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It's like a party with all of your friends ON THE RADIO. No matter what the topic, the Monsters talk about it, and everyone has their own spin on things.

It's like a party with all of your friends ON THE RADIO. No matter what the topic, the Monsters talk about it, and everyone has their own spin on things.


Maitland, FL


It's like a party with all of your friends ON THE RADIO. No matter what the topic, the Monsters talk about it, and everyone has their own spin on things.




2500 Maitland Center Parkway,Suite 401 Maitland,Florida 32751 1-888-978-1041


You are not the boss of me FB!!

06.21.2017 Cross Fit. Facebook. Jim Philips announcement. RRR - Women and Men Why they cheat. Emotional Support pets. Rauce Padgett. News with Debra Roberts. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. What changes when you have kids. To The Top with Carlos. Mascot Games. Dustin Diamond in studio.


Wanna Bet Jimmy has Gold in his Head?

06.20.2017 Milkshake Day. Bald people have gold in their heads RRR - Gronk's party bill. Sheeren Kassam in studio. Carrie Fisher autopsy. Don't use these words. Debra Roberts news. To The Top Carlos. Monster Sports.


Corey Holcomb on the Monsters in the Morning

Corey Holcomb on the Monsters in the Morning


Lines of cocoa and fortune tellers

06.19.2017 Russ at the Corey Holcomb show. Going to Cassadaga. Fathers Day recap. RRR - Snorting Cocoa. Amazon. MArc Mero in studio. Michael Vs. Great White. Steven Kramer in studio. Savannah Defender of Gators - what do you do best? Carlos To The Top - Box Office review. Monster Sports. Mascot Games.


All Eyes On Girls, Girls, Girls

06.16.2016 Info on Fan Day. Russ and Carlos check out All Eyes On Me. Girls, Girls, Girls turns 30. RRR - Top 100 Country Artist. Corey Holcomb in studio. Angel 1s & 2s. Trivia - Popular Vegs. Savannah Defender of Gators - DAting. To The Top - Carlos. Monster Sports. BOTW - Elysian Brewing.


How do you say balls in Chinese?

06.15.2017 PTK event at Marlo''s Tavern. Food spots around Orlando. Devil Horns don't belong to you douche. Satanic Love. RRR -Lobsters. Where You At Gibsonton Florida Hanging with your kid. Trivia - Nazi's and fashion. Meat Of The Week. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports.


Speedos and flip turns

06.14.2017 Flag Day. Etiquette for Flag Day. Carlos swimming challenge. RRR - most sex toy searches. Technology. Metal show in the windy city. Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart calls in. Virgina. Bad Ass - Run Over by Bo. Trivia - Roos. Blogging Molly. To The The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports.


These songs are fabulous!!!

06.13.2017 The day after Orlando Strong. Per Rolling Stone Magazine 25 LGBTQ playlist. RRR - Diddy. Sheeren Kassam in studio. BadAss - Mets Fan. Food Made With Love. Russ on the phone with ... Trivia. News with Debra Roberts. Det Barb. To The Top wit h Carlos. Monster Sports.


This is how we deal.

06.12.2017 What we did on the weekend. Recap of the Brew Bus Tour. RRR - The Three Stooges. Being typecast in Hollywood. Concerts and vibe. BadASS - Moses nude. Dwight Bain in studio. Trivia. Steven Kramer. Donna Roberts. To The Top - Box office review. Monster Sports. Bette Midler.

Duration:03:16:15 that a pack of hot hookers?

06.09.2017 Hot Hookers in the morning. Polar bears and dogs. Dumb kid naked. RRR-New class for dads with daughters. Perry Vs Swift. Dan Cummings in studio. Bad Ass- Stripper. Angel on the 1s & 2s. Trivia - The Duck. To The Top with Savannah the Defender of Gators. Monster Sports. BOTW - Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company.


Cold rain drops and compact disc

06.08.2017 Walking with an umbrella. Gator vs. Airplane Friends Day. RRR-Best 80's movies. Where You Bunell Florida Bad Ass - Love Birds. Gas. Trivia. Meat of The Week with Dirty Jim and Petty's.



06.07.2017 The secret gate. Mom Lets snake bite child. What do you remember as a child. RRR - Hugs. Cher on Broadway. Whoregate revisited. Rauce Padgett in studio. Triva-Zima. Nerdy News. Savannah defender of Gators. Monster Sports.


Hey get that monkey off my fence.

06.06.2017 Weather vs. Traffic. PTSD How to you deal with tragedy Is there more violence Getting a gun. RRR - Playing video games. Shereen Kassam is studio. Dwight Bain grief counselor. Monkey loose in Apopka. Jamie Watson in studio. Trivia - Nuimber one beer. To The Top with Carlos. Monsters Sports. Thumb sucker.


Being productive like a woman.

06.05.2017 Radio gigs. Wonder Woman movie. Ice Cream and Donuts. Concert for Manchester. RRR - Productive women do this. Brett James in studio. Bad Ass. To The Top. Monster Sports


When in a hole go skating!

06.02.2017 When you get caught in a binge hole. Donut Day. Kathy Griffin outrage and press conference. RRR - Greatest Album. Fergie is leaving BEP. Skate songs. The Eagles. Angel on the 1s & 2s. Trivia - Always on sale. Debra Roberts news. To The Top with Savannah. Monsters Sports. BOTW - Dead Lizard Brewing Company.


Who Ate It Better.

06.01.2017 Going to the OCS match. Fans. Buying your wife. Potbelly Pig on the loose. Shopping online goes out of control. RRR - The King could have sang this song. DNA Test. Where You At? Ormond Beach. BAD ASS - Dez Bombing Parking Lots. Savannah goes to Cuba. Trivia - New Comedy Wing. Meat of The Week with Pettys. Preacher Lawson calls in from America's Got Talent.


Get Would You Lick This? For 20 bucks tag.

05.31.2017 Gators in the pool. OIA. Would you lick this for 20$. RRR - Been on TV for 17 years. Dr. Butch in studio. Rauce Padget in studio. Trivia - Movies. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports.


I feel bloated after the long weekend.

05.30.2017 Weekend recaps. eating, partying. Gregg Allman. Tiger Woods. RRR - Super hero fight. Sheeren Kassam. Binge watching. Trivia. Debra Roberts news. Monster Sports.


Enemas and blowing stuff

05.26.2017 Long email. Veterans Day. Swimming. RRR - Watching Me. Gordy family. Deray Davis in studio. Protesting Wonder Woman. The 1s and 2s. Trivia -Jestsons. News. Savannah. Carlos. Monster Sports. BOTW - Ocean Sun


This dolt been caught cheating!!

05.25.2017 Student gets caught cheating. Dirty Dancing and Russ. Video rental days. Bad Movies. RRR - Worst legal drugs. Daytona Speedway Chip Wile Country 500. Where You At Minneola FL. Trivia - Doing this in the morning. 40 Years Star Wars. Meat of The Week with Pettys and DJ. Monster Sports. Football stories with Fred Stokes.