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6. Does your psychological wellbeing affect your tendinopathy treatment outcome?

In this podcast we consider some new research exploring psychological factors and tendinopathy. There is emerging evidence that, as per other musculoskeletal conditions and as you would expect, they do play a role. I discuss which ones appear to be most strongly linked with tendinopathies.


4. Finally some quality exercise research for the management of gluteal tendinopathy!

Hi all, this episode we focus on two recent randomised controlled trials evaluating education and exercise interventions for gluteal tendinopathy, One of them is the best RCT I have read in ages. Well worth a look at their methods, findings and exercise interventions. Hope you enjoy!


3. Some cool new technology focused systematic reviews that will change our practice

This episode we focus on technology use in rehab. I'm inspired by the patient will see you now by Dr Eric Topol which I recently read so this weeks podcast covers 2 technology focused systematic reviews. The first is on the efficacy of exergames for treating musculoskeletal pain, and the second is on basically the use of accelerometers and other wearable sensors to monitor rehab exercises. An exciting area that is set to grow hugely and will be part of all of our practices...


2: Non-uniform Achilles tendon strain: what is it and should we care?

Hi all This week on Talking Tendons we discuss Non-uniform Achilles tendon strain and displacement and tackle the important questions…what is it? And should we care? The paper is by Prof Finni from Finland supported by an international team. This is an exciting space that has already and will continue to improve our understanding of tendon function and ultimately our ability to prevent and manage these injuries. Hope you enjoy. Subscribe to the podcast to get the latest episodes. Join...


1: Efficacy of PRP injections for tendinopathy...really?

This episode I discuss a recent systematic review that concluded that PRP is more efficacious than control injections for tendinopathy, but the plot thickens when we scratch the surface a little.