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Bree and Gawndy are fresh to your airwaves every morning on Central Coast's home of hits n old skool music, hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast!

Bree and Gawndy are fresh to your airwaves every morning on Central Coast's home of hits n old skool music, hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast!
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Gosford, NSW


Bree and Gawndy are fresh to your airwaves every morning on Central Coast's home of hits n old skool music, hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast!




The Missing Gorilla On The Central Coast Has Been Replaced!

When the beloved mascot of the Foresters Beach Garden Centre Samson the Gorilla went missing, Gawndy and Ash went on the hunt. While their search made a lot of noise Samson was nowhere to be seen. This was when local heroes Northcote pottery came on board and today delivered a brand new Gorilla, Winston. During a quick chat Gawndy and Ash spoke with Nursery Owner Linda who said they would mot definitely be making sure Winston was locked down safely.


Is The Central Coast Bears Revival A Thing?

Gawndy and Ash heard the rumours flying round that after a ripper round of footy at Central Coast Stadium over the weekend, the coast needs a team in the NRL. To find out exactly how this would work, what the coasts history of league is and more we have Michael Buettner Eels and North Sydney Bears legend join us to have a chat, check it out below!


A Massive Sydney Event Could Be Coming To The Coast

After it was announced that the traditionally Bondi based Sculptures by The Sea festival was experiencing negotiation dramas which may force it to move Central Coast Mayor Jane Smith has put up her hand as an alternative location for event organisers. Gawndy and Ash spoke to her about what this would mean for the coast and what lucky suburbs would be in the running to host the event. Naturally we had to ask if we could rename the event and take ownership of it ourselves!!!


Father Rod Bower VS Homophobic Hecklers

Gawndy and Ash welcomed local priest and sometimes controversial Central Coast Figure... Father Rod Bower on the show for a chat this morning. The guys asked Father Rod about a 7:30 report video currently going viral... where Father Rod, while changing over his church sign is heckled by a passer-by who comments on Ex-Wallaby Israel Folau and the bibles stance on homosexuality. Father Rod defends himself and mentions this is hardly a new occurrence.


Would You Take This Money?!

It Literally Rained Money On This Highway... An armoured truck's door was ripped open on a highway in Atlanta, USA and rained money on commuters. The video shows a huge amount of cars pulling over to collect the $100,000 USD... halting traffic.


R U OK Interactive Exhibit On The Coast

Do You Know Someone Struggling? Gosford Kicks Of Nation Wide R U OK? Tour with an Interactive Exhibit Gawndy and Ash spoke with Celeste Cannell this morning, a local ambassador for R U OK? Celeste speaks about her personal experiences, what the tour is all about and how you can help someone who might show only slight signs of struggling mentally. They are encouraging people to head down to the Gosford Waterfront between 12pm – 1:30pm today!


Gawndy Wants To Sleep With You

Gawndy has discovered an App that you listen to before bed that legitimately bores you to sleep. Sleep With me, is created by an insomniac for other insomniacs and is the voice of a librarian telling bedtime stories so boring you drift off. Gawndy was keen to see if he had the same ability to tell a boring story for sleep and Ash was not having a bar of it!


Old Sydney Town Heritage Listed... Do You Care?

After it was announced that Central Coast iconic landmark the Old Sydney Town was heritage listed recently Gawndy wanted to know, do Coasties really care? As someone who moved to the coast after it was shut, he has reservations about how entertaining it may have been and asks Coasties to sell him on it. Heaps of stories flood in from Coasties who experienced things like boredom & whipping to marriage ceremonies.


Coast Bullies Beware - Gawndy Stopped A Bullying Incident This Week

Gawndy Stopped a Bullying Incident this Week and has More Bullies in His Sights! Gawndy opened up to us about a bullying incident he witnessed out the front of a school this week. Having experienced bullying in his schooling years he took it upon himself to stop and intervene on the young victims behalf. Alongside Ash, the two of them used this opportunity to put the message out there to bullies, enough is enough.