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Ep 15 - How to Eliminate Stress: Master your Emotional State with Christine Monaghan

Christine is a human-potential champion. She believes that stress is optional and when understood can be utilized to source the next brilliant opportunity in one or multiple life areas. Others describe her as the master motivator and influencer, for tapping into solutions, for the next best version of yourself. She is a Stress Solutions Consultant, training individuals and organizations to source solutions by shifting their focus from what they don't want, don't want to feel, to...


Ep 14 - Need a Power Start? Kick your Life into Gear with Serial Entrepreneur Franz-Philippe Przybyl

Franz-Philippe Przybyl, also known as “FPP” since only a few people are able to pronounce his name, is a husband and father residing in Berlin, Germany. A serial entrepreneur, he has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, England, Hong Kong, and Gabon. As an entrepreneur, he has built several companies from nothing to multi-million dollar turnover and profit within a few years. Through his successes and failures in business, FPP discovered he has a unique ability to bridge...


Ep 13 - Get your Motivational Slap in the Face!: Comedian Chris Knierim Delivers!

Chris is a Leadership and High-Performance, Expert. Chris is an Award-Winning International Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Comedian who has the unique ability to create effective, entertaining and impactful learning experiences. With proven Leadership and Quality Systems Implementation experience working with fortune 50 companies to start-ups in the highly regulated Medical Device and Life Science Industry, Chris is driven to empower you to realize your vision for yourself, your team, and...


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