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A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, teaching, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and friend who gets it. We'll keep it fun, and keep it real.

A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, teaching, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and friend who gets it. We'll keep it fun, and keep it real.
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A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, teaching, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and friend who gets it. We'll keep it fun, and keep it real.




#74: Dog Photography with Åsa Jakobsson

This week, we are talking to Aussa Jakobsson, who is a Swedish dog photographer, she has Kelpies… and she also trains. In our conversation, we talked about what makes a good photo and how to take a good photo using any kind of camera, but especially your phone… which is what I use almost exclusively. And she also talks about some of the behaviors that can be useful to teach your dog. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/74 For info on our affiliate partner, visit:...


#73: Behavior Analytic Research with Jackie and Diana

As a dog trainer, I am working with changing behavior in the real world in dogs and humans. And also myself. Trying to understand and modify behavior as it's happening in the world... in animals and human learners. So much of animal training is based on anecdote and tradition, rather than on actual evidence and data. In this episode, we talk behavior analytic research with Jackie and Diana from ABA Inside Track. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/73 For info on...


#72: Using Video to Make Faster Training Progress

If you are like me, you mostly train by yourself. And training by yourself definitely has some pros and cons. If you're also an introvert like me, that alone time with your dogs is the best part of your day. But it means we have to work a little harder to get feedback that is required to continually improve our training skills. This is where video is a handy training tool and we're talking about it on this episode. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/72 This...


#71: Teaching a Foodie Dog to Tug

This week we talk about tugging and specifically what I did with my dog, Rugby, to build it. My terrier, Rugby, came straight out of the package with good food drive already installed. All I had to do was harness it. But getting him started with toys was a much harder process. I pretty much had to build his toy play from scratch in order to have anything useful to work with. It seems like a lot of trouble. Why even bother? Listen to this episode to find out. For full show notes, visit:...


#70: Fear Not! Marketing Is A Lot Like Dog Training

This particular episode is a little different topic, as it’s really aimed mostly at those of you who work as professional trainers, especially if you own your own business. You see, Melissa’s specialty is… well, it’s marketing. I know, I know… as a dog trainer, I too am terrified of marketing. That’s why I wanted to warn you, that this episode may feel a little intense, but Melissa has some interesting points. For full show notes, visit: wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/70 For info on our...


#69: Arousal (science, not sex)

For no particular reason, this week's topic is Arousal. Now, get your mind out of the gutter. We’re not talking about sex here. We’re talking about behavior. But if you are a behavior nerd, the topic of arousal IS pretty sexy. For full show notes, visit: wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/69/ For info on our affiliate partner, visit: smartanimaltraining.com/?aff=95


#68: My New Puppy is Awesome (But a lot of work, too)

In this podcast, we're talking about how how cute, brilliant and nice smelling my new puppy, Figment, is (seriously what's is with that new puppy smell??). But, we're also talking about how much extra work a puppy can bringing - to life and to your training schedule. For full show notes, visit: wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/68/ For sponsor info, visit: smartanimaltraining.com/?aff=95


#67: Settle Down

Settling on a station, bed, or mat is one of the most important skills we can teach any dog. Why is it so important? Settling is the perfect alternate behavior to replace almost any annoying behavior your dog has thought of. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/67


#66: Wait For It

Does shaping have anything to do with waiting? No. Actually - shaping has nothing to do with “waiting”, and, if you find yourself waiting more than a few seconds for the dog to make a move in the right direction, you're probably doing something wrong. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/66


#65: It's All Behavior

"All behavior is modifiable." - Karen Pryor On this episode, we discuss labels and how to avoid subscribing to them. Sure, you may be missing a few skills to complete your set, but skills can be learned. All behavior is modifiable. Even our own! For full show notes, visit: wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/65/ For information on my next virtual workshop, Set It and Forget it, visit: wonderpupstraining.com/pricing/set-i…get-it-08-22/


#64: Concept Training with Ken Ramirez

This week we are exploring a major rabbit hole with special guest, Ken Ramirez (Executive Vice President and Chief Training Officer at Karen Pryor Clicker Training), and talking about concept training and teaching modifier cues. Very nerdy subjects indeed! For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/64 For sponsor info, visit: www.karenpryoracademy.com/toilet/


#63: Training for Duration

Is training to increase duration of a behavior as simple as just waiting to reinforce longer responses? Maybe it's not so simple! In this episode, we discuss what we need to keep in mind when training for duration, and where to look if the training isn't going as planned. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/63 For sponsor info, visit: www.karenpryoracademy.com/toilet/


#62: Human Behavior Change With RYANO

This week, behavior nerd worlds collide as I chat with Ryan O’Donnell (AKA “RYANO”) about changing human behavior as it relates to training. Basically, why and how we need to train humans to train dogs. It’s sort of like training inception. Enter to win a free copy of The Science of Consequences: https://kingsumo.com/g/aiz0r7/the-science-of-consequences-dftt-podcast-giveaway For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/62 For sponsor info, visit:...


#61: Tips For Dogs That Are Worried Around People

Life is easier when your dog is confident (or at least comfortable) around other people. But what if your dog isn't? Good news! There is a lot we can do in training to help build his confidence. In this episode, we cover my top 3 tips to keep in mind when working with dogs that act worried or lack confidence around people. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/61 For sponsor info, visit: karenpryoracademy.com/toilet/


#60: Resilience in Dogs with Patricia McConnell

Dr. McConnell is an internationally known zoologist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. In her career, she has worked with dogs with all kinds of serious behavior problems. She was also the host of the nationally syndicated Radio show "Calling All Pets", and she is a retired assistant professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is an amazing speaker… in fact, she was one of the first real dog seminars that I ever went to…possibly THE first if my memory is...


#59: Balance with Alex Kurland

This week we talk to Alexandra Kurland about the topic of Balance in training. I asked Alex to talk about this, because the word Balance tend to have a particular usage in dog training circles, and that's not at all what Alex means when she says the word balance. Of course, Alex isn't a dog trainer. She's a phenomenally skilled horse trainer, who is responsible for introducing clicker training concepts to the horse world back in the 1990s with her first book Clicker Training for Your Horse....


#58: Maximizing Food Drive

What exactly is "food drive"? It's a fuzzy term for sure, but what do we mean when we talk about a dog's food drive? Is it a fixed characteristic, or is there something we can do to influence it? (IMHO, there is a lot we can do!) Why do we care so much about food in dog training? Well, mostly because it's convenient! It's easy to dispense. We can carry it around in our collective pockets. And all healthy dogs eat food! (Because living animals eat food or they don't stay living for very...


#57: Specific Reinforcement Cues

This week we are going to tackle the topic of multiple event markers or specific reinforcement cues (both names for the same thing). This is a really hot topic on the internet right now, and lots of different trainers have their own recipes and systems. As usual, I want to go deeper than the recipes and look at what is actually happening with the behavior. Because when you understand how a particular system of cues (and they are all cues!) is applying the principles of behavior, then you can...


#56: The Value of Reinforcement Procedures with Emelie and Eva

This week we are hanging out again with our Swedish dog training buddies, Emelie and Eva, of Carpe Momentum. And we are talking about the importance of defining, building, and maintaining our reinforcement procedures. During our conversation, Eva shares something that gets her a little worked up when she’s talking about training. Of course, since these guys are the authors of the book Agility Right From the Start, the initial examples that we discuss are agility-focused but don’t worry...


#55: Generalization In Dog Training

This week’s topic is generalization. Before we jump into that, I want to give you a heads up that I am about to open up some spots in my Online Mentorship program: Zero to CD. For the full show notes or more info on Zero to CD, visit: https://wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/55/