGovt #ExecutiveBranch @realDonaldTrump @shestokas #Elections2018 @ohyeahitsjulio #FreeSpeech Michael Hansen

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government. What is nationalism? As we celebrate and honor our veterans. Also, Matthew Whitaker is under attack from the Democrats. We discuss the qualifications for office. David Shestokas Constituional Attorney at Law joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Presidents Executive powers in appointing and firing an Attorney General. What powers does he have in appointing cabinet members? Where is the congressional line in...


#Socialism Don Jans @SavetheWest @jonsutz #Caravan David Ward #Censorship @joemessina @TheRealSide @realDonaldTrump

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans My Grandchildrens America joins as we discuss what is the new normal in America? What does the recent attack on Tucker Carlson's home tell us? Violent anarchist groups are attacking people and destroying free speech. This is a Marxist tactic. Don Jans explains. Jon Sutz Save the West joins us as we discuss the caravan that left wing media wants us to believe are simply down trodden poor immigrants who are looking to save their families. Video and...





What will Dems do now? Dan Perkins GOLD! Dr Tom Barrett Hollywood Conservative Amanda Head

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Perkins author, writer, radio and TV personality joins Pastor Greg. What will the Democrats do with their power in the House? When will we realize that taking back the moral high ground as Republicans is critical to our success? Democrats are using their new found moral high ground as the reason to push abortion, illegal immigration, LGBTQ agenda and impeachment. Dan helps us wade through it all. Dr Tom Barrett talks to us about...


#MediaExposed @dangainor @newsbusters @theMRC #MidTerms @derrickwilburn #Erdagon @cynthia_farahat #LGBTAgenda @PeterLaBarbera

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gainor Newsbusters what the mdia is spinning Derrick Wilburn RMB Conservtives wnat the mid terms mean and tell us. Cynthia Farahat on Iran and Turkey and the Erdagon situation. Peter LaBsrbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and what a Lesbian Congresswoman means to their agenda.


#GoVote @fbgMatt #HelathcareReform @SharingLHS #UndoingIndoctrination Warren Treadgold #Election2018 Pauk Janiczek

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long President of the Fredericksburg Texas Tea Party our Grassroots Expert joins us to discuss today's mid term. A look at two scenarios and how we react to both. Whoever wins we know there could be a vile reaction from the left as they have stated their intentions. What must we do in response? Dale Bellis Founder @LibertyHealthshare discusses the healthcare revolution and what is at stake today. How will the Affordable Care Act be effected? What about...


#Elections @rmanning957 #MidTerms @ChrisGarciaUSA #Antifa @horowitz39 #PeoplesPresident @Scaramucci #CD21 @chiproytx

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Pastor Greg to talk inside the beltway. How is Washington gearing up for this Mid Term election. What makes it unique? The swamp is pulling out all the stops. Chris Garcia served in the Trump Administration from 2017 to 2018 as a Deputy Director at the U.S. Department of Commerce. He served as an Alternate Delegate to the 2016 RNC convention and served as a surrogate and advisor to the National Diversity...


#ExposingBeto Don Jans #FakeBombs @DavidRosler1 #MediaLies @ReaganBabe @MediaEqualizer #JihadiCaravan @jihadwatchRS

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss the dark money used by George Soros to fund the Robert "Beto" Francis O'Rourke campaign which has been caught diverting those funds to the Caravan which is approaching the US border. David Rosler Producer, Special Effects Expert, Director and Writer,...


#CaravanTruth @rachelbovard #Khashoggimania @sultanknish #Gold Tom Barrett #IranCyberAttack Paul Janiczek

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rachel Bovard Conservative Partnerships Senior Policy Director joins Pastor Greg to discuss the caravan. How does a loose group with no leader fleeing for their lives find food, shelter and direction so easily? We examine the truth about this caravan and its intentions. Daniel Greenfield joins us to to discuss Khashoggimania and how the media bias for Islam is ignoring the real facts regarding this Islamic informer. How this attack on the Saudi Royals is...


#MediaBias @dangainor @newsbusters @theMRC #FakeBombs @jamesmsimpson #AntiSemitism @rabbispero1 @realDonaldTrump

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter discusses the Media Bias against @DonaldTrump and against any conservatives. Syndicated Columnist Jim Simpson asks the questions no one seems to be willing to talk about when discussing the mysterious packages that showed up last week. Why send a clock bomb through the mail? None of the devices appear to be capable of exploding. Why are there no domestic terrorism charges? Why the packages are not properly stamped?...


#TimetoVote @fbgMatt #HealthcareRevolution @SharingLHS #WorldView @George_Barna #Amazon @DaughertyMJ

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long of the Fredericksburg Tea Party joins Pastor Greg for our Grassroots Perspective. #GetOuttheVote with only one week to go it is imperative that people exercise their right to vote. There is a dramatic difference between the two ideologies and their is only one that has some part of its platform that aligns with a Christian Constitutional vote. @LibertyHealthShare Dale Bellis discusses the benefits of self directed health care through Medical...


#DCMadness @rmanning957 @LimitGovt #WhiteHouse @Scaramucci @reslDonaldTrump #MeTooMuch @KarenKataline #SaudiArabia @Bruce_L_Hartman

Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning discusses the latest in Washington DC, reaction to the terrible shooting in Pittsburgh, latest on the mailed bombs, latest on budget and the caravan. Anthony Scaramucci joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss Donald Trump. What makes him different? Why would a billionaire want to be President? What is different between business and politics? How is he able to keep on going? Karen Kataline asks how much furhter is the #MeTooMuch movement going to go?...


#GetouttheVote @fbgMatt #HealthcareReform @SharingLHS #MediaMadness @dangainor @newsbusters @theMRC #Caravan @DaughertyMJ @realDonaqldTrump

Today on @chosengenerationradioshow Matt Long joins us to discuss the need to get out the vote. Motivations Economy, jobs, saving the tax cuts, border security, preserving the rule of law “innocent till proven guilty” and draining the swamp. Healthcare Revolution @SharingLHS @LibertyHealthShare Dale Bellis joins us to discuss the upcoming election and the Democrats effoirts to create a single payer health care system. Liberty Health Share offers you a way out today! #MediaMadness Dan Gainor...


#DCMadness @rmanning @LimitGovt #History @BillFederer #Midterms @ohyeahitsjulio #SorosDarkMoney @doseghostman @realDonaldTrump

Today on @Chosengenerationradioshow Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government joins us to talk budget and the wall. We discuss how Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ are creating a coup against the President of the United States. Bill Federer joins Pastor Greg to discuss the election and the historical implications of midterm elections. Why are they important and what did the 2016 election tell us about these midterms. Julio Rivera discusses the midterms and what is at stake. Why does Hillary...


#BuildTheWall @rachelbovard #Midterms ThaddeusDionneAlexander #GoldInvestment DrTomBarrett #ResentingGod @ johnisnyder @realDonaldTrump

Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show Rachel Bovard joins Greg Young to discuss the "Wall", has the mood changed in Congress? Is it possible that the lion like behvior of Sen Lindsey Graham during the Kavanaugh hearings has put some fire in the pants of the GOP Congressional Leadership? Rachel will share her observations. Thaddeus Dionne Alexanderjoins us to discuss the close races in Tennessee and Virginia and his forecast for the midterms. Tom Barrett our expert on Gold investment joins us...