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Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!

Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!
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Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!






#YOULIVE 142 - Love You, Ralphie May

Lahna Turner, widow of late comedian Ralphie May, joins Dr. Drew, Bob, and Shelly to discuss her upcoming special project. The documentary features never-before-seen clips of Ralphie's private life. The inspirational interview gives insight into the life of a man who loved making us laugh even as he battled daily with food and drug addiction. Help support this project at: and find the link on Email questions to...


#YOULIVE 141 - Celene Gounder MD & Shelly Sprague

Infectious disease and addiction specialist of NYC Dr. Celine Gounder joins Dr. Drew, Bob and Shelly Sprague to talk about addiction and the opioid crisis among other things. Dr. Gounder shares her experiences of treating HIV patients and how/why the opioid epidemic dramatically affects this community. The second season of her podcast, “In Sickness and In Health” is devoted to this topic of opioids. celine This episode is sponsored by TruNiagen. Click on the banner at...


#YOULIVE 140 - Jason Wahler and Pete Cropsey

Jason Wahler knows what it's like to relapse and fight his way back to sobriety, and here to talk about his life since we last spoke with him on this show. He's joined by Pastor Pete, founding and senior pastor of First Love Church in Costa Mesa with his harrowing stories of drug abuse and jail time. Pastor Pete has written two novels based on his life. “Dead Man Waking” and “Eddie”. #YOULIVE Sponsored by Hydralyte and TruNiagen. Click on the banners at Support the show and...


#YOULIVE 139 - Tom Segura

Tom Segura of YOUR MOM’S HOUSE podcast, that he does with his wife Christina P, explains how it came about and how awesome his wife is with Dr. Drew. @Thislifepodcast pairs Tom up with co-host @MikeCatherwood so they can get down and dirty. These two belong together on some alternate universe filled with obscene videos and photographs. Nicole Angemi AKA @Mrs_Angemi donates some pathological slides. Tom's buddy Bert Kreischer calls in to talk about his drinking and general health these...


#YOULIVE 138 - Sherry Gaba and Jennie Ketchum

Psychotherapist and life coach, @SherryGaba returns to This Life to talk lifelong addictions that range from substance abuse to sex and love addiction to trauma. She is joined by Celebrity Rehab alum Jennie Ketchum. The former adult actress brings us up to date on her life as a new mother, author, and medical social worker. Order Sherry’s new book: THE MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP JUNKIE: KICKING YOUR OBSESSION, and Jennie’s book, I AM JENNIE. #YOULIVE This episode is sponsored by TruNiagen.


#YOULIVE 137 - Greg Gutfeld

Host Greg Gutfeld of the very popular Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News, chats with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest about their love of Scott Adams, the many recent suicide events and the different causes. Our sincere condolences go out to the family of Anthony Bordain and Kate Spade. If you have thoughts of suicide, or know someone who does, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention line, call 911 or consult your doctor. #YOULIVE Bergamet and Hydralyte are our proud sponsors.


#YOULIVE 136 - Dr Robert DuPont

Addiction treatment pioneer, Dr. Robert DuPont joins Dr. Drew and Bob to talk about past and current treatment strategies. DuPont, who was a White House Drug Czar under two presidents, shares his perspective on a wide variety of topics, including his use of Methadone to treat the prison addicts at the beginning of his career, and his deep appreciation of twelve-step programs. DuPont, who was the first director of NIDA, is currently the founding president of the Institute for Behavior and...


#YOULIVE 135 - Jim Jefferies

Dr Drew Podcast with Jim Jefferies from 2013. #YOULIVE Sponsored by Now, the makers bring you a formulation called Bergamet Sport that provides all the same cardiovascular benefits, but with additional additives designed to aid athletes and those with active lifestyles. Bergamet Sport may help improve stamina, as well as reduce recovery time and muscle inflammation. For a limited time, our listeners can save 10% on their order by entering code drdrew at checkout when you...


#YOULIVE 134 - Rachel Uchitel

Celeb Rehab Alum Rachel Uchitel catches up with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest. The proud mom discusses her new life in New York. Find her on Twitter @racheluchitel and Instagram @racheluchitelnyc. Check out her boutique on Instagram @wyattlilyboutique. Then, health guru Vinnie Tortorich swings by to talk about his new project, "Fat: A Documentary." Sponsored by Bergamet, supplements contain extract from the Bergamot citrus fruit, which may improve a number of cardiovascular conditions and...


#YOULIVE 133 - Michael Abraham

Bob Forrest and Drew take a call from Micheal Abraham of Teen Mom OG fame and comes clean about his daughter and her recent dismissal from MTV's popular Teen Mom OG show. Here to discuss Farrah’s recent and final interview with Dr. Drew, Micheal gets hard questions from Grace Report host and our Facebook Live callers. What can Mike say that Farrah wasn’t able? Where Farrah is going next? The Teen Mom phenomenon is on everyone's mind. #YOULIVE Sponsored by Hydralyte. Go to to...


#YOULIVE 132 - Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold talks his new Viceland show #TheHuntForTheTrumpTapes. Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew get the scoop on Tom's benzo problem, Roseanne, Arnold Schwarzenegger's health and fabulous circus parties. Drew is so jealous he wasn't invited. This is a super energetic podcast with lots of twists and turns. #YOULIVE #bobisback This episode is sponsored by Bergamet Sport. Go to for the discounts when you click on the banners today!


#YOULIVE 131 - Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

Actress Kimberlin Brown Pelzer (Sheila Carter in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful) is running for Congress in District 36 Palm Springs area. Co-host Mike Carano finds out Drew and Kimberlin were neighbors in the 80s and pick up where they left off with a discussion about issues in the State of California. As they move onto opiods, Hazelden's Medical Director Joseph Lee MD ABAM joins in the discussio. Find Kim at #YOULIVE Sponsored by...


#YOULIVE 130 - Teen Mom Talk, Mary Lynn Rajskub, & Bob Saget

Drew and co-host Mike Carano discuss the latest Teen Mom Reunion with Grace from the Grace Report. Then, actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub chats with the guys about show biz and offers Mike some guidance regarding the recent tragic and unexpected death of his sister and his purging. Afterwards, Bob Saget joins to talk about his upcoming dark comedy, “Benjamin,” which explores the topic of intervention and family dynamics. Finally, we’ll hear from James Preston Rogers, who stars in the...


#YOULIVE 129 - Claudia Christenson and Dr John Mendelson

Actress Claudia Christian and Dr. John Mendelson discuss The Sinclair Method for treatment of alcohol abuse disorder on @thislifepodcast #YOULIVE. The program, which saved her life, utilizes a prescription medication, a phone app and medical guidance to help patients reduce or quit alcohol use. Bob and Drew were hesitant at first, but found the interview to be informative. Share if you care, tell a friend, save a life. Find all the podcasts on Find @ClaudiaLives on...


#YouLive 128 - Joe Lockett And Michael Lohan

Birmingham based radio host, Joe Lockett of the popular Joe Lockett Show joins Drew and Bob Forrest in a political discussion about opioid problems in the South. Bob gets to rant about Trump. And, to add to the mix with Bob and Drew, Celebrity Rehab Alum Michael Lohan is doing well, and joins in the conversation regarding his work with Check out the website! It's time to go to use code Drdrew18 at checkout and stock up on the hydration you need. Also...


#YOULIVE 127 - PJ Schrantz & Dopey Guys

PJ Schrantz of Vodcast "Serving Those Who Serve" is a former New York City firefighter and 9/11 first responder whom has dedicated his life to helping others in need. Since losing his son Dustin at age seven to leukemia, he has spearheaded many efforts to help veterans, firefighters and police officers. Bob and Drew hear his story of sobriety after his traumatic past and hitting bottom. Then, after the break, on a lighter note, Chris & Dave from 'The Dopey Podcast' make an appearance and...


#YOULIVE 126 - Carla Spalding

Carla Spalding is a 2018 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 23rd Congressional District of Florida. Carla is a nurse practitioner that specializes in psychiatric nursing. Prescription drug deaths keep rising in Florida. Opioid-related deaths increased 35 percent over the previous year and were found in 5,725 deaths. Cocaine continued to cause more deaths than any other illicit drug, causing 1,769 deaths last year. Heroin-related deaths increased 31...


#YOULIVE 125 - Mary Carey

Ex Porn Actress Mary Carey of Celebrity Rehab returns for a recovery recap discussion with Bob Forrest of Alo House, and Shelly Sprague of Bel Air Treatment Center. #YOULIVE #share #subscribe Sponsored by our friends at Bergamet and Hydralyte. Discounts available on by clicking on the banners today!


#YOULIVE 124 - Interventionist Todd Zalkins

The #YOULIVE "Dream Team" expands today! Shelly Sprague, Bob Forrest, Dr. Drew plus world renowned addiction specialist Todd Zalkins whom is known for his work as a prominent interventionist and award winning filmmaker talks about his addiction and his work. "The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd ‘Z-Man’ Zalkins" is his current project. Sponsored by and Hydralyte. Go to for discounts! Click on the banner to save.


#YOULIVE 123 - Dr. Lisa Strohman And Gene Rugala

Dr. Drew hosts Dr. Lisa Strohman, attorney and psychologist @drlisastrohman and retired FBI profiler Gene Rugala who served as the lead profiler in the Columbine tragedy in a discussion about school violence in America. The group discusses the warning signs of school violence, the role of mental health and what needs to happen to stop future violence. Go to for discounts on Bergamet and Hydralyte.