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Broadcast is service from previous week

Broadcast is service from previous week


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Broadcast is service from previous week




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Avon United Methodist Church | 05/14/2021

“Marks of the Church” with Pastor Kim Ferrel on 05/11/14. The power of The Holy Spirit brought the first church together in Christ. What defined those early Christians to unite them? What brings us together? In what ways can we share in The Holy Spirit and serve like the early church?


Avon United Methodist Church | 05/07/2021

“The Strength of a Mother” with Pastor DJ Robinson on 05/14/17. No explanation necessary!


Avon United Methodist Church | 04/30/2021

“Women in the Church” with Pastors Natalie Bowerman and Emily Huyge on 05/19/19. Natalie and her fellow seminary friend, “Em” share perspectives on what it is like to be a woman in the ministry in today’s world. (From Natalie’s series inspired by questions asked by her congregation)


Avon United Methodist Church | 04/23/2021

“Jesus and the Church from a Man’s Perspective” with the men of our church on 04/27/14. Speakers Paul Brown: Why do we need Jesus? Jim Tompsett: Why do people need the church? Tim Dickinson: Why do we need the Avon United Methodist Church? Plus a special surprise visit by God during the Children’s Moment


Avon United Methodist Church | 04/16/2021

“Go For a Walk” with Pastor Mary Martin on 04/30/17. How do we recover from a broken heart? The crucifixion aftermath and meaning, from the disciples experience to ours, as individuals and as a church. Also, a celebration of Native American Sunday with Alex Albany.


Avon United Methodist Church | 04/09/2021

“Jesus: Crucified and Risen” with Pastor Kim Ferrel on 07/10/16. What do those words mean to you? Kim offers a “July perspective” on an “April event.” What did the crucifixion and resurrection mean within the big picture of our faith? God invites us to also make a difference; how do we respond?


Avon United Methodist Church | 04/02/2021

“What Are You Looking For?” with Pastor Natalie Bowerman on 04/01/18. Last in a series adapted from the book, “Questions God Asks of Us.” How did those around Jesus respond following his crucifixion? What are you looking for this day? Natalie responds “uninterrupted sleep” and then goes on to share more personal, serious answers, and guidelines to help all of us think this through.


Avon United Methodist Church | 03/26/2021

“Through Death to Life: Humility & Passion” with Pastor DJ Robinson on 04/09/17. How did people in Jesus’s time react when they thought he had let them down? How do others react, when they think the same of us? And how do we react when others don’t live up to our expectations?


Avon United Methodist Church | 03/19/2021

“The Resurrection and the Life… do you believe?” with Pastor Kim Ferrel on 04/10/11. Jesus asks us to complete what he has begun. Life gives us opportunities to ask difficult questions, and to be able to believe without seeing first-hand.


Avon United Methodist Church | 03/12/2021

“By Bread Alone, or God’s Every Word?” with Pastor Mia Richardson on 03/01/20. Lent’s 40 days is a time for reflection on what tempts us, and for gaining freedom from the control of earthly influences through focusing on the Word of God. (Last regular recorded service prior to Pandemic)


Avon United Methodist Church | 03/05/2021

“The God of New Beginnings” with Pastor Mary Martin. Originally broadcast 03/31/19. Mary offers 7 suggestions for congregations of churches facing new situations, using ours as an example. How to turn challenges of the unknown into opportunities for growth and newness.


Avon United Methodist Church | 02/26/2021

“Is This Your Reward?” with Pastor DJ Robinson. Originally broadcast 02/19/17. We should go above and beyond what others expect of us when we are challenged or weighed down by them. We have the ability to “rise and shine” through God!


Avon United Methodist Church | 02/19/2021

“God Asks Us: Where is Your Brother?” with Pastor Natalie Bowerman. Originally broadcast 03/04/18. What does it mean to “be our brother’s keeper” in this day and age? Natalie and husband, Shawn, share in delivering this timely message.


Avon United Methodist Church | 02/12/2021

“Moving Forward” with Pastor Kim Ferrel. Originally broadcast 02/07/16. Can we actually become “a new people?” Are we able to make choices that open us up to new creations, or are we too tied to the past to change? Plus Geneseo UMC choir joins us!


Avon United Methodist Church | 02/05/2021

“The Other Cheek… and then?” with Lay Leader, Paul Brown. “Turning the other cheek” is a beautiful Christian sentiment, but how do we actually do this in the real world? Paul offers a challenging example from his personal life of how difficult this can be, and yet how he believes it to be possible.


Avon United Methodist Church | 01/29/2021

“Confronting Our Culture” with Mary Martin. Originally broadcast 03/08/15. We are shaped and influenced every day by our culture, whether or not we want to be. How do we maintain balance in our lives amid all the competing influences, and stay true to our Christian beliefs?


Avon United Methodist Church | 01/22/2021

Prayer is Power with pastor DJ Robinson. Originally broadcast 5/28/2017. All true power is God. We can share in his power when we intentionally give god glory for all things and in difficult times we are stronger together through prayer.


Avon United Methodist Church | 01/15/2021

“Half Truths, Part Two: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (and other things the Bible doesn’t say)” with Pastor Natalie Bowerman. Second in a series from a book by this title, Natalie examines the historic background of the phrase and its implications for a Christian way of life.


Avon United Methodist Church | 01/08/2021

“Out With the Old, In With the New” with Certified Lay Minister, Terry Cullinan. Originally broadcast 01/08/12. Terry expounds on a sentiment common during the New Year, but asks what it means to be truly cleansed. How do we equip ourselves now for the challenges ahead, and to help prepare the way of the Lord?


Avon United Methodist Church | 12/31/2020

“Where Do We Go From Here” with Pastor Mary Martin. Originally broadcast 12/28/14. Christmas is over, the season is past. What did it mean to you this year? What do we do now? Plus a special presentation by Paul Brown featuring an original song, “StarShine.”