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91: Community Dermatologist Shares Her Specialty

Dr. Reid is a community Dermatologist who joins me today to discuss why Dermatology, her clinic days, and the number of patients she sees daily!


90: What Does Academic Infectious Disease Look Like?

Session 90 Dr. Philip Chan is an academic Infectious Diseases physician at Brown University in Rhode Island. He has been out of training now for about 8 years. He talks about his typical day, why he chose this specialty, the training path, and an inside look into this field. Meanwhile, be sure to check out all our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network. [01:22] Interest in Infectious Disease Philip recalls being interested in Infectious Diseases (ID) back during undergrad. With a Major in...


89: The Journey to Colon and Rectal Surgery

Dr. Erica Sneider is a community Colon and Rectal Surgeon who joins me today to discuss why she loves her specialty and traits that make a great surgeon!


88: A Look Into Nephrology With A Program Director

Session 88 Dr. Gilbert is a Nephrology Program Director at Tufts Medical Center. Today, we discuss traits that make a good Nephrologist and how to be competitive. If you haven’t yet, please do check out all our other resources on the MedEd Media Network for more podcasts to help you along this journey towards becoming a physician. [01:42] Interest in Nephrology Gilbert initially thought he was going to be a primary care doctor. It wasn't until his Junior year of residency when he got...


87: What is Sleep Medicine? A Look at Academic Sleep Med

Session 87 Dr. Jairo Barrantes joins Ryan to talk about Academic Sleep Medicine including what he loves about it, what call looks like, and why he chose academia. For more resources, be sure to check out all our other podcasts on the MedEd Media Network. [01:24] Interest in Sleep Medicine Jairo's interest in sleep medicine sparked during his pulmonary critical care fellowship, where their director was the head of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. That being said, a pulmonary...


86: The Ins and Outs of Academic Cardiothoracic Surgery

Session 86 Dr. Joseph DeRose is an academic Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Today, he discusses the length of his training, the competitiveness of his field, and why he loves it! Meanwhile, please don’t miss all our other podcasts on the MedEd Media Network so you can get all the resources you need in every step of the way towards finally becoming a physician! [01:00] Interest in Cardiothoracic Surgery As a third-year medical student, Joseph liked almost everything. He even thought he was going...


85: An Academic Cardiologist Shares His Specialty

Session 85 Dr. Dave Winchester, a fellow Gator, joins me today to talk about why he chose academic Cardiology, how Cardiology is changing, and why he enjoys what he does! David has been out of training now for 8 years. He graduated from the University of Florida where he now works as an academic. Meanwhile, please do check out all of our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network so you get to have as many resources you need, as you journey along this path to one day becoming a...


84: Cardiac Electrophysiology—What is it?

Session 84 Dr. Edward Schloss joined me to talk about his journey to Cardiac Electrophysiology, what 17 years in the field looks like, and his likes and dislikes of his specialty. If you're a premed student, go check out all our other resources on MedEd Media Network. If you're a medical student, go check out our newest Board Rounds Podcast. [01:17] Interest in Cardiac Electrophysiology Coming out of undergrad as an engineer, Edward wasn't sure he wanted to be a doctor and only found out...


83: What Does Community Pediatric Cardiology Look Like?

Session 83 Dr. Renee Rodriguez is a community-based Pediatric Cardiologist. She shares why she loves children’s hearts, a typical day, and whether she has balance in her life. Meanwhile, be sure to check out MedEd Media Network for more helpful resources. [01:25] Interest in Pediatric Cardiology The first time she realized she wanted to do pediatric cardiology was the second she started residency being her first rotation as a pediatric resident. For her, residency was the best thing that...


82: A Look Into Academic Endocrinology and Thyroid Medicine

Session 82 Dr. Brittany Henderson is a former academic Endocrinologist, just switching to private practice and today she discusses her specialty, what she loves, and more. Our goal for this podcast is to show you what is out there for you once you get through medical school. Too much focus is on the academic setting as you're going through medical school and the majority of medicine is practiced outside of an academic setting. However, medical students don't get that exposed that...


81: A Chairman Of Ophthalmology Talks About His Specialty

Session 81 Dr. Nicholas Volpe is the Chairman of Ophthalmology at the Feinberg School of Medicine. He joins us today to discuss his journey and his 25 years in the field! Today, we talk about the things necessary to match into this specialty and how to become successful in it. Be sure to check out all our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network. [01:44] His Interest in Ophthalmology During his second and third year rotations in medical school, Nicholas discovered his fascination with...


80: A Community Urologist Shares Her Journey and Career

Session 80 Dr. Mary McHugh is a urologist who's been out in practice for a year and a half. She talks about her journey to urology, especially as a female, in a very male-dominated specialty. Also, be sure to check out all our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network to help you along this journey towards finally becoming a full-fledged physician! [01:21] Interest in Urology Mary was exposed early on to urology when she was a second-year student during a six-week general urinary block that...


79: OB/GYN Oncologist Shares Her Journey and Career

Session 79 Dr. Brittany Davidson is an academic OB/GYN Oncologist practicing at Duke Health. She joined us to share the specialty she chose and why it’s great. Please help up find more guests for this podcast by sending an email to team@medicalschoolhq.net and write the subject: Specialty Stories Intern. [01:40] Interest in Oncology Brittany has always been interested in women's health even back in college. She then followed the path to medical school, realizing she loved being in the...


78: Cornea Trained Ophthalmologist Talks About His Career

Session 78 Dr. Alex Voldman is an osteopathic (DO) physician who specializes in Ophthalmology as a cornea and cataract surgeon. Check out our latest episode to learn more. Also, check out all our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network. Please help us find a guest here on the podcast. Send me an email at ryan@medicalschoolhq.net. [01:35] Interest in Ophthalmology Alex didn't go to medical school thinking about such Ophthalmology Upon his path to being an orthopedic surgeon, presenting at a...


77: What is Preventive Medicine? A Look at Academic Prev Med

Session 77 Dr. Janani Krishnaswami talks about Academic Preventive Medicine including what drew her to it, and what she likes and doesn't like about prev med. Janani is a preventive medicine physician in University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. To learn more about preventive medicine, check out all the available resources at the American College of Preventive Medicine. Also, be sure to take a listen to all our other podcasts on MedEd Media Network. [01:22] Her Interest in Preventive...


76: Burnout in Medicine and Our Newest Project to Help With It!

Session 76 This week, we're joined by Allison who has previously shared her story of burnout. We discuss burnout as well as the birth of MedDiaries - our newest project to help with this. This episode is actually taken from The Premed Years Podcast since we're announcing this new project that will greatly impact premed students, medical students, residents, and physicians! [03:35] The Prevalence of Burnout in the Physician Community Allison talks about there are bad days as much as there...


75: A Private Pracice Rural Family Medicine Doc Shares His Story

Session 75 Dr. Kelsey Hopkins works in rural private practice in Southern Illinois. Learn more about rural family medicine, what he likes about it and what he doesn't like, the unique environment, how to connect with other physicians, and so much more! If you have any suggestions for new guests to have on the podcast, just shoot me an email at ryan@medicalschoolhq.net. [02:00] An Interest in Family Medicine He actually realized he wanted to be a family medicine physician before he got...


74: A Community Prolotherapist Talks About His Specialty

Session 74 Dr. Ross Hauser is residency trained in physiatry and has gone on to train in prolotherapy. He talks about what it is and why it's the future! Ross is very passionate about prolotherapy. If you want to learn more about this, visit his website on Caring Medical. Also, check out all the rest of our episodes on MedEd Media Network, including The Premed Years Podcast, The MCAT Podcast, The OldPreMeds Podcast, Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A, and some more coming in the future! [02:05]...


73: An Academic Family Medicine Trained Geriatrician Joins Us

Session 73 Dr. Scott Harper is has been out of training for 8 years. He joined us to talk about his specialty, Geriatrics, and what he loves about it and more. Scott is in an academic medical center at Wake Forest Medical School. He shares with us his journey to Geriatric Medicine, what it takes to get there, things he likes the most and least, and more! And if you haven’t yet, please take a listen to all our other podcasts on MedEd Media! [01:24] Interest in Geriatric Medicine Scott...


72: A Community Neonatologist Shares Her Specialty With Us

Session 72 Dr. Leslie Pineda is a private practice Neonatologist in Orlando. We talk about her inspiration to go to the NICU and what she likes, dislikes, and more. I am constantly looking for physicians who would make great guests here on the show. If you know someone who might make great guests here, send them my way at ryan@medicalschoolhq.net. [01:33] An Interest in Neonatology Leslie's mom is a NICU nurse who have been doing it for over 30 years. So she was basically exposed to the...