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Wake up to Marto & Margaux weekday mornings from 5.30 and get your daily dose of everything Brisbane. Website: Download the App - For Apple: For Android: Watch Tweet Follow Like




Queensland Only! | Footy's back! Vegas Time! Ft. Adam Reynolds, Gorden Tallis & Corey Parker

Welcome to Queensland Only! Every week we talk to the biggest names in Queensland rugby league! This week ahead of Round One in Vegas we catch up with Broncos skipper Adam Reynolds to find out how the boys are shaping ahead of their clash with the Roosters, Gorden Tallis gives us his take on what’s happening on the ground in Vegas and former Broncos Skipper Corey Parker open up on his CTE fears. See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Brisbane's Best pizza winner announced!!

After thousands of votes (like thousands) we announce the Best of Brisbane: Best Pizza winner!! Plus, we cross to Gordy Tallis live in Vegas. And, Dan's hometown, Nambour, in the news for all the wrong reasons :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Corey Parker responds to CTE rumours

Corey Parker reflects on a CTE diagnosis. Plus, we're down to the Top 3 Finalists in our Best of Brisbane - Best Pizza category. And, we love Bob Katter...forever loose!! See for privacy information.


INTERVIEW | Broncos' Skipper Adam Reynolds Checks In Live From Los Angeles!

See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Adam Reynolds live from Los Angeles

Adam Reynolds joins us live in LA for a Broncos update. Plus, are Colesworth killing the farmer's future? And, when self defence becomes a sport!! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Forget 'Baz Ball', it's time for 'Kev Ball'!!

The action in the U.S. heats up with The Broncos and Kev Ball. Plus, Dan off to surgery today for an operation on his....balls. And, the Harris Andrews Collingwood theory See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Are The Broncos at risk of losing Reece Walsh?

The Broncos are in Los Angeles and NFL Talent Scouts are already circling. Plus, Logan Paul unleashes. And, The Reds get off to a great start for Season 2024 See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Our RBT Game goes completely off the rails!

Always a favourite, the RBT Game took an absolute wrong turn this morning! Plus, Dave Reynolds previews the action of Supercars this weekend. And, James O'Connor talks about the Reds' chances for the '24 Season start at Suncorp this weekend See for privacy information.


Socks Up: The Reds Podcast | Season 2 Episode 1

The official podcast from the Queensland Reds. Before each home match, lock forward Ryan Smith will drag a mate off the training paddock to join him and Pete Fairbairn (one of the suits from upstairs) in the studio to give you an insight into what is happening around the team. Make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss an episode. See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Marto's hospital visit for 'down there'

Marto went in for a procedure for 'down there'. Plus, one Corey Parker interviews Taylor Swift. And, all get together for 'Margaux's Box'.... it's a new Matchbox 20 comp :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Our fave utes to get a massive price hike!

We all love a ute, but they're soon to become way more exxy. Plus, Marto upset a Stop & Go sign lady yesterday and she had her say! And, Albo's questionable music taste See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | An exclusive with a Snr Qld Police Officer on Youth Crime

We had to scramble his voice for legal reasons, but a Qld Snr Police Officer shares his view on the Youth Crime issue. Plus, the best pick for The Broncos # 14. And, do Stop-Go workers get paid too much??! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | All hail the return of Rug'ba League!!

They're only trial games, but how good is it to have NRL back on! Plus, do you have the neighbourhood pool? And, a new attire for sport :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | The exclusive Broncos' Behaviour Guide

Marto gets his hand on The Broncos Bible. Plus, can you legally tackle an intruder in your house? And, is it time to get a 'Dumb Phone'? See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | We announce the Best Butcher in Brisbane!!

We crown the Best of Brisbane - Best Butcher! Plus, Marto reveals the NRL sexiest men (!). And, our weekly fave: The RBT Game See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | A MUST listen with our Spousal Arousal sessions

Listen to three Brisbane couples as they convince their spouse to come home for a 'quickie'! Plus, Marto's warning to all men, today especially. And, how did you lose a finger?! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Exclusive audio of the Carrigan v Reynolds scuffle!!

We reveal exclusive audio of the Patty v Adam park stoush. Plus, a shark gets on the gear. And, it turns out Putin is a dirty thief! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Vote 1: Alfie Langer!!

We reckon Alfie Langer should be in the NRL Immortal ranks. Plus, has Barnaby Joyce now endeared himself to ordinary Australians, following his PFO? And, all the hype of Super Bowl!! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Brisbane's Best Baker is announced!!

We reveal, from your votes, Brisbane's Best Bakery!! Plus, will PNG get an NRL Team from Peter V'landys??? And, turns out Viagra is good for you :) See for privacy information.


FULL INTERVIEW: Father Of Murdered Teen Calls For Immediate Action

See for privacy information.