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Episode 38 - On Men, Space, And A Sense Of Belonging

In this episode I discuss the need for us men to accept that we appreciate beauty and to not forfeit our voice on creating a home environment. A home should reflect the aesthetic of both partners and us men need to be comfortable in expressing what we like, what we don't like, what we find beautiful, and how having space within the home is necessary to feeling like we belong there.


Episode 37 - On @TonyRobbins, #MeToo, And White Male Privilege

In the last 72 hours, a video of Tony Robbins disparaging the Me Too movement as a way for women to seek "significance" through anger and their status as victims has blown up on the internet. Tony blew it. He not only blew it as a coach, a trainer, and a personal development icon, he blew it as a man and as a victim of abuse himself.


Episode 36 - Four Wheel Alignment With Dmitry Kondratyev

In a world where considerable time is spent traveling from A to B and back again, the mechanisms responsible for driving our life experiences often go unnoticed. As a former Master Technician and current finance professional, he developed a simple method for bringing those features—principles, metaphorically—to the forefront of our daily thinking, harmonizing the personal with the efficacy of the professional and coloring life as a whole


Episode 35 - Sex, Meditation, And Buddhism With Coleman Baker

Coleman Baker is a coach and mindfulness trainer who works with men struggling with pornography, sex addiction, and other compulsive sexual behaviors. In this episode, he shares his own story, how he overcame his compulsion, and his mission to free men from the chains of addiction.


Episode 34 - The Power of Connection

Once upon a time in order to connect with someone we had to either call them up or go knock on their doors. Today, we see the lives of our friends and families scroll by our newsfeeds and timelines and we feel that clicking "like" can substitute for an actual connection. Social media is making us more connected and disconnected at the same time.

Episode 33 - Our Boys Are Broken: Masculinity, Mental Health, And Mass Shooters

Among the 35 OECD nations, mass shootings are a uniquely American and male phenomenon. Why is this? Without getting into the debate over gun policy, this episode dives into the secondary and tertiary discussions around mass shooters. Why men? Why American men in particular? Why not women? And why reflexively labeling the assailants as 'mentally ill' is offensive as hell.

Episode 32 - Masculinity and #MeToo

It's a brave new world, one that's going to require an intense conversation about what masculinity is and is not in the age of #MeToo. So, where do we start? What stays, what goes, and what can we learn and embrace from the women in our lives to make us better men tomorrow than we were yesterday?


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