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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.

This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.
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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.






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569: Habits - Eben Pagan believes something bigger is going on

We are are back with Eben Pagan, our guest in show 567 and author of the new book, ‘Opportunity’. In this show we go behind the scenes and find out his habits for success following the Ziglar Wheel of Life. I was especially interested in the spiritual spoke where Eben stating that more and more with the influential people of our times, the talk seems to be going toward a bigger power at play and “something is going on.” Get Eben Pagan’s new book, ‘Opportunity” at You can...


568: Does your faith really benefit your life?

Today we hear a heartfelt message from Zig Ziglar on faith. But it’s not a sermon. He is hitting on the reality of how faith impacts our literal lives. From it I asked on Facebook, where you can join the discussion, just friend me at agentkmiller, this QUESTION: “How has your faith in God or a higher calling tangibly benefited your physical, financial or career/business success?” That’s a big question, and yes, it brought up some controversy. Some thinking I was pushing a prosperity...


567: Eben Pagan - How to harness opportunity

We are talking about opportunity and having a conversation with Eben Pagan who just launched his new book, called…’Opportunity’! Eben Pagan is a guy I (Kevin) met twenty years ago amidst a new real estate marketing program. He was innovating then, and he still is today. He’s an entrepreneur and investor who has built over ten different online brands and businesses to the million dollar level. His businesses are all 100% virtual, with no office - for over 15 years now. Eben and his family...


566: Do you go above and beyond?

We hear a classic message from Zig Ziglar on Priming The Pump. This message was foundational for Zig’s entire mission. If you’ve heard it once or ten times, you need to hear it again and then step back and audit yourself to gauge how well you are adhering to the principles! From the message, I asked on Facebook at my agentkmiller page where I invite you to friend me so you can join in this weekly conversation, “Will you share a story of doing more than what was required in a job and...


565: Habits - Tom Ziglar’s fastest way to success

Today we go through the habits of, well, if Zig Ziglar is the king of successful habits, then Tom Ziglar is the crown prince. Tom is renowned for answering a candid question given to him on stage at a presentation of, “What is the fastest way to success”, with “Replace a bad habit with a good habit.” Straightforward and radically profound. So today we talk through the 7 spokes on the Ziglar wheel of life and hear Tom Ziglar’s daily habits for success. Such things as; he has reverted to a...


564: Relationship building activities

Zig Ziglar on stage! This is a four minute clip around a personal story from Zig, on what creates strong relationships. From it I posted this question on Facebook, “What activities and experiences do you invest in for the health of the meaningful relationships in your life? This could be with your spouse, kids, friends, and family.” Don’t leave out the seemingly “little” day to day things.” Incredibly insightful comments and ideas you’ll get great value from hearing. Michelle Prince and I...


563: Tom Ziglar - How to transform yourself

A new message from Zig Ziglarsss - son! Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar. It’s called the Trinity of Transformation. If you were just fine with your life as it is now and had no desire for any change, you wouldn’t be here listening now. We are all here because we want to be more, do more and have more. For ourselves and for others. Even if you have no personal desire for yourself and only want to help and serve others, you’ll get no further and be no help unless you better yourself. This...


562: Habits - Nick Vujicic dares you to write your dreams down

This is our habits show and we walk through the 7 spokes on The Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights of Nick’s struggles and healthy habits: Physically he’s thankful for the holy spirit and caffeine! He only eats 2 meals per day, more veggies, but he’s an admitted carnivore. No sweets, bread or dairy. He and his family grow much of their food and live off their land. He had a pretty deep financial crisis and learned that just because you have a vision and resources from God, it doesn’t...


561: Nick Vujicic - Is your limitation an opportunity?

A truly amazing, amazing man. We all come into or end up in this world with some challenges. Just because someone else’s challenges might seem bigger, it doesn’t negate our own. We all want to know how to deal with them better. With more joy, peace and success, right? Well, we have a guy who is flat out anointed in this area. Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs. Stop and think about that for a minute. What could you do with no arms and no legs? What hope would you have. Yet Nick...


560: Feel the pain but don’t walk forward in it

Zig Ziglar talks about positive thinking. We play a clip where Zig dispels the motivational statement of “you cannot do anything with positive thinking,” and gives some funny examples to prove the point. But, he then comes back with the truth that “you can do everything better with positive thinking than you can with negative thinking,” and of course drives home a convicting message. From this I posted on my agentkmiller Facebook page, where you are welcome to friend me so you can join in...


559: Habits - Stu McClaren likes to stretch his fear muscle

Behind the scenes with Stu McClaren, our guest for show 558 where we talked about building a tribe, but today we’re here for our Habits show, following the 7 spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights: He’s a soccer fan and is almost always playing on a team or two. Being active with his young kids is a big part of his physical fitness regime. He started eating better for his kid’s sake! He’s big on managing family time amongst the entrepreneurial lifestyle and is a staunch...


558: Stu McClaren - How to connect with your tribe

Stu McClaren is a primary mastermind behind connecting leaders with their audiences. Michael Hyatt has been wildly successful with his Platform University and Stu was his partner in creating it. Stu is about connection. Authentic connection. It’s hard to have a monopoly on any information and knowledge these days, but nothing can replace engagement and relationship. Stu coaches and consults New York Times best-selling authors, top-rated speakers, experts and niche celebrities on how to...


557: Overcome your bad attitude and emotions

Three minutes from Zig Ziglar where he talks about maintaining the right mental attitude. It’s a powerful message. From it, we asked on Facebook, “What do you do to correct your bad attitude?” Literally, when you get angry, frustrated, disappointed, sad, what do you do to overcome it?” We received possibly the most comments ever to any question we’ve posted, you’ll be greatly intrigued to hear what people shared. Tom Ziglar and host Kevin Miller then had a great conversation as they read...


556: Habits - Guy Kawasaki wants you to pay the price

Behind the scenes with Guy Kawasaki who we interviewed in our previous show, number 557. We follow the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life and find out Guy’s challenges and habits in the seven spokes. Some highlights: as you heard in the main interview, he’s a huge surfing fan and that’s a main thing he does to stay in shape. He’s resolved to not eat a french fry for three years or drink a coke for two! Family vacations are a big priority for his family health. He’s a Christian but...


#555: Guy Kawasaki - Evangelism as the purest form of sales

The legend - Guy Kawasaki. I just returned from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and Guy was a featured speaker. The Ziglar team and I got to spend half an hour with him just to pick his brain and get to know him better. Guy has a big pedigree, he was the chief evangelist of Apple and a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. He is the author of The Art of the Start 2.0, The Art of Social Media, Enchantment, and nine other books. Guy has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from...


554: How to curb negative reactions

We listen to a presentation clip from our guide, Zig Ziglar. He’s talking about how to move from “reacting” to responding. From this, I posted on my facebook page at agentkmiller where so many of you keep friending me to join in the conversation, “What is something in your life that you used to “react” to, negatively, that now you are able to more positively “respond” to? For example, a relationship or circumstance (job, finances, handicap, etc.) that had a lot of negative control over...


553: Habits - Ben Hardy, investing in yourself no matter what

Let’s go behind the scenes with Ben Hardy and follow the Ziglar wheel of life, walking through Ben’s challenges and healthy habits in the 7 spokes. Some highlights, He puts a priority on sleep, for himself, but also for his 3 newly adopted kids. he loves working out and listening to great messages on audio books. To stay mentally strong he works to put himself into groups of people where he’s the dumbest in the room. Even in a year when he only made $12k, he invested in himself and shares...


552: Ben Hardy - Why willpower doesn’t work

Ben Hardy has a new book titled, “Willpower doesn’t work”. Friends, this is a profound, profound message. Who has not gotten frustrated at their lack of willpower? Setting goals, having desires, trying to achieve something...and then failure. Wishing we had more discipline and willpower. Ben takes a hardline and paradigm-shifting view to say...relying on willpower is the wrong solution. What is the solution? Listen in and you’ll be mesmerized to hear Ben focus in on how we can design our...


551: What knowledge has changed you?

Today we hear a 2-minute message from Zig Ziglar where he shares a primary therapy that a renowned counselor uses with people who have a borderline personality disorder. It’s a prescriptive diet of positing thinking messages. From Zig’s message we asked on Facebook at agentkmiller, where you’re welcome to friend us and join in the conversation, “What new knowledge has literally changed your way of thinking in the past year?” Incredible responses that Kevin Miller and co-host Michelle...


550 Habits - Patrick Lencioni

We are back with Patrick Lencioni after our main interview in show 549 on being the ideal team player. In this show, we go behind the scenes with Patrick and follow his struggles and healthy habits following the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights: He’s a lifetime athlete but struggles with hip and knee issues. He’s cut way back on sugar, especially habits like downing a whole bag of red vines! His biggest family challenge is just too many activities. His mental regimen has three...


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