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My mission for this podcast is to energize, educate, and empower you to unleash your full potential. We all want to become the best version of ourselves and together on this podcast, we will exchange energy, grow exponentially, and explore more ways to optimize our human experience.

My mission for this podcast is to energize, educate, and empower you to unleash your full potential. We all want to become the best version of ourselves and together on this podcast, we will exchange energy, grow exponentially, and explore more ways to optimize our human experience.
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My mission for this podcast is to energize, educate, and empower you to unleash your full potential. We all want to become the best version of ourselves and together on this podcast, we will exchange energy, grow exponentially, and explore more ways to optimize our human experience.






Sharing Your Story - #019

You know this podcast journey for me guys has been so beautiful and powerful. I thought I would record 10 or 20 shows in order to have another platform that people can access some of my knowledge. I didn't think this was going to be a long term thing to be quite honest with you. However after 19 episodes I feel so rewarded. It's one of the most beautiful things being able to share ideas and communicate things that are on my mind or my heart to you guys because I know some of you guys relate...


How to Beat Addiction - #018

Addiction comes in many forms. When we hear the word addiction we oftentimes think of substance abuse whether it's drugs or alcohol. I want to talk about these harmless indulgences that we all have that oftentimes manifest into full blown addictions. Today I want you to ask yourself these three questions: Is this your first podcast? If so then welcome to the community! If you haven't already subscribed to the podcast go ahead and do so. Check out past episodes of the show and be sure to...


Control, Identity, and Understanding What Matters - #017

Differentiating between what we can change and what we can't is a huge hurdle we all face. How many of us get caught up and stressed out and anxious about things that we have zero control? We get frustrated when there's traffic we get upset when there's a flight delay. These are things that we have zero control over and we need to understand that. Whatever we can or can't control does no dictate who we are. On today's show we are going to identify the things that we CAN and CAN'T control,...


How to Turn your Wounds Into Wisdom - #016

Pain is everywhere, it's inescapable. Pain may be inevitable but it's our choice to suffer with that pain. So today I want to go over how we respond to the pain that we're experiencing. What pain do you have in your life right now? Are you avoiding this pain or are you facing it head on? What are you going to do right now to take action on the pain that you are experiencing? Let's embrace and confront the pain that you're experiencing. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review in the app...


The Last Piece of Monday Motivation You Will Ever Need - #015

Today I am going to provide you with the last piece of Monday motivation that you are gonna need in your life. We are constantly searching for videos pictures means that lift us up and inspire us, but we need to really find that internal drive where times are shitty where times are tough when times are challenging that we are able to persevere in an intrinsically stay motivated to pursue our passions in order to pursue our purpose. Today I want you to recognize that YOU are the miracle...


My Biggest Takeaways from Paleo f(x) - #014

I want to share with you my experiences from this past weekend in Austin Texas because it truly was a memorable weekend for me. For those of you who don't know Paleo f(x)™ is an organization dedicated to three interrelated goals: The energy was truly on electric this year and it wasn't just because I got the opportunity to present there. This weekend reminded me about how important it is that we surround ourselves with people that support us and hold us accountable and have that same...


Finding Your Why - #013

William Shakespeare said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to share that gift with the world." Today I'd like to take a step back. Instead of asking yourself, "What are you doing?" I want you to ask yourself, "Why?" "Why you are working at your job?" Why you are in this relationship?" Why you spend time with the people?" As I said before our quality of life is determined by the quality of questions that we ask ourselves. I guarantee that there is...


How to Beat Distractions - #012

We live in a world where everything and everyone is vying for our attention. Facebook and other corporations seek to buy out and own all other competitors that may take your attention away from their product. However we can't serve the ones around us unless we first serve ourselves. Today on Stand Up 2 Sitting we are going to find way to set Boundaries, Educate ourselves, Attract positivity, identify Tendencies and focus on Single tasking in attempt take my our obsessions a reality If you...


Make Your Obsession Your Possession - Episode #011

What are you obsessed with? I'm obsessed with spreading my message my mission and my voice to as many people as possible. That's what I'm obsessed with. What are you obsessed with? Are you focused? Are you truly genuinely focused on your obsession or are you allowing distractions to steal away that focus? Be honest with yourself! What are you willing to risk? The biggest things getting in the way of you making your obsessions your possessions are distractions. It's so easy to get distracted...


Travel: The Greatest Catalyst for Growth - #010

Travel has been a massive catalyst for growth in my life. It has provided me and many of my closest friends with perspective and humbling I don't think any of us could have experienced if we ever left home. Did you know only 36% of the US population has a valid passport? How can a country with the greatest influence only have a 1/3 of its population drowned out from how not only the rest of the world works but how it lives? After our talk today you are going to know the three P's of travel...


The Importance of Intention - #009

We're often told. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is potential power. We need to execute an act on that knowledge for it to truly be powerful. I believe the first step to executing is by setting your intentions. Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. I really want to challenge you to approach every day...


Rethinking Relationships - #008

"We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with" So... What five people are you choosing to spend most of your time with? On today's podcast, I really want you to evaluate your current relationships. Are the people you share your time with compassionate? Are they challenging you to be the best version of yourself? Most importantly, how are they serving you? The first step is to open up your communication channels and attempt to be honest with yourself and those closest...


Defeating Depression - #007

We live in one of the most abundant times in human history. Abundance is everywhere! Abundance of resources, abundance of wealth, abundance of time, and abundance of health. Yet over 20 million people in the US suffer from depression and over 40 million people from anxiety. The World Health Organization estimates that over 300 million people in the world are suffering from depression. Why are 1 and 10 people in the US diagnosed with depression? The scary thing is, is that this disease...


How to Sleep for Success #006

Sleep Sleep? SLEEP! We all do it but are you getting the most out of your nightly slumber? One of the biggest obstacles that I face when coaching people for optimal health and performance is overcoming the lack of quality sleep and you can probably relate to this because in a world with constant stimulation of late night TV emails smartphones we're constantly exposing ourselves to unwanted artificial light. Believe it or not guys there was a time when humans relied on the sun and the...


The Magic of Movement #005

Whens the last time you thought about what your body does for you? Do you know how many times a day your heart beats in order to pump blood throughout your body? Or maybe what it takes for your brain to send signals to instant signals to your muscles? Okay okay, maybe you don't need to know all that but what are you doing right now to make sure your heart is pumping and your brain is firing? Today I want to talk about one of my favorite ways to medicate my body; MOVEMENT - why is movement...


3 C's to Creating Life Long Change #004

The three C's to creating life long change Today we are going to take out our magnifying glasses and look at how getting in touch with our inner child, building consistency in our lives and reaching out to friends, family and professionals for coaching can lead to life long change. I am so excited for the manifestation of this podcast. Please continue to message me to comment and share with me. Share with us what the biggest takeaway was from this episode. I believe in you. I believe in...


6 Ways to Make a Lasting Impact #003

How do you seek to leave a lasting impact? No matter how big or how small there are ways to have an impact on your life and the life of everyone around you. From setting an intention to remember someones name you've just met or holding the door for the person entering the building behind you. Our job is is to provide meaningful value and connection guys. If we're just providing selfish and self-serving content and we're doing the same in our interactions and relationships then it's not...


Seeds vs Weeds #002

You've probably heard the saying that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. However have you stopped and wondered what effect do these 5 people have on your life? Do these people inspire you to grow? Do they put you in uncomfortable positions? Do they push you to pursue your wildest ambitions? Are they inspiring you to grow and get uncomfortable? Today we are going to take a deeper look at the 5 people we surround ourselves with. Are they seeds that...


Mastering Your Morning #001

If we can wake up and crush the morning then we're gonna be in a great position to succeed the rest of the day the rest of the week the rest of the month the rest of the year and the rest of our lives. The best guaranteed way to conquer your morning is to CLIMB. C - Cold Exposure L - Lubricate Your Organs I - Intention M - Move Your Body B - Breathe What is C.L.I.M.B? How can CLIMB put me in a great position to succeed every single morning? Instagram Facebook Come CLIMB! Learn...


Welcome to The Stand Up 2 Sitting Podcast

Welcome to the StandUp2Sitting Podcast. My name is Jeremy Abramson and I’m your Chief ENERGY Officer and Community Cultivator. My mission for this podcast is to energize, educate, and empower you to unleash your full potential. We all want to become the best version of ourselves and together on this podcast, we will exchange energy, grow exponentially, and explore more ways to optimize our human experience. Instagram Facebook Come CLIMB! Learn more about Jeremy