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Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves (Ex-God Forbid)

Caught up with Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves back on July 27 at FivePoint Amphitheater in Irvine when Bad Wolves was in town opening the Five Finger Death Punch/Breaking Benjamin co-headlining tour. Here's what we talked about: February 2017 at the Observatory in Santa Ana and Bad Wolves (0-2) Loudwire Music Awards October of 2017 and Bad Wolves (3-4) "Zombie" cover and donating proceeds to surviving family (4-5) RIP Vinnie Paul meeting him and jamming with him (5-8) Flannel 5 (Nirvana, Peal Jam,...


Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More

Caught up with Jonny Hawkins on the back of the tour bus when it rolled into Five Point Amphitheater on July 27 for the Five Finger Death Punch/Breaking Benjamin co-headline tour with Nothing More were a part of. Here's what we talked about: "Do You Really Want It" song (0-1) 2nd album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" (1-2) Five Finger Death Punch/Breaking Benjamin tour (2-3) the "Scorpion Tail" (3-5) Drummer make the best singers (5-7) RIP Vinnie Paul (7-10) Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, STP, AIC,...


September Mourning Podcast

Caught up with September of September Mourning who's tour is coming to Southern California 9/14 at Chain Reaction and 9/16 at the Whisky. Here's what we talked about: September Mourning mythos (0-1) tour (1-2) New Music (2-4) Music Video Favorites (4-5) Nu Metal Six Pack (5-8) Linkin Park continuing? (8-10) Flannel Five (10-12) Classically Trained OR Shower Trained singer? (12-14)


Breaking Benjamin Aaron Bruch and Jasen Rauch

Caught up with Aaron and Jasen from Breaking Benjamin backstage at Five Point Amp in Irvine on July 27 when their co-headlining tour with Five Finger Death Punch came through Southern California. Here's what we talked about: Breaking Benjamin 2.0 (0-2) Music video trilogy (2-3) Favorite on "Ember" (3-4) Star Wars and movie soundtrack talk (4-5) Flannel 5-Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC (5-10) Nu Metal 6 Pack-Korn, RATM, Linkin Park, Slipknot, SOAD, Disturbed (10-14) RIP Vinnie Paul (14-16)


Julien K Ryan Shuck Podcast

Caught up with Julien K singer Ryan Shuck about the new album, touring with the Revolution 3 (Bush, The Cult & Stone Temple Pilots) plus gearing up for a Fall Tour with Jonathan Davis and Star Wars talk. "Harmonic Disruptor" campaign (0-5) Opening "Revolution 3" tour (5-10) Meeting Jonathan Davis (10-16) Star Wars-The Last Jedi and Solo talk (16-24) Favorite Eddie Murphy movie of all time (24-27) Meeting Chester Bennington (27-35) Galactic Empire (35-27)


The Amity Affliction At Warped Tour

Caught up with Joel and Ahren from The Amity Affliction at the Warped Tour kick off on June 21 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Here's what we talked about: "Ivy" and "Feels Like I'm Dying" music videos concept (0-2) "Misery" album NOT a concept album (2-3) RIP Warped Tour and the Quintessential Warped Tour Band (3-4) Flannel 5-Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC (4-6) Nu Metal 6 pack-RATM, Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park, SOAD, Limp Bizkit (6-7) Australian Beer and band craft beer (7-8)...


Every Time I Die Keith Buckley at Warped Tour

Caught up with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die backstage at the 1st date of the Warped Tour on June 21 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Here what we talked about: RIP Warped Tour (0-1) Ozzfest (1-2) song "Glitches" (2-3) album "Low Teens"/new music (3-4) Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC) (4-6) How Keith discovered Metallica (6-7) Favorite movie Soundtrack-Judgement Night (7-8) The return of As I Lay Dying thoughts (8-10) ETID celebrating 20 years as a band (10-11)


The Agony Scene Mike Williams

After a 10 year break, the Agony Scene are back with a new album "Tormentor" (out now) and are on the "Summer Slaughter" Tour this summer. Here's what we talked about: 1st album in over a decade (0-2) "Tormentor" theme for album (2-3) the song "Hand Of The Divine " (3-4) Who played drums on the new album? (4-5) Summer Slaughter tour this Summer (5-6) RIP Vinnie Paul (6-7) Headbangers Ball compilation cd's (7-8) Flannel 5-Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC (8-11) What Mike listens to (11-12)...


Doll Skin At Warped Tour

Caught up with all four members of Doll Skin at the Warped Tour kick off back on June 21 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. RIP Warped Tour (0-1) Europe Festivals (1-2) Meeting David Ellefson (2-3) Manic Pixie Dream Girl producer Evan Rodaniche (3-5) Doll Skin plays with everyone, must diverse line up (5-7) 1st album ever bought by each member (7-8) Flannel 5: Nirvana, STP, PJ, AIC, Soundgarden (8-10) Nu Metal 6 pack: Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, RATM, Slipknot, SOAD (10-12)


The Used At Warped Tour Podcast

FINALLY turned on my recorder about halfway through the interview talking about Movie Soundtracks (which Bert tells a great story about) we also talk Flannel 5 (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden, AIC) and Nu Metal 6 Pack (Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Slipknot, System Of A Down), plus we talk about the return of As I Lay Dying and discovering Metallica


Black Map Ben Flanagan 2

Ben Flanagan of Black Map called in to talk about their upcoming show on July 18 at the Roxy in Hollywood. Here's what we discussed: "Trace The Path" E.P. (0-2) "Let Me Out" song (2-3) "Invisible Worlds song (3-4) "Zero Light" song (4-5) Tour at Roxy on 7/18/18 (5-6) Guest Vocals and New Music (6-7) Giants fan, not an A's fan (7-8) Ben's Baseball Walk Up song (8-10) Led Zeppelin talk, cover (10-11) 1st album Ben bought (11-13) Underage Drinking (13-14) Nu Metal 6 pack-RATM, Korn, SOAD,...


Bleeding Through singer Brandan Schiepatti

Caught up with Brandan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through at their hometown reunion show on June 8 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California. Here's what we discussed: Reunion (0-1) "Love Will Kill All" album sequencing (2-3) "Fade Into The Ash" (3-4) "Dead Eyes" (4-5) "Set Me Free" (5-7) Observatory in Santa Ana, California (7-9) RIP Showcase Theater in Corona, California (9-11) Will Bleeding Through do a full tour? (11-13) Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC) (13-14) Favorite Movie...


(hed) PE singer Jahred

Caught up with Jahred from (hed) PE who are playing the Karma Bar in Laguna Niguel on Friday, June 29, here's what we talked about: Hometown Show (0-2) Korn (2-4) System Of A Down (4-5) Ozzfest 1999 (5-7) Gotham in San Bernardino concert 2003 (7-8) Broke 20th anniversary in 2020 (8-9) New music/New album (9-11) RIP Slayer (11-14) The return of As I Lay Dying (14-18) Favorite Movie Sountrack (18-end)


RIP Vinnie Paul from 2008

Heart broken like the rest of the hard rock/metal community. After replaying this interview on air Sunday afternoon on 96.7 KCAL-FM, I thought I would post the entire interview with Vinnie from 2008 to celebrate the life and legacy of Vinnie Paul who passed away in his sleep on Friday, June 22 2018. RIP Vinnie Paul


Combichrist Andy LaPlegua

Combichrist headlining the "Everyone Still Hates You Tour" with Wednesday 13 at the Regent Theater in Downtown LA on June 30. Andy called to talk about the tour and more! Here's the breakdown: "Everyone Still Hates You" tour 6/30/18 @Regent (0-2) Combichrist drummer Joe Letz (3-4) Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2016 (4-8) Discovering Metallica (8-11) Zombie vs. Manson (11-13)


Exmortus frontman Conan

Exmortus just released their 5th album "The Sound Of Steel" on Prosthetic Records and Conan called in to talk about it & more! (0-2:00) Recording the new album with help from Warbringer (2:00-4:00) Song intro for "Make Haste" (4:00-6:00) Song intro for "Feast Of Flesh" (6;00-8:00) Song intro for "Strength And Honor" (8:00-10:00) Song Intro for "Riders Of Doom" (10:00-11:00) Hometown talk-Whittier, California (11:00-14:00) Dad's influence on music career, Happy Fathers Day (14:00-16:00) L.A....


Sumo Cyco singer Skye

Here's my chat with Sumo Cyco singer Skye. We dig into the following: "Anti-Anthem" "Move Mountains" and "Kids of Calamity" off of their album "Opus Mar" (which is out now). We talk about the "Kings & Queens" tour at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on June 13. Hometown turf, growing up in Ontario, Canada and whether she is a sports fan. We talk about what influence Gwen Stefani has on her music and Skye shares her thoughts on the final Warped Tour. Plus, she gives her picks on the "Flannel...


Breaking Through Podcast

Andrew from the band Breaking Through calls in to talk about the band and their single "Are We All We Are" as well as their debut album and touring. Andrew talks movie soundtracks, Metallica, Flannel 5 and Nu Metal 6 pack


Dash Cooper Co - Op Podcast

Co-Op mainman Dash Cooper calls in to talk about the band. He also talks about being signed to David Ellefson's EMP Label Group and what a perfect fit they are for each other. Dash talks about his dad Alice Cooper, what he's like offstage and how much he gets involved with Co-Op. Lastly, Dash picks his favorite of the Flannel 5. The self-titled debut album from Co-Op will be out June 15 2018 on EMP Label Group.


Vexes Charlie Berezansky

Vexes singer Charlie Berezansky calls in to talk about the new band and some tunes off of the album "Ancient Geometry" (out now). Charlie gives his picks on the "Flannel 5" and "Nu Metal 6 pack". Plus, we talk movie soundtracks and touring