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#105 - I’m a Brexit Debate, Get Me On TV - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Media news and analysis, with presenter Olly Mann, broadcast consultant Paul Robinson and journalist Nastaran Tavakoli-Far. Could the I’m A Celebrity grand final be a mere warm up to the Brexit debate? We discuss the many ways broadcasters have tried to make the political debates palatable to British viewers. Also on the programme: why freelancers in radio may force a change in pay, how Mark Zuckerberg’s year got a little bit worse, and why another crop of freesheets have bitten the...


CNN vs Trump, Facebook hires Clegg, Radio 2 woes

Media news and analysis, with guest presenter Jake Kanter and guests Maeve McClenaghan and Rebecca Gillie. On today’s show - Trump versus journalism, Nick Clegg’s journey from Downing Street to Silicon Valley, and what’s wrong at Radio 2? Plus our panel discuss the gift of Iceland’s Christmas advert ban and the argument for giving controversial figures a platform. ...and, can you spot the worst podcast cliches in the Media Quiz?


SPECIAL: Interview with Paul 'Gobby' Lambert: The Downing Street Heckler

Shouting at Prime Ministers was off-limits at BBC Westminster before Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert. He was the Producer who cried, ‘ANY MONEY IN THE BOX, CHANCELLOR?’ at George Osborne on Budget day and got Bill Clinton to talk to the News Channel by shouting, ‘OI, BILL!’. In this interview with Olly Mann, Paul recalls how his inspired pursuit of Cherie Blair made several front pages, bemoans the current crop of journos who’d rather seek out sources on Twitter, and reveals how the murder of Milly...


#103 - Lads Lads Lads, Fake Guests & Slow News - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

News, analysis and gossip from the creative media industries with Olly Mann and guests. On this week’s show are managing director of Kerfuffle TV, Steven D Wright and CEO of the ShoutOut podcast network and host of careers podcast Wanna Be, Imriel Morgan. This week: Viral content king LADBible has rescued its arch rival Unilad from administration - is there room for both brands in the crowded viral marketplace? Vice journalist Oobah Butler reveals he has been pranking broadcasters by...


#102: Evans to Virgin, Ball to Breakfast - 1990s throwback special!

Media news and analysis, with Olly Mann and guests. This week, Steve Ackerman (MD, Somethin' Else) & Matt Deegan (Folder Media) discuss where Chris Evans can take Virgin Radio this time, Wireless and News UK. Plus our panel ponder Global’s foray into street ad marketing, The Telegraph's new paywall tweaks, and we catch up on all the summer's big business moves. AND in the Media Quiz, we pit the finest minds* against the brains behind Radio 4’s new quizbook (RRP £12.99). A PPM Production,...


#101B - Derry Girls Masterclass with Lisa McGee – Edinburgh TV Festival 2018

This bonus episode of The Media Podcast features Anna Richardson interviewing Lisa McGee, creator of Channel 4’s hit comedy Derry Girls. Lisa is joined by other cast members to discuss the process of bringing the series to screen and the overwhelming responses from audiences. Recorded at the Edinburgh Television Festival 2018. This podcast contains some strong language. A PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill and Peter Price. Thank you to the Edinburgh International Television Festival...


MacTaggart Lecture 2018: Michaela Coel

In this bonus episode, we hear the full, unedited recording of this year’s MacTaggart Lecture, delivered at the Edinburgh International TV Festival by actor, writer and producer Michaela Coel. You’ll hear her rise to fame - from an estate in Tower Hamlets to the BAFTA-winning success of Chewing Gum on E4 - as well as a brutally honest account of what it took go get that series made. This podcast contains strong, and sometimes racist, language. A PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill....


#101: Edinburgh International Television Festival 2018

Jake Kanter (Business Insider) and guests descend on Edinburgh for the biggest date in the industry - featuring Alison Kirkham (BBC Controller of Factual Commissioning) Faraz Osman (MD, Gold Wala) and Scott Bryan (Buzzfeed). Jeremy Corbyn’s big idea for tech giants to subsidise the BBC, Michaela Coel’s punch on the nose for British TV in a brutally honest MacTaggart lecture, and a rude awakening for television controllers about the way they do business. Also on the programme: Lenny Henry...


#100 Yet Another Culture Sec & A Sky High Bid

Media news and analysis with Olly Mann and guests radio producer Trevor Dann (Audio UK) & journalist and writer Tobi Oredein (Black Ballad). What does another new culture secretary mean for the industry? Who won the latest copyright battle between the internet giants and the EU? What will LBC do with Eddie Mair? Our panel discuss these stories. Also on the programme: we speak to Lisa Campbell from the Edinburgh International TV festival about her top picks for this August. PLUS in the...


#99 - IGTV, BBC Sounds, Google Podcasting - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

THE MEDIA PODCAST QUIZ - LIVE! - TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE Join Olly Mann and Media Podcast regulars for our biggest ever Media Quiz to celebrate our 100th episode. Thursday 19 July 2018, 7pm, Exmouth Market, London EC1R. Full details: Episode 99: Media industry news and gossip presented by Olly Mann with guests Rebecca Gillie, journalist at The, and radio consultant Matt Deegan of Folder Media. On today’s show: Instagram steps on YouTube’s turf...


#98 - Local TV, Dacre's legacy & hope for Audioboom - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Media news and analysis, with Olly Mann and this week's guests Talkback's Leon Wilson and former Discovery exec Prof. Lis Howell. The panel discuss how Paul Dacre’s departure will affect the Daily Mail, what the secret sauce is in Love Island’s success, and allegations surrounding local TV provider 'That's TV'. Also on the programme, we field questions from Audioboom clients to exec Ruth Fitzsimons, and what Jeremy Vine is doing at the helm of The Wright Stuff - as well as continuing his...


#97 - Evening Standard's 'Money Can't Buy' offer, Grimmy quits R1 Breakfast Show - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Media news and analysis, with Olly Mann and guests Imriel Morgan (ShoutOut Network) and Alex Hudson ( With the Evening Standard under fire for their leaked branded content strategy, we ask are companies paying for favourable coverage and does it matter? Also on the programme, we discuss the news that Grimmy and Greg are to swap shows on Radio 1, and could we be about to see a partnership between the BBC and ITV? AND in the Media Quiz, we play ‘Ladies First’ to decide whether...


#96 - British Podcast Awards 2018

Olly Mann and Rhianna Dhillon were live at Saturday's British Podcast Awards in London, talking to the winners and audio industry execs about the future of the medium. If you're looking to understand this emerging media platform, there's no better place to start. Featuring interviews with the winner of Podcast of the Year Cariad Lloyd and Listeners Choice winners Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, as well as the winners of Best Family podcast (Co-producers Stephen Scott & Philip Feenan, Once...


#95 - Audioboom Takeover Off The Table, Digital Radio Listening Overtakes Analogue, TV BAFTAs - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Olly Mann presents news and analysis of the media industry with Somethin’ Else managing director Steve Ackerman, and Heat magazine’s entertainments director, Boyd Hilton. This week: Testing times for Audioboom as a takeover proposal is withdrawn. How YouTube plans to recover from its annus horribilis. Could a UK streaming service revolutionise pay-per-view sports? ‘Digital’ radio listening beats analogue for the first time and after the closure of STV2, where next for local TV in...


#94 - Press Freedom, Al-Jazeera Strikes, BBC Sound Effects Library

Olly Mann presents news and analysis of the media industry with editor in chief of Business Insider UK, Jim Edwards, plus freelance journalist and special projects editor at Buzzfeed UK, Louise Ridley. This week: How does press freedom in the UK compare to the rest of the world, the BBC partners to sell podcast ads, and why Al-Jazeera’s London staff are striking. All that, plus life after mornings for Matthew Wright and what losing the Debrief means for the industry. And in the Media...


#93 - Daily Mail’s Accidental Profanity, Radio 4’s Rivers Of Blood, Test Match Special’s Early Tea -The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Informed insight and analysis of the media industries with Olly Mann and guests – journalist for The Week magazine, Rebecca Gillie and managing director and head of creative at Gold Wala, Faraz Osman. On the show this week: As a Daily Mail journalist is fired for accidentally publishing the c-word, should online publishers be spending more on sub-editors? Radio 4’s rebroadcast of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech caused a stir but is the outcry justified? And as Key 103 rebrands as...


#92 - The Gender Pay Gap, Interns and a lifeline for Sky - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Olly Mann is joined by broadcast consultant Matt Deegan (Folder Media) and journalist Kieran Yates to dissect the week’s media news; how did the media fare in the gender pay gap revelations? Also on the programme: our panel discuss Monocle’s intern woes, Disney’s lifeline for Sky News... and just who will be presenting this year’s MacTaggart keynote in Edinburgh. All that AND we crunch the numbers in our Media Quiz. A PPM Production. Produced by Matt Hill. Help keep us afloat, by taking...


#91A: RadioDays Europe - Paul Robinson interviews Midge Ure (Ultravox), Daniela Linzer (Kronehit), Bob Shennan (BBC) and Elvis Duran (Z100 New York)

In this bonus episode of The Media Podcast, radio consultant Paul Robinson reports from RadioDays Europe 2018 in Vienna. Ultravox frontman Midge Ure tells Paul why radio stations wanted him to trim the length of Vienna; Daniela Linzer, programme director of Austria's national station Kronehit on the tough competition between public and commercial broadcasters in Austria; Director of BBC radio Bob Shennan on the switch off of FM broadcasting and Elvis Duran, breakfast show DJ at Z100 New...


#91: Talent Trouble, Cambridge Analytica & RadioDays Europe

Media insight and analysis with host Olly Mann and guests LIs Howell and Alex Hudson. The panel hear from some of the guests at the RadioDays Europe conference in Vienna, and consider how the Cambridge Analytica story could change the way Facebook is regulated. Also on the programme: can ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway survive without Ant, who killed the NME, and why are the BBC having more presenter trouble. Broadcast consultant and Media Podcast regular Paul Robinson interviews Elvis Duran,...


#90 - Guardian Changing Media Summit 2018 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Media news and analysis, this week recorded at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit. Olly Mann is joined by delegates to discuss some of the key trends in international media, as well as covering the big media stories of the week. On the programme: Sam Baker (The Pool) and Matt Kelly (The New European) discuss the role of a partisan press in a digital age, as well as what the end of Leveson 2 means for Fleet Street. Buzzfeed's Jim Waterson gives his take on Comcast’s audacious bid for Sky...