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Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame – Who’s In Who’s Out? – EP070

The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame invokes a lot of discussion among the hard rock and metal community. Should we have our own Hard Rock and Metal Hall Of Fame, and if so, who's in and who's out? Since its existence, the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame has come with it’s share of controversy, whether people are arguing about who’s in and who’s out, or bands arguing about who is coming and who is performing together. We believe in rock n roll and music in general, but we have thoughts about the current...


Top 5 Kix With Steve Whiteman – EP069

We love Kix, so we pick our Top 5 Kix tunes to share. We also love Kix Lead Singer Steve Whiteman and when we had the opportunity to catch up with Steve to discuss the 30th anniversary of the Kix classic album Blow My Fuse we jumped on it. Kix are for kids, but Kix Rock n Roll is for everyone whose ever cranked up the car stereo to 11 and rolled down the windows while rolling down the highway on a sunny day. It was tough to pick our top 5 Kix tunes, but like all other top 5 episodes we...


Thin Line Between Love & Hate – EP068

It’s a thin line between love and hate, and nowhere is it more apparent than in rock n roll, so we got to stop the hate and start the love. This week we get back to basics and have fun with a themed episode that is loaded with some great music by Firehouse, Halford, Tyketto, Megadeth, House Of Lords, WASP, Saraya, and of course Kiss. The theme this week is all about song titles with Love or Hate in the title and in some cases both Love and Hate. We get into the Ticketmaster and Live Nation...


Craig Goldy Is A Dream Child – EP067

Craig Goldy has a very interesting rock n roll story to tell. The former Dio guitar player took time out from his new band Dream Child to discuss his friendship with Ronnie James Dio, his earlier work with Guiffria, and Rough Cutt, and the emotions he feels while paying tribute to Ronnie James Dio performing with the Dio Disciples. From his earliest memories of growing up in a not so ideal home environment, to living out of his car on the streets, Craig shares stories about his auditions for...


Cinderella Top 5 – EP066

This week Sonny and I scream “SHAKE ME” at the top of our lungs all night as we both pick our Top 5 Cinderella songs. We barely avoid an all-out brawl on mic when we both claim a song as our favorite, deciding in the end to let technology pick the true winner of the favorite song sweepstakes. I remember seeing Cinderella in the 90's, long after their “heyday.” With rock considered passe at the time, I was psyched to be able to see a band I dug in a small club at an affordable price....


Eclipse – Rock’s Complete Package – EP065

Eclipse is Rock's complete package. Growin' Up Rock was lucky enough to catch up with the Swedish band in Atlanta to learn what's brought them here and what's in store for the future. Eclipse has released three albums that I absolutely love on Frontiers Records: Bleed and Scream (2012), Armageddonize (2015), and Monumentum (2017). On a rare trip to the US for an appearance at PowerProg USA, a progressive power metal festival, singer Erik Mårtensson, guitarist Magnus Henriksson, and drummer...


Rock N Pod 2 Recap Finale – EP064

Nashville Rock N Pod 2 is over , and we are closing out this year's Rock N Pod 2 recap with an epic finale of massive proportions. In this finale you will hear from Tora Tora, Keel, Tesla, Kik Tracee, Bang Tang, and a host of other great interviews. Growin' Up Rock loves to have fun and we do exactly that with our guest as we dig into what music they grew up on that meant so much to them driving them to become the people they are today. Growin' Up Rock had an amazing amount of fun this year...


Rock N Pod 2 Recap Part 1 – EP063

Nashville Rock N Pod 2 is over , but the recap for Growin' Up Rock is just starting. The Growin’ Up Rock Podcast was in attendance for this year’s Rock N Pod Expo and we have a virtual treasure trove of interviews with musicians, comedians, fellow podcasters and yes, music content, to share with you. This is Part 1 of a 2 part Rock N Pod recap. Hollywood and I will share our overall experience of the entire weekend. We have lots of laughs and mix in some great music with the stories and...


Rock N Pod 2 : The Future Of Rock – EP062

Nashville Rock N Pod 2 is over and the future, past, and present of rock is burning brightly. The Growin’ Up Rock Podcast was in attendance for this year’s Rock N Pod Expo and we have a virtual treasure trove of interviews with musicians, comedians, fellow podcasters and yes, music content, to share with you over the next few episodes. We will make it a point to get it out to you in the next 2 weeks. Hollywood and I will share our overall experience of the entire weekend. We have lots of...


Who’s The New Guy – EP061

Who's the new guy in the band? In this episode, we take a look at replacement players who have impacted the bands they joined in an awesome way. Hey, I went to my job today and some new guy was there doing it. Who's the new guy? WTF? Have I been fired? Oh wait, I left because quite frankly I can't stand the rest of the guys in this band. With the music industry changing rapidly each and every day, free agency is at an all-time high. One way musicians make a living nowadays is to play in 50...


Under Covers Of The Night – EP060

Under Covers of the Night is an episode about playing and discussing some very cool rock cover songs that Sonny and I discovered. When Sonny and I started to discuss doing a covers episode recently, our research quickly turned up a massive number of cover songs out there in the universe. Some awesome, and some complete crap. Some extremely close to the original, and some completely unrecognizable. You have cover songs that are part of tribute albums to a designated band or artist. You have...


This Ain’t No Disco ’90 – EP059

It's time for another installment of “This Ain’t No Disco” on Growin’ Up Rock. In an episode from the Growin' Up Rock Vaults. (yes we recorded this one last year - see if you can tell) This ain't no disco, but it sure as hell is rock n roll at its finest. On this episode we jump in our “Back To The Future” time traveling Delorean and go back to 1990, and what another kick ass year it was for hard rock and metal releases. It was getting close to the end for the hard rock / glam rock pretty...


Fabulous First – Happy Anniversary – EP058

We're celebrating our Fabulous First. Happy Anniversary Growin' Up Rock Listeners!! Remember the first time you heard one of your all-time favorite bands? How about the first time you saw them in concert? Growin' Up Rock is turning one, so we have an epic first year celebration in store for you all. Sonny and I reflect back on our first year of episodes, while discussing our fabulous first associated with some of our favorite bands we grew up loving in high school. Sonny and I have a ton...


Dokken Top 5 At This Minute – EP057

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally doing a Dokken Top 5 List. On this episode we spin the Dial O’ Destiny and pick our top 5 favorite Dokken tunes. At least at this minute. Sonny and I are such huge Dokken fans, we found it impossible to pick just 5 of our favorite Dokken songs, so for the sake of time, as in we don’t have enough, we decided to capture a moment in time and record our favorites at this minute. Rockin' with Dokken is definitely a Growing Up Rock pasttime for...


Podchaser Cole Raven, Running Wild- EP056

On this episode of Growin' Up Rock, we talk with Podchaser co-founder Cole Raven. Podcasts are booming. There's a podcast for everything, and Podchaser’s database and discovery engine has quickly become a go-to resource for podcast devotees. Officially beta-launched in July 2017, Podchaser is often called the IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes of podcasting, allowing listeners to rate and review shows, as well as individual episodes. In addition to Podchaser’s awesome review and rating system that is...


Hollywood’s Nite Out – Bonus Episode

Hollywood's nite out on the town results in an impromptu coming together for the Growin' Up Rock Co-host In this bonus episode. Sonny, Steven, and Steven's wife Jen meet up in a undisclosed location to have dinner and take in a Kip Winger acoustic set. While hanging out the 3 of them decide to talk about the Kip Winger set and discuss a world of possibilities surrounding the Monster's Of Rock Cruise in which Sonny and Steven announce they are both embarking on in 2019. They figure the...


The Filthy 15 – EP055

In this episode we get down and dirty with a closer look at the infamous Filthy 15 list of rock and pop songs, put out by the PMRC in 1985. What happens in 1985 when politicians' wives, with way too much time on their hands, catch their children walking around the house singing songs they find objectionable? Find out in this episode of Growin’ Up Rock, as Sonny and Steven explore the PMRC and the so-called list of Filthy 15 songs that were put on this earth to destroy the youth of America....


On The Road At Summer NAMM – Bonus

Typically on Growin' Up Rock, we are all about the music and the artists who create it, but in this episode we take our show on the road and head to Nashville for Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) industry event to learn more about what's happening in the business of music. At the show, we have quick chats with producer/engineer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Halestorm, Foo Fighters) and Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish. Then marketing manager Matt Brown at EVH guitars gives...


Inside Bob Nalbandian’s Metal Heart – EP054

In this episode, we talk with Bob Nalbandian, director of the docuseries “Inside Metal: The Pioneers Of Hard Rock And Metal.” Bob shares his growing up rock stories and some amazing stories about making these documentaries and growing up in LA during this glorious time for hard rock and metal music. In the not-too-distant future, the awesome bands of the 70’s and 80’s that we grew up loving and seeing live in concert be just a memory. Time stops for no man. That’s why it’s increasingly...


Jacob Cade – Young Rock Rising – EP053

Jacob Cade represents the young rock rising in music today. The young 19 year old up and coming singer / guitar player from Denver sits down with Growin’ Up Rock to share his experiences working with famed hard rock producer Michael Wagner, and co-writing songs from his upcoming EP release “Hunger” with Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger from Halestorm, Rachel Bolan from Skid Row, and Paul Taylor from Winger. We discuss the state of the music business today through the eyes of a young artist. We...