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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.

This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.
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This podcast features Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement from Zig Ziglar.






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612: How do you lift your spirits?

What you do to get your spirits up? The question comes from a Zig Ziglar story of a seminar he did, where they had a doctor take blood from participants before and after his two hour talk. The results after showed a big increase in endorphins and dopamine. Now the point wasn't simply HIS talks, but what positive-input does to our physical bodies. I play the two minute story from Zig, and then I posted this question on Facebook, “What activities do you proactively engage in or with to...


611: Ben Feder quit to truly begin

Talking about...quitting. Quitting In order to really get started. We go on a journey with a guy who did just that. Ben Feder climbed the corporate ladder to a big career, big income and in many ways, big success. But it had a cost...his family, relationships, health...the normal stuff we reference a lot but few people do anything about it. Ben was CEO of Take Two interactive, the publisher of the smash video game hits Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, and NBA 2K. At the top of his...


610: How do you want people to think of you?

We ask a big question..."What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?" The question came from show 607 with Lisa Grimes, in the section where we discussed creating your personal brand. I was so enamored with the question, I decided to use it for this weekly facebook question, and asked Lisa to come back and talk through the comments with me. But I took the question further and split it into a two part question, because I think we all may have two truthful answers. 1) how...


609: Habits - Lisa Grimes, connecting with others

The habits of Lisa Grimes, my guest in show 607. Lisa has a new book she co-authored with Paula Brown Stafford titled…”Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. As a refresher, Lisa’s focus is living life meaningfully and on purpose, and being connected to other people. She’s spent 33 years in corporate America with roles in management, sales and business development and multiple stints as CEO of large companies. She’s also been an entrepreneur, spent a...


608: How do you strengthen yourself?

We look at the concept of how we stay up and positive instead of low and negative. Zig Ziglar gives us a short message, telling us of how often people told him, “Zig, I was feeling so down, I was so low, then I read your books or listened to your messages again and got back up!” While that is great, Zig asks, “Wouldn't it be better to be continually working to stay up and not get so low to begin with? He states, “It’s easier to stay up, than to get up!” Before you question whether this is...


607: Lisa Grimes, remember who you are

In this show we are talking about you. And charging you with remembering, And if you don’t know, figuring it out. My guest is Lisa Grimes and the title of the book she coauthored with Paula Brown Stafford is...Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. Lisa and Paula co-authored the book and jointy run a consulting firm called Habergeon which you can find at Lisa’s focus is living life meaningfully and on purpose, and...


606: Writing the ultimate goal for your life

We look at a dramatic exercise...writing your eulogy. Which in essence is...not merely writing out a goal or goals, but the goal you have for your life! daunting, as you’ll hear. So I got the idea from Jesse Cole, who was my guest in show 603. Jesse is the author of “Find Your Yellow Tux” and the guy who is reinventing baseball. But most importantly, he is giving joy to so, so many people. But as you’ll hear, or you already heard, in show 603, I started off citing what Jesse starts...


605: Habits - Jesse Cole, what can you be the best at

We are back with the yellow tux man himself, Jesse Cole, who keeps his baseball team and stadium sold out over a year out and is out to change the face of baseball. How? By not making it about baseball, but about entertainment, experience, relationships and memories. Our main interview with him was in show #603 on how to stand out and be different...and how placing your relationships first...are such massive opportunities for success. In this show we follow the seven spokes in the Ziglar...


604: Do you need more info or more faith and motivation?

We have an important question for you to consider in regards to...what do you most need now to help your personal progress? we listen to a clip from Zig Ziglar on having a positive mental attitude. And he brings up the issue of increasing performance...regardless of increasing knowledge. Which begged a great question that I posted on Facebook, "For your current, personal progress, do you feel you need to 1) Learn new information to increase your skills and abilities, or need to 2) Improve...


603: Jesse Cole - you can’t be the best but you must be different

You are about to get convicted on the need to...stand out from the crowd. There are very few things where you can honestly say you are the best. But you can always find a way to be different. You must. So I have a treat for you. A guy who did it in an amazing way...with a low level baseball team. It’s a movie worthy story. I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego in early 2018 and saw this guy walking by in...a bright yellow tux. I think you could have seen him from outer space....


602: Where did you learn character, morality and ethics?

Zig Ziglar asks a question that is gigantic, “What makes a person successful?” His message is from on stage and he actually asks a live audience and lists down their responses. And from it of course, makes a dramatic point. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out what it is! But from the message I posted on Facebook, this question., “Where did you learn about…character? Morality? Ethics? The greatest values in life that school doesn’t teach?” And if you have a story about a time when...


601: Habits - Chalene Johnson, less stress and more restoration

Back with Chalene Johnson, our guest from show 599. This time we walk through her healthy habits in the 7 spokes of The Ziglar Wheel of Life. Chalene is one of the top influencers in the health and wellness arena and holds the Guiness Book of World Records...record, for starring in the most fitness videos of anyone on planet earth. That’s a lot of exercise and sweat in front of a camera...while smiling. But in this show, What you’ll find of interest is that she, the queen of fitness, had to...


600: Getting ourselves to change

Change. That’s our topic in this show. We hear a message from...Zig Ziglar. He’s talking about making personal change, and the great challenge it is. And that it requires us to do things differently, or do different things, if we ever want to get different results. From his message I posted this question on Facebook, “Change is hard and procrastination is powerful. Please tell us about something that happened in your life that caused you to change or increase your performance.” There were...


599: Chalene Johnson - mastering how you do it

Here is a lady who has two top podcasts in two different categories, health and business. And let me make an admission up front, I was expecting a hard charging, authoritative personality. I personally vet the guests we have on the Ziglar show, but occasionally I’ll get a strong recommendation from someone for a guest and end up talking with them when I don’t have a lot of personal exposure with them. Well, Chalene Johnson exceeded my expectations. Truly. She’s incredibly down to earth and...


Special: Celebrating “The Red Head”

Jean Ziglar, Mrs. Zig Ziglar, passed away on July 27, 2018. She was more than Zig Ziglar’s muse, she was his inspiration and helped make the legacy of Ziglar possible. In this brief, special insert, Ziglar Show host Kevin Miller asks Tom Ziglar what his Mom, Jean, had to teach us about life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


598: Who do you want to save?

A classic message from Zig Ziglar, an analogy he didn’t write, but he shared in such a tangible, profound way. It’s actually been used prolifically as the story of the sand dollar, and also with a starfish. As you’ll hear, Zig’s version uses the sand dollar. It’s a message that balances seeming futility with...salvation. You may well know the story, and that’s ok. Few deliver it like Zig, but the point is...dramatic. From the message, I posted this question on Facebook, “For those who truly...


597: Ed DeCosta says your habits create you.

Back with executive coach Ed DeCosta, our guest in show 591. This time we go behind the scenes to get his personal habits for success, following the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life. I really appreciated his statement of “we create habits and they create us”. I’ve repeated that multiples times since our conversation. As a refresher, Ed DeCosta, an author and executive coach who works with a lot of C level executives, giving them a safe place to talk about their...gremlins. The fears...


596: Do problems or goals motivate you?

We are discussing a very relevant paradigm shift on the topic of goals. Chances are you’ve had “goals” pounded into you for many years. And the term goals may or may not inspire you...and due to that, you may even feel guilty for not being motivated to have, set and focus on...goals. Sounds blasphemous coming from The Ziglar Show, the veritable kingdom of goals! Isn’t that a primary term Zig Ziglar is known for? Yes, it is. But what you’ll hear in this show is that the point of goals is...


595: Habits - Ryan Levesque on choosing how you define yourself

We are back with Ryan Levesque, our guest in show 593 where we got his personal development story...then got into his ASK Method where the point is...asking your customers or prospects what they want...and giving it to them. Simple and uber powerful, but not easy. In this show we follow the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life and hear what healthy habits Ryan employs to keep him succeeding and achieving and overcoming. You’ll hear how he had a big health scare at the age of 30 when he was...


594: How do you treat yourself like a high performer?

A short message from Zig Zigalr where he asks the question, “If you owned a million dollar race horse, would you keep it up half the night, giving it booze, cigarettes and junk food? And if you did, how many races would it win? Would you treat your dog or cat that way? What about...yourself. It’s a short, hard hitting message. From it we asked on Facebook, this question, “What are three key ways you take good care of your physical and mental well-being, treating yourself like a high-valued...