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With one-third guaranteed Kiwi metal, The Axe Attack is The Rock's home of all things heavy, hard and headbanging. Join The Axeman Sunday nights for your metal fix. Supporting metal music since 1987.

With one-third guaranteed Kiwi metal, The Axe Attack is The Rock's home of all things heavy, hard and headbanging. Join The Axeman Sunday nights for your metal fix. Supporting metal music since 1987.
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With one-third guaranteed Kiwi metal, The Axe Attack is The Rock's home of all things heavy, hard and headbanging. Join The Axeman Sunday nights for your metal fix. Supporting metal music since 1987.






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Dr John Podcast - Monday 6th August 2018

A big old podcast this week! No Dunc but an action packed 50 minutes of Dr John right here. We hear all about head knocks, to hip issues. Plus the Doc catches up on the yarn about two old blokes running away from a rest home to see some live heavy metal.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 30th July 2018

Our resident Doctor, Dr John is back in studio! Duncan Heyde starts off with a brief history of the Dr John jingle that you hear at the start of every show. Mike has a question about UFC fighters and scar tissue. Dunc wants to know about some of the things Dr John has seen throughout his career. A listener has an issue with his downstairs after sexual intercourse. And Dr John as always gives great advice. A call in from a bloke who wants to know if rubbing rosemary on his head may increase...


Dr John Podcast - Monday 23rd July 2018

Dr John is back in studio once again to answer your medical questions. Dr John kicks it off by explaining a little more about Hep C. A text in about a 44 year old bloke struggling in the bedroom, he wants to know if theres anything that can help. Another text about a youngster struggling with migraines and whether or not some medicines are safe for young kids. Dr John talks sleep health. And more Rapid Fire!


Dr John Podcast - Monday 2nd July 2018

Kicking off the show about Dr John being punished by others trying to exploit him. This time a caller with questions regarding carpal tunnel. Another question all about a blokes back and how it's effecting his work. And again more rapid fire!


Dr John Podcast 25th June 2018

This week on the Podcast we welcome back Duncan Heyde after an outrages amount of trips overseas. Dr John gives his opinion on the chance of a potential bowel cancer cure. A caller needs help after a thai massage left him unable to move. We take more callers and read more texts and finish up with Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 11th June 2018

Dr John is back in your earholes after a Queens birthday break. Kicking off the show a little differently today after Mike found himself in an interesting position with a man who was in need of help. A whole lot of texts and calls that the Doc gives a nudge and another go at rapid fire to wrap the show.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 28th May 2018

On the Podcast this week were talking dancing with the stars and what that might mean for Mikes sleep pattern - which is promptly followed by a shameless plug. Mike brings up a heroic story about a woman who survived by drinking her own urine. The Doc talks dealing with a serious illness. Zach wants to know if going too hard at the gym has anything to do with him suddenly peeing blood? And we wrap it up one more time with Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 21st May 2018

On the Podcast this week Dr John is back from a short stint in Wellington, and Mike starts the show with a few questions about the pain from his teeth. Shaun has a lump on his chest and has been putting up with it for years, he wants to know what he can do to get rid of it. Robbie wants to know why his ear wont stop ringing. Amber is wanting to know about contraceptive implants. And we wrap the show again with a round of Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Medicinal Cannabis

This week on the Podcast it is our Medicinal Cannabis special where we have leading NZ Medicinal Cannabis expert Dr Graham Gulbransen in studio. Mike and the Doc spend the podcast picking Dr Grahams brain on all things Medicinal Cannabis. Dr Graham explains how Medicinal Cannabis works, the difference between CBD and THC and how it is actually already available for all NZ GPs to prescribe. Plus we hear from listeners who are also wanting to know more about Medicinal Cannabis.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 30th April 2018

A big podcast this week with everyone in the studio. Opening the show this week with chat about a potential new ringtone for Dr John and breast implants - what a combo. Dr John explains about how an outbreak of measles could occur. Matt joins the show and asks about blepharitis. Dunc hits the text machine with a question or two from those needing advice. Sam has a burning sensation in his ribs and has no idea why. A listener needs help with back issues which are so bad that he cant work....


Dr John Podcast - Monday 23rd April 2018

This week on the podcast Dr John explains the colossal mistake he made trading in tickets to the Killers to instead watch the Blues lose live. Dunc opens up the show with a question about lungs and Mike gets involved asking how exactly organ transplants go down. The boys answer questions from the text machine. Cam wants to know why he has issues with his nostrils always being blocked up. Dr John talks life insurance. And once again the show is finished with a cracking round of Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 16th April 2018

This week on the podcast we discuss a new flesh eating disease, which is currently spreading around the world. Ben wants to know how to help ease the pain that comes with psoriatic arthritis. A caller wants to know how to sort out chest pain theyre having. We hit the text machine to answer whats come through for the Doc on 3520. Sam wants to know whats going on with blisters on his toe. And once again we wrap things up with Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 9th April 2018

This week on the Podcast we get Dr John back after hes been away spending some time with the Blackcaps. The Doc answers a number of questions on the text machine - including a listener who was wondering why has orange patches of skin around his genitals. We hear from someone who has suddenly found a random white patch of skin on his face. Jamie wants to know why his toes are so itchy. And we finish things off again with a round of the one and only Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 12th March 2018

This week on the Podcast we talk ethics when it comes to healthcare and how you could potentially save a life. We hear from Shane who wants to know why his knee hurts whenever he runs, Marie wants to know about the old treatment for Hep C, and we finish the podcast off with a slightly slower round of rapid fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 5th March 2018

This week on the Podcast, Dr John expresses how dangerous influenzu can be if it's not managed well - including some vaccine chat. Dunc attended a first aid course and tells us all about it. We hear from a listener who's struggling with rib pain, Shaun wants to know what's going on with his shoulder after surgery and the Doc plays one more round of the one and only rapid fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 26th February 2018

This week on the Dr John podcast were Dunc-less as hes away dealing with a packing baby. We debut a new segment which involves questions from a 72 year-old friend. We hear from a listener whos having some serious trouble with his heels, a man whos struggling to see properly and one guy who clearly watches to much TV and his neck is killing him because of it. Plus another world famous round of rapid fire to wrap it all up.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 19th February 2018

This week on the Podcast, Dr John gives us a look at what it's like helping out the Blackcaps from time to time. The boys try deal with a callers issue with a bent toe. Dr John touches on dealing with cancer in NZ as opposed to Australia. And we wrap things up with another round of Rapid Fire.


Dr John Podcast - Monday 12th February 2018

This weeks podcast is a little different than usual, we're joined by not just Dr John but also Dr Rick Franklin, a sexual health expert who's here to lend a hand in dick corner. On a more serious note, Dr Rick tells us all about how sexual health has evolved throughout the years, including how they are trying to prevent the spread of HIV with a new drug that is to be funded in NZ this year. From the most common STI's to shit we've never even heard about Dr Rick explains it all, the best...


Dr John Podcast - Monday 5th February 2018

This week on the Podcast, Dunc is back in the studio with Dr John and Mike to let us know what it's like looking after little Frank and running on minimal sleep. We find out we'll be hearing from Dr Rick next week who specialises in sexual health. Dr John kicks off the show by letting us know if there are any long term health effects from using a "female vacuum device". And we're back in dick corner as the guys discuss how you could fix up a problem with bending down there. Plus a weekly...


Dr John Podcast - Monday 29th January 2018

Dr John is back for 2018 and we kick things off talking heat stroke and how to avoid it, We hear from Robyn who can't believe her luck catching a cold when it's 25 degrees and sunny, We find out more about what a toxic reaction to a bee string really is. We hear from Rick who has a growth on his eye and wants to know if he can cut it off himself. And Rapid fire discussing questions from how to avoid heat rash, how to treat a split foreskin, and a guy with a abscess on his leg that won't...