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Episode 11 - Lucas, Odin's Scientific Advisor

I interview someone I consider a dual threat of Science...the SCIENCE! type science and political science, Lucas Hill. We talk about, Science, Voting Reform, how it's a myth of it being a blue or red state, his wife Laura's love of gas station hotdogs, and what he has learned trying to write his own roleplaying game. I can be reached at Twitter @VicariousID Facebook at For additional podcast benefits please visit...


Episode 10 - Kayslay Boy Donnie

"A lot of people think, they hear toxic masculinity they think "oh being a man is a bad thing..." and that's not at all what that's saying. That stems into the overt offensiveness of what guys can express...Whenever I hear a guy talking about what you can and can't get away with, especially when it is about how you treat a woman. Maybe it's not that you can't get away with it, it is realizing we were wrong all along we are realizing that we need to get better." I interview the 2nd Kayslay...


Episode 9 - The Core of a Nerd is a Force of Will

It's a runaway and join the circus like fantasy because you are having a bad day at work... but it still sounds fun. I speak with Will about his Nerdcore Life, his Voice Acting Life, His soon to be Podcasting Life, and the guilty pleasure of nostalgia (and Taco Bell) Tickets for the showing for the Post-Meridian Radio Players can be found at I can be reached at Twitter @VicariousID Facebook at For additional podcast benefits...


Episode 8 - Gothbarbie 3000

"But the minute you say you're against the children, or you're against something they already portrayed as "good", you're demonized and you have to start 17 steps behind everyone else to try to let people know what the real issue is and how it touches everything and how the tentacles of a thing goes into other things." Warning: Lots of Cursing! I talk with a badass, Gothbarbie 3000 aka Gretchen, about everything from when she started performing in Pole to Prison Reform, to the water crisis...


Episode 7 - Bleeding Identity with Ericka Skirpan

People who do not have a good healthy connection to themselves, they can go too deep. They can bleed too much. They can drown in these characters and lose themselves to them that's when it gets dangerous when you forget who you are. I talk to Ericka Skirpan about the identity in regards to interactive storytelling, bleed, the journey and the journey of weightloss surgery. She also claims a house that has not been claimed before in the history of this podcast! This Podcast can be found...


Episode 6 - Reneesance Woman

3rd time is charming, and the 3rd Ravenclaw of the series (3 Ravenclaw, 1 Hufflepuff, 1 Durmstrang for the folks playing at home), Renee allows me to live vicariously through her as we talk from everything from Sex Workers rights and the politics behind FOSTA/SESTA, calls me out on my own issues, and finally....hedgehogs?!?!? Music: She Wolf In My Heart (Bonus) by Sergey Cheremisinov under Creative Commons license 4.0 Renee works as a writer for...


Episode 5 - The Milk is Chillin' - The Kayslay Boy Milky

This is the first of 2 Technical Difficulties episodes. This episode the technical difficulties came in the editing process as the monologue will explain. I speak to Milky, who is one of the original Kayslay Boyz from Kill'em with Kayfabe podcast about life growing up in the projects of Queens, being gay in his 40's, and how his identity factors are different than his own identical twin brother! Music: Good Grief by Mystery Mammal under Creative Commons Sharealike License Visit this...


Episode 4 - Kit Chapman - Blinding you with science journalism

I talk with my friend Kit Chapman, the author of the book Superheavy, which will be out next year from Bloomsbury. We talk about his story, being a kid raised partially in Hong Kong, the moment when he decided to give up alcohol and signs he saw right before becoming a skeptic. We dive into his writing and his take about science journalism, along with embarrassing him a bit because many people think that he is great. You can currently preorder his book at...


Episode 3 - DR Perry: The Emergency Contact

I talk to author D.R. Perry, who is pretty much family too me. We talk about life and the creative process along, creators and feedback, identities in gaming (both in person and online), and much much more. "It's very quiet when we do "okay" ... The lack of response is fake. People respond to what they see and you don't see it." - D.R. Perry Patreon Users get 24 hour advanced access to Vicarious Identity and Alice in Muggleland all for a dollar....


Episode 2 - The Identity of Religion with Ariel

This episode I speak with Ariel (Ari) mostly about religion. We talk about their calling into the ministry, the highs and lows of the calling, how that gets balanced with having a family, their experience with being proactive in pushing more progressive thought patterns with a conservative congregation, gaming, and more. Ari is doing work with the Poor People's Campaign for more information visit I plan on providing some additional interesting content....


Episode 1 - Errick's Mountain

"One of the ways that makes us human is the stories that we tell about ourselves, our relations, our communities. That's what defines our humanity and there's actually theories out there that say that if we didn't tell stories about ourselves we actually wouldn't be concious.. So when your own internal story doesn't line up with the way people are reacting to you, the way that people are addressing you, that is such a huge disconnect and it so badly impacts mental health ... that is a...


They Use To Call Me… The Introduction of a Identity Crisis

This is the introduction to Vicarious Identity: Living a Midlife Crisis through Other People. Here we find our hero rambling on about his identity and what the podcast is about. The TL:DR is to get down deep with people he knows to help find himself. Find on Facebook: Find on Twitter: @vicariousid