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Listen Now: Backstreet Boys Talk Memories of Buffalo and New Song with Rob Lucas

Backstreet’s back and better than ever! Backstreet Boys dropped their new one, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” last week, and joined Rob Lucas to for an incredible chat about how Buffalo was key to getting their music played in the U.S., Nick still being a Bills fan and memories of Jamestown, and Brian getting seasick just before hugging a Buffalo BSB fan on their latest BSB Cruise!


Get To Know Starry Night In The Garden Artist Milck!

So here’s what we found out in our chat with Milck: She’s bright and happy, not “quiet” and all serious the way you would think from hearing a lot of her music. She had a huge taste of snow touring over the winter, which reminded her she’s very much a “Cali” girl. And it was amazing to hear how surreal it was to be in the middle of the viral happening that quiet has become! Click, listen, then get your tickets to see Milck at Starry Night In The Garden here!


Get To Know Starry Night In The Garden Artist Rozzi!

Wow…you could hear and see the smile of Starry Night in The Garden artist Rozzi all the way from Sweden, where she is writing and finishing up her album! Click and listen to hear how excited she is to come to Buffalo (wants to bring her dad because he has never seen Niagara Falls), and what she learned while on tour with Don Henley and Maroon 5.


Gateway-Longview Joins Rob Lucas To Celebrate National Foster Care Month

Listen as Foster Mom Megan, and Gateway-Longview's Sarah Falzone give us the highs (and some lows) of becoming a foster parent. If you've ever thought of fostering a child or young adult, chances are your questions will be answered here!


Mat Kearney With RLITM

Starry Night In The Garden 2018 headliner Mat Kearney joined Rob Lucas to talk about his being the first SNITG 3 timer, his new album CRAZY TALK, and Starry Night really stands out among the thousands of gigs he has done! Oh...and maybe it's 'cuz his dad is from Rochester!


Johnny Rzeznik Talks 20th Anniversary Of “Dizzy Up The Girl” With RLITM

The Goo Goo Dolls are headed back out on tour, spending summer in Europe, and hitting Buffalo and the rest of the U.S. this fall, and Johnny Rzeznik joined Rob Lucas to everything from how much he misses Buffalo (he was amazed at the construction near Pano’s on Elmwood), to the 20thanniversary of “Dizzy Up The Girl” and how it was the album that truly put them on the national music map!


You WON’T BELIEVE What You Should Do If Your Pet Gets Sprayed By A Skunk! Star Fan Lisa Tells…

Both Rob and Producer Rosie smelled skunk on the way to work today, in two completely different areas! After doing some research and some on-air talk, it turns out that late winter, early spring is mating season for skunks. Due to our spring being so cold, it seems the skunks are sticking around even later this year! So what to do if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk? Star fan Lisa called us with a remedy you won’t believe…bathing your pet in Summer’s Eve. Yes, THAT Summer’s Eve. Click and...


Rob Lucas' Take On The Roseanne Reboot!

Did you watch the new Roseanne reboot last night? Rob did, and his thoughts may get him blocked from Roseanne's twitter account! And it wasn;t becuase of the political nature of the show. Click and listen for more!


UB Hoops Coach Nate Oats Joins RLITM To Talk March Madness!

We LOVE UB head coach Nate Oats because he has NO FILTER! He'll call out his own team, other teams, and has us thoroughly convinced that UB will beat Arizona tonight...not that we didn't already know that! This is a MUST listen to get prepped for the UB opening March Madness game tonight.


American Idol Is Back And A Buffalonian Has Made It Through!

On Friday, we listed some of the boxes American Idol would have to check if their reboot would be successful on ABC! Rob Lucas gave last night’s American Idol a Straight A, while Producer Erika was a little more “meh” about it. But we do know a Buffalonian will be going to Hollywood…and there is a STAR 102.5 connection, as it’s former RLITM producer Kevin Ford’s girlfriend Erika Hill. Her audition wasn’t featured last night, but they were featured in a quick production segment 3 minutes into...


WIll The NEW American Idol Be Worth Watching? Rob Sez...

American Idol returns this Sunday (3/11) on ABC. Are you going to watch? Will it be worth it? Click and listen as Rob hits on a few things that could make or break the new American Idol!


DIY Jason Cameron Talks Buffalo Home Show w RLITM

The Buffalo Home Show is this Fri-Sun (Mar 9-11), and next Fri-Sun (Mar 16-18) at The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Jason Cameron, the hunky, good-looking host of DIY's Desperate Landscaping & Mancaves, and TLC's While You Were Out, joined RLITM to give us a Home Show preview, tell how he went from Sex In The City and The Guiding Light to building man caves and fixing up ugly backyards. Click, listen, and find out what this years hot shrubs will be and of course he has Buffalo...


You Will Never Look At The Wendy's Logo The Same Way Again After Hearing Rob Lucas Say This!

There was a HUUUUGE twitter war between Wendy's and McDonald's yesterday. Which led Rob to mentioning something about the Wendy's logo that the company says was completely unintended, but we feel is the greatest subliminal advertising ever. Click, listen, and you'll never look at Wendy the same way again!


Up Close With James Bay

This is very raw, but very cool! We're taking you to an up close and personal event with James Bay! Lots of great stories to random questions in a relaxed and REAL way in which you rarely hear artists interviewed! Keep listening for James' new one WILD LOVE on Star 102.5!


RLITM Buffalo Auto Show Preview!

The Buffalo Auto Show runs tmrw through Sunday (Feb 8-11). The NFADA's Paul Stasiak stopped by to give us preview not only on the cars, but on the family entertainment as well. Superheroes!!!


The 11 Day Power Play Is Back For 2018, And This Time YOUR TEAM Can Play & Raise $$ For Roswell Park!

Mike & Amy Lesakowski headed the 11 Day Power Play last year, set a Guinness World Record, and raised over $1 Million for Roswell Park along the way!. This summer they're gonna do it again, but this time, YOU and YOUR TEAM can play! All it takes is a team of 11-15 players willing to play hockey for 4 hours and $5,000 for Roswell Park. Click and listen, then register your team at 11DayPowerPlay.com


RLTIM Brides World Sneak Preview

Bridesworld 2018 is this Sunday! Nancy Macdonald of Tuxedo Junction gave us a preview. Make sure you pre-register at bridesworld.com!


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