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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.

This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.
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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.






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628: How to gain a positive outlook on life

We hear a short message from Zig Ziglar on mindset, and the reality that you can't change from a negative mindset to a positive mindset without changing your input from negative to positive. Sounds simplistic, but then, so is eating only from the salad bar when you’re at a pizza place...totally abstaining from the pizza. Simple. But diabolically hard. So it’s a significant perspective you’ll want to hear from Zig. From that message I posted this question on Facebook, “1) What are your...


627: Lori Harder - How to create your supportive tribe

We talk with Lori Harder, about the power, necessity and opportunity of having a tribe. It’s just an irrefutable fact that people with strong social circles live longer, happier, healthier lives. But how do you achieve this for your own life? We cover it in a massively equipping conversation in this show. I asked Lori to join me because she has one of the top ranked health podcasts on the planet called "Earn your happy", she recently published a book titled "A Tribe Called Bliss", and she...


626: The death of blame

In this show we hear a message from Zig Ziglar on a tough circumstance that create negative results. it was turned around. changing attitude and perspective. And when attitude and perspective change, actions and behavior changed...and so did the outcome. It’s a powerful message. From it I asked this question on Facebook, "What is something in your life right now, you have been blaming? And if you let go and took responsibility for your own feelings and actions, would be...


625: Habits - John Ruhlin

We are back with a king of relationship building and PR...John Ruhlin. John was our guest in show 623 where we talked about the power of giving gifts as a form of love and relationship building. I’ve been busy implementing it in my business and personal life since then. John is a really dynamic guy and a devoted family man, so was really interesting to hear his personal habits for success as we followed the seven spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. you’ll enjoy this quick run through. Learn...


624: When and how should you speak negatively about someone?

We hear a clip from Zig Ziglar on the power of words. From it I posted this question on my Facebook page, "When and how is it ok to speak negatively about another person?". Folks, every response was...profound. Seriously. This question was about the best use of Facebook I’ve ever, ever experienced. Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through the comments. You will be...convicted, I very much believe, as this is a very, very real issue we all deal with, daily. And how WE respond, massively impacts...


623: John Ruhlin, The gifts for success

Let’s talk about gifts. Nope, not your giftings as in talents and abilities, but But the point is building relationships and standing out. It’s building social capital. It’s loving and caring for other people. John Ruhlin is our guest and he’s on the show because...he wowed me, as he has a sea of other people. Truly. He gifted me beyond the point of just feeling reciprocity, but I felt known and cared for. From it we’ve developed a friendship and will do more business, and...


622: Your personal, hard story is your key

We are talking about your story and your stage. So I interviewed Pete Vargas in shows 619 the main show, and 620, the Habits show. And I just couldn’t leave his message alone, about story and stage. So I posted this question on Facebook, “If you were set on a stage before thousands to share something you felt was important, what are some aspects of personal story you think some people could/would connect with?” We got very in depth, heartfelt testimonies here, and I had Pete join me to help...


621: Habits - Pete Vargas, do what you’re really great at

We are back with the king of stages...Pete Vargas. I’m pretty entranced with him and his message, don’t miss my main interview with him in show 619 on harnessing your story to connect with people, can get their attention and interest in your core message, product or service. On a literal, in person, physical stage and platform, or your online stage. On that note, he has an opportunity you can get involved with now to get his personal counsel on harnessing your story and rocking your...


620: Selling the love

We are talking about selling for love. I’ll explain. Two examples. Ever seen a GREAT movie that just wowed you? It made you feel great and you just wanted EVERYONE to experience it and benefit? You told everyone? Second example, imagine you have a loved one who is dying from a rare disease, your beloved spouse or parent, and you divinely meet someone who had the same issue but found an alternative treatment that is somewhat risky but literally cured the issue and saved their life, and you...


619: Pete Vargas has a stage for your story, message and success

We are talking about your story and your stage and we have a master with us...Pete Vargas. First though, you must know that Zig Ziglar came to fame primarily due to just that...his story and many, many stages. His main platform was live speaking events, but he impacted man more through audios and books. But He was a master of his stage. So here’s the deal, we all have a stage with our businesses. How do we capitalize with them? So to Pete Vargas. Ziglar is helping promote his upcoming...


618: What have you achieved while still being scared?

Let’s talk about how you have overcome lacking confidence, being scared and insecure, and you achieved something anyway. In show 615 we talked with Jessica Honegger about this issue, and I just couldn’t leave Jessica’s message on “going scared”, from her book “Imperfect Courage” - Live a life of purpose leaving comfort and going scared. So I posted this question on Facebook, "What is something you were lacking confidence in...a bit scared...insecure, but you did it anyway? And what made you...


617: Habits - Jessica Honegger on reframing your perspective

Back with Jessica Honegger to hear her healthy habits for life. We had our main interview with Jessica in show 615. She is founder of Noonday Collection, the largest fair-trade jewelry company in the worldand author of “ IMPERFECT COURAGE: LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE BY LEAVING COMFORT AND GOING SCARED”. I really enjoyed talking through her healthy habits and what resonated with me most was her mental spoke habit of “reframing”. That exercise is so dramatically powerful. My wife is currently...


616: Resources to change your self image

Resources that help change your self image! Zig Ziglar gives us a fairly serious message on how vital and profound...the picture we have of ourselves is. And the key to our success is changing...improving...elevating that picture. Believing more for ourselves. From this message I posted this question on Facebook, "What has been a primary resource that has helped CHANGE your self image for the better? That has truly improved how you view yourself and what you believe yourself to be capable...


615: Jessica Honegger, how to go scared

We tackle the idea of...going scared. If you are waiting to NOT be scared, to not have fear, before proceeding in any direction, we have a gift for you. Go anyway. Because the “no fear” concept is basically a myth. The spoils go to those who have fear and just go forward anyway. Which brings us to our guest, Jessica Honegger who recently launched a book titled, “ IMPERFECT COURAGE: LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE BY LEAVING COMFORT AND GOING SCARED”. And she writes from experience. She is the founder...


614: How can you hit a target you can’t see?

We are talking about how to hit targets that you can’t see. The answer can’t. Zig gives a short story about how he can teach you to beat a top archer, and of course makes a poignant point. From his message, I asked this question on Facebook: “Will you name a goal you have for yourself in some or all of these areas below, and name the WHY behind it?”1. Physical2. Family3. Mental4. Financial5. Spiritual6. Career7. Personal (fun, play, adventure) I actually went first to set up the...


613: Habits - Ben Feder, choosing passion for his personal well being

The healthy habits of Ben Feder, our guest in show 611. If you’ll remember, Ben was at the top of the corporate ladder and...left it. He took his family to Bali for a year to find themselves. Now he’s back, and back on top of the corporate ladder, but doing it differently. His habits won’t sound like your normal C suite executive, as they include yoga, meditation, tithing and compassion as leaders for his personal and business life. Such a paradigm shifting perspective. Check out his book,...


612: How do you lift your spirits?

What you do to get your spirits up? The question comes from a Zig Ziglar story of a seminar he did, where they had a doctor take blood from participants before and after his two hour talk. The results after showed a big increase in endorphins and dopamine. Now the point wasn't simply HIS talks, but what positive-input does to our physical bodies. I play the two minute story from Zig, and then I posted this question on Facebook, “What activities do you proactively engage in or with to...


611: Ben Feder quit to truly begin

Talking about...quitting. Quitting In order to really get started. We go on a journey with a guy who did just that. Ben Feder climbed the corporate ladder to a big career, big income and in many ways, big success. But it had a cost...his family, relationships, health...the normal stuff we reference a lot but few people do anything about it. Ben was CEO of Take Two interactive, the publisher of the smash video game hits Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, and NBA 2K. At the top of his...


610: How do you want people to think of you?

We ask a big question..."What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?" The question came from show 607 with Lisa Grimes, in the section where we discussed creating your personal brand. I was so enamored with the question, I decided to use it for this weekly facebook question, and asked Lisa to come back and talk through the comments with me. But I took the question further and split it into a two part question, because I think we all may have two truthful answers. 1) how...


609: Habits - Lisa Grimes, connecting with others

The habits of Lisa Grimes, my guest in show 607. Lisa has a new book she co-authored with Paula Brown Stafford titled…”Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. As a refresher, Lisa’s focus is living life meaningfully and on purpose, and being connected to other people. She’s spent 33 years in corporate America with roles in management, sales and business development and multiple stints as CEO of large companies. She’s also been an entrepreneur, spent a...