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Mind Over Melanin Empowering and informing the melanated peeps to explore the impact of life experiences and current events through a mental health lens.

Mind Over Melanin Empowering and informing the melanated peeps to explore the impact of life experiences and current events through a mental health lens.
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Mind Over Melanin Empowering and informing the melanated peeps to explore the impact of life experiences and current events through a mental health lens.






My Purpose

Learn what I do and why I do it! I often provide information that I hope will improve your lives but today I talk with Edouard Gilles of Ed Talks Podcast and host of the Unlimited Power show to focus on why my work is important me and the purpose it serves. Mental health and social justice are important because across every country they are concepts that are essential to people's well being.


Hotline Bling

As a wise man once said "You use to call me on my cellphone late night when you need my love" ...until it became too expensive. New York is has taken the lead in eliminating phone call fees for people in NYC jails. NYS Assemblywoman Taylor Raynor of District 18 joins us to discuss the new law.


Mindfulness Mondays

Happy Monday Mind Over Melanin Family! This is a special treat to combat stress, pain, or an over stimulated mind. if you want to achieve a slither of peace this is for you. Have an amazing week! Website: www.mindovermelanin.com Contact: bailey@mindovermelanin.com Social: www.instagram.com/mindovermelaninpod


Saving Our Youth

The host of Mind Over Melanin joins the Now We Rise TV Show to discuss the current issues that black youth are facing and she along with other activists in the community including James Litkett and Arthur Lambert to name a few highlight their efforts and evaluate what is truly needed to help our children.


Young, Gifted, & Black

I love this episode and I am sure you will too! Flo Ngala a fearless and phenomenal creative shares her story. Tune in to hear the ins and outs of a young, gifted, and black creative that clearly has no limits while she shares her journey and how her strengths and struggles impact her. Website: http://www.mindovermelanin.com Contact: bailey@mindovermelanin.com PAY THIS BLACK WOMAN: http://www.patreon.com/mindovermelanin Guest Flo Ngala-...


Be The Solution Not The Symptom

There is no better time to fight the good fight than now! The world needs each and every one of us to make a difference. Someone recently asked me what can they do to be more active in the community so I want to share steps that are essential to making a difference and becoming an activist. Podcast Event: PODINLIVENYC https://www.eventbrite.com/e/podinlivenyc-podcast-meet-up-2019-tickets-60457502016 Resources: Becoming and Being an...


Spring Forward

There is no other time like now to ground yourself and spring forward. Take advantage of the spring momentum and revaluate your goals to ensure you are on the right path and that you keep on that path if so. Tune in to hear how to align your goals with the time.


Black Love: Blended Families

Given the fact that 73% of African American homes comprise of single mothers due to an abundance of reasons related to racism and other impacts of trauma that have constantly been a threat to the sanctity of the black family. Blended families is not only a new normal but it is an accepted truth in our culture that is connected to the determination to love and demonstrate love to our children. The Orrs show their determination to love through sharing their experience as a successful Blended...


Strong and Stressed Black Woman

For as long as I can remember Strong Black Woman has been a title worn with pride in the community and we wear it well but honestly there are things that we endure that would be considered abnormal that speak to our resilience and raise the urgency of awareness for our need of healing and increase self-love. Black Women have to withstand the stress and trauma of racism, sexism, classism and sometimes Xenophobia, homophobia, or Islamophobia. We look into the effects of this stress and the...


Why We Suck At Self-Care

Let's get to the nitty gritty of what self-care is and what it needs to look like for black women! Audrey Lorde said it best "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." Examine our self-care must go deeper the the bubble bath, manicure, or cup of tea. Visit: MindOverMelanin.com instagram: @mindovermelaninpod Resources: P.L.E.A.S.E. The P.LE.A.S.E. skill is another skill that acknowledges the link between body and brain....


Cultivating Inner Peace

It is time to redefine what the "strong black woman" is! For so long we have held down our families, our work, and our communities with little to no priority on our own well-being and self-care. Those of you who are in the trenches right now know exactly what I mean. Dr. Akhu shares with us her book and system of Cultivating Inner Peace and prioritizing yourself while navigating an ever-so demanding lifestyle.


Now We Rise

Your Host Bailey Jeremie joins the panel for the Now We Rise TV Show with Host James Litkett along with other panel guests including actor and activist Danny Glover, Gracie Benedith the CEO of Braille Code Brands, and Coach Chris from the Talk that Talk Podcast to discuss an array of issues related to justice including mass incarceration, racism, special needs accessibility, black history and much more.


Reality Check

The host, Bailey Jeremie and guest Dr. Jeff Gardere "America's Psychologist" explore the pros and cons of mental health in the media from possible misconceptions, to the use of celebrities as pioneers to end the stigma of mental health, and ways that we can avoid mental illness when engaging with tv.


Trajectify Your Life

The Fashion Industry is one of the most stressful industries a person can choose to be in which makes mental health twice as important and if you add being a minority to the field -combatting lack of representation and racism triples the importance. We examine some key elements to the stress and solutions in addition to interviewing Elliot Carlyle,The Brand, The Voice, the author of “The Influence Workbook”, and executive assistant of Fern Mallis of New York Fashion Week who shares how to...


Black Love with R&B

The host Bailey Jeremie sits down with her forever Valentine Ramsey Jeremie aka @iamthealqemist to talk about black love, their lives, and the pursuit of happiness. Check out Ramsey Jeremie's debut audio the V-Day project. iamthealqemist.com To keep updated with the latest news subscribe to the Mind Over Melanin Podcast at mindovermelanin.com


Traveling While Black II

Part II of Traveling While Black: She's Ready features Rashell Evans the Founder and CEO of Statement Junky shares her initiative to prepare young girls for traveling the world. For More Info: Visit Instagram: @mindovermelaninpod mindovermelanin.com


Pain into Purpose

Shameka "Meme" Green shares the various hurdles she experienced throughout her life and her journey of becoming a victor from a victim. We discuss sexual abuse, domestic violence, and incarceration while examining some parallels with the recent Surviving R. Kelly Docuseries. Follow Mind Over Melanin www.instagram.com/mindovermelaninpod Become a Mind Over Melanin Patron www.patreon.com/mindovermelanin


Community Empowerment



Succeeding While Black

The obstacles to success as a minority can seem impossible to surmount at times! We will examine the obstacles closer and explore potential solutions to combatting the obstacles and navigating to our desired destinations. Our guest Tiffany McKenzie will share her experience and the sacrifice made along the way.


Holiday Survival Kit

Theoretically, the holidays are exciting we get to see our loved ones and enjoy the gift of life but realistically we know that the holidays can be the toughest time of the year. Well over half of America feels stressed during this time! No worries, listen to learn essential tools that can alleviate some of that holiday stress.