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A south Florida entertainment & media podcast from Flint Stone Media!!! Curve the Cube's goal is to give inspiration and insights for pursuing your dreams outside the cubicle!!!

A south Florida entertainment & media podcast from Flint Stone Media!!! Curve the Cube's goal is to give inspiration and insights for pursuing your dreams outside the cubicle!!!
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A south Florida entertainment & media podcast from Flint Stone Media!!! Curve the Cube's goal is to give inspiration and insights for pursuing your dreams outside the cubicle!!!




Finding Florida - Episode 00: Introducing The Finding Florida Podcast

Introducing Finding Florida, the podcast that takes you "from Country to Coast." Join your tour guides (an unlikely pair), City Girl Jaime ("Jemmy") and Country Boy Glenn, as they explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Sunshine State. A truly unique travel adventure show that brings you along for the ride, figuratively and literally. Listen in... Finding Florida Podcast Intro Episode: Tour Guide: Jaime “Jemmy” Legagneur, Co-Host and Chief Enthusiasm officer:...


#126 - BONUS - Jaime's Curved Cube - 20171101

Sometimes, it takes the perfect storm of events to force you to pause, take a deep breath, and take stock. And, when that perfect storm collides with a perfectly blooming opportunity, the heavens are aligning for a BIG change. Well, this episode marks such a change! I’m excited to announce the next chapter in curving my own cube right here on this podcast and to reveal what adventures I have on the horizon. As you may be aware, I have recently founded the Florida Podcast Network, and the...



Welcome to the THIRD ANNIVERSARY episode of the Curve the Cube Podcast!! My special guest on this milestone of a day is author and entrepreneur, James Oliver, Jr. of WeMontage, who wrote a book that I absolutely fell in love with and have discussing in pieces with a few of my most recent guests. His book, The More You Hustle, the Luckier You Get, provides a deluge of raw, relatable trials and triumphs that all of us shooting for a dream can find both humor and comfort in. In this episode,...


#124 - ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER - Jamaal 'Visualist' Clark - 20171001

I had a chance to catch up with long-time friend of the podcast--artist and photographer, Jamaal "Visualist" Clark. We chat about his painting, his photography, and expanding his horizons and his vision for the future! Now, I didn't have a chance to record a Learning Curve segment for this episode. Things have been CRAZY these last couple of weeks with technical issues post-Hurricane Irma and with preparing for my International Podcast Day broadcast. But, I promise to get The Learning...


BONUS - Jaime Joins the Horse Radio Network and International Podcast Day - 20170927

Jaime shares some awesome milestones--primarily that she has joined the Horse Radio Network as their new Production Coordinator! Glenn the Geek from HRN joins her on this bonus episode to talk about her role at HRN, her crazy training experience, Hurricane Irma, and so much more! Plus, we get you geared up and ready for International Podcast Day. IPD is this Saturday, September 30th, and Jaime has the privilege of hosting an hour (starting at 10am EST) on IPD's official 30-hour broadcast...


#123 - ARTIST -Jason JaFleu Fleurant - 20170915

One of my favorite people (and my birthday buddy), Jason "Jafleu" Fleurant, visits the podcast FOR THE THIRD TIME!! He's our first three-peat, and this is our most exciting conversation to DATE! He shares fun stories of his milestones, opens up about the struggles, lays down insightful knowledge, and comes through with all the feels. He is a remarkable talent who is a rising star!! Included in this episode is a VERY special announcement of my own--one that is a culmination of 6 months of...


#122 - Birthday 2017 and Podcast Movement - 20170901

Thanks for joining me on my second annual birthday episode! Episode #122 will sound very different, as I sewed together a number of daily Podcast Movement recaps with the newly-discovered Anchor App almost exclusively using my phone. The audio quality does vary from clip to clip, as I was experimenting on the fly with the app in part for the next episode of Eggheads After Hours, out on the 3rd. In addition to my PM17 adventures, you'll hear my IGNITE presentation, my interview with Chris...


#121 - VLOGGER - Kate Volman - 20170815

Hey! Welcome to episode 121 of Curve the Cube where we talk to people walking the walk--those dreamers who've become doers--or, "curvists," as I like to call them, since they curve their way around those obstacles and figure out how to get stuff done. And, this episode features a lady who I am not only so happy, but also so proud to call a friend. Her name is Kate Volman, and if you are also a fan of my other podcast, Eggheads After Hours, then you have heard her voice before giving all...


#120 - PHOTOGRAPHER - Nikyta Haynes - 20170801

Thanks so much for joining me on episode 120 where I feature one of my new best friends (seriously... I told her I was adopting her as my new little sister), photographer Nikyta Haynes!! Her brand is Kyta Beez and her tag line is "Definitely Different" and I can personally testify that this girl STANDS OUT!! I got to meet her at an art exhibit by long-time friend of the show, Jafleu. She was just walking around doing her thing and taking pictures. I had brought my son, Jordon, along with...


#119 - GAMER - Yamilia Avendano - 20170715

Hey there! Welcome to episode 119 of the Curve the Cube podcast. I can't believe it's already episode 119. Thank you so much for being a listener and coming along on this journey with me. I hope you are becoming more and more of a curvist yourself, too!! This episode features a girl I am sooo excited to introduce you to, in case you don't know her, yet. She's Yamilia Avendano, a.k.a. Yami, and she founded her uber successful video game press site,, about 6 years ago. We sat...


#118 - SOLOCAST - Becoming an Influencer - 20170701

Thank you for joining me on this 118th episode! It's a solocast about becoming an influencer in your industry, which is very timely for me, as it seems to be starting to happen to me right NOW. I am fresh off of my podcasting presentation to the Mystery Writers of America, Florida Chapter, and it could not have been a more fun event. And, even more, the aftermath has been fantastic and really driven into me the power of being seen as an influencer in your industry. So, let's dive into the...


#117 - HUSTLER - Jules Pierre-Louis - 20170615

I welcome to the podcast my fabulous friend and guest, Jules Pierre-Louis, co-founder of Hive Hub Media, host of the latest show to be added to the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network, Hustle All Day, and a multi-talented human. He is a true hustler, and on this episode we talk about when the switch flipped for him to break out on his own and what he did to break free. Then, I take the discussion to The Learning Curve on the flip side, of course. There's an added treat at the end of this...


#116 - SOLOCAST - Building Your Tribe - 20170601

On this next solocast for episode #116 of the Curve the Cube podcast, I dive into the idea of building your personal network. It is not only advantageous, but essential (and, thereby, very important) to build yourself a personal network while navigating your passion pursuit. Who else is going to understand your struggles--those times you want to pull your hair out, give up, start questioning EVERYTHING, can't find your way through a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? We are a select tribe,...


#115 - ENTREPRENEUR - Michael Hall - 20170515

Hi, guys!!! I'm so glad you guys are joining me for episode #115 of Curve the Cube where my guest is serial entrepreneur, Michael Hall of Digital Grassroots Innovation & Technology (D.G.I.T.) and Medium Four. Michael and I get into a LOT on this podcast: mental blocks, diversity, finding your target audience, and the concept of dying empty. He really gave me such good stuff to work with. But, I decided to take two things to The Learning Curve at the end of the episode: There's tons to...


#114 - SOLOCAST - Being Relentless in Your Pursuit - 20170501

Today's Curve the Cube solocast episode is all about being relentless!! My dad calls it my "bulldog" effect, and I'm going to break down what it means, the dos and don'ts of being relentless, why you shouldn't be afraid to hear "no" (and what to do when you DO hear it), AND my biggest tip for not giving up (which actually can help in any number of life situations, as a matter of fact). I know the practice of being relentless doesn't come easy for everybody. So the first step is to decide...


#113 - ENTERTAINER - Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty - 20170415

This super-charged, energy-filled, and insightful Curve the Cube podcast episode is brought to you by the creative electricity flowing unabated through Michael 'Spaz' McGoorty's veins. This is a man who has, through music, acting, and comedy, managed to channel his creative energy into some highly impressive projects. He becomes Robert Plant as he leads The Pure Zeppelin Experience, has starred in Jesus Christ Superstar, and is half of the comedy company duo, Casey 'N' Spaz Comedy with...


#112 - SOLOCAST - Working for Free - 20170331

This latest Curve the Cube Podcast episode is all about the conundrum of working for free. Yikes!! When you are working hard toward your dreams and goals, it can be very tempting to take an opportunity that doesn't pay you because there are other potential benefits involved. But, beware--there are leeches out there you have to watch out for and it's easy to be taken advantage of. Some friends of mine help me examine these dilemmas, and I of COURSE take it to The Learning Curve at the end. I...


#111 - MUSICIAN - Charles Milling - 20170307

Welcome to episode #111 of the Curve the Cube podcast, where I will continue to take you with me on my own journey of curving the cube and also catch up with musician Charles Milling--solo artist and Live Hymnal band leader, previously featured on episode #13. He is a visionary, marrying new sounds with the traditional church, and he and I talk a bunch about Live Hymnal's latest album, Procession while also diving into some totally curvist-aimed topics, like: 1) Dealing with industry...


#110 - EVENT - Podfest 2017 - 20170223-20170225

Curvists! As I aim to inspire you to pursue your own dreams, I thank you for coming with me on this episode through a milestone in my own journey: my first podcasting convention, Podfest 2017!! Podfest was three equally exhilarating and exhausting days of being completely immersed in my own slice of heaven. I got to mingle with my peers, meet my idols, and experience some very significant, life-altering moments. Through this episode, you will get to meet many of the people who made my...


#109 - BONUS - Podfest 2017 Prep - 20170222

Hey guys! In order to make this podcast an honest resource, it is important for me to share how I'm curving my own cube, too. Well, a must-make-happen item for me for 2017 was to attend at least one podcasting conference this year. It was a BIG, lofty, pie-in-the sky goal that I was determined to make happen, and thanks to Chris Krimitsos and the generous team at Podfest, I'm getting to do just that!! They have sponsored my ticket for podfest, and I am gearing up... So, take a listen! It's...