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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.

This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.
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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.






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656: Do you really know how to listen?

Welcome to The Ziglar Show, I’m your host, Kevin Miller. Do you really know how to listen? I asked this question on Facebook,” What have you been taught regarding...listening? Being a good listener? Do you think you are a good listener?” We received about 50 responses, but while a lot of people shared things they had heard in regards to being a good listener, most also admitted...they weren’t so good. This comes from my recent series on listening, brought to us by Oscar Trimboli, don’t miss...


655: Alan Stein, high performance secrets from renowned pro basketball performance coach

What is your key to success? Well first, there isn’t one, there will be a bunch of keys. The best way to find them? Discover the keys that successful people use in their lives! Which I bet is a main reason you listen to The Ziglar Show. But we can’t listen to any one person’s success keys and adopt them for our lives. We are unique and will need a unique batch of keys to unlock our own potential. SO...the tagline for this show is “Inspiring Your True Performance”. I received a book titled...


654: Choose your own label

Got labels? In this show, we’re going to talk about labels. The ones we want and don’t want. There are labels, positive and negative, we are given. That we often believe. There are many leaders who say “Deny any negative labels, reject them!” However, we sometimes get labels that we know...have some truth to them. And we just accept them. Even...when we change. Then what about the labels we want? Can we not become those? I have a message about this from...Zig Ziglar. He tells what is...


653: Habits - Oscar Trimboli, first listen to yourself

What are the healthy habits of a professional listener? Though Oscar Trimboli actually says he’s not, he’s striving like we all are. But he’s a professional listening teacher at the least! This is our Habits show where we walk through the 7 spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life, this time with...Oscar Trimboli, our guest in show 651 where are topic was Deep Listening. I just received a requested case of his little book, Deep Listening, to give to those closest to me. I’d really, really...


652: Revealing the enemy of your peace

What is the primary enemy of your ongoing peace? This is the question I posed to our listeners. I’m referring back to my interview with Rick Hanson in show #647 where we talked about being Resilience. And I wanted to hear from you. And asked that question on Facebook, “What is the primary enemy of your ongoing peace?” I feel like I keep saying this, but it was a near record number of incredibly candid responses. Most people seemed well aware of what the consistent culprits are that can...


651: Oscar Trimboli, how to succeed by listening, deeply

Do you hear me? Do you hear anyone? In this show I give focus to a skill that can increase your social stature, influence and overall opportunity...exponentially. A skill that, according to our guest, only 2% of the world is ever, ever taught. A skill few of us ever even think about...though we direly desire this skill in others and adore those who happen to have it. What is the skill? Listening. Why do you care? Wouldn’t to be adored by others? Have influence with them? Have...


650: Do you look forward to retiring, or not?

The answer is more important than you’d think. I’m bringing you a two minute clip from Zig Ziglar today on, retirement. I’ll preface by admitting what he says is somewhat controversial. But the point massively valid regarding retirement, if that is your goal and expectation. So I simply asked this question on my personal Facebook page, “Do you look forward to retiring? Why or why not?” Quickly there were over 60 comments, and two distinct sides. The comments were all valuable enough that I...


649: Habits - Rick Hanson on being enough

Do you feel you are enough? This is our Habits show, where we walk through the seven spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life, and this time we get to do it with Rick Hanson, our guest in show 647, where we talked about Resilience and Hardwiring Happiness. In walking through Rick’s habits, I was intrigued by his exercise of dwelling on...being enough. That he, at any moment, is enough. It struck me how often I don’t, feel enough, and I know that perspective handicaps so many, amazing people. And...


648: Remove your blinders to the main 7 challenges that threaten you

Do you see it coming?! In this show I harken back to show 643 with Carey Nieuwhof where we discussed his message, “Didn’t See It Coming”, Overcoming the 7 Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences. We got a lot of great feedback on that show, and realized that half the battle, or more, is simply becoming aware! Thus the title of his message, “Didn’t see it coming.” So I wanted to hear from you, your real life stories. So I asked this question on Facebook:From the list...


647: Rick Hanson -- How To Hardwire Your Brain For Happiness And Resilience

Do you want to be happy, joyful, at peace? I can’t imagine anyone would say no. But as a human we generally look to our circumstances to provide these things. Something else is being...resilient...meaning ‘able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions’? So in this show we get to what I’m tempted to label a root issue of our personal performance, but that doesn’t feel like it does us justice. It’s Our very selves, our joy, our peace, our very lives. Rick Hanson is a...


646: Finally take action on all you know

We all have lots and lots of knowledge. As a Ziglar Show listener, chances are almost every day you take in new knowledge, in the form of a book, podcast or video. New knowledge inspires us, which is incredibly valuable. But at some point we need to take action in our lives if we want to make any positive progress. In this show we hear a message from Zig Ziglar on Gaining Knowledge, Training Accordingly, Experiencing Growth and Realizing Change. From his message I asked this question to our...


645: Habits - Carey Nieuwhof, how hobbies and friends can help you avoid burnout

Did you know NOT having hobbies or friendships is often a sign of burnout, or that you are heading that way? This is our Habits show where we walk through the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life, and today we are back with Carey Nieuwhof. Our main show with Carey was number 643 where we talked through the message in his book “Didn’t See It Coming”, Overcoming the 7 Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences. Carey is a speaker, podcaster and pastor of one of the...


644: How to redeem your pain, abuse and hardships

Got pain? Had abuse? Endured some hardships? In this show, I wanted to visit one more time, our crucibles. In show 639 we talked with Dr James Kelley about harnessing our crucible or trials in essence for gain, instead of handicap. Using our adversity as a strength, not a weakness. I wanted to hear from our listeners, real issues. So I posted this question on Facebook: “Because I experienced and endured ___________, I am now able to _____________, that I otherwise would not be so capable...


643: Carey Nieuwhof - How to avoid the 7 key challenges that sneak up on everyone

Don’t get caught by surprise! My biz partner, a medical doctor, says the most dangerous thing is...we don’t know what we don’t know. I find this to be true. It’s what we are blind to that most often takes us down. In this show we bring you a message titled, “Didn’t See It Coming”, Overcoming the 7 Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences. It comes from a book by the same title, authored by my guest Carey Nieuwhof a speaker, podcaster and pastor of one of the largest...


642: You really can choose your reality

Daunting and empowering, to realize your reality is in your control. In this show we hear a message from Zig Ziglar about our ability to choose. To choose how we’ll make our day, our life...better or worse. We can’t control everything, but we can control what is most important...ourselves. Our actions and responses and perspectives. It’s powerful medicine and it radically affects our circumstances and reality. From the message and with the New Year in mind, I asked listeners this question,...


641: Habits - Dr. James Kelley, being the best version of ourselves

Dr. James Kelley’s Habits! In show 339 we talked with Dr James Kelley, author of The Crucible’s Gift, about how our personal crucibles can and should be what empower us...and how this holds true for nearly all the leaders and influences and achievers of our time. This is our Habits show and here we walk with Dr Kelley through the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


640: Jet fuel for your self-image

Could a brief testimony radically change your perspective of yourself?? We hear a message from Zig Ziglar on how our paradigm might shift if we got a...special begin our day. A call from someone we respected that testified to our value and worth. From the message I posted this question, "If 1) God undeniably appeared to you and simply informed were currently functioning at about 1/4 the capacity and ability He had placed within you, then 2) you took an IQ test and it...


639: Dr. James Kelley, how to leverage your trials for your benefit

What is your crucible? The definition of a crucible is this - “a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.” But think of it as...the things that have happened in your life that have shaped you...for better and worse. Wouldn’t you like to take all the things in your life and have them support and propel you instead of handicap and weight you down? Dr. James Kelley is my guest, he’s the author of “The Crucible’s Gift” and host...


638: How to increase your energy

What gives you energy?! In this show, that’s what I wanted to know! We’ve heard a lot from Abel James about energy and I wanted to hear from the audience, what you have found works for you, so I asked on my Facebook page, “What is something you have done, or want to do, to help increase your overall energy?” Examples are areas such as (but not limited to!) 1) Nutrition, 2) Exercise, 3) Sleep, 4) Stress, 5) Hope/Inspiration, 6) Other. I had Michelle Prince join me to talk through the...


637: Habits - Abel James on defining your own success

“Define your own success and nurture relationships like a garden!” We are back with Abel James, the fat burning man himself, and he has some great insight for us. Abel was our guest in show 635 where we gave a lot of focus to...our energy. Getting fit and trim and well is great, but the main value is increased energy, and who wouldn’t appreciate that? So do yourself a favor and check that show out. In this show we go through the 7 spokes of the ziglar wheel of life and audit Abel’s habits....