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If you like hard hitting news and informative talk...then listen to something else. But if you're after plenty of laughs, in-fighting and a whole lot of piss-taking, then catch up on the best bits from The Morning Rumble's daily breakfast show on The Rock.

If you like hard hitting news and informative talk...then listen to something else. But if you're after plenty of laughs, in-fighting and a whole lot of piss-taking, then catch up on the best bits from The Morning Rumble's daily breakfast show on The Rock.


Auckland, New Zealand


If you like hard hitting news and informative talk...then listen to something else. But if you're after plenty of laughs, in-fighting and a whole lot of piss-taking, then catch up on the best bits from The Morning Rumble's daily breakfast show on The Rock.




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The One Where Rog Reckons He's An Experienced Digger Driver - July 28th

On the show today - we chat with Joel, the lead singer of LAB, and he does arguably one of the best covers of all time. His version of Ozzy Osborne's 'Mama I'm Coming Home' is a must listen. We also have the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, on and Bryce asks her a massive question. Annnnd the 'Righteo, back to work then' yarns continue, with every story getting slightly more hilarious, but at the same time, concerning... See for privacy information.


The One Where We Book Rog A Gig At A Pub In Queenstown - July 27th

Jam Packed one today - we, somehow, book Rog a gig at a pub in Queenstown...God help us all. We asked you when you've gone "Rightyo, better get back to work then" after a serious injury. These yarns are absolutely nuts... And we have Wags & Ajaz from the Blackcaps in along with the Test Championship Mace to chat that glorious victory over India in the final a couple months back. See for privacy information.


The One Where Rog Finds A Muesli Bar Up His Nose - July 26th

On the show today - we delve deep into the world of injuries with some serious yarns about what your X-Ray revealed to you. One of the chats will leave you stunned... Rog reveals that he has a muesli bar mystery, and a rogue nut bar has been causing him the world of grief. And we chat about what sports we'd be at the Games, but more to the point, what sports we'd end up overly exposed in (should we actually ever make the criteria to attend of course...) See for...


The One Where Mulls Drives A Mobility Scooter - July 23rd

On the show today - Mulls and Mel try to get a mobility scooter and zimoframe through the KFC drive thru... Bryce has a humiliating yarn about someone caught with their pants down, literally, by their landlord. Off the back of that, Listener Keith has arguably the crookest yarn of the year. And we receive a letter from a listener who's just joined their local theatre group but their boyfriend isn't so keen on it as they have to kiss other actors. So, the boys put the question to their wives...


The One Where Rog Doesn't Know What Defines A Mrs - July 22nd

Today on the show - Mulls found a story about some breather who went missing from his job for 15 years, resulting in some unreal yarns about your shortest time on the job. Rog has a yarn about how he got broken up with once, but as we unpack the sitch, turns out they were never together at all... And we take a look back to Rog & Bryce's interview from year ago with Buzz Aldrin after Jeff Bezos went to space. Put it this way, ol' Brycey sounded like he'd been sucking on a bit of N2O for too...


The One Where Mulls Gets Ripped Off By Karen - July 21st

Today on the show - We discover that 99% of Kiwis have or have owned a 'tiger blanket'. We chat physical opposites when it comes to relationships, as our fill-in producer was too tall for a ride at Rainbows End, while his Mrs just fit the criteria. He's 6'5, she's 5 foot... And we delve deep into crypto with another episode of 'Crypto Corner', with Mulls yarning about how some chick called Karen has ripped him off. See for privacy information.


The One Where Bryce Is Ashamed To Be A Man - July 20th

Today on the show - Bryce shows up to work in a neck brace, and wristbands with expletives all over them inspired by that Warriors player who got fined recently. Turns out it's a day for shaming poor ol' Brycey, as we get to the bottom of his mirror hanging debacle, leading to Bryce feeling ashamed to be a man. And Talkback Tuesday makes a return with some rather dusty topics of conversation. See for privacy information.


The One Where Mulls Confesses His Love of Pillows - July 19th

Today on the show - we look into who of us has been a 'Weekend Wimp' and turns out Mulls has a love for memory foam pillows. Some great yarns come through about lockdown weight gain, and listener Chris just didn't want to hang up on us. And Bryce has been battling with a mirror, so he's asked some breather to come help him hang it up See for privacy information.


The One Where Rog Hears A Ghost - July 16th

Today on the show - we continued the crook chat from yesterday involving faeces and heard a great story that involves carpet... Paddy Gower was on the phone to talk about the "They Are Us" movie and why it's a terrible idea. And Bryce is yet to redeem himself in the whole 'I'm smarter than a child argument". Today he went up against a 7 year old in a spelling bee. See for privacy information.


The One Where Bryce Got Mugged & No One Cares - July 15th

Today on the show - we heard a crazy but also inspiring story come in from Maree, who started from the bottom and is now killing it. Bryce tried to follow that great chat with an avocado life hack... We also heard some crazy mugging stories from South Africa and Bryce then followed those up with another failed high school quiz. See for privacy information.


The One Where Bryce Sucks At Maths - July 14th

Today on the show - after we talked about the man who got swallowed by a whale, we wanted to know what crazy things have happened to you in the ocean. This then led onto Mulls starting a new segment called "Orca Facts"...try and guess what it's about. We're also out to prove that Bryce isn't as smart as a child and today we gave him a very basic maths test. See how you go against him. See for privacy information.


The One With A Space W**k, A Whale, and Eggs - July 13th

Today on the show - Lloyd Burr live from London, when you cooked it on the sports field, a guy that got swallowed by a whale, when did you leave on a stretcher, is Bryce smarter than a kid - egg experiment, Rumble Rivalry, Live Rent Free, Talkback Tuesday See for privacy information.


The One Where It's Not Coming Home - July 12th

Today on the show - England f*cked it up in the Euros... Also, Bryce had some awesome news to share which led into Rog whinging about how long childbirth can take... And Mulls is gonna have an awkward chat with his wife when he gets home too. See for privacy information.


The One Where Rog Looks Like The Milkybar Kid On Meth - July 9th

Today on the show - big ol Friday as we concluded the search for Rog's new hobby, this time we turned him into a cowboy and he rode a horse into the building. Prodcuers Ryan & Guy arm you with your weekend knowledge with "Thank Fact It's Friday" Annnd Rog is shouting someone a weekend away in a bach (unwillingly) - check out the post on our Facebook page now to win. See for privacy information.


The One Where Rog Doesn't Go To Prison - July 8th

Today on the show - we relived the time where Bryce pretended to be a pilot and got arrested, dragged on the news, and berated by the Prime Minister. A couple of brothers in Australia have done a real dog act to their sisters house, so we wanted to know the crook shit your siblings have done to you. And we continue to try and find Rog a hobby and Producer Guy put his body on the line for this new one. Check out the video on our Facebook page. See for privacy...


The One Where Rog Smacks It For 180m - July 7th

Today on the show - Bryce was back from his house of germs which meant we didn't hear much from Mulls and Rog. A snake bit a man on the penis, Rog did surprisingly well at the Driving Range, Neil Wagner was on the phone from MIQ and a bloke got drunk with some birds in an avairy. She's a full on show today. See for privacy information.


The One With A Bag Of Dildos Under The Bed - July 6th

Today on the show - we wanted to know your terrible flat situations and Mel came in with a great yarn about her flatting days. Research Ryan has done some actual research and managed to find Rogs Primary School Report Card. Turns out the Big Dog wasnt very good at Science, Maths, and pretty much everything else. See for privacy information.


The One With The Soup Recipe - July 5th

Today on the show - there was no Bryce so it meant that Mulls and Rog managed to get a word in. Mulls came clean about his involvement with The Breeze and a soup recipe. A man was on the phone who owns a now fampus 250kg house pig. And Rock Legend, Jimmy Barnes, was back on the show. See for privacy information.


The One Where Bryce & Mulls Almost Pass Out - July 2nd

Today on the show - we found out about Rog and his crook Rumpus Room and the ridiculous scrapbook he has in there. Plus Dan "The Hangman" Hooker came in to teach Rog how to choke someone out and he really struggled with it. See for privacy information.


The One Where Rog Redeems Himself....kind of - July 1st

Today on the show - well to no ones surprise, we discovered that Rog was useless at DIY yesterday as we try and find him a hobby. So we decided today was the day for his redemption, and we chucked him on a treadmill. And we had a great New Zealander called Brendan have a chat about how Bryce's wife was having lunch with another man in Palmerston North.....or was she? See for privacy information.