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Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!

Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!
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Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House join forces to address all things about "This Life" with celebrities and non-celebs. Taking your emails via today!






#YOULIVE 158 - Amy Dresner

Author of “My Fair Junkie” Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic. Amy became an addict at 24 and suffered through many years of addiction before finally getting clean in her 40s. She entertains Bob and Dr. Drew with stories about her life. Since 2012 she has been a contributing editor of the on-line addiction and recovery magazine, The Find her on twitter: @AmyDresner IG: @amydresner FB: @amydresnerofficial #YOULIVE Sponsored by Genotox Labs Tox Protect.


#YOULIVE 157 - Celeb Rehab Alum Dennis Rodman And Darren Prince

Celebrity Rehab Alum Dennis Rodman and his agent Darren Prince are here today to talk to Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew about their experiences in Korea together, and how Dennis became friends with Kim Jong-un. Darren tells his story of opiate addiction and how he survived 23 years of abuse and now 10 years sober, and a has an amazing new book AIMING HIGH that Rodman and Drew fully endorse. #YOULIVE Follow Dennis @dennisrodman & Darren @agent_dp on Instagram. This episode is provided due to our...


#YOULIVE 156 - Marely's Mutts Zach Skow

Zach Skow was 28 years old and dying of end-stage liver disease due to a crippling alcohol addiction. In order to receive a transplant, he would need to accrue 6 months of sobriety. He found the kinship, strength and unconditional love needed to accomplish this task in his dogs. A decade later, he’s sober, married with a child and is the founder of Marley’s Mutts, a dog rescue organization that heals and rehabilitates shelter dogs. The rescued dogs are then used in a variety of therapeutic...


#YOULIVE 155 - Dr Drew is Outraged

Dr. Drew’s anger about the current homeless crisis comes to a head as he demands accountability for the situation. Frustrated at watching his own predictions about a typhus outbreak come to pass, he addresses the epidemiology that connects mental illness and homelessness. He and Bob welcome 5th District Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles Mission CEO, Herb Smith and local activist, Rick Swinger, who offer their own opinions about how to solve this problem. Los Angeles Mission and Anne...


#YOULIVE 154 - Carl Higbie

Dr. Drew and Bob take a comprehensive look at American issues. They welcome former Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie, who talks about fighting to win, defending one’s country and the psychological implications of taking a life. Bob, formerly an “uber liberal,” announces the formation of his new Radical Center Party. Then the guys discuss Civil War conspiracy theories and Mexican immigration. Carl proposes the "Higbie Policy," which entails the stapling of a green card to your diploma upon completion of...


#YOULIVE 153 - Darren Prince

Prominent sports and celebrity agent Darren Prince represents stars like Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Charlie Sheen, and our own Celebrity Rehab alum/friend, Dennis Rodman. Now ten years sober, Darren shares the miraculous story of his survival with Dr. Drew and Bob. His new book, Aiming High: How A Prominent Sports And Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom At The Top, chronicles his journey. #YOULIVE Sponsored by TruNiagen and Genotox Labs Tox Protect. Please support all the podcasts by clicking on the...


#YOULIVE 152 - Dr Casey Jordan

Dr. Drew and Bob discuss the implications of Dr. Blasey Ford’s appearance at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. They are joined by criminologist, behavioral analyst, attorney, and host of “Wives and Knives,” Dr. Casey Jordan, who offers her perspective about Kavanaugh’s temperament and his fitness to serve on the highest court in he land. This episode is sponsored by ToxProtect / and Hydralyte. Also please go to to support the show by learning more about the products we...


#YOULIVE 151 - Brady Granier

Brady Granier joins Bob and Drew to talk about BioCorRx®, a recovery program focused on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol and opioid addiction. The centerpiece of the program is a proprietary long-lasting implant of Naltrexone, the FDA approved oral based drug, which is proven to substantially reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. Go to or call 888-993-1099 for more details. This implant is not FDA approved but available by prescription.#YOULIVE This...


#YOULIVE 150 - Ray Oldhafer Chris Boehm And Colin Cheer

Ray Oldhafer, Chris Boehm, and Colin Cheer join This Life to talk about their podcast, Do Tell Ray, and Chris' role in getting Bob sober back in 1996. The boys get gross and discuss all the antics they have experienced in their past together. Always seems funny to them. #youlive Sponsored by TruNiagen, Hydralyte and new sponsor, Genotex. Click on the banners on to get your discounts!


#YOULIVE 149 - Theo Von

Theo Von makes a cameo appearance with Drew and Mike Catherwood who chat about the latest news and this life. #youlive This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.


#YOULIVE 148 - #YouLiveDrdrew 60th Birthday Party!

Recorded live at Dr Drew's 60th Birthday Party Toasty (non) Roast. Featuring guests (In order of appearance): Adam Carolla, Lauren Sivan, Mike Carano, Bob Forrest, Theo Von, Heather McDonald, Bob Saget, Ginger Gonzaga, Steve-O, Tom Arnold, Craig Shoemaker, Jeanie Buss, Nikki Glaser, Joel McHale, Jimmy O. Yang, Mike Catherwood Fred Stoller, Loni Love, Susan Pinsky, Mark Geragos, and Jason Patric. Sponsored by Donations my be given in lieu of gifts to


#YOULIVE 147 -Mackenzie Phillips / Owen Elliott Kugel

Owen Elliot Kugel and Mackenzie Phillips are childhood friends brought together by their musician parents, the Mamas and The Papas. Bob is also connected to Mama Cass (Owen's mother), as she was the person who rescued his sister-mom in the 60s while living on Laurel Canyon in Hollywood. Mackenzie, daughter of singer John Phillips, runs Breathe Life Healing Center in Hollywood California, which helps addicts and their families survive this disease. Owen and Mack describe what it was like to...


#YOULIVE Tan Mom Bonus Repurpose of Howard Vortex

Infamous “Tan Mom,” Patricia Krentcil, explains how numerous harrowing experiences of her youth contributed to her current medical conditions. She recounts a life affected by sexual abuse, head injuries and damaging personal relationships.This October, 2017 excerpt is from the short-lived Howard Vortex podcast, hosted by Dr. Drew and Ami Horowitz. We mention this interview on the most recent #YOULIVE!


#YOULIVE 146 - Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil / Jason Ellis

A year in the life of Tan Mom! In Oct, 2017, Patricia Krentcil chatted with superfan, Ami Horowitz on The Howard Vortex podcast (see bonus content). This week she joins Dr. Drew to give us an update on her curious life as a followup of her interview April of this year with Drew & Mike. Today, She's finding inner peace with the release of her new single heard on the Stern Show, “Free to be Me,” coming out in the next couple weeks. This episode also features an archival interview with and...


#YOULIVE 145 - Dave From Dopey Podcast

Bob and Dr. Drew welcome Dave, co-host of the popular Dopey Podcast. They discuss the tragic and unexpected death of Dave's podcasting partner Chris, who died from a heroin overdose two weeks ago. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of our dear friend. #youlive. Sponsored by Hydralyte.


#YOULIVE 144 - Marina Anderson

Marina Anderson has worked in nearly every facet of Hollywood over the course of her career. She is an actor, writer and producer, and is artistically creative as well. In 2010 she wrote a book about her relationship with actor David Carradine, to whom she was married for six years. This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte and keep you hydrated this summer.


#YOULIVE 143 - Becky Savage

Shelly Sprague returns to join Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew. Becky Savage lost two of her four sons in one night to acute alcohol and oxycodone overdose. Nick, 19, who had just finished his first year of college died alongside Jack, 18, who had just graduated from high school. The two were celebrating with their friends when they made the choice to take this deadly combination at a party. Determined to save other parents from experiencing a similar tragedy, Becky started the 525 Foundation. The...


#YOULIVE 142 - Love You, Ralphie May

Lahna Turner, widow of late comedian Ralphie May, joins Dr. Drew, Bob, and Shelly to discuss her upcoming special project. The documentary features never-before-seen clips of Ralphie's private life. The inspirational interview gives insight into the life of a man who loved making us laugh even as he battled daily with food and drug addiction. Help support this project at: and find the link on Email questions to...


#YOULIVE 141 - Celene Gounder MD & Shelly Sprague

Infectious disease and addiction specialist of NYC Dr. Celine Gounder joins Dr. Drew, Bob and Shelly Sprague to talk about addiction and the opioid crisis among other things. Dr. Gounder shares her experiences of treating HIV patients and how/why the opioid epidemic dramatically affects this community. The second season of her podcast, “In Sickness and In Health” is devoted to this topic of opioids. celine This episode is sponsored by TruNiagen. Click on the banner at


#YOULIVE 140 - Jason Wahler and Pete Cropsey

Jason Wahler knows what it's like to relapse and fight his way back to sobriety, and here to talk about his life since we last spoke with him on this show. He's joined by Pastor Pete, founding and senior pastor of First Love Church in Costa Mesa with his harrowing stories of drug abuse and jail time. Pastor Pete has written two novels based on his life. “Dead Man Waking” and “Eddie”. #YOULIVE Sponsored by Hydralyte and TruNiagen. Click on the banners at Support the show and tell...