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Don’t Call Me a Dump Truck

Singleness can be a difficult road for many Christians. They often hunger for insights and advice about finding a future spouse. But one ministry found out the hard way what some single Christian women don’t want to hear online. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen let you eavesdrop on a conversation with a friend about what she learned from a Facebook freak out. And Brian will tell you about the amazing shirt he wore on a first date.


Leadfoot Leenie

Speed limit signs. To some, they represent the maximum. To others, they’re merely a gentle suggestion. But how should Christians view them? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen try to determine whether speeding could be considered a sin.


An April Fool For Jesus

What’s the best way to convince someone to visit your church? One congregation made headlines recently with their unconventional marketing idea. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen explain the concept and evaluate its effectiveness.


Kathleen, Kristina, and Macaulay Culkin

Nobody chooses their siblings. But we often must navigate some of life’s greatest difficulties by their side. What’s the secret to maintaining a healthy relationship with your sibling as an adult? Kathleen’s sister Kristina joins the conversation this week to seek an answer. And they finally discover why Kristina is so afraid of the movie “Home Alone.”


Are the Boys Broken?

Sadly, school violence seems to perpetually dominate headlines. School shootings and threats of violence are commonplace. Many Americans are trying to determine the cause, and students are advocating for various solutions. But could a New York Times editorial writer have discovered the root cause of the problem? Brian and Kathleen discuss his unique ideas in this week’s episode.


I Do… After My Career Is Established

Statistics reveal that young people in America are delaying marriage. Fewer and fewer Christians are getting married in their late teens and early twenties. But is that a good thing? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen debate about the best age for Christians to get married.


The “Christian” Solution for School Violence

Sadly, school shootings don’t surprise us anymore. But there seems to be something different about the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. America may finally have to confront school violence and develop a tangible solution. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss a common suggestion among Christians that may not be as helpful as we think.


The world is mourning the loss of evangelist Billy Graham. Countless people were introduced to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through his bold proclamations of the Gospel. But how is the church today different than the church in his heyday? Brian and Kathleen explore this question in this week’s episode.


The Zero Percent Tip

Whether we like it or not, Christians are generally accepted to be bad tippers. This idea flew around Facebook recently after a church made a seemingly innocent mistake on a large take-out order. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen tell the story and try to unravel the mess.


Would YOU Sign It?

Max Lucado. Beth Moore. Ed Stetzer. Shane Claiborne. Dr. Russell Moore. Bill Hybels. Thabiti Anyabwile. They were among a large group of Evangelical leaders that published a full-page ad in the Washington Post calling for immigration reform. Their words were brief, specific, and clear. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen share the details of what they’re calling for and ponder whether other Christians should join them.


Hey, Google!

Devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa were really popular gifts this past holiday season. But an increasing number of Christians are upset with Google and are posting about it on social media. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen share the details of the controversy and discuss whether it’s worth getting publicly upset about.


Passing the Digital Plate

An increasing number of churches are offering online giving options. Could this eventually make taking an offering during worship obsolete? And if so, does that matter? In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen take a look at the latest statistics about churches and digital technology. They also explore the potential impact it could have on worship.


Youth Group + Homework = Success?

It’s well known that young people are leaving the church in significant numbers. Many experts have tried to determine the cause. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen examine one eyebrow-raising theory about how to build the church of the future through today’s Christian kids.

Should Your Mental Health Be a Secret at Church?

Church is a great place to deepen your journey with Jesus alongside other believers. But that might not be the case for those struggling with mental illness. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss their own struggles with anxiety, and how to open up about mental health in church.

The Solution to a Stressful Christmas

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. Particularly for married couples. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen welcome back their spouses for a discussion about exchanging gifts.


I Hope YOU Evangelize For Me

Christians are supposed to share their faith, right? A recent study reveals what followers of Jesus really think of the Great Commission. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen share the new data and try to determine the motivations behind it.

Nobody Said Life Would Be Easy, Kid

On the surface, kids have it pretty easy. Without bills to pay or a career to manage, how could life be stressful for them? The Washington Post recently published a letter from an eighth grade boy that tells the other side of the story. How can Christian families teach their kids responsibility without provoking them to anger? Brian and Kathleen talk about it in this week’s episode.


This Episode is Blessed and Highly Favored

Jargon is a part of life. Professionals use it for efficiency in communication, and cultural groups use it to promote inclusiveness. But should Christians let jargon slip into their everyday language on Sunday morning? Come alongside Brian and Kathleen for some fellowship, and other cliché churchy things in this week’s episode.


Charlottesville, Racism, and Righteous Anger

It’s the story the entire country is talking about. The world watched as an unmasked group of white supremacists proclaimed their hatred for anyone different than them. Many Christians are angry. And they should be. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen discuss what righteous anger should look like in response to this incident. They also take the time to hear personal reflections on anti-Semitism from a Messianic Jewish friend.


Confronted by Compassion Fatigue

The opioid epidemic is sweeping across America. First responders are overwhelmed by overdose calls, and communities are grasping for solutions. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen examine two unconventional strategies highlighted by national media. They also discuss the Biblical implications of an underlying phenomenon tied to addiction known as compassion fatigue.


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