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Wake up to the weekend with Daybreak Alberta and find out what Albertans are up to when they leave the workweek behind. Host Russell Bowers connects Albertans with one another through news, weather, music and stories from across the province.

Wake up to the weekend with Daybreak Alberta and find out what Albertans are up to when they leave the workweek behind. Host Russell Bowers connects Albertans with one another through news, weather, music and stories from across the province.


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Wake up to the weekend with Daybreak Alberta and find out what Albertans are up to when they leave the workweek behind. Host Russell Bowers connects Albertans with one another through news, weather, music and stories from across the province.






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How Okotoks Is The Rock Under A New Play

A new play from the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society is called "Okotoks" and it tells the story of Holy Bear Woman. She was a young Blackfoot girl, just 12 years old, who survived the Baker massacre of 1870 where almost 300 elders, women and children were killed. Making Treaty 7 calls the show a story of survival and resilience and will be staging it on February 26th and 27th, at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Justin Many Fingers, Artistic Director of Making Treaty 7 and director...


Joe Nolan Is No Cry Baby

Edmonton singer/songwriter, Joe Nolan, is celebrating the release of his last album, "Cry Baby," which has been has been described as "slow burning melancholia." Joe Nolan has spent a decade of playing, singing and writing he says these songs evoke the rush of lust, vague love, and late-night drives. Joe is starting a European tour soon, and will be live in Calgary at the Ironwood on March 2. Joe Nolan joined Russell Bowers in the Daybreak studio to chat and play tracks from his new album.


Teach Your Children Jazz

Family Day 2019 has no shortage of events to keep Albertans amused and entertained during what's been a very cold month of February. However on February 18 at the new Doherty Hall on the grounds of Stampede Park in Calgary, it will be the venue for two kids shows hosted by singer-songwriter, Mandy Morris, as well as the improv comedy troupe, The Kinkonauts. For her part, Mandy is an accomplished performer and educator, and in some ways she's hoping they these Family Day show will serve as...


Slowdance at the Chinook Series

The Chinook Series is being billed as #2HotWeeks of shows at the ATB Arts Barn in Edmonton as the festival brings attention to a wide range of artists from across the capital, as well as visiting artists from across North America. One of the groups participating is Black Arts Matter who shine a light on the many black artists and people of colour who never seem to get their voices seen or heard. On Wednesday, February 13, their production, "Slowdance," takes the stage with a collaboration...


Hot Chocolate Warms Up Meals On Wheels

With temperatures biting at minus 40, we look for warmth wherever we can and sometimes that's found at the bottom of a warm mug of hot chocolate. How a good mug of cocoa is made can vary according to where you buy it, how you make it, or even from a family recipe. During the month of February, in addition to getting some warm refreshment, you can help do some good. The charity, Meals on Wheels in Calgary have launched an mobile app to help you find hot chocolate around the city and sales...


How Miss Canada Remains Optimistic

In these turbulent times, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit pessimistic, however, for a century, the Optimist Club of Canada has kept looking on the bright side of life. Some of the Club branches located in Western Canada held a conference in Calgary with the theme, "Bringing out the best in kids." One of the invited speakers is an Optimist Club member from Ontario who also happens to be Miss Canada 2018. Maria Giorlando is a nurse who took the crown in March of 2018 and as part of...


One Show, Two Performances

A new play is being called "a timely exploration of consent, accountability, memory and attraction." "Smoke" explores what happens between a couple when allegations of sexual assault come to light. However, for this production written by Alberta playwright Elena Eli Belyea, the cast takes on a twist. Each performance of Smoke will showcase one of two casts, featuring an opposite sex and same-sex couple on alternating nights. Downstage Theatre says the split casting will give audiences a...


How Does Randy Craig Manage To Find So Many Murders?

Each month, writer Angie Abdou (Home Ice, The Bone Cage) reviews a new Alberta book and this month, it's a new tome from Janice MacDonald, the latest in the Randy Craig mystery series from the Edmonton author.


Meet Altameda, Brand New Dylanesque Punks

Altameda has released their sophomore LP "Time Hasn't Changed You" and along with that, they have posted videos for the tracks "Little Tears" and "Rolling Back To You." Romance and retro, nostalgia notions about lost love. It's all in the new music and songwriter, Troy Snaterse, sat with Russell Bowers to hear the new tracks.


An Operation For Hope

When we think about the experience of getting health care in Canada, most of us consider things like long lines in a waiting room. If it's something serious, we hope that we'll survive the illness. However, in some parts of the world, needing health care be a matter of dignity, even public shame. In Zimbabwe, many children are born with cleft palates and in some cases, the deformity is seen a punishment from god. A few health care workers from Alberta have been travelling to Africa over...


The Growth of Indigenous Tourism in Canada

Alberta has a new tourism agency with Indigenous Tourism Alberta formally opening it's doors and welcoming staff. This is an area of revenue the province of Alberta has also recognized by offering $575,000 to go towards promoting First Nations tourism. To find out more about Indigenous Tourism Alberta, as well as the state of the industry, Hal Eagletail spoke with Russell Bowers. Hal is a Cultural Communications Officer and guide with the Tsuu T'ina First Nation and a board member for ITA.


Travel in 2019

With 2018 fast becoming a memory, many wonder what adventures will stand out in the year to come. Are you already beavering away on new travel plans - making a plan for the upcoming months so we have something to look forward to? You can bet that travel columnist Kim Gray of, the online magazine that celebrates Canadian travel culture has a thought or two on this topic.


A Chronicle of Losing Over 300 Pounds

The beginning of a new year is often a reset for people as the turnover of the calendar can be a time to re-commit to losing weight and feeling better. Sometimes, though, it's not a specific date that motivates us - moreover, it's a significant event and for some, it didn't get much more significant than being evacuated from their home. That's what happened to thousands of Fort McMurray residents in 2016 when the wildfires threatened to completely consume the town. One of those residents...


Win a Home In Millarville

About 20 years ago, the movie Spitfire Grill, told the story of a contest designed to find a new owner for a local restaurant after the owner falls sick. In the decades since the films release several of these contests have popped up to find new owners for all kinds of homes and properties around North America. The most recent is happening now in Millarville, just south of Calgary for a 5000 square foot home which could yours for just a contest entry fee of $25 and some creative...


A Revolutionary Family

Each month on Daybreak, Angie Abdou (Home Ice, The Bone Cage) stops in to review a new Alberta book and this month, we have a memoir that takes us to revolutionary India, written by Meenal Shrivastava called "Amma's Daughters."


Ryland Moranz Live At The Empress Theatre

In the live session for Daybreak@Night, the show recorded at the historic Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod in November of 2018 and on the night, our musical guest was Ryland Moranz. Ryland grew up in a musical family and in addition to going to the University of Lethbridge, he's also busy as a player in Leeroy Stagger's band. We'll hear a chat with Ryland an exclusive live set from the stage of the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod.


When The Flood Falls from J.E. Barnard

Each month on Daybreak, Angie Abdou stops in to review a new Alberta book, however, Angie is an accomplished writer and her latest book is called "Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom." Angie is back in the Daybreak studio with Russell to review a new book from Alberta author, J.E. (Jayne) Barnard, a mystery novel set in Bragg Creek. (This conversation was recorded at the Empress theatre in Fort Macleod.)


YYC For The Holidays

As the calendar creeps towards Christmas, two Calgary comedians will be "Making Spirits Bright." Ophira Eisenberg and Cory Mack will be live at Festival Hall on Friday, December 21. Ophira Eisenberg is a comedian, author and host of NPR's comedy quiz podcast and radio show Ask Me Another. She has also been featured numerous times on the award winning radio show and #1 podcast, The Moth Radio Hour. Her recent comedy special "Inside Joke" is available on iTunes and Amazon. Cory Mack is a...


30 Years of a Man In Motion

From a life-changing accident at age to 15, to three decades of changing lives, it has been a full life for Rick Hansen. His Man-In-Motion tour of the world in the late 1980's drew attention to the needs of those with physical disabilities. Since the tour ended, Hansen has stayed at the forefront of the discussion and he says his work has affected society in ways he never thought possible. As he launches a new book to mark the anniversary of his tour, Rick Hansen sat down with Russell Bowers...


The Surprising Nature of Santa's Reindeer

You know Dasher, Dancer and all of the other reindeer. During December, at parades, in books, and in Christmas displays, the jolly old elf can often be seen in his sleigh being pulled by a team of 8 tiny reindeer. In many cases, the reindeer have antlers and that got Russell Bowers wondering about these hard working creatures.