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Fascinating medical research and treatments at UW Medicine

Fascinating medical research and treatments at UW Medicine
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Fascinating medical research and treatments at UW Medicine




Hepatology: Healing the Liver

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the human body, performing hundreds of jobs that keep us well. In this episode, meet UW Medicine physician Anne Larson, who has dedicated her career to keeping this important organ healthy and treating problems when they do come up. Functions of the Liver – Learn Continue Reading »


Technological Advances in Behavioral Medicine

In this episode of the podcast find out how UW Medicine researchers and practitioners are using video games, apps and other technologies to treat mental health issues from PTSD to Depression. Treating PTSD – Debra Kaysen describes PTSD symptoms and how new technology is making treatment more accessible for all. Empathetic Technology? -David Atkins describes Continue Reading »

Precision Medicine: Finding the Best Treatment for You

Not all cancers are the same. Not all treatments are one-size-fits-all either. Meet the researchers at UW Medicine who have developed new and innovative genetic tests that help target the right therapy for each individual patient, making treatment much more precise and effective. Targeted Treatments – Jay Shendure describes how Precision Medicine is helping to Continue Reading »

Searching for a Diagnosis: MyGene2

If you or a loved one is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, the struggle to find a diagnosis and a cure is all too familiar. But thanks to the innovative work from UW Medicine doctors and researchers, it’s becoming much easier. In this episode learn about the technology now available that is connecting families Continue Reading »

Saving Lives Through Gun Research

According to new research by University of Washington’s School of Public Health, gunshot survivors are four times more likely to die from firearms than other patients. In this episode we meet the UW Medicine doctors who are heading this study and learn how they hope to change that statistic. Gun Study – Meet Dr. Fred Continue Reading »


Finding a Fix: Cancer Cures, Prevention and Treatments

The cure for cancer will come in the form of immunotherapy; that much we know. In this episode of UW Medicine Pulse, find out how it works and how close doctors and researchers are to making it available to you and your family. Plus a deep look into prevention and comprehensive treatments. Cancer Cure – Continue Reading »

Dog Longevity

Dogs are our best friends. They live with us, bring us joy and unconditional love but unfortunately they don’t live very long. The average lifespan for dogs is 10 – 13 years. On this episode meet the researchers at UW Medicine who are setting out to change that! They’ve embarked on a new study using Continue Reading »

Revolutionizing Dialysis

Anyone who suffers with Kidney Disease knows how difficult a life on dialysis can be. It’s time consuming, uncomfortable and can make life very difficult. All that is about to change with a new device that could revolutionize dialysis treatment. The Wearable Artificial Kidney was just given the green-light to be fast-tracked through the U.S. Continue Reading »

Demystifying the Zika Virus

Though most infections of the Zika Virus are mild and cause few or no symptoms, the World Health Organization has declared a global public health emergency. So what is the concern? How bad is it? And who should be most careful? These questions and more are answered on this weeks podcast. History of Zika - Dr. Coombs describes Zika from its beginnings and explains how the disease is spread. Microcephaly Connection - Microcephaly, a birth defect that leads to babies being born with...

Life Giving Innovations

A life giving treatment can be defined as something that manages the symptoms of a complex disorder. It may not be the cure, but to the patient, could mean living with a disease far more comfortably than without the treatments. Today on the podcast we look at two such remedies; one for the heart and one for the brain. The Watchman - Who benefits most from this new technology? Watchman In Action - Dr. Mark Reisman describes how the simple device works. Deep Brain Stimulation - Dr. Andrew Ko...

A Remedy for Celiac

Seattle musician Camille Bloom has Celiac Disease. She and over 3 million other Americans can't eat anything that contains even a trace of gluten; (no donuts, no bread, no crackers, no pizza) without suffering from severe intestinal problems. But thanks to a tenacious researcher at UW Medicine, help is on the way! In this episode, learn how the research team lead by UW Medicine's Dr. Ingrid Swanson Pultz discovered a way to break down gluten in the stomach, and allow people like Camille to...

The Complexities of a Face Transplant

UW Medical Center is now one of a very few hospitals in the world approved to do face transplants. And sometime this year will perform the first of these amazing operations in the Northwest. It’s a delicate, complex and long operation that requires a combination of strong patients, brave and willing donor families, and talented surgical teams. In this episode Dr. Peter Neligan, director of Reconstructive Surgery at UW Medical Center, discusses the many facets of these surgeries – physical...

Concussions: Lessening the Blow

While the NFL continues to make strides towards protecting players from concussions, UW Medicine doctors and researchers are playing a pivotal role in legislation, research and prevention. On this episode of UW Medicine Pulse, meet the very doctors and researchers on the forefront of change in this area and the young man who inspired new concussion protocols on the field - for the entire nation. What are Concussions - Why are concussions so prevalent in sports today? Lystedt Law - The...

Shining Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

When Fall turns into Winter, some people experience a dramatic shift in mood and energy known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Depression. In this episode of the podcast, we take a look at this mysterious disorder and meet the UW Medicine Researchers who discovered its most effective treatments. SAD Defined – What is SAD Continue Reading »

The Benefits of Accountable Care

November marks the start of open enrollment for health insurance, when any US citizen can acquire or change their health plan. As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) new terms like “accountable care” are cropping up. What is an accountable care network? And in what other ways is UW Medicine working to make Continue Reading »

Surviving: Transplants and Marathons

Running a marathon is a major accomplishment achieved by only a small percentage of the world’s population. Getting an organ transplant is also a major feat that an even smaller number realize. On today’s episode, meet the incredible group of people who have accomplished BOTH of these achievements, and have done both with grace and Continue Reading »

Fighting Pancreatic Cancer: One Family’s Journey

It is estimated that 40,560 people will die from Pancreatic Cancer this year. Thanks to the tireless work of UW Medicine’s Dr. Terri Brentnall, that number will not include an extended family she’s been studying over the last 20 years. This week on the show meet Dr. Brentnall and find out how she was able Continue Reading »

Prepared for Disaster

Kathryn Schulz painted a pretty grim picture in the New Yorker of a massive earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest. This week, you’ll be comforted to learn how well UW Medicine physicians and emergency departments have prepared to respond in an event of this nature. The New Yorker – The recent New Yorker article sparked fear Continue Reading »

Eastside Specialty Center

A shiny new UW Medicine Specialty Center has opened just east of Seattle in Bellevue, Washington; making it easier for anyone living east of the city to get high quality care. On this episode of UW Medicine Pulse, we take a journey through the halls of this new clinic and explore the innovative changes that Continue Reading »

When Your Heart Skips A Beat

Your heart will beat over 100,000 times today! On this episode of UW Medicine Pulse we’ll find out what happens when those 100,000 beats get disrupted and learn how UW Medicine physicians are working to manage those disturbances. We take a look back at the program we did on stem cell research and learn how Continue Reading »